: You can say Vayne takes skill till 40 minutes
GGLineaR (NA)
: Yo. Riot enough with the mastery censoring
Fwiw until they roll out a fix (and after), you can circumvent this filter by typing ALT+0173 (hold alt and press those numbers on your number pad) between letters that would get censored. E.g. f[alt+0173]uck would show as any other word would. Alt+0173 is a blanktext character and so will not be displayed to you, but still exists.
: Good question! Its a measure to make sure people are answering the survey truthfully and not just choosing "Neutral" for everything. Usually this is the case for longer surveys, but its put in place just in case. Trust me, I've already seen it happen with this survey and it isn't even long. Unfortunately, I can't answer your second question as that is part of the study. I can't thank you enough for participating though!
It's actually best, if you can, to not have neutral/middle options. Give an even number of choices for each question and people will be forced to sway in a certain direction instead of just seeing a question, thinking 'eh idk', and answering neutral/neither agree nor disagree instead of actually thinking and giving a more genuine answer
Bullehts (NA)
What about the Jax and Taliyah games within the last week where you straight up inted/trolled? Anything to say about those?
: RGM brain dump June
How do you feel about going back to changing the gamemode every week instead of 2 weeks? I don't actually know if that's the more popular view or not, but I'd certainly enjoy more rotation
bunies (NA)
: ok im going to say it, lets nerf kat
Yes let's nerf every champion that someone used a script on instead of going after the scripters themselves. Boy that sounds like a really rational well thought out idea :') How do you even know you were against someone scripting? Can you show us a replay/video of the game?


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