: Can My Computer Run LOL?
Yes It can, If you're concerned any further you can use this website to check if your specific specs can run the game http://www.game-debate.com/hardware/index.php?pid=1237&cpu=APU%20A6-6400K%20Dual-Core By the way I advise you of having a quad core instead of a dual core as you'll have lower fps in game
: ***
lol wtf masters isn't considered high elo? what drugs?
: Having issues Patching 7.7? Click Here!
Hi Porocles, I got error code 004 a bunch of times and tried a clean uninstall but the issue keeps persisting, I've gone through the connections issues KB Article. I tried reinstalling but the issue actually persists, What I've found out though is a program might be interfering with league of legends patching because I get unspecified error in the legacy patcher but when I go on safe mode with networking and attempt to patch the game it actually does patch without error. I'm not entirely sure what caused league to not patch but it probably is application related as it did patch in safe mode with networking. The issue is I don't know what is stopping the game from patching I really don't, I understand that programs that inject itself into league cause issues like lol replay and curse but I simply don't have those kind of programs and don't know what it is. Please let me know what you think! Thank you
: Someone messaged all my friends off my account
You're not the only one, This happend to me multiple times so I changed my email and password
: @riot, need 2 rp
I remember emailing them one of my drawings and asked for 15rp they actually gave me it :D
: How much fps would I get with these specs?
DDR2... Think of upgrading that ram It's cheap to do
: Having issues Patching 7.6? Click Here!
After champion select Bug splat To a soft repair "Possible corrupted files" Asks if I want to fix? I hit yes It downloads 30mb I try reconnect They already Remade and i end up with the leaverbuster. What should I do? I can't reinstall the game because at stage 2 Updating League When I download the remaining 4GB it goes half way through the download and fails, It did that three times until I attempted downloading it in Safe mode with networking so I don't know what causes the patcher to fail. - I ran HRT - Gone through every single step of those KB Articles Please don't recommend me any as they've been attempted - I got Admin Privileges - No Anti - Viruses installed or any overlay programs. - Already on Public DNS Advise if you can.
: Having issues Patching 7.5? Click Here!
Having patching issues. I'm repatching game client due to missing files with vayne that's what another rioter said now It downloads the file then goes to 99% 0 scanning files and the Unspecified error. Tried all the KB articles don't bother with suggesting those, Firewalls, Anti- Viruses Updating Windows. Got any other Ideas? I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 *reason im repatching is due to bugsplat* PS: Repair just scans through my files and gives me the exact download
Mewko (NA)
: "Plat is easy"
Challenger Smurfs can go up to D3 With 95% winrate
: Only Faker can say that Plat is easy.
Plat is easy if you deserve rank beyond that it's no problem
: I have a method to my pings that I don't know if anyone I play with understands. 1 ping means "Hey, be aware of this." Like, if I ping on my way once, it means "Hey I'm headed to your lane soon, get ready." 2 pings in quick succession mean "This is happening NOW." Like, 2 assist me pings means "I need help IMMEDIATELY, they are going to siege my turret and I am afeared for my life." 3 pings means "DROP EVERYTHING THIS IS NOW YOUR TOP PRIORITY" Like, 3 danger pings means "I KNOW FOR A FACT THERE IS A SYNDRA IN THAT BRUSH DO NOT GO INTO THAT BRUSH."
You spam ping your jungler to gank immediately not be considerate and do a specific amount it's how you get things done in solo q with junglers
: Same here. I've tried the beta repair option, reinstalled the whole client, and swapped back to the old client with no change... So frustrating. Probably sent like 100 bugsplat reports haha
I'm with you dude but i'm on windows 7 ultimate and been getting this for months :/
: keep getting error that says unspecified error please check the logs
Hello there, First of all, disable all anti-viruses and firewalls and programs that may Interfere the League installation. This error occurs when you don't have a stable connection throughout the download or a problem/corruption within the files. Make sure you're connected via Ethernet this should possibly fix the issue However, If you still have these issues feel free going through these two KB Articles. Patching Issues: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202969434-Patching-Issues Connection Issues: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues One more thing, I suggest you to try patching the game with P2P off which can be adjusted at the gears at the top right of the patcher as It has helped a minority of players with this issue. Kind Regards, ILikeTrains Kid
Basically, Turn off all firewalls, anti-viruses and anything that could actually interfere with the league connection. It Means that you haven't got a stable connection with league of legends so the download speed keeps constantly changing I'd advise you to connect using Ethernet. If that doesn't help try going through the connection issues KB Article shown above. Kind Regards, ILikeTrains Kid
Wuks (NA)
: [Comprehensive] Troubleshooting Your Patching Issues
Hey Wuks, First of all, I've been getting this specific error whereas I'd get bug splat then when closing and reopening the client it'd show "Possible corruption Files Click here to repair" It'd download something and "fix" the issue but the cycle repeats its self and this happens during games after champion select. It won't give this specific error for like 3 games it'll work fine then fuck up like usual. Repairing/Patching will not resolve this issue Including uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Been at this for 3 months. Tried everything like direct x, graphics cards drivers This list could go on for a long time on what I've tried but all in fail. I definitely learned a lot after going through and talking to many rioters which included a rough 3 tickets a few pages long. Very useful and informative indeed, but still stuck with this problem and It shouldn't be anything to do with the connection issues *im using Ethernet and btw I haven't got any Logitech equipment so no point renaming Logitech files but tried it anyway and didn't work *Not sure If you'll be able to be any use on this issue but I would definitely appreciate it if you ever experienced this issue and could possibly help! Kind regards, I Like TrainsKid
Porocles (NA)
: Bugsplats at champion select can suggest problems with a bad patch, bad hardware, or issues with your drivers. Looking into your ticket, it seems that a Specialist has already responded and waiting for some more info. Relay any questions or concerns there, and your specialist will continue helping out individually towards a fix. Hang in there!
: Having issues Patching 7.2? Click Here!
First off all, I'm getting bug splat errors at champion select then when closing the applications and reopening league I get possible corruption detected i repair and then it doesn't fix anything at all I'm still getting these errors the next game. However I'd only get these bug splat errors then possible corrupted detected in like in 2 or 3 games so for example I would play like 3 games without an error and the next game would give me a error. What I'm trying to say is the bug splat is NOT consistent. It'll just happen once every 2 or 3 games. I bought a gaming PC about 2 months ago and I've still been struggling to get this league client to work I've even gone through hours of surfing the internet and tried everything literally everything from wrench mans toolbox and stuff to connection issues and all the KB Articles.It's not a resolution problem as I've even tried that one too!!. I've uninstalled it so many times and Actually done it clean so there are NO REGISTRY FILES LEFT OVER no traces of the game Then reinstall go into a game then get the bug splat and then get the leaver busters. Got nothing open no anti -viruses disabled firewall windows defender that includes any sort of anti-virus that might be the cause of this. My brother doesn't have these problems at all! so i doubt it's anything to do with the internet but still tried those Internet related things like changing to a public DNS or lol dns and then flushing it tried the hex tech repair tool and all kind of different things. I even made sure I had the programs required and made sure they're not outdated the same with the drivers they are all up to date. The only reason why I got a gaming PC in the first place was to play league and I can't even do that :( .It really is a shame that after all of this I still can't play ranked due to the fact I'd just get bug splats at champion select. I really don't know what to do anymore I even have a ticket here providing all the information you rioters will need so Please go check the ticket out for like dxdiag and stuff rather than asking me as it'll just delay the process. However if you need something that isn't in the ticket feel free to ask me anything! Ticket: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/24979849 PS: Every time I try with the updated client It doesn't make a difference only makes it worse when I "Initate full repair" I end up having to reinstall the game because it screwed up somewhere :( Send help ASAP Please!
edog (NA)
: League of Legends has encountered a problem. Please re-install League alpha client to try again. FIX
Basically, for me when I install the new client the initiate full repair it'll repair like 17k files then randomly close it'll then show the error that was explained above and when I fix the error and initiate full repair I'm going through the same thing again! Got any fixes? I reinstalled and then got the beta client then i got bugsplat with possible corruption so im thinking hey maybe the full repair might fix it nope. Idk what to do now
: The new client seems all around less laggy for my 4K laptop screen, however it is too big for my screen and I can't figure out how to re-scale it! This means when I open the client it basically fills my whole screen and the bottom part of it is cut off. I went to the client options and it only allows for one size option. How do I fix this?
: #1 The size of the league client window is larger then my resolution <isn't this automatic #2 Dragging the client over to type in my login credentials and clicking the input field makes the entire right half of said over sized window disappear, preventing me from entering said login credentials.

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