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: Remove the ability for Teammates to ban your selected champion in Draft/Ranked
I understand the points everyone is making and maybe it just comes down do experience because i have never seen anyone banning a champ because it's highly contested but more because they didnt agree with the pick or were simply trolling. But I guess I was mistaken. Y'all take care and cheers for the feedback.
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Fearless (NA)
: Let's talk about Plants!
Im actually quite optimistic with this and before you down vote me into oblivion just look at the points I'm about to make which will hopefully show you that there is a fairly decent chance that this will work better than you expect. Right now everyone has figured out a perfect route for the jungle and knows exactly what to smite and what to not smite which makes the jungle feel very repetitive, although i enjoy this i would not mind having plants that would make me question my route and make go and do something completely different to what i did last time in the jungle. However, I will say that i don't agree with the removal of smite buffs because if added with plants it could of been such a great improvement to the jungle. As a former Hearthstone player i know more than well enough how much RNG can tilt you and I remember clearly when Riot was gone add elemental dragons to the game. I was scared shitless thinking it would ruin the game but the way riot handled that made it so that although its RNG it still seems fair and Balanced so i say we should have some faith and hope that they will put in the same amount of though (or more) into these plants as they did with the elemental dragons. Just remember that although its RNG a skilled player can easily use these to his advantage and put the odds in his favour and in the end plants would not dumb down the experience but make it much better and make you think deeper about every move you make e.g Should i use that honey fruit to heal myself and fight or pop it to leave a slow field behind me that my attacker would have to avoid or go through and be slowed ? So what we see in the clips is basically the best case scenario to show what the plants could potentially do, and if we be realistic then its very unlikely that every game someone will get away from you because of a blast cone; 90% of the time you will just use that to get around the map quicker and it will be very difficult to actually execute what we see in the clip and not to mention that because its RNG you will get away as well as lose a target because of these plants. Furthermore, i down know wether you will be able to see all plants on the Mini-map but if you could then that would add another layer of strategy to the game, where you have to consider the flower in that specific route and play against it so your opponent runs in anther direction without any flower. These plants would make you think about what your about to do in a much more strategic way then you would of ever done, basically adding to the depth of the game therefore making it better. These plants will piss me off as much as they will amen me jump in how and i can admit that and if riot has tested this and say it works well then maybe we should wait until it comes out before we have a go at it, for all we know it might be the best thing ever (probably not) and what will actually happen in the worst case scenario ? riot admiring they were wrong and removing plants because 100% of the player base is agains it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}


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