: Goodbye cancer ranged top picks
Poor mister J His Q losing some flat damage both early and late compared to his Q pre-9.13
: You know what would allow junglers their 200+ EXP camps and megacarry champion pool?
: yorde synergy is broken
You get mana even if the auto misses
: I can't remember the last time I had fun laning top lol
I see an Heimer once in a hundred games, and it's usually in the mid/bot lane.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: No ADC is building armor penetration, why is this not talked about?
Weird choice of words "when they're not playing Veigar botlane", I count maybe 4-5 Veigar games total from the 3 accounts you linked. Also tbf, most enemy teams they face don't have tanks, it's mostly bruisers with their AD+Health items with utmost 80 armor with a Tabi, so building % arpen might not be the most item efficient buy for them.
: What is the best level 1 champion in the game discluding runes
In a pure 1v1 statcheck scenario? Probably {{champion:30}} thanks to his single Q
HàrrowR (EUW)
: People still complain about ADCs?
Hashinshin says a lot of dumb shit, but he got ADCs players right. Their superpower being super fucking bitching about how they're weak when they're strongest role in the game since time immemorial. ADCs have monopoly over botlane, where not a single other class of champions breaks 1% playrate, and you think the role is weak when all you have to do is hover M2 on someone to do 1000 dps from range.
iainB85 (NA)
: Yeah, he does a TON of damage with his arrow ability. You can't see any scaling of abilities in this game as of now, so it's really hard to figure out how to itemize champions besides flat out trial and error. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
You can right click on units to open a sub page of them where you see max hp, mana, items and their abilities values. Varus ability is 400/600/800 flat magic dmg.
ßoro (NA)
: Glacial and how it ruins strategy
True, Glacial (and Noble) comps are super lame and make most teams insta lose. I usually only win late vs them by making Graves an assassin with Youmuus in an Assassin/Gangplank comp, so he's able crit 4 units for 1k dmg 2 times in a row, oneshotting most of their frontline so the rest of the team can focus the Rangers, and even then I might just get unlucky with Graves eating a random Ashe basic at the start and my team getting permastunned and steamrolled on the spot.
Sir Gusi (EUW)
: These are champs I feel are too strong and the others too weak
Nerf all ADCs so they start game with 10AD Buff most immobile mages
: I'm really tired and burned out from adcs.
Riot already said that they balance the game around these dogshit design of a point and click stat balls with absolutely 0 capacity for the enemy to outplay them, usually with no mobility, no utility, no CC, nothing to balance around other than being immobiles sacks of shit whose only function is to pump out unavoidable damage. Riot will do absolutely nothing about them, Cait right clicking you for 450% AD with her passive (plus w/e frontloaded burst item she has {{item:3094}} {{item:3087}} ) is an acceptable design for a DPS champion by Riot standards.
: Do you know who's the most hated champion?
No reduction against DoTs abilities, classic Repertoir.
coreym11 (NA)
: Bot lane is literally a bullet hell shooter
Why is my champion whose only function is to output high levels of nigh unavoidable damage not strong at all stages of the game? Why do I even have to move and not just stay still turret mode to kill people? BabyRage
: This is without a question the best My Shop I personally ever had
You shouldn't give this Asian company any more money when they keep showing how bad they treat their workers, include lootbox gambling and create a false sense of urgency with fake discounts.
: Reminder: Mods aren't Rioters.
Yenn (NA)
: 'Mordekaiser is fine, just rush QSS first item'
: Personality Profiling: Anivia Mains
: What's your current song you have on repeat until you eventually start to hate it?
: One look at the "hot" page shows why Riot will never take these forums seriously
4 posts about Nubrac in the span of 2 days... are you obsessed over him or something? lmfao
Exelvisix (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jinzo Torrance,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GmpHJxf7,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-18T06:27:58.277+0000) > > He has to be below all the 4 rating standards to get a buff Ah. So that what was the logic. So... eh. Then why they nerf Mordekaiser then? He doesnt have tons of banrate at professional league. And what about Akali then?
You only need to be above one of the OP thresholds to get nerfed, but you must be below all 4 to get a buff
Exelvisix (EUW)
: Darius has less than 5% presence in pro scene
He has to be below all the 4 rating standards to get a buff
: Why are you still buffing AP items?
Mages so busted dude... 1-2 mages per game in comp settings clearly indicates that. Better go hide in a trashcan to hide from the mage world domination now, we're going to add AP ratio to Darius and Nasus Q next.
: Nightblue3 just started streaming League and is unpunished and unapologetic for his behavior.
Riot will continue riding NB3 dick until he passes out and wakes up at the caster desk, just like they did with Tyler1.
: Why is Riot dumbing Akali's mechanics down...
Insane how many of the new reworks/releases need to be gameplay updated very soon after, huh? It's like the guys who made them have no hands to test the champions when played at peak performance and have no clue how to make them work without pumping overtuned functions in their kits. Plus Akali has a 46% WR so most of the Akali players could use a less brain intensive kit looks like.
: “Dodge the skillshot” is not an argument [Looking at Lux]
Make every spell a point and click one OkayChamp
: Current PBE version of Liandries with madness changes is really big nerf to core users
It's actually pretty bad because most of the core user damage spells are not dynamic (they snapshot the AP stats of the user when cast, ex. Heimer turrets, ZYra plants, Malz Voidlings, E and R, Brand R), once they make their spells dynamic it will be probably pretty good on them. The AP increase should be in percentage though since it scales very poorly compared to the old % dmg increase (and takes longer to stack too). Also you have to ask yourself, was it really good design getting a 10% dmg amp? Having a low ratio should mean that Riot wants you to do less damage on such spells.
CytheGuy (NA)
: Because that's EXACTLY what I wanted to hear /s
: Overabundance of slows and lack of counter-itemization
Slows in this game are so ridiculously strong and spammable, if your ability has a base CD of 10s or less it shouldn't be allowed to slow for more than 25-30%.
Moody P (NA)
: I repeat: Dumpster Tahm and rework him
Yeah, pretty much sums up what it feels like to play against a Juggernaut when you're a no mobility melee champion. Should be happy that one champ from your favourite failed archetype is currently overtuned and can effortlessly win the lane (like the rest of them do) but, can also help win game because he provides something more than a single 12+ CD short range utility spell for teamfights, no?
: New Mord's ULT shouldn't be stopped by basic champion abilities. Please fix this
Morde Ult goes through Malz passive for some reason though...
: Akali nerfs
: Why 7 Seconds?
You can QSS new Morde ultimate. Malz doesn't build tank even though his kit is only played for his 3 utility spells (Shield, Silence, Ult) just because QSS exists and would render a tank focused build useless, they will also act as sandbags in any fight that's not a 5v5 since they provide virtually 0 damage and solely single target CC.
Flarizon (NA)
Would be cool if they added a gamemode where you could compete as a team vs other teams, tournament style, but I guess it would be too hard for such a small company like riot.
cabbysb (NA)
: The ARAM "balance" changes seem really random
Jayce is dog on ARAM lol He spends 100+ mana to poke one guy with Q every 16s and the Q is blocked by units, he doesn't do anything other than that, every other long range champs either pokes and/or teamfights better than him.
Thilmer (EUW)
: The balance in toplane has been laughable for whole seasons
: Proof Morgana is a terrible champion
Has biasing gone too far? Is this post REAL or FAKE?
: Renekton is an early game lane bully champion
Don't worry, they're reworking Pantheon (the last true lane bully that falls off) so he can do that too.
: Karthus Ult Question.
Karthus Ult is an AoE spell and it is treated as such. If Karthus channels his ultimate while you're dead and you respawn one seconds before his ult cast finishes, you will not see the usual Ultimate's green beam indicator over you but you will still take the damage from it -- That's because the ultimate it's coded as a **map-wide AoE** that can only hit champions after it finishes casting. Asking if it splashes doesn't make sense, as every enemy champion is hit by it after the cast finishes, it doesn't hit one champion and then splashes to the others.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: the waste of time is taking top 10 sample when it's completely irrelevant
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: let's start by taking a fairer sample more like top 1000 or top 10 000 than top 10
If you have so much time to waste then go right ahead, show this over abundance of CDR rushing mages players at the top of the ladder.
: You know how you can tone down damage, CC, and mobility in one fair swoop?
Strange, the 10 top players in NA, EUW and KR play mostly ADCs and AD junglers... Let's start removing CDR from bruiser items and ER first, agreed?
: Why is Darius' Q heal getting buffed?
It has 49%-51% winrate with okay pickrate in Diamond-Master+ respectively too so... I guess they're compensation buffs for Bramble like Renekton's one? I don't know man... Those recent PBE balance changes have been very questionable, it's honestly just low effort power-creeping.
: Morgana nerfs
Hope it's not another useless damage nerf and more aimed at Q or E duration. Also Akali nerf, NICE! Why did they even compensate buff her at all when it clicks Q on you two times and AA you for 75% hp?
: New Roadmap is here!
Removing the best designed lane bully, here we go
: To respond to your edits: > [{quoted}](name=D357R0Y3R,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WAUjXeTh,comment-id=0007000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-22T12:04:27.733+0000) > > and even if he has 28% ban rate in master+ so what? now 28% ban rate means that he has no counterplay? > So what about reksai? Karthus? Draven? have you seen their ban rate in master+ according to that garbage source of stats that is lolalytics? That's 28% ban rate in MASTERS, that you're ignoring the fact 28% ban rate is ALREADY AN ALARMING NUMBER just not as batshit crazy as his some other ban rates like the 60% in lower brackets, and that's not including his PLAY RATE which constitute his total pick/ban. No healthy, well designed, and balanced champ should have a 35% pick/ban in MASTER+, where about 1/3rd of the game he's just banned even by the top <1% of players, and you know that. (EDIT: Also yes, Rek is overtuned atm thanks to Conqueror, especially since she even made a comeback from obscurity solely because of just how borked new Conqueror is; and I wish Yasuo is the same but nope, always been broken. And Draven has always been OP as shit given the kind of bunkers damage he does when given the tiniest of leads; which makes him a big deal in today's super snowball meta. So what) ..... And THIS IS NOT EVEN CONCERNING THE FACT WE'RE TOTALLY USING THE WRONG WAY TO TALK ABOUT BALANCE atm. The sole reason why League's balance state is as fucked up as it is, is because Riot just like you, only ever talk on the numbers of ban rates and win rates etc; as their entire aim is to just tweak until hopefully it makes a champ sit at an arbitrary play rate with roughly 50% win rate and then call it balanced and leave it at that. But that TOTALLY DOES NOT SOLVE PROBLEMS AND YOU KNOW IT. Champs have to be valued deeper than just win rates and play rates. One has to go into the kit and evaluate aspects within their kit, how much power it has, how much drawback it has, how much effort the player has to input, and how much reward they're expected to get out of X amount of input etc etc. I don't know how they're supposed to do this, but it is NOT MY JOB. And we all know Riot hasn't been doing it (especially since Riot has for years refuse to calculate and balance the power budget of range and CC for some godly reasons), and we should know to at least not repeat their mistake and use it as a means to discuss about balance. It's just wrong and severely misguided.
idk why you're still arguing with him You look up any high ELO Yasuo OTP and they trash KDA ratios while still maintaning a stable 55% winrate on him, even 125 range champs known to "lose lane win game" like Singed OTP have higher KDA ratio then Yasuo players. Champs is broken because he has too many hand holding mechanics to help you do your job and more when you get behind, like 1.1k shield in teamfights, windwall or his ultimate, other hypercarries don't get this much luxury with CC or massive team utility skills, they get behind or get CC-exploded and they become sandbags for their team but not Yasuo, he has a lot more tools to avoid being useless or survive being focused.
CD8 (NA)
: Is there a reason why Yasuo is constantly left untouched?
It's because he attracts a lot of people that still watch cartoons after they have over 20 years, their childish brains are very exploitable
: Pink A i Taker? (Why Is Garen In Their Base Taking All The Wave's Of Minions?)
: Seriously. The only people who were complaining about ARAM bans were people with ARAM accounts.
Removing bans was a good call since the gamemode is supposed to be random, but they also should've removed the reroll function and enabled all champions so people can't use their reroll + reroll bin to land on better ARAM champs/comps. Maybe after making all champs available on ARAM add an option where you select 10-20 champs you can't get on it so you're stuck with champs you really dislike playing. Plus the mode is ruined anyway with the minion/champ specific changes.
: Meet battlemages (AKA control mages), the champions left to rot if Riot doesn't want them in LCS
Want DoT keystone? Aery + Scorch is your keystone, check it out guys: https://clips.twitch.tv/StrongBlatantBaboonGOWSkull {{champion:90}} {{item:3070}}
Hotarµ (NA)
: Backtrack and bans removed from ARAM.
Every time they try to update ARAM they ruin it
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