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paulby (EUW)
: here's the thing about adding a feature, it doesn't have to be perfect as it doesn't effect anything else. you can implement the most simple version of it and then fine tune it in the future and thats better than not doing anything. yes yes yes yes yes yes there i answered them all for you. all it needs to do is say you're offline, nothing else, all other functionality can remain the same.
for last point you should add "if someone stalk you on match history please unfriend and block this weirdo"
: Rest In Peace Mordekaiser
Why istead dont use "Mordekaiser the Ruined King"?
Ardond (NA)
: Mordekaiser, Paladin of Pain
Sheesh cant stand this hate for the took out of the "Metal", Morde wasn't an good "Metal Iconic character" in first place. He just have some citation in his skill and joke nothing more.
LANWhale (NA)
: I'm just pissed to see him get a completely new title. "Lord of Death", not like I've heard that one before. As well this should be Yorick's new title, as far as I can see the only thing deathly about him is his Ult. In fact why did they give Morde thsi passive onhis Ult rahter than yorick get this as his ult passive if he got reworked? Can you imagine jungle Yorick running around with a Gromp or a Red buff and just dominating the jungle. I'm just pissed to see this happen. Over all though the title fits well with his new particles and that's really it. {{champion:82}} _Paladin of Pain would of been better._
Riot should consider this name instead of a generic "Lord of Death"


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