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: >Taking into account that at least 1/3 of those accounts are smurfs how do you know?
DO you know ANYONE who doesnt have a smurf in league ? PErsonally I have played on over 10 accounts, my cousin has 5-6 , my other cousin has 3-4 . On top of that , I can tell when leveling new accounts, when people are legit low elo, or higher elo playing on smurfs for fun. I have been diamond on all my accounts, so it is kinda easy to see. AT LEAST, 1/3 are smurfs at this point.
Leopold II (EUNE)
: Season 9 low diamond has a problem.
You are 100% right. For some reason, riot prioritizes banning people who are percieved as "toxic" even if you are just strongly insisting on how to play the game. What remains, are trollers, rage quitters, boosted accounts and so on, which quite frankly, are the real players that destroy the game. A flamer just flames, thats it, a rage quitter destroys the entire game by rage quitting. Literally sent riot 3 support tickets asking them to ban people who do game breaking stuff, they did nothing. And that is why league has degraded into this garbage we see today, and I for one am sick of it. So I am quitting, and I advice everyone to do the same, riot has been bombarded with critique a million times , and they do nothing, they are NOT going to fix anything, so stop hoping, and quit the game.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: the "League is dying" argument
Straight up wrong. Go to op.gg , go to NA, go to leaderboards. "There are currently 862,576 summoners on Summoner's Rift" You know what that means right ? Only 862,576 accounts, in TOTAL, has played ranked on NA server this year. Taking into account that at least 1/3 of those accounts are smurfs, then it is clear, league is dying, fast. Number of league accounts doesnt mean shit when you are including every account in existence, I can still search up my perma banned accounts, they still count as accounts. Think about that. It means they are taking perma banned accounts, accounts that havent been played on since season 1, dormant accounts, accounts that play 1 normal game per month, and so on, into the count. Makes no sense. The fact of the matter is , league is dying. And that is for the best, because they have completely destroyed the game, the only people in riot still doing a good job, is the skins team. The rest of them dont deserve their jobs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Saianna,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hYEcPTPe,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2019-04-11T15:33:15.507+0000) > > I know some smartsy-pantsy will deny it but the reason why I believe playerbase is withering is: > > 1. Riot actually increasing matchmaker match radius brackets (overall that's the whole issue with mm we have right now) > 2. player activity on boards is not even 1/10th of what it used to be in S4-5. I can already hear "but boards isn't the game". Yeah, but each forum always has somewhat constant % of active players. If the game loses its players, so is dropping the player activity on forum. > 3. Riot implementing DQ few years ago - that was the first sign of them trying to slow the playerbase diminishing. They did it to stop the 'leakage' of players. > 4. overall player unhappiness is the highest since pretty much ever. And it keeps on rising still. > 5. Ungodly awful new player experience.. since ever. Doesn't add to losing playerbase, but definitely isn't helping fix it. > 6. Riot caters to asian market more, rather than western/eu. Is not exactly a point of diminishing playerbase, but shows they don't threat us as main customers. This is yet another 'feel' that we lost the strenght as playerbase, maybe because we aren't as numerous as we used to be. > > There's also that part that almost everyone here says that their friends stopped playing. > > Ofc I cannot back any of those statements with data, cause all the data is in Riots hands and they aren't sharing, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that those "vague arguments" do prove the point. And if you don't believe they are, just look at WoW. They have gone down in similar fashion. What used to be MASSIVE-MO with tens of millions of players is now reduced to hardly-a-million-players-big in western/eu and maybe 2-4m big in asia. Again Blizz hasn't showed any data, if anything they actually obscured it more, but still someone found a way to count playerbase in some way or another. > > I'm expecting a wholesome denying now. To add to what you said, three big signs for me were: 1.) Adding permanent autofill even though everyone denounced it like the plague especially those in Diamond+. 2.) Claiming URF caused people to quit the game forever, and they didn't know why when League's balancing was at an all time low for SR. Everyone was super happy thinking it might become a new permanent game mode(just like Nexus Blitz.) Thinking the most fun League mode ever released at the time was killing the game is just inane. URF was released at a bad time to be able to make that correlation I suppose. Then DQ showed up later, lol. 3.) Reds no longer posting almost at all on the boards, and Riot filing copyrights for their new game Legends of Runeterra. I suspect a lot of League's previous devs moved on to focus on their new game(MMO?) Riot is just leaving League in a sad state the same way WOW did.
You want the real proof that player base is dwindling ? Go to op.gg, go to NA, go to leaderboards, at the top it will say: There are currently 830,986 summoners on Summoner's Rift. You know what that means right ? Only 830.986 players have played ranked ALL YEAR, on NA server, and that is including all those people who have 3 ranked games, and at least 30% being smurfs. Now do the same for eu, op.gg -> EU -> leaderboards: There are currently 1,373,739 summoners on Summoner's Rift. Only 1,373,739 players have played ranked ALL YEAR, on EU server, and that is including all those people who have 3 ranked games, and at least 30% being smurfs. Now it should be quite clear, that the boasts of upwards of 80 million active players, are just pure lies. League is nowhere near, as popular as that anymore. If it ever was. YOu have to question what riot considers active players. YOu can do this for every server btw.
Ourboros (EUW)
: The system works the same for everybody, people that ruin games really suck, but we all have to deal with them. It is not a higher burden on you than it is on everybody else. You are the only consistent factor in your games, granted that you play a lot of games. If you truly are skilled enough for Master or higher, you will win more games than you lose, your mmr will adjust and you will climb. Theres people who consistently get challenger every season, showing how to do it People that get high LP gains in challenger worked their ass of for that, they dont get that for free. Competition in the top 1% of the population is just super high, thats where the frustration is coming from. Stop blaming the system if you honestly want to get higher
Dont know why you think you can lecture me, but let me tell you this, the mmr doesnt adjust. 100 games later, it is still, the exact same, legit won 8 games in a row in diamond 4, (two times) Still The Same Needless to say, this isnt the first time I have had this happen , and forgive me for not wanting to put in 2000 ranked games per year to play through this ridiculous mmr barrier. And it is not the same for everyone, the higher you go, as you said, the higher the competition is, so at that point. The difference in a meta pick - non meta pick, feeder - fed, afk - not afk, surrender spam and giving up, it is impossible to deal with. The ONLY, way to overcome this barrier, is to make an entirely new account, being master or challenger level skill already, and try to burst through this mmr barrier that hits you in the face once you hit diamond. Because you honestly have no idea how hard I have carried games, and they just cant be won. I will give you an example, I played a game as nidalee, literally won every single lane, snowballed bot, mid and top. Was like 17/4/10 or something, took an inhib, solo killed ap shyvana and vayne alone,took at least 4 turrets, including 2 inhib turrets, took baron, took all dragons, and my team still, couldnt finish the job. So spare me this lecture, you have no idea what you are talking about. Because games like that I have them 8 games in a row, and you know what happens then ? I loose 2 games and Im at 0 lp,(After winning 8) your argument is invalid. -Edit- you will win more games than you lose, your mmr will adjust and you will climb. I mean, look at my first comment, if the LP actually adjusted, I would have had 28 lp per win, and 8 per loss, when I hit diamond with 70% win rate, but I didnt, I had 11 lp per win, and -25 per loss, how the fk is that "adjusting" Doesnt really matter though, the game is dead, barely 1 000 000 people has played ranked on euw server this year, and below 1 000 000 people on NA, factor in that at least 40% of those are smurfs, for the very reason op posted, the game is indeed dead.
GigglesO (NA)
: +13/-21 Feels good having 60% winrate to climb anywhere.... Jk... feels like ass. They should actually clamp people in plat and gold and silver too instead of just letting everyone into diamond...
I hit diamond with 70% win rate 2 months ago, dropped to +11 / -25 within 6 games in diamond. People sit in challenger gaining 28lp per win and loose 8, I would be challenger ages ago with that kind of lp gain. The system is broken, and riot are too incompetent to literally do anything. Everytime I make a new account its the same, I am kinda done with this game at this point tbh *Edit* Here is a challenge for you rioters, try to climb out of diamond with that lp gain, while simultaneously deal with inters every 3 games, afk every 8 games, and autofill full team every 5 games. On top of that , being a jungle main, you are literally drowning in flame and opinions for 30 min straight every game in diamond elo. Try it, see where it gets you.


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