: [SALT] Carry or Teamwork? Egocentric vs Allocentric thinking
> What do you think you are usually? Ego or Allo? I'm probably a very egocentric person in champion select since I try to find every possible way and/or excuse to get either mid or support. But then again I AM a mid/support main and I find it a lot more satisfying to set up good kills/plays for my team than to get them all by myself. > Is this discussion going to change how you play? Who you play? Probably won't change my way of playing since I'm pretty content with how flexible I can be (Heimer jungle? Ain't even mad). I usually play Janna when going support and Ziggs/Lissandra/Ahri/Orianna when going mid. I have to emphasize Lissandra there since there's nothing more satisfying than landing a good WR combo and just watch everyone on your team doing the clean up. > Did you learn anything? Well, not quite. But it was a very interesting read and I'm enjoying having this conversation :) > Are there any other ways you can think of where these two views can affect your League games? Looking at the game under the ego/allo perspective might be an interesting way (psychologically speaking) to detect whether someone seeks to help their team or will probably just play the game on their own and only follow their minds regardless of what happens. I'd go as far as to say that it might actually contribute to winning more often. > Pick a champion, which side you would you say they favor more? (Neither/tied is a perfectly fine answer) {{champion:103}}, {{champion:23}}, {{champion:84}} and {{champion:77}} kind of pop to mind as Egocentric type of champions. I associate {{champion:117}}, {{champion:127}} and {{champion:40}} to a more Allocentric playstyle.
: Its the best,if we wait for new passive first.Then,we can decide if she needs anything else. If her current passive gets replaced,will she get lower mana costs or will they stay the same?
Do we know for a fact that her passive is getting buffed/reworked?
Thales (NA)
: [Rengar] Yellow Bonetooth Necklace needs a buff!
Well, that's weird. They will probably change it soon, I'd wager.
: I dont agree with you on the W CDR. I played Lissandra support yesterday(hipster),with 40%CD, my Q had 2.4CD and my W 6.So if i get the additional CDR from hitting enemies,i could snare constantly. The enemy team would be raging about OP snares.
It was just an example, the numbers could be tweaked. I just feel good Lissandras should be rewarded when they are able to make their combo work.
: {{champion:127}} happens to be one of the handful of mages with a gapcloser, so her mobility isn't bad at all by mage standards, despite her low base movespeed and long-ish E cooldown. Her burst isn't great, but then again she's not meant to specialize in high damage. Her DPS, on the other hand, is pretty good, especially with the reduced cooldown on her Q, and ultimately she specializes in inflicting a ton of crowd control. You may not be impressed with the buff to her ult slow, but it's a massive boost to her overall CC. In the end, you're going to pick her specifically for super-high crowd control, not for burst, so you shouldn't be expecting her to output tons of damage. That said, I do agree that {{champion:127}} is missing innate defense to allow her to initiate to her full potential. There was an idea revolving around stacking shields to replace her current passive, and even though it got scrapped, it's the ongoing theme for a potential replacement for her passive. However, despite what you may think, she is strong at a lot of things. She has extremely good anti-melee kiting potential, more tools for saving herself than any other mage (she has an extra {{item:3157}} and a 900+ range gapcloser), good DPS and the best CC out of the entire mage roster. Even if she may need a bit more post-initiation survivability, she doesn't need any additional damage.
I'd say you are spot on. Her damage is fine the way it is right now.
snelly12 (NA)
: Morgan blocks CC and magic damage. You want something that does all that AND block attack damage spells?
Morgana's shield is arguably a lot more powerful than Sivir's. I think that's what he's suggesting, a support that can give Sivir's shield to people. It wouldn't be broken at all if it was of short duration, requiring you to pay a lot of attention to make it work and only blocking one ability.
12tales (NA)
: Reducing the duration on Zhonya's would be a buff for most champions - if there's a Thresh hook coming towards you, you only want to be in stasis for that one skill shot. Every second you spend frozen in place after that is just putting yourself in greater risk. Like, imagine if Zhonya's put you in stasis for 6 seconds - using it would be ludicrously risky, and you'd pretty much be out of the fight as soon as it was activated.
I don't think you can take any conclusions from that prism. Sure, you're right, it would be a buff in some situations. It would also be a nerf in many situations. Morgana generally doesn't want it to end before her ultimate ends and people can knock her away; Lissandra doesn't want it to end before her team members have enough time to react to her engage or she's fried.
Slamdunc (NA)
: Change/Remove Zhonya's Hourglass active for healther game experience
The removal of the active just seems too drastic to me and it would completely destroy some champions, like you mentioned. If anything I'd nerf the duration of the stasis to 2.0 seconds and see what happens - there's just too much of the game balance that orbits around this item.
: Possible Sightstone buff I had in mind:
What they intended with these changes was to "force" other roles who are not the support to buy wards. If you feel that your vision is lackluster despite having 3 wards up at all times then your team in not warding enough - try and get them to place some. The way I see it whenever you go to base and buy some item you should always have some extra gold to get a couple of wards.
: Thanks for the repl :) Well i find unsatisfying is that when poking with Q you push lane(not that big of a deal,but still..) and u cant really use the slow,if you arent in their face .
> Thanks for the repl :) > > Well i find unsatisfying is that when poking with Q you push lane(not that big of a deal,but still..) and u cant really use the slow,if you arent in their face . That would be the biggest problem about her poke, I agree with you there. But you have decent tools to not allow the enemy jungler to ever touch you. I've mentioned in another thread that I find her perfectly viable the way she is right now - she just takes some getting used to. An AP mage with, despite what most people believe, a really strong AoE damage and utility is something that Riot clearly fears, so they are taking baby steps to see what they can do with her. I think they're on the right track and the only two things I'd change about her (not both, just one of these) would be to either increase some of her base stats (which has more impact than most people think) or reduce the cooldown on her W by 1 second for each enemy champion hit by it. One of these would probably take her from "viable/situationally strong mage" to "strong mage regardless of your team's composition".
Canastus (NA)
: Lissandra and her state in 4.13
I've actually been playing a lot of Lissandra myself (haven't played even more games because I'm now on vacations, away from home). I have to say I disagree with you in most of those points. The changes, as a whole, seem to keep Lissandra pretty much like she was before these (in terms of overall strength). From my point of view she is not any stronger or any weaker than she was before - just different. You mentioned the CDR on her Q is not noticeable mid game but that's incorrect, since it'll be noticeable at least at level 9, and that's not even near late game. You also said that the slow percentage increase on her ultimate was dissapointing, and I can't seem to grasp why - it's a straightforward buff to her utility at every stage of the game. And then there's this part where you say that she's a "massively underpowered champion" who "lacks any decent damage-output" - I just flat out disagree with this. Her damage and utility in team fights make her a monster when played correctly - in most of the games I play I am able to win the team fight by myself simply by setting a good W > R combo in 3 people. She takes some getting used to, but once you do she can be very rewarding, initiating an engage like no other AP mid, and her objective control in pit fights near baron and drake is just insane. You will rarely be able to 100-0 someone unless extremely fed and I'm glad Riot is shying away from this since it would be a really toxic gameplay for her. That being said, I agree that her lane phase is lackluster, but if it was too strong she's be good at all stages of the game and Riot tries to avoid that (more or less successfully). I also agree with you when you say that removing the 0.2 AP scaling on her W was needless. The only way I'd see myself being ok with this change is if they reduced this skill's cooldown by 1 second for each champion hit. On a side note, I have a really easy time carrying (or at least doing my fair share) with Lissandra. Her ganks mid game can be devastating and the fact that she can control when your team goes in is very helpful if there's no one else to initiate.
: What change is necessary to play Lissandra?
I've been playing Lissandra a lot lately and have found her really satisfying (currently playing her in Diamond III). Her lane phase is a bit stronger now that her Q has a lower cooldown. You could argue that it's hard to poke with it and this might seem true in theory but it really isn't, since many people will go near their minion wave when trying to harass you. Obviously her laning phase is not something extraordinary but it's not bad either, and champions won't usually all in you because you'll win the trade from a pointblank range. It's also pretty tough to gank a good Lissandra, while the synergy with your own jungler is astonishing. Her team fight, however, are superb. You use your E to position yourself and W before using your ultimate so the enemy team can't escape the AoE slow and damage. You can really pull off some great plays with her, especially in the baron and drake pits, where I've often been able to ace an entire team with just 1 or 2 more guys. I've found that she seems to work better at higher elos though - I didn't enjoy her much when, not so long ago, I was trying to carry my way through gold. Most people in lower division have no clue what your role is and will just leave you to dry after you engage.
: Need help laining against Ahri
Against Ahri you either pick a safe farmer (Ziggs, Orianna, etc) and farm your way into late game when you outscale her, or someone that can just kill her without allowing her to dash all over the place (Annie, Veigar and Fizz come to mind). Usually Ahri can't 100-0 you in one single combo when she gets to level 6, so if you are near 50% hp and you're both near level 6 you should either go to base or bait her while your jungler sits in the brush. Try to not get poked during the lane phase and ward both sides of the river to stop her from roaming. If you see her roaming, warn your team mates: if you are confident they can stay safe without Ahri getting anything out of it, pushing the lane will set her back; if they are playing agressive and you feel like Ahri might get a kill or two out of it try to follow her and countergank.
Skias (NA)
: Opinions on Gragas Top.
Last batch of Gragas' nerfs seem to have hit him pretty hard. He can no longer heal without spending any mana like before since his W now costs 30 mana, and his waveclear is greatly limited. His W deals a good amount of damage and provides innate tankiness, and there are changes currently in the PBE to decrease its base damage - but that might be an overkill, in my opinion. Ranged champions like Swain, Ryze and Vladimir can all deal with Gragas quite easily and outscale him into the late game. I really like going Ryze against Gragas because it's the matchup I'm most familiar with and have never lost. The only time he can kill you without you being able to do much is pre level 3, but afterwards you start winning every trade.


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