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: Allow people to Purchase level 30 accounts.
@Baron Barian and everyone else who thinks this must be mentally impaired since you can´t play rankeds with your friends if they are not your elo and sometime you want to avoid high que times.
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: Unpopular opinion: Jax IS balanced
okay so why does riot want to remove/nerv essence reaver with the statement that jax and riven abuse it too hard? If the removal of an item doesn´t show i dunno what does
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Everyone can just watch IWD newest Video to see how it is for players that actually have some sort of good elo and multiply this times the retards riot doesn´t ban allready
: How many months do I have to deal with Jhin having 600 MS after each AA ?
If you would rather deal with Dravens who os you with stormrazor instead of poking feel free to flame the wrong champs further.
AzuBK (NA)
: LeBlanc Mini-Revert Context
Wasn´t the Reason she was changed bc her dmg was too hight considering she only has point and clicks?

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