: >Nah bud, i'm actually plat Doubtful. You're probably silver, which is why you're on that account. >understand it better than you ever will. So Plat > Diamond now? LOL > You are just a zed main Haven't played Zed ever in ranked and maybe 5 times in normals max. >who doesn't want his easy mode to go away. Confirmed Silver player
Confirmed bronze player because i said so and that makes it true. also im challenger now, grinded out some games late last night.
billxx (NA)
: Mate if your only response is "prove it", it's safe to assume you don't have a point
kek. if you can't prove it, you definitely don't have one.
billxx (NA)
: Don't need to, it's painfully obvious. Varus can do it, xerath, ahri. If zed ults Tristana Her ult sends him into her team to be cc'ed.
Yep, whatever. I'll be waiting on that painfully obvious video bud. since its so easy should have it uploaded by tommorrow.
billxx (NA)
: Yasuo and lee sin? Their kits are countered by armour and your ability to dodge skill shots.
yep because you can dodge targeted ultimates. You can dodge zeds ult somehow? and dodging a point blank range tornado (which is the only time i EVER get hit by them) is impossible. dash, dash, dash ontop of you, tornado (impossible to dodge) ult you (also impossible to dodge) cant even deal him damage during this. yep totally fair.
billxx (NA)
: That's actually very easy. When zed ults he will always appear behind you making it very easy to ult him and burst him down
yep go do it real quick and upload the video lel.
: Zhonyas, Exhaust You're just Silver 5 garbage and don't understand the game
Nah bud, i'm actually plat and understand it better than you ever will. You are just a zed main who doesn't want his easy mode to go away.
: I was saying either be skilled, or choose AP... sorry I didn't get my message right
lol. beat zed with ashe. love to see it.
: Oh and also, going against a Zed is a skill matchup. Zed is so easy to counter. Just go AP. And teamfighting is how you win against Zed. I don't think that Zed is broken at all. Maybe you need to check how you play, and find out what you did wrong. It's not the champion that is broken, it's your own skill that needs to be patched up.
because picking an ap champion is equal to skill. Sorry but in a balanced game you would be able to beat him using skilled play on ANY champion, not just a handpicked few
Meep Man (NA)
: Exceot he has tons of counterplay
so much so that you cant even give one example.
: Prepare to start picking the Veteran's Scars mastery again guys!!!!!!
agree. So many things riot does are like this. Including champion selection. Example: you want to play zed but he is picked or banned? play fizz instead. Or if you are really desperate, pick yasuo.
Rozair (NA)
: Everyone just ban zed until he has a 100% ban rate
I am so fucking sick of this champion. As well as Fizz Yasuo Leesin Elise Lucian Azir...Since when is OP bullshit that has no counterplay fun???
: Hmmmmmmmmmm I guess you caught people on a good day. I made a post very similar to this pointing out some of the same things and it got down voted to hell. So I thought , well maybe Im wrong. So then a few days later I posted a poll just asking if your enjoyment, fun and experiences in the game have gone up or down since the release of DQ. %83 of those who voted either voted for down or the option that at 1st they liked it but now they dont.
Maybe so, Although from my experience (I usually get voted to hell as well) it is because of the wording of my post which is not as toxic as usual. Maybe you were too angry at the time you wrote your post? idk just a thought. People are immature.
: New champ select is brilliant. Being able to pick your pick intentions and ban over 3 players is not a bad thing. The fact solos and parties are being matched together is the problem. Just because overwatch uses it doesnt mean we want it. Moba =/= TF2 like gameplay. Why do you say "Cancer solo players that don't want to support?" I wouldn't want to support you either if you start complaining about how river isnt warded 24/7 and you spam pings for me taking farm when youre not there. If we got rid of dynamic que, it would reduce que times. Because we wouldn't have to be matched with a full party of everyone but X lane. The reason they are so long is because support role sucks. You can't carry and you have to baby your adc the whole game. Nobody wants that.
Yeah i agree, i like the new champ select and everything, just REALLY don't like dynamic queue. Picking an OP combo with 2 of your friends and abusing it isnt skill.
billxx (NA)
: Oh, an unoriginal and basic title. Oh yet another dq thread Oh look it's terribly written Oh look he hasn't fact checked Well the boards are in good shape
Oh, an even more unoriginal post that has been made literally millions of times since the invention of the internet. Definitely should be talking about originality when you post something that is so tired it might as well be a meme.
: What i have found is no amount of logic and reasoning will work with dynamic supporters, we create large threads on why it is bad and even made threads on how to replace it with a system that is objectively better for both parties and they just do not care! they like being able to suppress solo players and the enjoy knowing that their existence destroys the competitive environment.
Yeah, you are probably right. Reason only works on the reasonable.
ofart (NA)
: Preach it. Even if everything was "fixed" and solos always had an equal chance vs premades, the system's still broken. A pure 5s player and pure solo player don't demonstrate the same skills. It's a different experience and I'm not even necessarily saying one is more skillful than the other but they do NOT belong on the same ladder. Averaging out ranking this way just makes it pointless. I think DQ hurts up and coming players the most. SQ players used to really stand out and get noticed by teams. Now, not only are the top spots filled by those using DQ but the ladder itself isn't as trusted to represent talent.
Exactly, crap like this, and reporting people for saying mean things is why NA sucks so bad on the world stage. All of our best players have been banned due to trying to teach idiots how to play and getting frustrated.
: have they been deleting anti-DQ threads? because I've seen none in the past 3days. They have to be deleting them because its impossible for only one thread being about DQ
They do delete, them, usually because people are so frustrated with DQ that they get toxic in their posts about them. Especially with how trolly this community is.
Seenan (NA)
: Tbh, I hate premades just because if they're on my team, they'll also very likely have one on their team...and 70% of the time, their premade is better.
Yeah, this happens to me as well, only when i am climbing though. It's as if riot implemented a system where matchmaking just takes a large dump on you after you win a few games in a row.
: I get so sick and tired of going solo and getting matched with a trio team who is just "Having fun" like mother fucker I didn't click ranked to have fun i came to win. win rate dropped by 20% sitting at 57% so sad hurts to be the only serious player
yeah, i am really tired of that, and constantly playing with/against yasuo zed fizz elise lee sin vayne lucian EVERY FUCKING GAME
: I don't care if Azir is good, I don't care if he's bad
Rioter Comments
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Sarutobi (NA)
: I dont get why people act all stupid with these "false ban" you didnt get ban for not wanting to feed, you got ban for being toxic, and judging by how you arent showing us your chatlog proves you deserved it.
How do i show a chatlog? I'll happily show it. All i did was leave bot and got a couple assists and a kill elsewhere and my team starts being super toxic to me
: You don't get ban for a one time occurrence. You got banned because you were toxic more than once. The system is built to punish on-going toxicity, not one time occurrences.
fuck this system. got banned for not wanting to feed. such horse shit.
Rioter Comments
: Oh look Zed is "losing lane"
: LOL @ "overpowered trash champions" and "thinking they're good at the game" how many times did Zed trashcan you today babby?
: Yes Zed's ban rate is ridiculously high, but his win rate is only 50.75% [[champion.gg](https://champion.gg/champion/Zed)]. Lucian's win rate, according to the same site, is actually slightly lower than even that (though his play rate is that much higher, probably partially due to bans). Ban rate definitely means people don't want to play against Zed, but it's not really proof that he's overpowered. Lucian has been seen warping the meta for a while now, whereas the biggest change Zed has caused recently is an absurd shift in banning practices. Zed is on the chopping block somewhere, but why is it so surprising that they're hitting Lucian first?
Just think about this logically for a second. Why would people not want to play against a certain champion? oh right, because that champion has an unfair advantage and is anti fun in every way. Allow me to elaborate on the anti fun part. He is anti fun to play against because he can pretty much roll his face on the keyboard after he hits 6 and kill anyone who isnt a full hp tank. He is anti fun to play as for several reasons. The first of which being, and believe me, i am not alone in this opinion, your opponents will have zero respect for any "plays" you make on this champion and will not think you are any good, reguardless of weather you are or not, basically no matter how well or bad you play the champion you are playing dictates a certain level of performance reguardless of how strong of a player you are. Fuck Zed, Yasuo, Malphite, Annie, Fizz mains. All have the same issues. Super easy to play, super overpowered, and if y ouve seen one youve seen em all. There is NO variance in play.
Woook3r (NA)
: yep. we gonna see lucian nerfs before we see zed nerfs.
Agreed, not that lucian doesn't need nerfs, but zed has needed them much more and for a much longer period of time. What do you expect though, got to keep those people who can only play overpowered trash champions happy and thinking that they are good at the game so that they continue to shell out money for stupid random crap (see project skins) that riot makes.
: This game started with 4 bans for 40 champions
More bans would be a welcome change for me, but only because riot keeps cranking out overpowered piles of shit.
: This is probably the most educated post ive seen.
I think you might mean most ignorant post. Over simplifying everything is the problem with the gaming industry today. Attitudes like this guy's are why games continue to decline in quality. For example: World of Warcraft. Game was based on other MMORPG games and was a simplified version of EQ for people who had a hard time reading and comprehending. On release, it had a simple quest tracker that would track your quest progress. As time went on, the tracker not only tracked your progress and kept track of what you needed to collect, but it also told you where to go. At a certain point, your games are playing themselves for you, and that is why they get boring.


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