: Good to hear. I'd also like the Force of Nature Item to be more reliable. Too often I purchase it, and it proceeds to NOT give me the extra member.
Really? That never happened to me and I often get it. Hope they fix that, it would suck to go through all the trouble to get 2 spatulas to then have the item bug out on me
Bregan (NA)
: i agree with almost everything except for even the chance to have extra items. item count needs to be normalized, PERIOD. item types can be rng all day, but COUNT needs to be normalized. i also want to add my own thoughts on round times. yes, i agree that the early round settup is too long, and that late game round settup can be too short when you're trying to desperately burn though 50 gold. however, i think the time is probably fine late game. you can still reroll during the fight to save time. "but then im losing my interest!" you werent planning on using that interest anyway if you had more time to burn through stuff, your argument is invalid. yes it can feel bad to not make full use of your money in your one round of desperation, but thats sort of the penalty for hoarding. also consider after you've burned through it, then you only have 5-10 gold to spend and the round is supposed to be longer? so you can sit there doing nothing again? i understand where you're coming from, but making it longer does more to hurt everyone else, so its probably better to just accept it as part of the decision making process. if it does get increased, i wouldnt complain, but its probably not the best solution. another issue about round times, the first carousel needs to be a few seconds longer. having the thing you want stolen 3 times in a row feels awful, but to then be FORCED into randomly given a leftover feels even worse. not only am i going from one side of the thing to the other, but im also CHASING shit. the first carousel needs to have a few extra seconds to make sure that people CAN choose.
The chance for extra items was purely an alternative in case rito wants to maintain the rng element, I also think the best route would be to just make the item count equal to everyone. Round timers wise it might be just me not yet used to the game but I still believe a small increment of time would be helpfull. And not only for me who has to use his money, late game you normally only have between 1 and 3 opponents if you know who u are against you can position yourself accordingly. Rather then rerolling and doing nothing I would look into the opponents formation, see if they have a zephyr or blitzcrank (and if they do position my worst unit where the ability/effect procs). Position my units together on the corner vs assassins or spread them out against aoe sorcereres. Also you cant always use the fight has time to reroll, more often then not I have a unit inside the fight only to streghten my team till I get my desired replacing unit. If I have my bench full of champions I cant sell and I happen to get that unit or the last unit for a level 3 than I will still have to wait till the round ends and lock my champions pool. This happens more often than you would think and I m now again stuck on the situation where I have to burn through 50 gold (plus the bonus from the champion I sold) in only a few seconds which is too little time at least for me (again I'm new to this genre and I might just be slow. I am only giving my feedback based on my experience so far and I think everyone would benefit from a little extra time on the late game)
: The upcoming patch 9.14 will introduce in neutral rounds a guaranteed random item if you kill a specific minion. The idea is that instead of people getting 0-7 items (very tilting indeed), everyone will get some items and that's much more enjoyable even if your opponent has more items. What do you think of those changes? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
I think that's a step in the right direction and I apreciate the fact rito is listening to people feedback. I do think no one should have two more items then others unless they failed to clear a camp or it's a particulary exceptional run. If everyone gets acess to a fixed amount of items than the game will be much more enjoyable but I think it will still not be perfect untill the discrepacy between players is diminished. It will be no use getting the 3 fixed items if u look to your enemy and he has 9 (3 fixed plus 6 extra).
Zackycn (NA)
: First, I totally agreed that the items discrepancy its a huge factor that can and makes a difference on each game. Therefore to fixed that as you mentioned I would set up that each creeps round its going to drop 1 item and as you said a 10-15% to get a second , but at least each player has a minimum amount of items. Then, the time issue should not be fixed because people who already played game such as auto chess have get used to to fast rolling so it is just a matter of time until you develop skill to roll and adapt. This forces the player to develop a strategy , so more intelligence and skillful players will almost take an advantage. Another Issue is the amount of units in the pool , I do not understand why the pool was reduce 15% in comparison to similar games making tier 3 and 4 units pretty hard to get and to upgrade because players from others games are adjusted to different probabilities on getting a champion.So they should increase it so it is the same as similar games.
Tft is indeed my first auto chess experience so I don't know much about the other games probabilities you are talking about. I still feel like the round timer should maybe be a little longer late game but it might be just me not yet used to the game... Thx for the feedback
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: stop tunneling and better player wins almost always
If everyone just rerolls whenever they have the chance then the game would have no fun and be purely luck based. I normally play for the late game unless i get a particulary good team early game or have some good comp delivered right on my hands. I have done almost every single type of comp so far. This is not me unreasonably complaining, I did not write this cuz i loose a lot. I have gotten first place in about a third of my games and I consider that quite good for a game with 8 people in it. I have also gotten last place and 6 place more then once so I know how it feels to get bad rng or have my late game strategy turned against me. This post is simply me trying to improve the game by telling them what I think the game problems are and how the could fix it. Better player does not always win, he might win more often then not but there are still a lot of times where he either gets destroyed by pure bad luck or he gets dunked on by one of the problems I listed above
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Looks like it fixed some people problem
: drastic FPS drop right after patch 8.4
koshkyra (NA)
: And suppression so that you dont need to waste 1300g when against {{champion:90}}
I tought about it but i kinda understand that it would suck to malz players to have their ult ruined just by the use of a summoner spell, however there are so many airbones in the game most of them not ultimates (like the example i gave of janna's q) that i feel like it makes no sense to don t be able to cleanse them
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