: client reinstalling the game for the second time
fixed , god bless riot support <3
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darkdill (NA)
: Teemo should have a Nearsight instead of a Blind
all what u said is legit , hope they consider this
: Arclight Vel'koz can make his Q invisible.
indeed someone should look up on this skin's visuals
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: Inting Sion proves one thing now.
nerf his passive with a cooldown , problem solved !
: INT Sion
Riot games should make a cooldown to sion's passive, just like annivia's egg : problem fixed !
: Their boring pages of story is what a good amount of people love. And this good amount of people don't like Anime...
we can say that too , i enjoyed imagining my favorite champs in action , also there are anime fans here including me, that will enjoy lol version anime , so why not both to satisfy everyone x) flashes away {{summoner:4}}
Oryiah (NA)
: League isn't anime! You're already taking over my malls please don't take over my game. lul.
but just imagine an episode (15 min) of jinx's story chased by caitlyne , u know that they are rivals ; it's awesome *^* league of legends isn't an anime , but why not a pre-sequel anime :3 here's an example of fan arts : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emW3o8Af-aY
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