: Riot Broke the Gold income.
Coudnt disagree more, best patch in tft history, opened up all the old strategies and made some new ones. More items= more tactics..
Cräfty (EUW)
: 9.16 meta: Brawlers and Hextech are the " flash " of TFT!
Man.... I feel ur pain, it just sucks so bad to a point where I feel it's unplayable, but somehow it seems we are the minority... However, I feel u missed few of the main issues with ur post. 1. Its not brawlers that's the problem, its TANK meta, literally all tanky comps work more or less, some are just easier to get. 2. Tank meta isn't here because off some miracle 6 brawler synergy, its here because of the items meta influenced by hextech!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why tanks so good then? Well because tanks are most useful and consistent units when ur items are disabled for 8 sec . Dravens and jinx stacking is just a side effect off it being essential to push lvls fast to get the better tanks.. so early lvl 1 and lvl 2 carries cant be upgraded to lvl threee!. for their full potential. Hextech almighty cancer off tft dose so much negative impact on this game its unreal.... It literally killed half of the comps, made only one leveling strat viable and added more rng then ever before.. 3. Item drops have gotten worse so u can't really consistently stack one unit and u have to spread ur items out a bit, gues on what type of champs only one item is the best? - tanks.... My suggestion : 1.Rework Hextech, phantoms. 2. Make wolfes drop 3-5 items, raptors 4-6. 3. Make drake drop 3 random item parts not full item. Makes game more strategic and opens ground for creativity not just RNG!!!!!!!!!!
Vecturn (NA)
: Not sure how I feel about hextech...
Was excited to see the new patch, now not so much tank meta is incoming.... literally not worth to build gunslingers or rangers or any backline comps cause u cant stack units together anymore "epic"..... again one more annoying shit synergy like phantoms that takes 2 units........ disgusting and unfun.
: The problem isn't actually void but when you get both itemization AND void. Some comps can heal out of the damage..... until you add Morellonomicon. P.S. Void has a delay on coming online without items as well. Takes about 5-6 seconds for Cho to skill, unless he has Sorc/Tear items.
Its partly true Morello meta is pretty hot right now, but my point was that there is no countering mechanisms to deal with that, essentially if void wouldn't have true dmg u could go tanky comps like brawlers/ nobles / knights/ guardians maybe even throw in dragons claw, and still survive the morrelo + sorcs dmg. But since its TRUE DMG!!?? Well, not much u can do.......
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Yep same here, for me it frezes and i cant unfreze unless i pres ctr+alt+delete
: Vladimir E ( Tides of Blood) Unique bug/ for me alone. Channeled abilities
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