: Light and Shadow | Star Guardian Animated Trailer - League of Legends
Awesome animarion. And {{champion:498}} is an awful girlfriend, from what it seems.
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: I agree very much. Leona reminds me much of Wonder Woman, fight like a lion but extend your hand first. She can be firm in her beliefs while still realizing that human lives are to be protected no matter what. Which resonates with the first iteration of her character very well, where she only killed when she had no other choice.
Yeah. The fact that she got in an argument with Atreus in {{champion:80}} new biography because she didn't wanted to kill some barbarians gives me some hope. And it's true. Normally I would compare her more to Superman or Captain America, but you are right. If {{champion:201}} is like Captain America, {{champion:89}} is definetly Wonder Woman.
Arakadia (NA)
: They probably wanted to progress his story as well as many people didn't like Atreus being completely replaced by a jackass Aspect.
Probably. I just hope that they also backpedal a little with {{champion:89}} , and we don't suddenly find ourselves with a generic religious zealot.
: Reimagining Pantheon, the Unbreakable Spear - Behind the Scenes
I'm not convinced about the new design. Specially because of the shield and spear. They look a bit overdone, while old {{champion:80}} design worked because of his simplicity. At least to me. I had the same problem with {{champion:10}} . It just looks too unpractical for a design that worked because od its simplicity. But I do like that lorewise, this isn't a new retcon of his story. Is just a progression of his established one. God knows we really need that around here.
J Eevo (EUNE)
: Directly from the comic: > Magic is not nullified but absorbed to be later spent by the colossus
To be later spent by the colossus moving. When he is in battle and enemy mages are present. Right now he is only a statue on the outside of a city, and few remember his capabilities.
darkdill (NA)
: But how can they be a "well-integrated society" when they treat their own people who are born with magic like monsters? Did they ASK to be born with it? Doesn't matter to Demacia; if you're a mage, you're gonna die.
No. They don't treat mages like monsters. They treat them like sick people. We have seen it in other stories. Mage hunters don't resolt to violence unless provoked, and even then they are not lethal weapons. There are cases of mages that live free as long as they register and don't use their powers. Do they treat them fairly? No. But they aren't genocidal monsters about it either.
: While i haven't read the comics, a good chunk of this has been hinted at and mentioned in lore and cover stories. Demacia and Noxus are interesting because they embody the fantasy stereotypes of the 'good and lawful' versus the 'evil and chaotic' nations while also fleshing them out to enhance the realistic strengths and weaknesses you'd see with those ideals. Comparatively, Ionia appears rather boring as a result since it doesn't really have anything going for it as a society aside from their internal infighting after Noxus gave it a kick. As for the arranged Marriages itself? That's a potentially interesting can of worms depending on how it's approached. If it's only the women that don't have a say, then I'd say they really dropped the ball. If they're going for something that's supposed to exemplify social cohesion, order, and 'in the interest of the many over the individual' i'd expect the arrangement to be conducted by the parents with either of the children having no real say in the matter. Marriages would be conducted for economic and social reasons - Marrying your children off to strengthen ties with the broader community as a whole, and to those children of people who's skills could benefit the family business.
The marriage thing isn't at all like any of those. If they are forcing {{champion:99}} to marry, is because they are afraid she is going to be discovered as a mage eventually. So, the only thing they could thought about, was getting her on higher position were no one could attack or make claims against her withour repercusions. Otherwise, and seeing that in Demacia there seems to be as many women as men on the military, the forced marriage thing doesn't seem to me as a regular phenomenon.
darkdill (NA)
: These comics are designed to make us hate Demacian politics, right?
I mean, I get the idea. They treat mages poorly because they are afraid of them, and the reason they are forcing {{champion:99}} to marry is not as much for being a woman, as much as for being a mage who they want to protect and keep on secret. But otherwise, they are supossed to be this well integrated society where everyone always keep each others backs, unlike the cutthroat day to day that is living on Noxus. Now, it would even be nicer if they actually had SHOWN any of that.
: So, yeah the issue was fine I guess. Fine, not good, not amazing, fine. The truth is that the Lux Comic doesn't can get my attention like the Ashe comic did. First, both issues mostly retold us things which lore nerds already know. Consider the comics are suppose to reach a wider audience, especially people who don't even play this game, it is just fair. However, for people who know the lore really well it is just feels boring to reread things we already know. Expect that Garen knows his sister is problematic and the J4 needs to marry someone story hook, the comic hasn't much depth yet. I hope the next issue will hit the present and without actually content we do not know yet. Maybe. Second, the choice of characters. Yes, I know why the picked Lux and I agree with the choice but quite frankly it still feels bad to get a 5 issue comic about a champion which already has so much lore content. For me the comic is just filler until we get the Zed Comic for which I have high hopes. Also the Demacia Novella for which I also have high hopes (for which we sadly do not know any information yet). Third, I'm not super happy how naive Lux is in the comic. Yes, I know she was naive and similar but somehow I wished she would have more... control over the situation by herself. Instead of desperation I would have wished curiosity being her reason to meet Sylas. It would have given her so much more agenda than "stupid naive girl falls the bad guy". Maybe it is just me but it kinda irks me. Fourth, as someone who buys the digital version on Marvel it still feels bad to pay 5 USD and get nothing in return. I really love the lore and I'm glad to support the narrative team directly but it still feels bad to buy something if you can read it complete for free few hours later. Especially since I usually can read the comic during the noon because of the work. I really loved the Special Edition of the Ashe comic and the glossary. Fifth, I really dislike Lux/Sylas as ship and while the comic is fine, it doesn't help that some Rioter on my Twitter timeline post BDSM related Lux/Sylas jokes. I understand why they do it but honest, consider how Sylas ticks the ships REALLY rubs me the wrong way. Also I really hope the woman J4 hinted was Shyvana. It is a good ship and makes also a lot of sense, so don't kill it. (Whom I'm kidding, Scathelocke hates love, he will sink it so hard). The "You don't say no to Tianna Crownguard" quote caught my interesting. Maybe I just read too much into it but I would like to thing that she is also kinda political player. I actually would enjoy a little bit more political agenda in the Demacia like Noxus have. Well, lets hope the next issue is more to my liking.
Honestly, I prefer Lux acting out of desperation than of curiosity. Because if she acted as what you said, it would completly make her going from "naive girl that got tricked out of desperation" to "dumbass that put her entire nation into jeopardy for no reason".
: I found it interesting to read. My one complaint is how Lux simply being a bit to naive and that last shot of her blushing. Like seriously girl {{champion:99}} what do you see in this {{champion:517}} . Like seriously
Because of the good girls like bad boys trope, I guess. And the rebelious wild hair shirtless guy with problems with authority fits perfectly.
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darkdill (NA)
: I can't really take Qiyana's death animation seriously
I think that's the point. She is so full of herself, that even her death needs to ridiculously melodramatic. It's not meant to be taken seriously. She isn't a character to be taken seriously.
: Exactly! I want characters to die. It raises the tension and the weight of the situations. But I'm pretty sure they will never do it... I mean they barely can continue a plotline without retconning...
I mean, the only thing that could convince me right now that they are willing to make the story progress, is that they killed {{champion:517}} in the {{champion:99}} comic. Make his revolution take place, him working on the countryside to gain followers before organizing a final assault in the city capital of Demacia, and then make him die. Done. He still would have an important role in the overall story, shaking the foundations of Demacian philosophy about mages and magic, but he would be done once the revolution was crushed. No need for him to continue in the storyline, making him some kind of Magneto. His job is done, and so is his plot. End it there.
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: Gotta say: Not a fan of Kayle's new look.
I honestly I'm disappointed with both designs. They look so... oversaturated. And Morgana for example always had a kind of sexy design that fitted her. But here, it's so overdone. It goes into 90's comics territory of overdone ornaments that just look very uncomfortable to wear, and skimpy outfits that go pass the line of sexy to just ridicule.
SickAnto (EUW)
: Ashe: Warmother | Comic Series Preview
Ah, so it's not only I who has that problem. I thought that was my Internet, that didn't load the page completly.
: SPOILERS: My thoughts on Ashe: Warmother #1 of 4 and Glossary of Terms
I also would give my opinion, but for some reason, the page just keeps eternally loading for me. I need to know, it's my internet conection, or anyone else is having the same problem?
: I'm curious to see it indeed but I'm expecting more an: **_evil-character-that-has-her-reasons-so-she-actually-is-the-good-girl_** while Kayle becomes the blind zealous defender of totalitarism.
C'mon. I don't think they are going to do a {{champion:89}} and {{champion:131}} again.
d00mface (EUW)
: After Ashe's comic....
Bilgawater. It's the city of crime, and comics always need cities of crime.
: I wonder what this icon is about?
I just hope to learn more of Kumungu (or what ever it's name is now) as a region.
: Riot Games and Marvel work together on a Comic Serie - League of Legends: Ashe: Warmother
Great! They finally heard us. I was one of the people in the boards claiming for a time they should do this. And they finally did! I said, I knew it, and I... .... Guys? ... Why is nobody paying me attention?
: Considering Runeterra's Current State, It Ain't Lasting Much Longer I Can Tell You.
Not the mention whatever the hell is happening under the waters.
: Um. sounds like our world at the moment.
sounds like our world ~~at the moment~~ for the last 2000 years.
: I think the problem Riot is having is that MF is kind of both... and walking that fine line between flirtatious and bad-ass is difficult.
I don't think is realy that difficult. There are dozens of examples of male characters that are badasses, and flirt with a lot of women, and some of the contrary. It's just a matter of doing it giving the proper weight to both.
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: Strongest Factions
Taking into account the nature of the Void, it should be in a very advantegous number 1 position.
: > [{quoted}](name=Johnny El Rojo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Uej1vxx8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-30T22:31:51.850+0000) > > In general, I think this is a problem that has come out with many champions after VGU's and lore revamps. Case and point: {{champion:89}} But thankfully, her in game lines remain the same. For now. > > It seems like in an attempt of making the champions more round up as characters, they gave them more flaws... but them made the mistake of thinking the best way of presenting said flaws is rubbing them on our faces constantly everytime they appear. I actually think a character arc where Leona is a religious fanatic because of the incredibly small bubble she was in and then slowly opens up and learns the truth about Aspects and Targon would be very interesting. What I don't like is keeping generic characters just because a few people got overly attached and conceived a character in their head out of a low-poly model and 20 generic voicelines. A lot of these "characters" were never characters to begin with, if I had to bet the current Ezreal is exactly how they would have portrayed them if the scope of the champions that we have today was feasible in 2010. Ez was always a little cocky adventurer they just could never portray that because most League characters are crappy stereotypes that were always intended to serve a gameplay function before anything. Story and characterization was an afterthought, an excuse to keep it all together Remember when they used to crank out one every two weeks? Yeah that's what people are getting overly attached to. But nah Leona who was just a woman with a sword and shield and 0 personality is way better... because it was FIRST.
Yeah. But the thing is... Leona had a clear character before. She was the compassionate warrior that almost got executed by her own people for forgiving a live and going against their societal believes, and then became a chosen of the sun. Now is the templar knight that wants to behead people for speaking heressy and suggesting there may be other ways to interpret her believes. Don't get me wrong. I think there are characters that got excentlly expanded and changed in order to make them more interesting. Like {{champion:21}} or {{champion:99}} . But {{champion:89}} and many others.... not so much.
: Problem with the Ezreal rework(too unlikable?)
In general, I think this is a problem that has come out with many champions after VGU's and lore revamps. Case and point: {{champion:89}} But thankfully, her in game lines remain the same. For now. It seems like in an attempt of making the champions more round up as characters, they gave them more flaws... but them made the mistake of thinking the best way of presenting said flaws is rubbing them on our faces constantly everytime they appear.
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Vendorus (EUNE)
: Why is there empty space between Demacia, Noxus and Freljord?
I think of it mostly as a balkanized region, were a multitude of small but fiercely independent kingdoms reside. Difficult to invade because if one gets menaced by Noxus or Demacia, the other would assemble fearing to be the next ones, and also unstable and insevcure because of constant war between them. Also, guiding us from the climate map, most of that territory is empty steppes, so it's also not a very lucrative land to conquer.
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: Meanwhile there are still no black female champions
They HAVE a diverse and inclusive champion pool. It's not there yet completly, but is still in construction. Also, by the way you formulate it, I'm going to assume you are not a black woman. So correct me if I'm wrong and I will shut up, but, first and foremost: STOP MAKING CLAIMS IN THE NAME OF PEOPLE YOU DON'T REPRESENT! I'm sure there is a lot of black women (and I assume that this post meant black american women from the U.S. specifically), that would love to see a black woman champion here. This, I'm sure. But seeing how Riot has changed it's policies these last years in relation to champion design, don't act as if they were actively avoiding representing a black woman in the game. Because that is obviously not the case. And last, even while this is a NA board, it's quite international for being the most active, so I'm going to say: STOP ASKING FOR DIVERSITY ONLY IN THE TERMS OF WHAT DIVERSITY MEANS TO AMERICAN AND ANGLO-SAXON DESCENT SOCIETIES! Seriously. There is a lot more of diversity representation for middle easteners and east asians, because there is a lot more of players of these groups playing in servers like Turkey and Japan. Also, there are even some north africans playing in EUW to my knowing. I'm not going to try to represent their interests because I'm not one of them. But what I'm, is an outsider of NA. So what I can say, is that I'm tired not of progressive ideas, because I'm progressive, but of the branding of american progressive ideas. That system of diversity so obsessed in racial features that is kind of akward how it tries so impose itself to the rest of the world, were there are a lot of regions in the world were diversity is more represented for ethnicity than race, and the latter tends to mix and be not very clear in many.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: A New Devil's In Town
Ok. Who has let the Ghost Rider free on Runeterra? Because now the best you could do with him, is getting him to the Shadow Isles.
: TBH, because Riote softened such moments in their lore, it looks stupid now. So, women in Demacia can serve in the military and have high ranks (be promoted to the Dauntless Vanguard even), can be magistrates, can get education, can be the heads of their own Houses {{champion:67}}, but at the same time they are not allowed to fight, don't have a say in their marriage and are not allowed to be the Head of the House? {{champion:114}} https://www.highlandernews.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/ops.meme_.nba_-1024x768.jpg Seriously, that makes no sense. You either have restrictions for women or you don't . The old lore in which Fiora killed her father because she was enraged at him fits the current Demacia much better.
Yeah, that always seemed weird. I mean, {{champion:99}} can go to the exterior as one of the few persons between high authorities that can act in the name of Demacia, a highly isolationist kingdom, in official and not so official missions, but {{champion:114}} can't be the leader of her house? Also, if Freljord is a matriarchy, how is that {{champion:23}} was named king of his own tribe, but no one looked weird at him before marrying {{champion:22}} ?
: {{champion:80}} That Asshole {{champion:266}} World's Angriest Butter-knife {{champion:96}} The Barfing Wonder {{champion:23}} Compensating {{champion:53}} Fister Roboto {{champion:142}} Ritalin Advertisement {{champion:85}} Ninjachu {{champion:17}} No nickname, just a long string of curse words
{{champion:21}} That bitch that won't sleep with me and shot my brother.
: Apart from the last bullet point, this certainly all sounds great to me.
Many Warhammer fans around here lately, it seems. XD
WarWork (NA)
: Just a lore idea for Alistar and the Minotaurs
But... the minotaurs have nothing of magical. There is nothing showing they could had magical abilities, and for what the demacians may believe about them, they are just sentient creatures that look like bulls... but that have lived among them since centuries. What reason have they to fear and hate them?
: If <Champion> was released today...
{{champion:89}} -Innecesseraly complex armour design. -All quotes would be "Burn the heretic!" "The sun demands it!" "If you don't pray to the sun, you burn!" -Her story would consist in being the worst kind of edgy inquisitorial zealot. -They would expect us to feel sympathy for her because "order". -Her E would lunch her to her enemies in long distances, launch her enemies to her in short, and launch both to the middle in middle distances. -Her W would also probide a shiled to her ADC, and vanish if they got two inches too apart from each other. -Her armour would be lowered to give her attack damage, even while she is supposed to be a tank support.
Zeus xD (EUNE)
: Can you please change Dr.Mundo lore? Please.
Probably is just a temporary bio until they make his VGU. {{champion:28}} also had her lore changed way before hers, and changed again when it came.
: Why? That is the main thing I like about her, and fits, if anything they should focus more on her as a religious zealot.
"I will protect you." "They will have to get through me." "First light approaches." "Ever vigilant." "Pen or sword - the shield is mightiest." I don't really agree. Her original lore was about her rebelling against and unjust law of her people, and the deity they followed compensating her by making her the avatar of the sun. She was the voice of reason and the chosen one in a society of religious zealots, trying to be compassionate in a place where the strenght and power were the rules. I find that far more unique and compeling that just making her another religious zealot of the bunch, with the only difference being that she has especial powers.
: So with {{champion:43}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:98}} getting new bios that just leaves{{champion:16}} {{champion:134}} and {{champion:85}} as the only ionian champions without updates to their lore {{champion:85}} is on the vgu list so I really didn't expect his lore to be updated along with the rest {{champion:16}} {{champion:134}} just might get theirs at a later time because we know {{champion:134}} has a short story yet to be released. maybe they'll be a duo lore update like {{champion:157}} and {{champion:92}}
From what we can see in the map, {{champion:16}} now seems to be a Targon champion.
: It's funny, it took them this long to add like an extra paragraph and change a few words in the bio they launched with Irelia. The way they spoke at the time, I was expecting an entire other story to finish her tale.
I just hope they decide to make the same with {{champion:89}} to make her sound less like a religious zealot. Because two lines would be everything they would need to change, in her case.
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: Which big lore event would you like to see in the future ¿
Honestly, I just want them to finish with the events that are already happening. How is the civil war in Shurima going? Had {{champion:15}} and {{champion:163}} reached the capital? Is {{champion:268}} aware of what's happening outiside the capital and what {{champion:101}} is up to? Because is something that seems like a mor immediate thing than a prolongue event like the noxian plans of invasion of Piltover, or even the war in Freljord, that now seem more like skirmishes. Also, are we going to learn what has been {{champion:41}} up to all this time?
Pale Mask (EUW)
: What shape would Evelynn take to seduce your favourite champion(s)?
{{champion:21}} : Depending how each one interprets her character, either a hot guy, or vengeance itself: {{champion:429}}
: After seeing the new map, Zaun and Piltover make no sense
Yeah. Even while they brought new paints of the Sun Gates with the new map, I still don't figure how that whole ordeal functions. Are the Sun Gates a waterfilled platform that crosses over the valley where Zaun is located? Or is it just an open arm of water whose pass in controled by Piltover?
ChunLii (NA)
: I’ve been meaning to ask, how is Demacia’s relations with Piltover? Is it more of a “I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me” type of thing or do they actively trade and communicate and send merchants, ambassadors, and traders? I know Demacia is suppose to be closed off but do they go as far as to not even trade with Piltover, the commercial city center?
Yeah, because they say Demacia is "closed off", but don't specify how much. It's North Korea levels of close off, or Israel levels of close off?
Veraska (NA)
: There is no way Noxus is cool with demacia having 4 world runes
I think the moment Demacia knows a powerful mage has been hiding powerful magic artifacts without demacian consente, {{champion:13}} is the one that will have to worry.
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