: Are you guys serious? Ok, so as an african american THE SAME COLOR as Karma. You're saying I'm not black. That's what your telling me!? This is why we can never have conversations on this topic. No one knows the correct terms or anything about the subject cause everyone gets their knowledge from social media.
Is not only a matter of skin colour. Everything about her design screams Indian culture and religions, like hinduism and buddhism. Even if she has a dark skin tone, it's more on the line with the skin tone of Indians. Even her features call more to that. One can clearly see it if we put {{champion:43}} next to champions like {{champion:236}} , {{champion:235}} or {{champion:245}} . Because even if a black person and a person from India had a similar skin tone, you can tell the difference between them based on the more typical facial features of both people's.
: Where do black people like Lucian, Ekko, Pyke and Senna originate from on Runeterra?
Honestly, the whole racial make up of Runeterra is a mess. You have people like {{champion:145}} being native Shurimans of the desert while being as pale as the moon, and a red head like {{champion:89}} in a place like Targon where {{champion:80}} brown skin and Persian/ancient Greece features I assume are the norm. And let's not forget Aphelios and his sister that have very obvious Asian features, even if the aren't of Ionia. And speaking of Ionia, what's with {{champion:39}} ? She looks like she could come from Demacia. And let's not forget about the rest of the lore. We have black mageseekers if LoR cards are canon, even if in a very isolationist kingdom as Demacia immigration shouldn't be very common, aside from special cases like {{champion:5}} . Or that black lady protagonizing the Noxus story on Kumungu. Granted, she could be from a noble family of the recently annexed lands of Shurima, but the implication seems to be that her family has been on the empire for centuries, so, how do people of her native region look like?
Ok. You like us making "edge" jokes, don't you, Riot? Otherwise, why would he have so many weapons that look like they could make you lose a finger if you grabbed them wrong. And four of them aren't even suposed to be blades. But seriously. Between {{champion:235}} and him, it seems ADC's have an interesting season this year.
: Wait wait wait... Im crazy or... Zed is... ... From Freljord? Im not saying that just because he has white hair and pale skin... im saying that because: https://i.imgur.com/CdJxCBj.png When Shen says _"Like we were some northern peasants"_ he then says _"-- sorry, no offense"_, implying that Zed is from the north... and usually, the north means Freljord.
In the map of Runeterra, we can see that Ionia's northen bit is pretty snowy. Maybe he comes from there.
: [Spoilers!] Zed Issue Nr 1. Discussion
I'm still not totally convinced about the art style, and how it presents {{champion:238}} outfit. But otherwise, the premise and story I like it well enough.
  Rioter Comments
: Blitzcrank Bio Update
I like this. They connect his story to another champion, without really changing anything about who as a character he was. A shame they didn't learn to do that with others first. *cough* {{champion:89}} {{champion:36}} *cough*
GreenLore (EUW)
: Blitzcrank isn't even an entirely german name. "Blitz" is the german word for flash or lightning, but "crank" isn't german at all. Anyway Zaun and Piltover are probably a hodgepot of cultures to some extend, after all they are the most successful port town.
> [{quoted}](name=GreenLore,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EEZAAv7W,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-11-19T09:35:45.304+0000) > > after all they are the most successful port town. That's true, even if people of Bilgewater probably resent that.
Jacksin (OCE)
: Noxus is wanting to steal True Ice from Freljord and Zilean is possibly using a time stone.
I don't know how Noxus pretends to do that, since Freljordians themselves have forgotten the techniques to craft True Ice weapons.
Falrein (EUW)
: What are your biggest fears regarding your favourite champions/regions' future?
{{champion:89}} I get they are trying to make her rivalry {{champion:131}} more on the gray, and not a straight up good vs bad one. But seeing how they portray the second now, and seeing some lines of {{champion:89}} new biography, I fear they are trying to transform her in a religious zealot of the Solari, for the way she wanted to kill {{champion:131}} for her heresy, as her biography states. I liked her more as the virtuous and mesianic figure, that was the only voice of reason in a society of religious fanatics. But with {{champion:80}} new biography and the part mentioned on {{champion:89}} stopping him from killing some barbarians, I have some hope.
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: "Everything in LoR—from the art to the flavor text—is canon"
So, {{champion:81}} really has in his room a bunch of {{champion:99}} comics?
Riot Pls (NA)
: Future Stories
Something about what has {{champion:41}} been up to. It has been a long time since he got dethroned by {{champion:21}} , and still there are no tracks of him trying to retake Bilgewater. But is obvious a guy like him woud have not stayed quiet all this time without a good reason. What is his plan? What has he been doing? Also, something about {{champion:55}} . I remember a time when she was LoL's poster child, but now, we rarely hear anything about her. Something involving {{champion:86}} would be my preference.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: I'd rather go with {{champion:86}} X {{champion:55}} Add a poll of that please
: Realms of Runeterra - Book Review📘 SPOILERS
I can't wait for it to be translated and published in Spanish.
: Personally, I'm kind of amazed Noxus doesn't devolve into a civil war or see constant rebellions. The Roman Empire suffered constant rebellions in the latter half of its reigns before the West fell and that was just having independent governors and legions. Add in the social-Darwinist "anyone-can-be-Grand-General-if-you're-strong-enough" mentality to a bunch of blowhards and independent command structures and you've got constant civil unrest waiting to happen. Hell, killing your superiors is rewarded in Noxus. See Darius' lore: > On the bloodsoaked fields of Dalamor Plain, he even beheaded a Noxian general after the coward ordered a retreat. Roaring in defiance and hefting his bloodied axe overhead, Darius rallied the scattered warbands and won a great and unexpected victory against a far more numerous foe. You'd think this kind of story would inspire more soldiers to just keep killing off their commanders cause they think they know better. I think Noxian ideology on Families is interesting though. Is Draven "weak" cause his brother had to protect him? What if a family produces an unworthy heir but is elevated thanks to family connections? Is family connections a valid 'strength' or is it a crutch for unworthy?
Hell, if {{champion:122}} comic and "The Principles of Strenght" short story prove anything, is that you are right: Noxus has to put up with rebellions inside their frontiers constantly.
: Noxian Burnout
Not only that. Because they burn themselves so much trying to prove their worth, and don't want to think they are weak, what's the logical conclusion if they fail? Someone is working against them. It happened in a lot of highly meritocratic systems like Nazi Germany or Rome. In the end, because you want to succeed, and you are convinced the person working to achieve the same position as you is conspiring against you, you are going to cheat against them in return. It doesn't matter if your actions against this person damage the goals of your nation in the long term. You have achieved the position you deserved, and you have proved to be strong. Noxians will constantly sabotage one another to prove thier own worth against the others. And that, just like happened with Nazi Germany and many competing military and intelligence sections inside the USA during the Cold War, is going to harm the empire on the long term, because you are sabotaging plans that would benefit the nation, just to benefit you.
: Fireman graves would be epic as fuck I wouldn't mind hosing down some pool party caitlyns, with my giant double barrel water hose.
If your water hose is double barrel, then why conforming to point at only one pool party lady each time? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: I request riot looks into the battle bunny line of skins.
I object. This will not stand. At least half of those skins have to be for male champions, just for equality sake. Besides, we all know {{champion:104}} would wear one of those with much more grace than {{champion:246}} .
: The Zed comic is up for preorder!
I'm a little worried because the cover and the sinopsis seem contradictory. This is supossed to take place on what we understand as the present or recent past, since {{champion:238}} has already become founder and master of the Order of Shadows, and we can see {{champion:141}} holding Rhaast's schythe in there. But at the same time, the {{champion:238}} on the cover to me seems like a much younger version of himself. It makes me ask: is this because we are going to have flashbacks to the past, or is really going to appear like this through the whole story? Because honestly, that would be a disappointment. His mask and weirdly armoured appereance for a stealthy assassin guy are one of the coolest aspects of the character. They make him look like sort of a ninja Darth Vader. If they decided to ditch that only for us to see his face, it would be a mistake. If this is only him on the past or something like that, I wouldn't mind.
rollz3 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Johnny El Rojo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=iRd5A9zk,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-11-01T14:33:56.479+0000) > Bilgewater is also my favorite region but I'd pick mostly different champs, mainly due to preference. {{champion:111}} : 2/8 tough, when Naut attacks he stuns the target if they survive. Lvl up when 3 enemies have been stunned allows him to use rip tide when he attacks dealing 3 dmg to all enemies {{champion:420}} : 5/6 challenger, When illaoi attacks she regains health based on damage dealt. Lvl up allows her to spawn two, 2/4 tentacles when she defends {{champion:223}} : 1/10 capture and support, Tahm can devour an ally to his right to protect them from damage and spell effects. Lvl ups when he's devoured 3 allies and can now devour/capture attacking enemies with the option to obliterate them (can only do this twice so use it wisely) {{champion:555}} : 7/3 fearsome and quick attack, Pyke deals an extra 3 damage to those on his list (target changes each round). Lvl up when three targets die and when a an enemy dies by his hand adjacent enemies of the target take 5 damage. That's my idea anyway, though when they do eventually make Bilgewater the 4 champs is probably going to be {{champion:21}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:104}} and {{champion:4}} (possibly {{champion:105}} ) due them being more easily recognizable and having more recent lore presence
I'm not so sure. The only one I see as an absolute certaincity is {{champion:21}} , since she has become one of LoL main champs in cinematic appereances, and is the main face of the Bilgewater faction at this point.
: Riot adds your Region to Legends of Runeterra. Which four champions are in it? GO!
Bilgewater: {{champion:21}} At this point, she is pretty much one of whom could consider the main protagonists of the lore. When Bilgewater gets added, she will probably be the one observing the city from a risk on the faction wallpaper. She would probably have some kind of counter attack feauture, since her whole thing in the late years seems to be: "I will be merciful and give you once chance. But try to stab me in the back and you will end up dead." {{champion:41}} We have known nothing of him since "Burning Tides". They would probaly take the chance to let us known what he was been doing after his supossed death. His mechanic would probably be something about chain attacks or damage with the barrels. {{champion:4}} I mean, this is a card game. The reasons should be obvious. Probably something that allows you to change cards from the deck to your hand. {{champion:111}} Nagakabouros favorite tax collector. He would probably drag weak cards to the depths.
: And hilariously enough Noxus is the more egalitarian of societies with Demacia exhibiting more intolerance
Dominance of the strong, or as Noxus understand it, the talented above everything, seems like a very objectivist idea any hard capitalist or neoliberal would defend.
: > [{quoted}](name=Johnny El Rojo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=v7b0r7jl,comment-id=000400000001,timestamp=2019-10-29T19:10:33.549+0000) > > Meritocracy of the strong seems like a very fascist concept to me. Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, FORCIBLE suppression of opposition, and strong REGIMENTATION of society and of the economy Noxus has 1/3. Demacia has 2/3.
First, ultranationalism is a tricky concept to define. And the idea of putting the nation above everything else is something that happens in both Demacia and Noxus. Demacia is a monarchy. Similar in many ways to a dictatorship, but still, far from being the same. Unlike with Noxus, were {{champion:50}} , {{champion:122}} and {{champion:7}} take a form very similar to the Roman triunvirates, were one of their members Cesar would try to take the ancient figure of Roman dictator, as leader in a temporary emergency, and make it a permanent one by usurping the previously stablished system of power, just as {{champion:50}} did. Effectively giving birth to an aproximation of our modern notion of dictatorship. The nation-state has the monopoly of violence to mantain order in their frontiers, and prevent uprisings within. While their policy against mages is regretable, and more with the change in {{champion:59}} attitude, Demacia does only this, while Noxus does it to keep expanding their frontiers and supress other independent nations, by straight up genocide if they resist, erasing even the memory of their existance. Demacia is a feudal society, with an unmovable system of classes where no one can ascend in their social class, but that clasically, has been defined by being a decentraliced system were the noble class of the different regions held a great deal of autonomy and don't depend on the king much. Noxus, on the other hand, has a strictly centraliced system, where any protest in any region is quickly put down instead of listened to. Everyone in service to the central power figures, and only them, just as fascists parties want. And lastly, coming back to my original point, purging the weak from the social ladder by favoring the strong and those with more ambition, to an almost psycopathic level, was something famously defended by members of the Nazi party. Demacia, on the other hand, posseses a strong sense of community built on the strong helping the weak get up, and everyone looking for each other. A sense of social care that many socialist and liberal nations defended, and that the fascists were against in many ways, prefering to get rid of those that don't contribute anything useful to society. Because where do handicapped people on Noxus go? Also, I... don't know why I was so invested as to write all of this. Uh.
: uhhh, what? No. In fact Noxus believes that no matter who you are if you are strong you can rise to any position.
Meritocracy of the strong seems like a very fascist concept to me.
: Okay! They have enough now!
Because one of the matters they take in account in order to choose who gets a skin is popularity. The more played a champion and the more of their skins people buy, the more skins they get.
: Which would you prefer: Horror Volibear or the more Classic/Current Volibear design?
In "Silence for the Damned", I understood that the idea behind {{champion:106}} looking like this was because he ended up very injured after his battle with {{champion:516}} , and he decided to help {{champion:113}} in order to gain physical presence in Runeterra and be made whole again, instead of looking like that twisted monstruosity. So really, I don't think taking the Eldricht approach was ever Riot's intention. He was just there to be an in between until his rework came out. But yeah, I like his new design showed on the roadmap more. Thought to be fair, I like designs that are kept simple instead of overdoing it like they have done with some champs lately, so I would actually prefer if they simply stayed with the original design.
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: Legends of Runeterra cards you wish to be champions
Scarmother Vrynna. https://www.pcgamesn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Legends-of-Runeterra-Scarmother-Vrynna-900x506.jpg Althought is more that I would love to see more lore of her, that watching her in the game proper. Even while I'm an Avarosan at heart, she just looks so cool to me.
: Legends of Runeterra: Freljord Lore
I take the lore in Legends of Runeterra like this: unless it directly contradicts something on LoL or in the universe page, is canon.
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Terozu (NA)
: Senna, the first ever support marksman, IS CONFIRMED!
Support marksman? Boy, the meta is sure going for a ride.
Terozu (NA)
: New Lucian lore on Chinese Universe page basically confirmed Senna.
If {{champion:236}} truly goes to the Shadow Isles to battle {{champion:412}}, that would make him the first living being to reach them after the ruined king folly, and survive. Will he encounter {{champion:83}} then? Will they work together, along with Senna, to purify the islands, and cleanse her soul?
: * Read Homebound if you haven't already. Lucian breaks the lantern in that, showing that it can be done, but it repairs itself. Maybe in Senna's actual lore, or more pre-release lore, we learn how she actually escapes and if the lantern's damage comes onto play here. * Its probably not Hextech, that splash art is her release skin. Its likely a cannon that's similar to her and Lucian's old guns, and she likely found it somewhere on the Isles(since I believe it housed many relics before its destruction). * Again, probably not Hextech. It likely functions similarly to her old gun, where you have to "think" or something in order to fire it. * I believe her love for Lucian, Lucian's love for her, and the fact that Lucian is alive is what's keeping her going. She's also more strong willed than others in the lantern, I imagine. I believe Homebound even stated that she's the only reason why the lantern is lit, because she's the only soul strong enough for her light to shine that brightly. * I mean, one thing you have to realize is that she needs a body. Souls just don't poof back into a physical form, since they're basically ghosts. She has to either possesses someone or forge a new body somehow. Its also entirely possible that she's evil now and wouldn't go willingly with Lucian. And yeah, Thresh and/or Hecarim would likely go after them.
> [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Ee33BY9E,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-10-13T18:39:12.618+0000) > > * Its probably not Hextech, that splash art is her release skin. Its likely a cannon that's similar to her and Lucian's old guns, and she likely found it somewhere on the Isles(since I believe it housed many relics before its destruction). Wait, I'm lost. Did I miss something? What splash art? I only saw the new {{champion:236}} story in the universe page and the video. There is something more?
: Light and Shadow | Star Guardian Animated Trailer - League of Legends
Awesome animarion. And {{champion:498}} is an awful girlfriend, from what it seems.
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: I agree very much. Leona reminds me much of Wonder Woman, fight like a lion but extend your hand first. She can be firm in her beliefs while still realizing that human lives are to be protected no matter what. Which resonates with the first iteration of her character very well, where she only killed when she had no other choice.
Yeah. The fact that she got in an argument with Atreus in {{champion:80}} new biography because she didn't wanted to kill some barbarians gives me some hope. And it's true. Normally I would compare her more to Superman or Captain America, but you are right. If {{champion:201}} is like Captain America, {{champion:89}} is definetly Wonder Woman.
Arakadia (NA)
: They probably wanted to progress his story as well as many people didn't like Atreus being completely replaced by a jackass Aspect.
Probably. I just hope that they also backpedal a little with {{champion:89}} , and we don't suddenly find ourselves with a generic religious zealot.
: Reimagining Pantheon, the Unbreakable Spear - Behind the Scenes
I'm not convinced about the new design. Specially because of the shield and spear. They look a bit overdone, while old {{champion:80}} design worked because of his simplicity. At least to me. I had the same problem with {{champion:10}} . It just looks too unpractical for a design that worked because od its simplicity. But I do like that lorewise, this isn't a new retcon of his story. Is just a progression of his established one. God knows we really need that around here.
J Eevo (EUNE)
: Directly from the comic: > Magic is not nullified but absorbed to be later spent by the colossus
To be later spent by the colossus moving. When he is in battle and enemy mages are present. Right now he is only a statue on the outside of a city, and few remember his capabilities.
darkdill (NA)
: But how can they be a "well-integrated society" when they treat their own people who are born with magic like monsters? Did they ASK to be born with it? Doesn't matter to Demacia; if you're a mage, you're gonna die.
No. They don't treat mages like monsters. They treat them like sick people. We have seen it in other stories. Mage hunters don't resolt to violence unless provoked, and even then they are not lethal weapons. There are cases of mages that live free as long as they register and don't use their powers. Do they treat them fairly? No. But they aren't genocidal monsters about it either.
: While i haven't read the comics, a good chunk of this has been hinted at and mentioned in lore and cover stories. Demacia and Noxus are interesting because they embody the fantasy stereotypes of the 'good and lawful' versus the 'evil and chaotic' nations while also fleshing them out to enhance the realistic strengths and weaknesses you'd see with those ideals. Comparatively, Ionia appears rather boring as a result since it doesn't really have anything going for it as a society aside from their internal infighting after Noxus gave it a kick. As for the arranged Marriages itself? That's a potentially interesting can of worms depending on how it's approached. If it's only the women that don't have a say, then I'd say they really dropped the ball. If they're going for something that's supposed to exemplify social cohesion, order, and 'in the interest of the many over the individual' i'd expect the arrangement to be conducted by the parents with either of the children having no real say in the matter. Marriages would be conducted for economic and social reasons - Marrying your children off to strengthen ties with the broader community as a whole, and to those children of people who's skills could benefit the family business.
The marriage thing isn't at all like any of those. If they are forcing {{champion:99}} to marry, is because they are afraid she is going to be discovered as a mage eventually. So, the only thing they could thought about, was getting her on higher position were no one could attack or make claims against her withour repercusions. Otherwise, and seeing that in Demacia there seems to be as many women as men on the military, the forced marriage thing doesn't seem to me as a regular phenomenon.
darkdill (NA)
: These comics are designed to make us hate Demacian politics, right?
I mean, I get the idea. They treat mages poorly because they are afraid of them, and the reason they are forcing {{champion:99}} to marry is not as much for being a woman, as much as for being a mage who they want to protect and keep on secret. But otherwise, they are supossed to be this well integrated society where everyone always keep each others backs, unlike the cutthroat day to day that is living on Noxus. Now, it would even be nicer if they actually had SHOWN any of that.
: So, yeah the issue was fine I guess. Fine, not good, not amazing, fine. The truth is that the Lux Comic doesn't can get my attention like the Ashe comic did. First, both issues mostly retold us things which lore nerds already know. Consider the comics are suppose to reach a wider audience, especially people who don't even play this game, it is just fair. However, for people who know the lore really well it is just feels boring to reread things we already know. Expect that Garen knows his sister is problematic and the J4 needs to marry someone story hook, the comic hasn't much depth yet. I hope the next issue will hit the present and without actually content we do not know yet. Maybe. Second, the choice of characters. Yes, I know why the picked Lux and I agree with the choice but quite frankly it still feels bad to get a 5 issue comic about a champion which already has so much lore content. For me the comic is just filler until we get the Zed Comic for which I have high hopes. Also the Demacia Novella for which I also have high hopes (for which we sadly do not know any information yet). Third, I'm not super happy how naive Lux is in the comic. Yes, I know she was naive and similar but somehow I wished she would have more... control over the situation by herself. Instead of desperation I would have wished curiosity being her reason to meet Sylas. It would have given her so much more agenda than "stupid naive girl falls the bad guy". Maybe it is just me but it kinda irks me. Fourth, as someone who buys the digital version on Marvel it still feels bad to pay 5 USD and get nothing in return. I really love the lore and I'm glad to support the narrative team directly but it still feels bad to buy something if you can read it complete for free few hours later. Especially since I usually can read the comic during the noon because of the work. I really loved the Special Edition of the Ashe comic and the glossary. Fifth, I really dislike Lux/Sylas as ship and while the comic is fine, it doesn't help that some Rioter on my Twitter timeline post BDSM related Lux/Sylas jokes. I understand why they do it but honest, consider how Sylas ticks the ships REALLY rubs me the wrong way. Also I really hope the woman J4 hinted was Shyvana. It is a good ship and makes also a lot of sense, so don't kill it. (Whom I'm kidding, Scathelocke hates love, he will sink it so hard). The "You don't say no to Tianna Crownguard" quote caught my interesting. Maybe I just read too much into it but I would like to thing that she is also kinda political player. I actually would enjoy a little bit more political agenda in the Demacia like Noxus have. Well, lets hope the next issue is more to my liking.
Honestly, I prefer Lux acting out of desperation than of curiosity. Because if she acted as what you said, it would completly make her going from "naive girl that got tricked out of desperation" to "dumbass that put her entire nation into jeopardy for no reason".
: I found it interesting to read. My one complaint is how Lux simply being a bit to naive and that last shot of her blushing. Like seriously girl {{champion:99}} what do you see in this {{champion:517}} . Like seriously
Because of the good girls like bad boys trope, I guess. And the rebelious wild hair shirtless guy with problems with authority fits perfectly.
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darkdill (NA)
: I can't really take Qiyana's death animation seriously
I think that's the point. She is so full of herself, that even her death needs to ridiculously melodramatic. It's not meant to be taken seriously. She isn't a character to be taken seriously.
: Exactly! I want characters to die. It raises the tension and the weight of the situations. But I'm pretty sure they will never do it... I mean they barely can continue a plotline without retconning...
I mean, the only thing that could convince me right now that they are willing to make the story progress, is that they killed {{champion:517}} in the {{champion:99}} comic. Make his revolution take place, him working on the countryside to gain followers before organizing a final assault in the city capital of Demacia, and then make him die. Done. He still would have an important role in the overall story, shaking the foundations of Demacian philosophy about mages and magic, but he would be done once the revolution was crushed. No need for him to continue in the storyline, making him some kind of Magneto. His job is done, and so is his plot. End it there.
Rioter Comments
: Gotta say: Not a fan of Kayle's new look.
I honestly I'm disappointed with both designs. They look so... oversaturated. And Morgana for example always had a kind of sexy design that fitted her. But here, it's so overdone. It goes into 90's comics territory of overdone ornaments that just look very uncomfortable to wear, and skimpy outfits that go pass the line of sexy to just ridicule.
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