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: Unplayable FPS
Thanks for your answer, I'll try to re-teak things but my goal is to achieve my monitor's capabilities, aiming for 165Hz, which should be done pretty easily if it wasn't for the fact that after 5 minutes playing it drops to 50 fps. I don't know what to do anymore.
: Below 20% winrate
You know, back in the day when I used to play competitively, I used to think exactly the same. But there is something we should consider: Sometimes I would focus so much on other people's faults in decision making and gameplay performance that I would often forget about my own decisions and performance. I can easily tell that every single player I've played with did something poor during every single loss that increasingly made us lose the game. I would put the blame entirely on one person instead of trying to make the team come back together from said mistakes. That being said, it's easy to draw the line between someone who keeps loosing and someone who lost a match. My point being that regardless of the quality of the players on your team, everyone is bound to make small and big mistakes that will slowly cost you the game, but someone who has such a low daily performance after, let's say, 5 matches should be put on a separated queue or forced to take a break from ranked for x amount of minutes/hours. So I agree with you, but had to make this distinction.
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: FPS drops on Ryzen for no reason
I have a similar issue, but my game starts out "ok" and just goes downhill from there. It's like a degenerating disease and I don't get it because everything is updated, tried what you tried and keeps happening. The malware thing is something I got to check again with a diferent anti vírus.
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: I would LOVE that. I was thinking hte exact same thing yesterday. Honestly, I would even settle for weather effects on SR. Make is rain... snow.... hail.... whatever.
That's quite cool man, it would be interesting, but at the same time, with all the skill effects and the skill based system, those MAP effects could be confused easily with champion SKILL effects.
: This isn't actually a new idea at all, Riot used to do this for Halloween and Wintertime. They were discontinued because they thought that resources could be used on something better.
Yeah, I had the chance to experience those maps and they were somehow new and gave the game a "new breeze". It became funny to explore the new map somehow. I was suggesting something more drastic tho, like, for example (in a PROJECT Facility scenario), imagine the Dragon Pit's walls being made of concrete with some turrets (just for decoration) or light chains. My idea came when I saw the variety of skins and their themes. Wouldn't be awesome for players to get a random map and being able to chose a skin that truly fits that environment? Bilgewater, PROJECT, Arcade, Pool Party, Winter, World Cup, you name it. I think it would make the game much less repetitive (in visual)
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