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Plesi (NA)
: Galio's Rework Needs a Rework
I mean this is an inevitable reaction to most reworks. Even though I am a huge fan of this work and actually makes me wanna fucking play him again. (Mainly because of his voice. Because it is Roadhog's voice actor that is voicing the new Galio.) What people have to realise that eventually. Most of the champions will receive a rework or a spell change. I am happy with this rework and I will definitely play this champion a lot the moment it goes live. It feels much more like a guardian now. Especially with his ulti.
: Boom Boom Vi | Boxer Vi | Olympic Boxer Vi
Alright so I am going to continue right here. Things that could be added in the game if this skin is going to be made. **Q**: --Still thinking of this one-- **W**: A ring bell that will change color from yellow, to red to blue when reaching respectable one, two and three autos and will let sound a bell sound when reached the 3rd auto attack **E**: An amazing switch from jab, uppercut, and lunge attacks on activation. **R**: When you kill an enemy with an ult that the opponent and yourself will hear the TKO bell sound. (Three times ringing)
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: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
Alright so I wish I was able to create some artwork for the design I had in my head, but it's pretty straight forward about this one. (I can't draw, but I am really good in verbally making things clearer) Boxer Vi, the moment that Vi came into the game I told myself, that I was going to commit suicide if they wouldn't make an Boxer Vi skin. It could easily be an legendary one, where she can change outfits whenever she reaches the respectable levels (1,6,11,16) going from a rookie boxer, towards an professional boxer. With like examples as Level 1: Wearing headgear and a training suit. Level 6: Wearing headgear and a more sparring suit. Level 11: Headgear removed and wears a sparring suit. Level 16: Boxer outfit, removed headgear, sparring suit. I am waiting so long already for an skin like this, as it could be an addition to the Boom Boom collection, which I still hope for will be expanded in the future. Let me hear about it.
Trídent (NA)
: +1 Maybe something like 10k IP =200 RP though, so Riot would still be able to earn plenty of money. And maybe a feature you have to unlock, by earning a certain amount of honor points or something... so Riot still would get plenty of money.
I would go for 10k = 100 RP though. We're still talking about a game measurement towards an real life currency. So 10k IP = 200 RP would mean that someone who has everything already, can convert all the IP into RP. (Yeah I am talking about you Siv HD with your 600k IP) He would basically get 12k RP.
: Best Top Laners Patch 5.3?
I suggest if you want help with this, to move this thread towards the "Tips and Tricks" section.
19 19 19 (NA)
: [SKIN IDEA] "Astronaut Syndra" - Lets Have A Female Astronaut Skin This Time Shall We?
Sounds like an good skin idea to me, only the spheres would have to change in the concept. Maybe to asteroid rocks.
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: [Champion Concept] (I'll find a name later) the Minionmancer.
IiIiana (NA)
: Arcade Lissandra Skin Idea
Phreak (NA)
: What's your League of Legends Origin Story?
I used to play a lot of World of Warcraft. (And slowly picking it up again) back in the day when I was like nine years old I started to play World of Warcraft, and after several years of having a lot of fun with the game itself my friends from the guild were talking about League of Legends, how the game started to get into beta very soon. So I quickly signed up for Beta access then. Sadly enough I didn't got it but that doesn't matter. So after my sign up for beta access and end up not having it was for me returning to World of Warcraft one of the lesser options for me to do back then. And boy the drive for me to wait until League of Legends was going out of beta and coming live was surely a sensational moment for me. I remember myself for the first time playing the game, with an absolute different loading screen, champion selection, and many other nostalgia things in the game that I seriously would like to have back. So I started this game as an very casual gamer I didn't took this game very serious. And most of the time I couldn't care about the ranked environment. Then I finally saw at the end of season 1, that you were getting rewards for getting a certain MMR (Yes back in the day it was called MMR instead of Bronze, Silver and all those other divisions right now) and I got so hyped on the fact that I could get a free skin for trying my very best achieving a certain rank in ranked, that I started to play Ranked. Many times after various attempts from season 1 to season 3, I finally got platinum in season 4, I got so happy due to the fact that I was only thinking about me being eligible to receiving the Victorious skin made me moving on most of the time. And this is how my story started of playing League.
Alaurina (NA)
: Champion Concept : Kynyssael, the Matters Master
First of all welcome to the forums. I FUCKING LOVE THE LORE. I absolutely love, the amount of lore included in this to make me wanna try to visualise how all of this happened, is amazing. However her kit seems to be a bit unbalanced. let's take a look at it shall we? **Passive: Versatile Blade** When using her power, Kynyssael empower her blade with the last used State of matter used for a short time. Solid : The next 3 basic attack will deal bonus magic damage (15 % of AP) Liquid : Her basic attack gain 200 bonus range (total of 350) for 5 second Gas : Her next basic attack grant a Ignition debuff on the target (Ignition deal 20/50/80/120 true damage over 3 second) Plasma : For the next 5 second, her basic attack burn the target for (10/30/50) (+40% ap) magic damage over 3 second, this dot count as Ignition (R) Plasma Stage : Flame Burst Kynyssael use the small gap in the earth to erupt flame from down the earth. Dealing Magic damage, Igniting all target. This ability use a charge of the Earth Gap, and affect all gap in the map. If there are Gas over an gap, the gas will explode. Radius : 550 Cooldown : 80/70/60 Damage : 120/240/360 + 70% AP Mana usage : 100/150/200 I want to talk about the ratios here because you say for Plasma that for the next 5 seconds her basic attack counts as a burn for 10/30/50 damage increasing by 40% AP magic damage over 3 seconds. Together with that combination with the actual ultimate. that will deal another 120/240/360 + 70% AP damage, is basically a one shot ultimate. Let's take a look at the perspective of having 300 AP. So we have your ultimate passive coming towards 40% AP at max level this would be 50 + 120 over 3 seconds together in combination with her ultimate damage that would be 360 + 210 = 570 damage already + an dot of 170 damage over 3 seconds. I call that rather unbalanced assuming that you are going to use your other abilities aswell. Let me know what you have to say about this because I'll happily discuss this further.
Unpop (NA)
: {Champion Concept" Ussa: The Bandle Vandal
I DO NOT DESIRE TANKS IN THIS GAME. >> TFW Tank Jarvan IV skin is better.
: The New Grand Duelist
The problem is that Fiora is from Ionian residence, she has been a duellist for years and a pirate theme wouldn't fit here. Plus in my opinion she already has a slight sort of theme skin for that but then I am talking about the Nightraven Fiora Skin
: Why are only females sexualized?
{{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} disagrees with you my friend.
They have officially announced that they are going to bring the championship skins back as bundle for in 2016, currently there are 3 champion ship skins, this year it would be the 4th one and next year the 5th, an Championship Team Formation Bundle.
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: If DJ Sona is the Ultimate Skin...
The hints were indeed bogus, it's on reddit and was meant to be a troll post by them.
: Boxer Vi
I think I've suggested this for around 20-30 times already, it's the most obvious skin for Vi and could be a potential legendary skin in my opinion.
Sarutobi (NA)
: Honestly i think that both sides have their fair share of criticism! I mean when you really think about it, any one of the older champions (especially ones whom have such little skin) could have gotten the Ultimate skin, it happen with the case of Udyr! But with that i am excited. as a Support player and one who has been rocking out with her Xmas skin since its re-release im happy that she is getting the ultimate skin and a DJ one at that! although i am a bit curious as to how it will look! Although i will say some people who havent even seen the skin shouldnt really complimenting it saying it looks good when you havent even seen it yet, but then again its probably just excitement! i know i cannot wait to see how it will look, and how different it is compared to not only her other skins, but also the other Ultimate skins!
If we are talking about an ultimate skin you would have to look at a few points before making that specific skin. 1) Does the champion has the effects and kit to make it 2) Is it possible to make it look like a Ultimate skin (Hence for, you could understand why Ezreal and Udyr got an ultimate skin) 3) Is the champion frequently played or not? Before Udyr received his Ultimate skin he was barely played, he belonged to the lowest pick rates in ranked back in seasons 1 and 2. After the ultimate skin his pick rates got up so swiftly. You have to understand that making an ultimate skin is hard. And to be honest, I was actually thinking of Jinx, Sona or Nautilus getting an ultimate skin.
: [Champion Concept] Yusa, the Force of Shadows
Yeah that ult, please don't. It would be too OP. I could move with Boots of Mobility and before you know it you are the second Rammus that can move through walls{{champion:33}}
Bluerex (NA)
: [Champion Concept] - Kay'Ohe, the Sower of Corruption
I love that you guys are creating champion concepts, however the subject -VOID- is getting rather annoying right now. Since I see more void champion concept than normal champion concepts. In my opinion if they would want to make a new void champion. It should be the daughter of Kassadin.
: "Sona's harassment is uncounterable"
Sona is way too squishy early game, aswell as mid and late game and riot should fix this problem for her.
: Best role to carry low MMR Season 5?
Yourself. There is no thing such as having a lane or role to carry yourself out of the elo, it all has to do with personal experience and the way how you in person play this game.
: Goodbye, League of Legends
I think it is not the fact that he disgrace it being banned. I think it's the way how he got banned, just because of the fact that ( And we all know about this ) The league community is most of the time very toxic and the way he got banned, in my eyes is very unjustful. My friend I can only say that I am happy for you that you've had your fun over the past few years in this game and may you shine once more in a different game.
danmarge (NA)
: Why dont people ff
The reason why people don't want to surrender, is because they think there is hope, even if you are 30 kills behind there is always this spark of hope in the universe that the game will turn around and in YOUR favor.
Opalite (NA)
: Forever Bronze
Dear Julie, I will try to help you out explaining what I can with my experience I gained over the past 4 years. The current ranking system isn't working for either to be really honest, and you aren't the only one that seems to be complaining about your placement, and I think and I honestly do that RIOT needs to consider to take a look at the system setup for this because it's just horrible because it is the same as it was last year. An horrific time for us where we had to realise that we were placed in bronze even ending up in Silver/Gold. However the only thing right now what I can do for you Julie, is to say, don't give up, don't let your head hang down because of these placement matches, go through that barricade of annoying and toxic players and show the world what you have in your march, go out there on the battlefield and show them what you have. Even if you are not successful. For me the most successful players are the ones that don't settle back after they realised something bad happened to them Dear Julie once more, add me if you like to. But for now, heads up and off you go! **Good luck on the battlefield my friend**
Decrit (EUW)
: iiiii think that he is just reposting an IRL question that happened to him but well, better be safe than sorry >_>
: Please Help the Victims of Hurricane Riven.
I voted nope for this on the following reasons. - **Riven's Passive**: Riven's passive is in a great shape at the moment where there are other people such as Rek'Sai or Udyr that can literally obliterate Riven because of their Bleed / Extra AD on hit effect abilities. - **Riven's Q**: Riven's Q is fine as it is right now, the only thing that makes her so deadly is the combination of her Q with an Auto Attack. There is nothing wrong with that. - **Riven's W**: As a former Riven player (Don't play her that much anymore due to the fact it got boring and all) Her W needs to get some tweaking done as it does slightly too much damage on a too low Cooldown. - **Riven's R**: Riven's R is just good as it is now, it works as an execute which is absolutely fine due to the fact there are more of those champions in game with that. The AD increase is also very good since it will give Riven at 6 a huge advantage into her playstyle. (Keep on a side note that her ult can be used offensively **AND** Defensively. Ult > E > Higher Shield Value - **Riven's kit overall**: There is at this point nothing wrong with Riven, the only problem currently with her is, is that no one knows how to counter her properly in the game while the option is really easy to add CC on your team to stop riven from either getting you or using her spells. That's it from me. **GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN ON THE BATTLEFIELD**
Cassie (NA)
: Won 8 out of 10 ranked games. Got Bronze V.
My friend I feel your pain, I do honestly. However I cannot help you proceed further towards your goal the only thing I can do here for you is to motivate you not to give up. Do what you can, do what you must, show the world what's your goal and that you can reach that! **GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!**
: I'm not going to lie, I know I don't deserve Bronze but I know I most likely don't deserve Gold either. I'm good but I'm not SUPER FANTASTIC good. Their is still a few things I need to learn, I'm not quite sure what they are yet but their there. however the new system is bogus. They said previous rank would play into what you would get but from what I read somewhere else (Somewhere in this League forums) it wen't something like wins/losses 0/10-B5 1/10-B4 2/10-B3 3/10-B2 4/10-B1 5/10-S5 etc etc And every one I know who wen't like this in their games has pretty much followed that list to a Tee. So I honestly don't think it took previous rank into account. That, or their system is buggy. Again.
The system works more like this. You have an win rate in your placement matches. That will result back on your earlier statistics from a season before that. I ended Plat III, that means if I lose all my matches I will probably end up in Silver V/Bronze I For a new started player, if you win all your matches you will get into gold III.
: My Acceptance into Bronze.
My friend, you deserve any rank you desire to have in this world Show all those bastards out there what you can, that's the only thing you can do to make a change. "You wish to change, what you want to change in the world, so start at yourself" My friend go on the battlefield and show them what you can!
: Making 3s ranked team
My friend. How hard and unrealistic this may sound. But never give up on SoloQ just because you have bad placement matches doesn't mean you can't get out anymore. Never give up on your goal, and strive for what you can. Show the world what you have in **YOURSELF**
: What's the difference between a Morgana Q and a Nasus Wither?
I don't know if this is a real question or not. But anyways. Wither is a **Movement Speed** and **Attack Speed** slow While Morgana's Q (Dark Binding) is an **Root** which doesn't reduce slow effects. If that was the answer that you were seeking for, glad to have helped.
: Doesn't this already count as "unskilled player" or "griefing/assisting other team"?
I wouldn't say griefing. Playing farm Jungle is it's own playstyle, so I guess "Respect the Meta?"
: IDK but I don't think that Riot had to recode each champ when they released Elixir of Iron. It could work.
I was referring to they need to change the coding of every single individual champion for this matter, Elixir of Iron is one item, that requires one coding for example that [ IF Elixir of Iron = Used = 33% size increase ] Just to give you a very random example. Doing this for champions would make some differance. + Changing how bulky a champion is going to be based on armor and MR I don't want to see a big ass buffed Leona in front of me, that would scare the living shit out of me.
Solaxo (EUNE)
: Learn from being stomped in 20 min? ok
I do agree with Photophobiia here, because if you think about it, if you were laning against xPeke. Were you going to perform the same way as you would normally do or are you going to perform better?
: Why did you force Sona to build a full AP build and smack her for doing it?
To be really honest, when riot started to rework Sona, and I saw the changes coming up I thought by myself already this was going to be a huge problem. Sona is played correctly, more overpowered than she was before. By enhancing the allies autos with magic damage, healing and shielding your allies and a movement speed buff that counts as an shurelia/talisman of ascension, is a huge problem. If I had to say it, I would like to say that I would love to see Sona returning to her old kit, it fitted her more, and made her a very own champion. Now it just feels like she has to be around someone to perform good, her W aura is what made her interesting due to the Armor and MR increase and the AD / AP Increase was just better than the passive she gives right now. Riot wants to do the changes to balance champions, This is not the way to do it Riot.
: IMO this should work on all champions; think about it. If a ranged champion buys armor, they should be more bulky/have more diminished returns than a melee champion. If you buy defense, your hitbox should increase.
The coding right now already requires a lot of time before a champion gets release, if riot was going to implement this to all the champions, There would be only a champion once every 6 months. On a side note - Bodybuilder Teemo anyone?
: Discrimination Against Bronze is Brutal.
I do highly agree here because of a few points. I take this at the point of view from me being a platinum player. - Some people are just very unlucky to end up there, maybe that they are good, not good enough to carry but atleast they are a higher rank than bronze. - Most of the bronze people are very nice, it's just that there is one asshole in the game that is ruining it for everyone. - Bronze people should get more love, now it's just the "Your bronze so you are bad" stereotype in the game and we need to get rid of that to make this game better. - People will have to realise that there are a lot of platinum and diamond smurfs in ranked at the moment that are trying to get their smurf up in rank, this will put the original player in a massive disadvantage. I am a platinum player, and I prefer to play more with bronze people than I do with platinum people. **It doesn't mean we don't have a brain.** --- Everyone has a brain, just because their thinkstyle is different doesn't mean they are different then we are. **It doesn't mean we deserve cancer.**- Cancer is something that should not be used in the community, this game should be fun, peaceful and overall enjoyable. **It doesn't mean we should be labelled with humiliating names.** - If there are people who do this to you, they are lower than that you are and that means you are a better player than that they are. **It doesn't mean we are trolls who aim to ruin games.** - Trolling is fine by me, if you do it a fun way, for example a crazy build on a champion where you thought first of that it wouldn't fit that champion, then it's fine to troll now and then.
Wasabo (NA)
: Add a "Report Jungler for no ganks option"
To be really honest my friend this is not going to be an option in game since it would completely put the devourer enchantment out of context here, the devourer is meant to farm your game up and I suggest if you keep getting annoyed by your jungler because he focusses more on farming then he does on ganking, try to play a different playstyle or go more defensive instead of willing to get kills.
: Being a Lux-lover, this is the first I've heard of that. Where did they hint at a Lux Ultimate skin? Oh, and while we're on the subject...Do these things start out at a discount? And why do so many people seem to have the current Ultimates (feels like when you see Udyr he's going to be Spirit Guard, and tons of Ezreals are running Pulsefire even if they don't "main" Ezreal.)? I've got two Legendary skins (Eternum Nocturne and Aether Wing Kayle, go jungle), and the latter I got as a gift. Now, I see a lot of new-ish players with Spirit Guard and Pulsefire, and it makes me wonder if they just got mystery gifted those. Now, you could get a *lot* of lottery tickets, so to speak, for $35 of RP, with a heck of a lot of bonuses, and your odds of Mystery Gifting this thing are...Reasonable, I'd say. So, do these tend to start out at any kind of discount? And why do so many people seem to have these? They seem to pop up frequently as others' mystery gifts, and that's a whole lot of chances at $35 of RP, to the point that it seems difficult to miss at some point. But it's 5:50 AM, so I can't really do the math at this time.
There has been rumours going around the reddit for a rather long time right now, if correct I believe it was around 2-3 months now. I'll try to find a link with that post and will edit it in here if I found it.
Kosm1K (NA)
: @RiotKateyKhaos Would it be possible to convince Riot to recolor SweetHeart Annie's fire?
This skin with changed particle effects would've been awesome, now it looks dull, and it seems to me that riot isn't trying to put any effort in the valentines' event of this year.
: Cursed Vayne
Pool Party Vayne doe.
kolpy99 (NA)
: {Champion Concept} Carceri, Stalker of the Shadow Isles
In dota there is a simular champion for this. And then I am referring to his ult at the moment, overall the concept idea looks really nice and I really hope riot will consider to take a look at it.
3lue (NA)
: Xin Zhao is getting the ultimate skin
I love the way how he ha-... wait... no. I AM DONE HERE FOR TODAY!
19 19 19 (NA)
Sarutobi (NA)
: what exactly do you mean? the cutoff date was the end of 2014, so as long as you qualify you'll get the skin. Im going to assume you might mean when will be the last day to get the skin thats hard to say. remember that they are giving this out to all regions. as such thats millions of the players/accounts to give this too. They stated that they are doing it in batches and so if anything they'll try to get it out for everyone by the end of January but things like this are bound to mess up and i would assume some people might get left out. they also stated that they'd look twice to make sure they dont overlook people. so i would assume by then if you havent gotten a skin try to contact support. but just keep waiting!
Ah very well, thanks for clarifying.
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