GigglesO (NA)
: Why aren't we nerfing Riven, Vayne, Zed.
rito doesnt know how to balance (ad) bruisers and assassins thats why. best example the 5 ms nerf on irelia. the 3% of max hp on galios q.
: {{champion:67}} goes 4/2 in lane vs {{champion:31}}. {{champion:67}} comes mid and tumbles right over a {{champion:51}} trap right in plain sight. Dies. {{champion:67}} spam pings everyone who gets caught out. {{champion:67}} flames every single death, farms lanes and doesn't attend a teamfight or try for an objective for the rest of the match, spams FF vote. How do you get such a big head from winning an easy lane that you think you're so much better than the rest of the team even after you make a huge mistake like stepping on a completely unhidden trap? So glad Spring Break is over tomorrow. Surprise happy ending update: {{champion:67}} was issued a penalty.
Dakkea (NA)
: You're right, but I just want them to hover or something that would help support, me a lot to give a time into the adjusting. Maybe should they be considering about hovering the champion's type similarities?
as people suggested, you could just ask them to hover a champ and tell them you wanna pick a support around the teamcomp.
Dakkea (NA)
: Why players doesn't pre-select champions before the ban phrase?
there are several reasons. unsure what to play/going to counterpick afraid of trolls (brain)afk (it happens lol) usually when im not sure what to play yet i hover ashe. unless im adc then i hover garen
: The real heroes
why am i not in that screenshot?
Jo0o (NA)
: And yet, plenty of logs on these boards of single uses of zero-tolerance words and phrases resulting in bans. That discord group is unscientific at best.
come to think of it, i only remember threads where the punished player used these words twice. and that post was also really weird. but as i said i cant find it anymore hm
Sęraph (NA)
: Is "kys" automatic ban?
i cant find the thread anymore but someone posted a screenshot of someone in his team telling him to kys and to get a gun and blow his brain out, he linked the game and showed that its almost 3 days old with the person still playing. this reminds me of that "69 army" or whatever they are called who I THINK were the first to say "0 tolerance phrases should be called 1 time tolerance phrases" because using them ONCE does not get you banned.
Jinto (OCE)
: Am I the only one who gets this?
i only get this when im in promos (usually) when i feel like "ok now i play my main cause I CAN PERFORM GOOD WITH THEM" and then comes the... "but what if i dont perform well?" thought lol
Invictu5 (NA)
: Taric Q mana cost change
i dont know about amumu, but does his r still cost 200 mana at lv 3?
shemokk (EUW)
: it may be that they make this experience in the euw also who knows
very unlikely, i never heard anything about that experiment ever again. yeah sucks for some euw people but eh :/
shemokk (EUW)
: they already did it with other people
as an experiment on na only.
zLvKNelly (EUW)
: just report all the trash
wow failing hardcore with kayn and calling others trash. youre the type we need more in this game /s
DeltaDan (EUW)
: The best rework riot have ever done
i think they couldnt fuck nunu up in any way. unless they gave him 5 dashes and 3 1shot abilities.
: will {{item:3094}} work ? Or does it actually set it to -25 as the final value and ignores modifiers/bonuses
i didnt test it but thats an interesting thought
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Eedat (NA)
: How did death recap not make the list?
OH RIGHT! man i moved the bar that you need to click for death recap to open as much offscreen as possible so i actually forgot it even exists. LOL! that should tell you a lot.
Rioter Comments
: #**800 armor** ######*+280 hp*
eh ~ 200 armor + rammus w + aftershock usually results in him having 800 armor. he doesnt need to go 6 frozen hearts to get to 800 armor. thornmail and warmogs are usually my go to options for rammus. need hp <3
: "We need a tank!"
"hey im a 800 armor rammus" *0/15 enemy yasuo true damage + lifesteal* "im ded :("
: Guy making fun of New Zealand incident.
hm... obvious troll talks about a sensitive topic to trigger people... you get triggered by it and feed him just what he wants... he goes around the system in a way that, at worst, he'd end up with a chatrestriction yet you fed him and let him anger you. find the mistake.
: When neither side wants to make the first move in a teamfight
: Everyone is complaining about the state of the game, why don't we complain about the client instead?
haha ha hahahaha it took them years to bring out this "new client" that you could call an early access/alpha client. and i cant remember the last update for it. they care as much about the client as i care about what happens to the moon in the year 18.000
: No the system works like this the first time warning the 2 time 5 min the 3rd 10 minutes and now 4th 20 minutes...these arnt happening regualary like 3 months wifi good next months its bad i can never pin point why i asked my parents they say we have a bad drop zone and i cant move out this house and they are not moving over a game i play
well that sucks for you but it sucks even more for the other 4 in your team. so i guess you have to stop sorry.
: i lagged last year and leaverbuster hit me then this year only lagged once i lagged yesterday leaverbuster hit me hard for wifi issues
last month i was afk in 3 games due to our provider having some serious issues and i didnt get the 5min leaverbuster (which is the first punishement) you having the 20min leaverbuster (which is the last punishement) means you afk A LOT.
: This is crazy so if i lagged bad do i still get AFK Like what is this system cause i was lagging yesterday got a 20 minute 5 game penalty what is this
if "lag" means you didnt (or barely) moved for more than 3min then yes.
: No punishment????
you dont get banned for afking you get a MIGHTY leaverbuster
k4rm4ffs (EUW)
: Currently a lot of cheaters?
thats called botting not cheating.
C0l0urless (EUNE)
: I am saying she had a very small niche in pro play and that her success there doesn't translate into solo que at all.
just like azir. who never saw success outside of pro play. bottom line: adcs got played as support and it will continue to happen. deal with it
C0l0urless (EUNE)
: It consistently had the lowest winrate for support by far.
you just said it yourself "miss fortune was played". counter or not, its an adc played as support AT WORLDS.
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: Either get rid of Autofill or start punishing players who play adc "sup"
but miss fortune was played as support at the worlds. should you also punish pro players then?
: I like the conditional "sometimes"
well lately (since mid season 8) people started to complain more and more about stuff that a handfull of people (myself included) complained about in season 5/6. but we got downvoted into abyss for no reason. now people are like "why didnt riot do shit back then" and all we can think is because you covered them wtf are you stupid. so yeah SOMETIMES its fine :D
Terozu (NA)
: Why hasn't Yasuo been changed when he has >60% banrate in 9 regions?(of 13)
riot doesnt know how to balance ad assassins. everyone should have figured that out by now. so they cant change him without majorly fucking up again. or doing something as laughable as nerving 5 ms.
: Wow I didn't think you'd have enough time to start the channel that's funny. My favorite is throwing a hook at a wall right as a blitz tries to hook me. If your anchor lands second it'll override the blitz pull and pull you out of his animation. Nothing better than a last frame anchor toss to make it look like you travel twice the distance
there are a lot of things you can combine. one of my fave things that they sadly removed was rakan was able to press w+b together, starting to recall while doing his w. fizz can do the same and they never removed it... cause assassin... e+b you start to recall on your trident. same goes for jax e which is especially nice when you jungle and you do the krug camp. wait until only 6 small krugs are left, press e and recall. you start the recall, after 2 seconds you do the counterstrike, kill all the 6 small krugs while still recalling.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >i bet 95% of the playerbase still thinks 9 reports are better than 1. why? well because riot never told anyone otherwise besides in some private twitter post or some lost post that noone will ever see again or they could... you know... [google "league reports"]( instead of going for the "well my friend said that so that **must** be how things are"
you expect people to use google!? what are you crazy my friend?
: Why Are People So Report Happy?
to answer your title: because riot is too stupid to tell their players to stop begging for reports. i bet 95% of the playerbase still thinks 9 reports are better than 1. why? well because riot never told anyone otherwise besides in some private twitter post or some lost post that noone will ever see again
: LeBlanc nerfs on PBE are missing the mark
when i read the title i seriously expected something like "we nerf her movementspeed by 5" or "her q is now on a 0.5 second longer cooldown"
Hanza (EUNE)
: Urgent changes for disabled players.
hm... allowing your playerbase to decide how big they want the chat window... what color they want their cursor... what side they want the friendslist on... sorry we at rito shames will ignore your wishes cause fuck you. kind regards rito shames [riots symbol]( (<- thats the riot fist but how it should look)
Rustypug (NA)
: when 2 sona mains are flaming each other in all chat
: “with lyte being the only one ever doing actual work at riot” Lyte hasn’t worked for Riot for two years...
i meant that in a way of "he created the current system. which is the only player behavior thing riot has ever done" i know he left for personal reasons. which is why nothing happened anymore
Voldymort (EUNE)
: pings can be muted btw
just like chat. yet youre still not allowed to flame in chat even if everyone muted you.
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GreenKnight (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jennifer420,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=hGanbcH1,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-03-14T07:33:50.645+0000) > > all champ in nexus blitz were only unlocked for 4 weeks. before and after that they rest was locked again. it was a "christmas gift" So? Why can't we have them unlocked permanently for ARURF and ARAM?
> [{quoted}](name=GreenKnight,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=hGanbcH1,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2019-03-14T08:46:30.736+0000) > > So? Why can't we have them unlocked permanently for ARURF and ARAM? that would require riot to listen to their community and giving them what they ask for. and that is something riot didnt do since season 5. thats why.
: "Free" shield that's up every minute or so. Mobility that's only useful towards enemies. Conquerer, a rune that anyone can use. Something that basically amounts to a spellshield if you aren't dumb enough to keep attacking it. And two items any AD champion can buy...And Yasuo hasn't built Mallet in ages...?
you seem to not know what champ we talk about i feel like lol.
: Ironically, Yasuos only weakness is...
im surprised about 1 thing actually. since... ALWAYS riot showed they have absolutely 0 idea how to balance ad bruisers/assassins and every new champ fitting this category showed this again and again. yet its season 9 and people are still surprised why riot isnt "fixing" champ xy or xx. riot NEVER had any idea on how to balance ad bruisers and assassins so why are you so surprised about that?
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Accounts made only for ARAM are working really well for URF too. That's why all champs should be unlocked for those modes, just like it happened with Blitz.
> [{quoted}](name=GreenKnight,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=hGanbcH1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-13T21:02:45.343+0000) > > Accounts made only for ARAM are working really well for URF too. > > That's why all champs should be unlocked for those modes, just like it happened with Blitz. all champ in nexus blitz were only unlocked for 4 weeks. before and after that they rest was locked again. it was a "christmas gift"
: At level 6 Leblanc can root a target for 3 seconds--as an assassin
i think this root doesnt matter because by the time you'd get rooted you are already dead LOL
: This should be on the tips displayed on the loading screen.
in all seriousness, with tips like it takes 5 hours to flash from one base to the other, this tip would fit PERFECTLY in there.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Haha! The enemy thought you are going to summon the herald to mid lane, so they all run there while your top laner takes their tower! Bamboozled again! ____________ Camille can probably do the same, considering that her E works pretty much the same.
i think any champ who can also recall while using an ability can do that. fizz can still start a recall while using his e for example. but fizz e is really weird anyways, most spells dont deal damage if you zhonyas WHILE doing the spell. fizz e just deals the damage after zhonyas ends without finishing the actual e animation.
: nautilus can cancel summoning herald himself.
man im getting upvotes for the most useless of facts lol. sometimes i love you guys <3
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