Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 9
any plans for nasus and veigar ? they really need some updats
: Can we nerf Pyke already?
well the champ is waaay too safe , and also he have huuge carry potentiel while he is support , and after the buffs all games i play with or vs him he is all time most gold in the game wich make no sense he is support -_- . so i totally agree with nerfing him , but not huuge nerf , only revert that bullcht ult gold buff
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: So what, you want junglers to be worth 0 gold or something? Maybe only your opposing laner should be worth any gold to you, to discourage any macro play completely?
no what we want is simple : 1- since riot decided to delete late game frome league of legends , they also should delete possibility for early cheese cause now we cant come back anymore lile we used to do in Season 7 6 ETC , so if ennemy jungler gank you 2 or 3 times early gg wp your team will 4V5. 2- for that riot need to nerf xp share frome lanes so junglers will not camp a lot early , and buff jungler xp and gold so they will farm a litle bit more . 3- cmpeltly nerf every single champion in the game early dammage stats this is the main source of this meta problems , a lot of champs that are suppsoed to be a team fighters or late game champs are actually a lane bullies to -_- and this is why in all our games we see peple fighting at lvl 1 and 2 and 3 -_- . You know ins eason 7 5 etc fighting early was compeltly useless it was super hard to get a kill that early in the game casue early dammage was reasonable. but now 80 % of champs cant get a kill at lvl 2 and if they do they will bully the sht out of the lane
Yenn (NA)
: My lane is 3-0-0 at level 6. I'm being 100 to 0'd in a single combo. I can't play the game.
i agree , the problem in your game was not akali btw ( so people talking abt akali op stfup pls ) . The problem is the jungler dumb decision affecting solo lanes , this happens a lot for toplaners and midlaners. sometimes you get that aweome jungler who fight in river for scutle while he have a nasus top and veigar mid, then die then flame them fro not help him at lvl 3 -_- . 90 % of time solo lanes are ruined , because a jungler camp , or a jungler stupid invades and fights . and the solution is simple : nerf xp share for junglers in lanes and make it more rewardable fro them to stay in jungle instead of sitiing top 24 24 and have same lvl as you. Also they can delete that stupid sht called scurle that sht is the source if 99% of first bloods in my games. finally they absolutly should buff XP in jungle.
: It is really awesome, cant deny it. Still im quite salty that he gets his 3rd skin after beeing out for just over a year. Never forget {{champion:154}}
bro its hard to make a skin for zac xD , i mean i really tried to imagine something but i just cant x) the nature of the cham makes it super hard .
: > [{quoted}](name=Will of Noxus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=eE83VezZ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-12T16:46:22.204+0000) > > Cho is in a pretty bad spot right now as well :( > > Do you build him tanky or AP? I've had a lot of success with just a lot of HP. I was just pondering about what made Tahm so durable, and more or less he just has such a large HP pool that he cant be bursted (which is an issue with a lot of champs right now). When applied to Chogath in the same manner, he actually does incredibly well.... you just have to be careful with your position since Cho isnt mobile. I dont feel like I am weak at any point of my matches, and I can secure dragon and herald better than any other champ before end game
judging by your stats , your champ is obviously not the problem , 80 % of your looses come frome your team , so just keep focusing and i'm sur you will climb when luck come .
: The results of my soloqueue strategy.
nice nice , not bad , surviving gold elo is a hard mission
i have the same issue as you , and the reason is simple : a good part of plat 4 players , are super satisfied on their rank , and dont want climb mroe , all they want is stay plat 4 ; and this is mainly because gold elo is a real pain for those who are not smurfing so , we usualy spend handreds of games in gold elo ebfor we make it to plat , so once plat , people are just not ready to play another handreds to mke it to diam , so they play for fun and they try hard if they drop to 0LP. the solution is simple : - finde a duo who want try hard wth you and try to 2V8 games
NY64 (NA)
: Top lane is just Rock Paper Scissors.
its easy to solve toplane problems in my opinion ( i have more then 1700 games in toplane on all my accounts ) 1 - make the lane shorter ( the fact that its a very long lane make it a very good target fro junglers , and when you have an afk jungler you just suffer ) so the lane depend a lot on the jungler 2 - change the minion waves so perma freese is no longer possble ( like midlane ) ;i know that being able to freese is a skill but being able to perma freese is just unhealthy for the game , cause now in a loooot of match ups the CS diference between toplaners is just ridiculous , cause one side auto win trades and the other side have 0 sht to do vs the counter pick to a point where he cant even farm. 3 - punish junglers for camping top ( cause when you play an early bad champ not only you have to deal with your probably counter pick op laner but also with a dumbsht jungler who will camp you cause he get lot of XP and gold in your lane ) 4 - nerf those champs who have mega OP late game but also can easy win lane ( jax - vlad - ryze - tryndamer - illoi - tahm kench - kaiser and a lot ) 5 - rework all the very old champs who cant catch up anymore with the ammount of mobility and dammage on the game ( mundo - nasus - bear - ornn - shen - garen - kled and more )
: Tanks need some new items.
Still AD is not a big problem for tanks , the real deal is AP dammage compared to magic resist , the comparison is not even fair , i mean a mage or ap asassin can easy get 600 AP with full magic pen , and they all have huge base dammage and AP rtios on theyr kits . i have few videos show how its painnfull for tanks to deal with AP champs , like a time where i was killed by a 2-7 malzahar befor i get time to land one auto attack onhim , while i had 170 MR with sterak etc
stoyo8 (NA)
: being autofilled jungle is miserable
well when its happen to me , i pick soraka , if no one dodge , i dodge XD
Jossio (EUW)
: yo I think i got a solution. you gotta click the 'quit' button next to the 'reconnect' button really fast when you see it. It worked for me
worked , thanks man all up vote this solution , you are right secodns after login we egt quit button for few seconds befor it disapear all we need is click quit befor.
MrSquid99 (OCE)
: League says im spectating even though im not even in a game
klavborn (NA)
: "respond quickly when a champion gets out of balance"
today i faces a mordekaiser who was just shting on me as garen , hiting me whith that bullsht hitbox Q outranging turret then he tried to dive me i killed him mordekaiser : nice champ me :
: The basic rules of lowelo
yesterday i had a game where my midlaner was laughing at my vision score as toplaner , to be honnest my vision score was bad and i knew it because i was hard pushed vsa tahm kench and trying to ward = death . but the funny part in the story that when i saw his vision score he was actually lower then mine XD . i was on 8 he had 5 visions score and he was 0-5 . and since i'm low elo player ( gold ) i just quited the game since facing a tahm kench was stressfully enough for me , then i see this midlane , i had 2 choices , flame and get banned or just leave the game xD
Pika Fox (NA)
: Pretty much. Unless youre a support, you have build options available. If you are a support, generally difficult as you lack the gold and item availability.
if kaiser ult you as support then your job is done you can die happy
: If you're not willing to build vs the problem, don't complain about it.
yesterday i spent the game beging my adc to buy QSS and it took 45 min befor he bought it and in thsi 45 min he was all time caught in kaiser ult and die then say : pfff no peel noob toplaner , like wtf dude do you want me to travel in dimensions and and go into kaiser ult and save you , or you want me to teach you how to not play adc in mele mode ; dude was legit playing like a malphit and cry abt kaiser ult
: In all my years of frusteration and enduring aids in the top lane, NOTHING compares to Tahm Kench.
honnestly i can feel you , i literally ragequited all my games vs tahm
: Whenever my jungler says they're not coming top because I'm "losing lane" (AKA 1 death and 30 cs down) I just mentally check out. "wow that's so toxic" No, it's not. It tells me 3 things: 1) I'm going to be useless this game since I'm going to be very VERY behind by the end of the 20 minute laning phase, my team is now playing 4v5 2) My jungler doesn't know what they're doing, even a hyper farming champ like Yi/Shyv benefit from ganking top. Enemy burned flash? Cool! Help me push the wave, get some EXP and gold, and apply pressure and we can POSSIBLY take Rift Herald/tower plates. The team is now playing 3v5 because my jungler doesn't understand the role of jungle. 3) I'm gonna get bitched and moaned at because "better top wins hehe xd" despite top rarely having influence unless one of them is super fed. Why should I bother playing if I'm gonna get flamed anyway? Might as well pick up my phone and soak EXP under tower while I play AFK Arena (not a pun about being afk, I just like that game). Junglers, losing lane isn't being 1 death up and 30 cs down, losing lane is when you're about 2,000 gold (or 1 item) behind, and even then you could salvage that lane. If your ADC is 8-0, mid is doing well, try helping the top lane. Your ADC is already fed, your mid is stable, HELP TOP LANE. This goes for any lane if the roles are swapped.
yeh the legendary we dont gank a loosing lane XD last time happened i was laughing so hard when the ennemy jax got penta kill twice on my team , after they all won lanes but ennemy jungler and midlne wer 24 24 Toplane making jax huge , while my team is telling me to stop asking for help noob stfu and get carried. the funny part is that i had more dammage as 2-9 garen then my 11-6 adc #Toplanematterto#
Cojak (NA)
: I feel like this is true on a deeper level than just top and jg. Maybe 1 in 10 games go by without this happening from one teammate to another. Recently I had a support go off on my for not ulting as velkoz, and later did the same thing to darius. Both of us begrudgingly tried to explain why our ults need set up and just firing them off is pointless. Then the all chat "report XXX for trolling" comes and honestly I find it hard to care about the match after something like that. Its come to a point where i mute half or more of my team every game whether I do well or not. On another note, I think jg needs another look because right now there are 6 or so jglers that can gank and farm so hard, while my jg never comes to my lane (at least while I'm there). I sympathize because when I get autofilled jg I do my best, but 2 missed ganks on the only guy I can jg with and I'm behind. IF i die I'm done for the game, I'll never catch up. Just getting flamed from teammates and that shit gets old.
yeh i feel you bro but as the author said , the particularity pf toplane makes it a really supper hard lane , its the lane wth more cncerous champs. and also its a lane where if you get counter picked and the ennemy know how to freese , your team will probably need to 4V5 the game , the entier designe of toplane need a real update , look at midlane for exemple ; we can get lot of counter picks but at least you can farm . in toplane breeeh , if you are counter picked and you died early or just lsot flash to an early gank , bro GGWP its game over for you. and on top of that your jungler will instead of helping you , he will makes it harder wth stupid deaths and comments.
: Hey Junglers, let me explain to you why top laners are always so toxic (explaining; not excusing it)
me playing nasus vs mordekaiser (ignite) me : kayn if you gank top do it befor his lvl 6 and be sur you are full hp or just dont come min 5 : my kayn gank kaiser while having 450HP , kaiser just E Q ignit him wth some autos and killed him , first blood wth double buffs kayn : omg nice champ , and nasus you useless noob do 0 dammage. Me : bro np i still can win vs him 1V1 if i stack 150 + wth executionner and if he dont get lvl advantage DW go camp other lanes. min 10 in the game . mordekaiser hard pushing , but np i still farm not badly and i'm really clse to a point where i'm going to be able to 1V1 him i had MR sheen all i needed is one back for executionner and its done. then my kayn ( no forme ) come out nowhere while i had only engh mana to Q the last canon minion befor i back , got ulted by kaiser killed him , and since i already had only half hp and no mana he dived me to since he had my potato kayn stats wth double buffs and congratulations we just made a 1V9 mordekaiser. Me : bro you just lost toplane and probably the game i told you no ganks after he is 6 he can easy escap it wth ult and even kill you sicne he have lvl advantage on you. kayn : repport nasus troll ; no follow on ganks. - Next game min 4 : my jungler come int dying under ennemy turret i ask him why ? my jungler : you dont ward my blue i ruin your lane to me : bro wtf ok i did mistake not warding and covring blue , but why punishing the whole team for this . my jungler : so you learn. i legit just inted this game and like many other next games coudn't focus anymore and ended feeding in lot of them. this is just an exemple of how bullsht toplane is in low elo full cancerous umbalanced champs , combined wth potato junglers can even make an angel toxic. when you are stuck under turret playing safe waiting your scaling vs a darius for like 3432424 min but your jungler only come when he is 6 and you 5 wth no mana then cry why you both died you cant stay calm , you just want to say what you think and at this point you know you will get banned but you just dotn care , cause at this moment you hate everything about lol.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Tahm kench has 280 base damage, 70% slow on a 4 second cooldown.
your team : just farm dont fight him ( they dont know he can kidnape you frome your turret and throw you in his fountain ) some how he can poke you under turret and out range turret with his bullsht Q , and when yiu loose engh hp he just run on you
: TK top has been an issue since at least last season. It's only now that he's getting more lane play instead of support play so more ppl realize just how busted his kit is. He can literally 1v3, absorbing all spell rotations, and still kill everyone. Maybe his passive needs to be nerfed so that after one champ is devoured, it goes on a longer CD (like 40% CD refund instead of 50% as it currently is) so he can't devour another one so soon afterward.
the problem is not his devour , the problem is his dammage + that bull sht shield he get making it for him possble ro dive and to tank a gank. what they should nerf is his shiels , and his slow spam
: TK top needs to be hotfixed
yes as an only toplane player i know the feeling bro ; imagine yesterday i was hard flamed by my team while i was playing nasus vs tahm kench cause i was not farming ( not even feeding ) , i tried to explain to them that not farming and let them carry me was my only option but breeeeh people are just stupid , and riot is worst letting that champ even exists. and not only mele , even ranged champs loose to that sht all it takes is one Q if he hit you with one Q you are dead if you play a squishie vs him
SeanGoku (EUW)
: Current minion block is horrible
its not a minion block , its legit a minion stunt
: > [{quoted}](name=Anti Mechanics,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JlJbQemw,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2019-06-05T15:18:16.279+0000) > > well let me tell you something ; i lost a 1V1 as nasus vs him while stacking 450 and while i'm lvl 14 and he is 12 and you know what is good ? he was support and what better ? > he lived with 1000H P what means i had 0 chance actually XD ( not even clse ) > and when i play nasus toplane and its vs a tahm kench i 99% of time rage quit the game ; because if i dont i will probably get an intentional feeding repport since he can dive me whenever he want and since that playing vs that champ make me super frustrated to a point where i will probably flame and int so in prefear a leaver then a chat rest or account suspension , ( this is how fun it is to play vs tahm kench , a champ who auto win every mele match up ) I mean i do play urgot so unless im 2 items and level 11 i will be killed over and over
the only time i played vs a tahm kench in lane and i did not fed ; i was actually palying veigar perma slow build XD ( and was afk farm and only use my cc to escape )
: Tahm was already toxic champion to most top laner champions and now he toxic to ever champion
well let me tell you something ; i lost a 1V1 as nasus vs him while stacking 450 and while i'm lvl 14 and he is 12 and you know what is good ? he was support and what better ? he lived with 1000H P what means i had 0 chance actually XD ( not even clse ) and when i play nasus toplane and its vs a tahm kench i 99% of time rage quit the game ; because if i dont i will probably get an intentional feeding repport since he can dive me whenever he want and since that playing vs that champ make me super frustrated to a point where i will probably flame and int so in prefear a leaver then a chat rest or account suspension , ( this is how fun it is to play vs tahm kench , a champ who auto win every mele match up )
Divin1ty (EUW)
: +1 so fucking hard. But only yesterday I have been explained that counterpicks don't exist, especially in Toplane. :) For all the morons, I am kidding, counts exists.
> [{quoted}](name=Divin1ty,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=PlE6H2zs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-04T11:40:03.692+0000) > > +1 so fucking hard. > But only yesterday I have been explained that counterpicks don't exist, especially in Toplane. :) i will give you an exemple of counter picks where if you dont get help you will probably farm 10 CS at min 15 Nasus vs tahm kench , darius , new buffed aatrox ( and i'm talking abt good players who freese not those irons that push and let you escape your bad early game ) so dont send me a video where sirhcez won vs a stupid darius who was playing under his turret .
Moody P (NA)
: Nasus has a bit too much sustain now
yeh nasus have quit a bot sustain , i just went vs a riven top as nasus , i was 60 CS and her 180 , guess why ? cause i'm bad ? hell nooo cause that sht just jumpe and take 70 % of my hp every tiem i try to get a CS who is not under my turret -_- yeeh clearly nasus have lot of sustain you talk abt a champ that have 51 % winrat and only playable in low elo , and you let a sht champ with 54 % winrat with more then 12% pick rat . what really need a nerf is that sht called riven and the other sht called jax and also minions waves need a fixe cause simply when you play bad early champ any good player will make you farm 100 in 30 min cause its too easy to controle them vs a bad early champ.

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