: Downright confusing how Viktor is kept trash
You only need to AA melees once and then you oneshot the whole wave... Viktor really isn't one that struggles with minions. Also I've never built Zhonya's on him, it's stupid to waste gold on that when with a lich bane you kill almost any assassin before he does. Work on your mechanics, Viktor is a monster.
: Please stop deleting (reworking) champions
I disagree, GP, Fiora and Kata reworks are great and give a lot more depth and strategy to champions that previously were ultra straightforward and boring. Other good reworks are Poppy, Sion, Yorick, Taric. On the most part they're doing a good job.
: I'd go so far as to argue that counterpicks don't have more effect early in top lane as compared to bot lane. Bot lane is relatively more snowbally than top because in bot there are two people getting gold and xp and two people getting denied gold and xp. In top there is only one. This makes counters more effective in bot lane because when counter picks work they work better than they do in top. However, it is harder to counter pick in bot lane than it is in top because there are two champions in bot lane and only one in top.
I very strongly disagree with this. Counterpicks in top are very heavy, you can literally get one kill and deny the opponent 90%+ of creeps all the way until you dive him over and over again where the jungler can't even help. There are matchups where one toplaner has no chance on earth of getting a kill on the opponent. Botlane is way more versatile, if you screw up early it's not that hard to stay back and farm when it's safe, you can't get deniend off of all minions. Complete stomp matchups are very rare.
: Yeah you're right but when I can solo dragon while my team takes herald or towers, why shouldn't I?
Because: 1. You don't have smite to secure it, you risk of either losing, dying or both. 2. You leave your adc alone, enemies can either get a pick from him, freeze him away from farm and/or collapse on you. 3. If by chance the jungler is there you're either 3v1 at drake or 3v1 bot. Either way you lose an objective.
Sujiren (NA)
: I think top is the hardest, you have to not only keep your farm up, sometimes lane vs absurd counterpicks, deal with lane freezes and jungle camps, but also find ways to make impact on the map from the most isolated lane with a well timed teleport or roam.
Hmm, I disagree. Top is all about knowing your matchups and how dangerous the jungler is. Counterpicks, farm denying, freezes and jungle camps are a problem in every lane. On toplane counterpicks have some more effect early but that alone doesn't make it the hardest role.
: When you start taking responsibility for neutral objectives, support becomes harder than jg. Yorick support can solo drag and herald easily. It's honestly hard managing objectives and lane at the same time.
You're just making your life harder by taking other's roles in yours. You don't have to take responsebility of neutral objectives, vision at most but that takes 5 seconds, I wouldn't consider it "hard" to do while laning.
: Are you smurfing? Bc I'm not and it's more mentally taxing than any other role I've played in gold.
Honestly the most mentally taxing role is jungle, and I've also mained every role at some point.
Akaviri (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fajisel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aj1FrUJs,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-07-24T15:49:55.885+0000) > > But which ADCs actually build DD in their meta build? It's just Draven that does it, and he's a whole topic of conversation by himself. No other ADC gets deaths dance commonly. Why are you the first person besides me who has said this, when it is right there on any statistics site for anyone to see?
Because the post is so ridiculous it's not even worth opening.
: "i want more" - tank mains
Never heard that ever.
: Something to reduce pressure on Autofill
Something to reduce pressure of Autofill: learn your fucking offroles.
: why are tank mains so greedy?
The title doesn't synergyse with the content.
: Janna has a 55% win rate/23% play rate in Diamond elo
: Pantheon is pretty damn strong, how do i play againist him?
Do you play Riven into him? If so you have a few options. Start doran shield. Start E and max E 1st, you'll still take some damage from his Q anyway. Generally use the E to farm without getting chunked. Back a little bit before you hit lvl 6. As soon as you get in lane, let it push without getting Qd and then go all-in on him. You have an ult, he doesn't. If that goes well you can rinse and repeat until you get fed. Also, go fervor.
Sogreth (NA)
: Is this actually allowed? Seems like a big exploit.
It's that teamcomp that's easly exploitable.
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=magewick,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=u2g5GEm4,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2017-07-15T21:48:50.200+0000) > > That is the point. Open mid has already created the culture. People simply will afk in fountain when the game is over. There is no reason why an earlier ff shouldn't be added. The reason is to not support negativity and rather punish weong behaviour. > League is full of tryhards. If lategame champions are strong, people will pick them. People will pick them only if they're super strong, lategame champions have always been strong. > And yet open mid started from high elo korean solo queue and spread downwards. Open mid doesn't prevent players from improving. The difference between high elo koreans and everyone else is that they have a clear idea when the game can't be recovered, mostly because their opponents won't let them come back by applying consistent pressure. Regular players open mid when the game is still alive, against opponents that are very likely to make mistakes. There's a huge huge difference. >The players who embraced it the most are also the ones climbed to the highest elo bracket on every server. This is complete bullshit. > Open mid doesn't stop people from losing, they still take the loss. They already learned everything they could from the given game. The players who embraced open mid simply learn their lessons faster and that is why open mid is so prevalent in high elo. There's a difference in losing and knowing how to lose.
Sciela (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=JQKAndrei,realm=EUW,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=BxwN0VIm,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-07-15T09:42:23.723+0000) > > Be authentic. > > Do what you love, be good at it, be informed. Have goals, projects, dreams. People have always called me very sincere, and I don't let anyone or anything else change who I am, so I'm pretty sure I'm good at being authentic. > Care more about yourself than others and people will come to you. This part though, I think I have issues with. I'm like the poster figure for bleeding hearts: I care too much about everyone and everything and can't even hurt a fly without feeling awful about it for the rest of the day. But I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. :P
It's not a bad thing, it's just that people don't find it attractive. In the end you could just stay the way you are and you'll find someone eventually. Or maybe get to know more people.
: ***
Open mid has created a culture where players throw a game away after the minimum disadvantage. Earlier ff will just boost early champions popularity. Lategame champions and comebacks won't happen anymore because people will prefer giving up. Players that believe losing equals wasting time will hardly improve and will get stuck in their elo, they won't try to fix their mistakes and they'll ff and hope next game is good. You don't learn anything when you win, you only realise something went wrong when you lose. Losing is essential to climb and improve. If you can't lose, you won't climb.
Guanxi (NA)
: Once in a lifetime? I can link you 20+ games where the score is fucking 18/3
18-3 doesn't mean game will end at 10 minutes. Link me 5 games that ended before 10 minutes this month.
: What to do if laner roams?
1. Push. 2. Follow. 3. Roam somewhere else. (They will probably not signal you're missing)
Guanxi (NA)
: Drop the surrender timer to 10 minutes.
Just because once in a lifetime you happen to lose a game before 10 minutes doesn't justify the develipers have to lower surrender timer to 10 minutes.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Getting Away With Trolling.
Big accomplishments.
Razorex (EUW)
: This game is nothing about skill
You're just getting matched with better opponents each consecutive win until you hit your ceiling.
: Opgg allies and enemies and you can make a more or less accurate guess. If you look at my profile for ex you can see most of my games have been played on Lux orianna nami Janna lulu. Some on ADCs (usually when the ADC autofilled begs to swap). If you see me top or jungler chances are pretty high I got filled there..
That's just because you don't play top or jungle. That doesn't mean that others do what you do. I have a decent amount of champions I'm comfortable with in every role. If I get autofilled, no big deal. There's no real disadvantage if you prepare accordingly.
: I think he's untargetable in the wall. So the tornado won't hit him.
Nidken (OCE)
: The team with the least amount of autofilled players wins
How do you know you have more/less autofilled players?
: I can't take you seriously when you're posting from an alt account. no disrespect.
This is actually my main account. What makes you think it's not?
Sciela (NA)
: How do people make friends?
Be authentic. Do what you love, be good at it, be informed. Have goals, projects, dreams. Care more about yourself than others and people will come to you.
: alot of people have a skill ceiling of b5 0LP
That's not true, they're actually a minority.
: Let poppy Q ignore bonus Armor. or some of it.
Hmm, whenever I play Poppy I end up doing a ton of damage. 47% winrate doesn't look too bad to me, she has a decent skillcap, I wouldn't say she's in bad shape whatsoever. And she does counter Riven and many others. I wouldn't mind a buff, I just don't think it's all that necessary.
Zerenza (NA)
: So, jungler's, can i ask you something?
I've seen master yi ganks as soon as lvl 2 being quite successfull. Even if they don't get a kill, if they take 40% off the enemy laner that's a huge advantage for your laner, he can now deny cs and have kill pressure. These things change the game. A few games ago I was playing Taric toplane, and this Yi I had ganked the enemy olaf once before 6, and once towerdiving him at 6 with my ult. We then got herald and pushed top down top inhibitor at 12 minutes. 5 minutes later we took down all towers and inhibitors bot and mid and ended the game. That was devastating
: What's A Balanced Release?
Happened with Gnar, Bard, Ivern, Reksai, they weren't op on release. Camille wasn't even played on release, Kindred was pretty weak as well
: There are two things that defines real support: 1.) Be able to provide support (CC, shield/heal or stat boost (even lowering stats for the enemy would count) 2.) Be able to do his/her job without the need of items, scaling into game purely by gaining levels The second point is the reason why i.e. Lux support is only played in low elo and is not effective.
Pretty much this, point 2 is pretty important.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Thanks for the support. :P With windspeakers blessing, support items boosting shielding power and Athene's, maxing E. I'm buying a Sight stone and trying to get my adc fed. I'm not out to build Liandry's like Zyra or Rylai's like support Brands do to deal damage, I'm here to support.
Yeah, but why pick a weaker version of Lulu?
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: No, you do not control the availability of targets, you can control only your position, and when you will go in to farm, yasuo can reach you. His shield can be removed, but this requires you to get in aa range, which means that he can reach you. And if you remove it with an ability, congratulations, his shield did its job. His windwall is not on the opponents terms, because he is the one who uses the ability. HE chooses when to block and what to block, not you. His q is on opponents terms because of its range? So by your logic, every goddamn skillshot and ability in the game is always on the opponents terms, despite YOU choosing when and how to use it? Dafuq logic mate? And his ult is on opponents terms, while yasuo and his team are the ones to set them up? Wat? Dude? Do you read what you write? I can apply all that you said to any champion currently, and say that they all depend playing on opponents terms. I think you need to read more about what outplay means too. He has one of the easiest kits to outplay others in the game, just like lee.
>His shield can be removed, but this requires you to get in aa range, which means that he can reach you. And if you remove it with an ability, congratulations, his shield did its job. This may be a little too complex for you, but you can use an ability to farm minions and at the same time hit Yasuo to take down his shield. Examples are Viktor's E, Ahri's Q, Zed's Q... every champion has something.
: Still not what he needs right now
: why doesnt Runnans Hurican help stack ashes passive Q ranger focus. Runnans hurican stacks cailyns pasisve
I don't know, but this post in 10 months old.
: "Autofill Activated"
Learn to play support?
khorney (NA)
: Read there passives again......they don't crit bUT it is part of there overall damage .
: This has been proposed many times, but I don't think a Rioter responded, so I'm assuming that Riot doesn't like this idea. I'm okay with that too, for removing RNG (the output randomness, as a designer said in one of the dev blogs), but my proposed change is more focused on DPS build not having burst.
>I'm assuming that Riot doesn't like this idea. {{champion:22}}
: VVVVVinstead of this do thisVVVV it's easy 100% crit makes you do 200% dmg. So Riot should just make adc's if they have 10% crit they do 110% dmg if they have 20 they do 120% dmg 30 they do 130% ect. and then this gets multiplied a bit when IE is added so that 20% crit would give 130% increase in dmg 30% would get 145% 40 would get 160% aand then cap it out at 100% crit. in the end doing this will give adc's the same dps but just make the dps more consistent. Then for champions like tryndamere they might keep the old system since it might work better for him.
That's what {{champion:22}} does.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: {{champion:41}} would need some serious love after such a change, because he doesn't get to ramp it up... But other than that, sure, that could do a lot for the game
Rework Fervor, so that it converts crit chance into it's ramping up AD.
Rebonack (NA)
: There was. It was called Dominion.
Oelyk (NA)
: I find your lack of evidence and a rationale.... disturbing.
The evidence is pretty much experience from every past season, everyone just gets placed around one tier below their old season ranking. 3 years and it's the same thing happening again.
SevusZeld (EUW)
: The Autofill Problem!
You only have to learn 3 roles. For 5 seasons everyone had to play all roles, because you could get 5th pick and get forced into anything. Now you only have to play your 2 roles + support, deal with it.
: Nerf Yasuo Starter Pack
MagÊ (EUW)
: "Shaco early game was too strong, we destroyed it"
shaco is op played ap top right now
: Omg, yes plz. I keep thinking this in game, but for some reason it never occurred to me to ask for it as feature of new client. Btw, this post should really be in client discussion.
Oh, didn't know about that section of the forum, copy-pasted there.
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: I Cant play *insert lane here*
I can't play Jungle because I always feel that I'm in the wrong place.
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