: Anyone know why Riot is now deleting "x is broken" threads?
First of all: Riot is not deleting comments/threads as the moderator team is vastly made of volunteers (unsure if all of them are normal players or maybe 1-2 actually Riot employees). Besides that, it sucks when your thread gets removed but they just try to keep the certain subboards clean. I haven't seen your post therefore I just general wanna speak about certain reasons which could lead to the deletion of this kind of thread. * Like you already adressed: **They are maybe too ranty.** Some and then people just wanna calm down and vent their anger - even without any thoughts of actual discussing their topic. * Reading across such threads I stumbled across requests like "FIRE XY HE DESIGNED THIS "§!ST CHAMPION" - that's not allowed either as the boards rules state.
: ***
Becaus people vastly disagree with you you start pulling out the "They are dumb. I am smart. Only my point of view is valid." card?
: a bit TMI, no one wants to hear that you do "fanfics"
: This get's sent anyways to support. This is an obvious case of moderators abusing their power. They cannot delete my comment because they do not agree with me, that's censorship.
Oh jeez - yeah, we live in a true dictatorship full of moderators here who are keen to limit your thought & comments. /s You broke the rules and therefore the post gets removed. Before "threatening" them with "contacting the support" - how about you take a bit more time, reflect your own behaviour and have a decent discussion here?
: But he was on the other team? check op.gg :) you seem more like a jackass than I do to be fair playing overseer over here. And no, calling someone “childish” is more than appropriate in this circumstance. “0 ganks for 12 mins now btw” is for Pyke telling Rengar he’s not ganking. “This is literally the worst match of the day” “we NEVER had a proper team fight” “and I’ve been up late since last night” “Nice” “Get me out of this shithole (of a match)” “Lux’s QWE = dead” ^ these are insulting to you? Maybe I’d rather have this conversation with other people to be honest, thanks for your input :)
I am "other people" and kinda agree with rujitras statements. Sure, insults may not be the right for it but it think you still get what we truly mean with it.
: ***
Dude, rujitra is quite informed how Riot handles different situations. Believe it or not even when **you don't play a game at all ** it's possible you earn enough knowledge of the fitting punishments given that you research enough and collect information.
: to be fair, im doing 2 things in these games. A. Getting a old friend gold ;p B. practicing jinx adc because i main support but want to slowly transition into adc so this allows me to practice my mechanics witch in this case were pretty clean ;p
Kinda sad that your friend can't get gold by himself and needs you to smurf...
: @rujitra I muted them, what now?
> Thanks guys for such wonderful system where for saying "sell skin" or "useless jg"; you are getting a permaban, meanwhile for trolling the game you get nothing. Detected trolling will earn you a 14-day-ban - compared to chat-related issues you need to use hate-speech or zero-tolernace words to earn this level of punishment as the first offence. > Lots of people reported them from both teams, they are having 1/14 and build that is obviously a troll build. They must have got at least honor decrease for sure.... nope. May I ask you if you took the time and filed out a support ticket, discussed this game with an employee? > Funniest part is that they didn't want to surr so we had to play whole game although we knew it's lost, their Irelia was 31 kills, full build and could solo penta. We couldn't go afk cuz we would get an extended queue. Going afk once will not harm you a lot - so what? Feel free to leave the game as soon as you saw them "holding you hostage" and endure the 5 minutes longer queue - grab a drink, listen to a song and woops, time is over. > ..Removed by Moderation.. Usually people emphasize the argument with having a bad game as people on the boards tend to exaggerate and have a biased opinion about certain gameplay aspects that influence their ability to view the whole situation more neutral. Come on, rujitra is quite active on the boards - do you have the slightest clue what we encounter here nearly weekly of far-fetched stories about inters or trolls? Edit: You are acting really _mature_ calling your screenshot "rujitra you are a twat".
: My Friend got banned bc of f**king hackers
The boards can't help you with this case - please let your friend contact Riot support and explain the situation there.
Talonyte (NA)
: Well I mean maybe riot needs to fix the rules then. That is not my fault their rules are biased
Fixing what point of their rules exactly?
Talonyte (NA)
: It was an error. sorry you fail to see that.
Maybe you are willing to provide us more detailed and complete information? E.g. you already got asked what was the cause of your 14-day-ban.
: > [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5Ayy71x2,comment-id=00010000000000000001,timestamp=2019-07-19T18:39:07.166+0000) > > Feel free to screenshot this - I suspect this is another case of you not reading what they wrote, but reading what you want to hear (as you did on your prior threads many times). > > I suspect that when you post a screenshot of what they said, they said that Support cannot change the punishment system and that you should take your ideas to the boards. They did not say that it will change. They simply aren’t the people to deal with your “idea suggestions” for you to get unbanned. They are there to provide player support for specific issues. They have given you their answer on your ban, thus they have no further communication to do with you - which is why they sent you here. > > Riot will not change the punishment system or revert your punishment just because you spam. In fact, it’s likely to get you blocked from both/either the support ticket system or the boards if you continue to spam support tickets/boards thread I don't know who you are but I am certainly going to screenshot this and send it rito because you're being rude and can't seem to lay my back so I will and hopefully players won't have to deal with you like I did have a nice day!
Your comment was a joke, wasn't it? Atleast I hope so as there is nothing rude in their statements - besides that, Riot is not the place to go when you encounter negative behaviour on the boards, rather contact the mods.
: > [{quoted}](name=FenjaminBranklen,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=93GlexaR,comment-id=000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-19T04:46:18.030+0000) > > Yes and their answers are the same wholly inadequate ones that my teammates gave. I believe their answers are right on the money. I don't care what you think of their answers because, once again, you've shown that you are willing to lie about trolling no matter how blatant it was with no hesitation.
Am I dumb as when I try clicking on the link the error 404 appears? Did OP delete the thread as soon as they can?
9minit (NA)
: how to delete my account
As far as I know it's possible to request this at the player support - feel free to write a ticket.
: riot games with their automatic bans/punishments are a fkin complete joke, recently got 2 weeks ban without chat restriction or anything just for calling someone "f a g" the whole company is a dogshit joke
I mean you really try blaming them for punishing homophobic slurs?
: how many chests do you have?
Tasty 0 chests but 23 complete keys.
: > [{quoted}](name=Timethief49,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=A5NK4WFi,comment-id=00010000000000000001,timestamp=2019-07-16T13:59:50.252+0000) > > So you say it is a rule. Where is it officially written down. I always wait in blind and just take whats left cause I play blind for chill, but still it is not a rule. It's not a rule It's about humanity and being a nice and a caring person.
You really bring up humanity as your point? Sorry, but that seems a bit blown out of proportion.
: being banned for something but the other 3 people weren't
Which report options did you tick for them?
: ***
Feel free to use the report button (right corner at a post) and the moderators will take a look at it.
: You insulting my intelligence on the forums by insinuating I did not know about the the old system, that is against TOS, you should be reported and have the robot ban you.
Buddy, that's getting ridiculous. I get it - you are salty because the bad Riot banned you but now your comments are full of ignorance and no reflection whatsoever.
: Its just riot saying, make more account to pad our numbers. Scummy practice. CS:GO does not have a program, it uses the community and it works. Just more evidence that riot does not care about the player base or its customer support...just that cash money and number padding.
Please inform yourself a bit more before making claims about Riot. Riot tried a punishment system many years ago where players could review cases - you knew how many problems they encountered? There weren't enough participants so some punishments were handed out MONTHS after they actually happened. Others were only greedy for the rewards and did not sacrifice enough of their time and didn't have the will to take a closer look so they simply agreed without any further thoughts. I don't wanna hijack the thread anymore, feel free to open an own thread where we could discuss this topic freely.
: And you know this, did you work on the program? Or is this speculations? From what you describe, its a bare bones parrot program that just looks for key words and not what actually happens in game. A person could int, say nothing, and the program won't catch them.
Riot explained the system various times and besides that it's obvious how things like that work (not only Riot uses programs like that, a lot of chatrooms/games for children/other videogames have similar systems). Inting is indeed harder to detect - I guess Riot uses heatmap, death/minute ratio and other variables to value it as punish-worthy or not. Encountering an inter sucks and should be reported in-game and maybe at support. Another problem we see here is that a lot of players report people for nothing and therefore the system can't always receive complete trustworthy data from us.
: Nope its instant, how does riot know its punishable if its automated? Is it a human who reads it, no? Then its insta punish.
The system got fed with information of the tribunal time and is currently learning. Depending on the report reason you ticked it scans the chatlog after the categorie and tries to review it the best it can. If there is nothing punishable (registered, there are always things which fly under the radar) or the written stuff is not intense enough/frequent enough to trigger a punishment the review is closed and nothing will happen.
: Nah, Riot has no time to read reports. Its just receive report...insta punish. Game is going to die since they don't care about the playerbase anymore and would rather have an automated punish program.
It's not an insta-punishment - punishments get handed out when the system or a support member finds rule breaking content.
: 14 day suspension, looks like its time to retire this game anyway. System is automated and just punishes people who gets mass reported. Chat log is the only reason why I'm suspended. But its w/e game is bound to die since they can't even bother to look at reports themselves.
I assume that you received a 25-games chatrestriction before therefore a ban is the next punishment step for on-going negative behaviour. Massreports have no power as 1 report = 9 reports. They implemented an automated system as real people could not even get close to reviewing all the cases in a decent time.
: Suspension makes no sense
What does your punishment history looks like, is the chatlog for a 14-day-ban or a permanent one?
: I just got Perma Banned
- Did you enter your account details anywhere which aren't the official League of Legends boards? - Check your matchhistory carefully, any games you don't remember at all? - Do you use ANY programs in the background which could maybe trigger the system?
: how to RE-REport someone?
First of all: sorry that you had to encounter a player like him. The best advice I can give you is opening a support ticket and include the screenshot of his chat, best of luck!
: Riot bots em sells em and bans em. Why you think it takes that long to ban them? That said, they know it was botted. The fact that you paid for skins too is actually hilarious.
It takes that long to ban them as it gives the creator a harder time to detect what exactly triggered the punishment and adjust it.
: If this was the first time this has happened, as I said, I would not be mad about it :) How many times do you think that nurse can bring the wrong record before she is fired?
Given that my mother works in that field and I met some of her co-workers: they can actually do a lot of things before they get threatened with actions. An old friend of her is several months/weeks sick before and after her holidays so she gets more free-time. Come on, it was more than obvious and still took more than 3 years of this behaviour to get her "punished". Another one regularly forgets to bring needed stuff to the secretary so she has to close it for a while and runs around the station, collecting the material, interrupting the nurses for questions. Trust me, as long as they don't make this mistake right in front of you you won't have the slightest clue how many things go wrong in the span of a single day. So you don't really know how much the moderators have to deal with, how high their actual rate is for making wrong decisions.
: Or, you know, they could do their job and moderate, instead of half-assing it. I wouldn't be so annoyed if this was the first time something like this has happened. I don't take shortcuts or "gloss over" things at my job, why should it be acceptable for anyone else to do so?
Every human makes mistakes and as long as it's minor like that case it should be tolerable . Nobody pays 100% attention all the time at their "job" (as far as I know moderators here work voluntarily) - teachers forget to check the other side of the test paper and therefore overlooks my answer; the nurse brings a wrong patient record - it can happen. There is no need to be mad at them for it.
: perm ban unban
Tyler1 got his **ID-ban** lifted, a punishment 08/15 players usually don't even receive. On the other hand his permanabanned accounts are still banned.
dAsKiLzZ (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1zrvprEH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-12T18:48:44.327+0000) > > Nubrac did not just take CS/XP. Nubrac intentionally, without coordinating with his team, refused to play his assigned role of support instead playing some mix between jungle and multiple lane carry roles. > > You will not get banned simply for farming as a support, assuming you are playing as a support. If you are intentionally attempting to let your lane partner die just so you can steal the kills, that may be something that would factor into a decision. Similarly, if you are attempting to tank to let your partner escape, if you are building items that have utility (ex: cc, slows, heals, armor shred, etc) then that would be a positive. > > Griefing/trolling decisions in cases that are not blatantly obvious (ex: someone running it down one lane all game) are not based on one or two behaviors - the players’ behavior as a whole, through out the entire game (and many times multiple games) is evaluated and a determination is made as to whether the player is acting maliciously or not. if i recall the game nubrac was banned for, he never gave up and the other players on his team went afk. It seems as if Nubrac was playing support and supporting his mid lane if im not wrong. There is a difference between that and someone that says GG then goes afk in a side lane and lets enemy team end for free without defending objs
> [{quoted}](name=dAsKiLzZ,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1zrvprEH,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-12T18:55:11.838+0000) > > if i recall the game nubrac was banned for, he never gave up and the other players on his team went afk. It seems as if Nubrac was playing support and supporting his mid lane if im not wrong. > Taken from the statement of Riot on Reddit: "Riot will not ban a player for off meta-play; full stop. If you're curious on our thoughts about off meta play you can hear it straight from Meddler here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMAAfm095tg This player in particular popped up on our radar a few weeks ago and we decided to not take action at that time because playing Teemo in this method is not against our rules. However, after reviewing the continued reports we were receiving (from multiple sources) a pattern was forming where this targeted off meta behavior was occurring most often in games when the player was with a high profile streamer. If you want to play off meta, we think that's great! **If you want to play off meta only to spite other players and reap the negative reactions and attention from their viewers while they are streaming then we don’t consider that a good faith use of off meta play.**[...]"
: Did riot think of this or you just made up a reason to cover up for flawed system
We had a case on boards a few months ago where someones name was "racist" as it (unintentionally) contained a slur. Another one complained as the name "Grape" (contains the word rape) triggered a forced name-change. Taking alone such situations into account - let's say I play with player 1 and refer to him in-game like that - I have to face a wrongfully given 14-day-ban for racism. Taking this case to the player suppport, "wasting" their time reviewing the punishment and all the following steps are not necessary.
: This kind of question is useless to ask on these boards mate. You're gonna get the "punish both" comments when that wasn't even the argument. No one understands a hypothetical
People usually understand what was asked and still refuse to choose between the both given possibilities as it's often clear what the true intentions are/were.
Corefornia (EUNE)
: No it's not man, riot shouldn't be that mean, they should make the circumstances more welcoming to everyone, once again some of toxic guys can't handle it so they will be served a chat restriction. If they will cocntinue negative attitude as griefing or so they will be then punished
Why the hell is Riot mean for this decision? Are the toxic people not "mean" for ruining games over and over? Riot offers you a free game - you do not have to pay a single buck to play it (unless you wanna have cosmetic features/gain faster access). Well, they are indeed interested in your money but they can not expect it for sure. The only real thing they expect from you as a player is to respect simple rules.
: I'm quitting... again. But this time it's for real
Although I feel sorry for you and wish you best of luck in the future - damm, atleast show a bit of reflection about yourself. You are one of the biggest problems here and (in my eyes) put yourself due to your wording and the way you present the story as the poor victim alone.
: ***
Agreed. Growing up in such an environment is quite an awful experience.
: "Verbal abuse" doesn't derail the game. You can mute people and move on. What derails the game are griefers and trolls. People who afk and feed their lane 10 kills before 10 minutes.
You are quite lucky - never witnessed any game at all where verbal abuse was fatal? People get caught up with each other - insults here, insults there, damn the whole motivation and focus get yeeted into oblivion - ADC suddenly ignores whole waves and is typing half a novel to the toplaner and so on. Stuff like that ruins the game aswell.
: > [{quoted}](name=Julevi,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=16YzxUv4,comment-id=0000000000020002000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-10T18:32:29.836+0000) > > The following are behaviors that would not be acted on by our disciplinary systems: > [...] > **Strong language that does not insult or demean other people.** > Source: Reporting a Player - Supportpage > > Therefore fuck alone is probably allowed. > > Besides that: what am I trying to do? go read the terms of service
Edit: I guess I found the part, the one which talks about vulgar language, isn't it?
: > [{quoted}](name=Julevi,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=16YzxUv4,comment-id=00000000000200020000,timestamp=2019-07-10T09:57:59.074+0000) > > Feel free to post your chatlog to support your statement. Swearing is allowed => "fuck/fucking" is therefore okay as long as you don't insult/belittle other members with it. go read the terms of service. fucking is an explicit word and use of that is a punishble offence regardless of context. i can tell what you're trying to do and its not going to wok everyone with a brain knows how bad and stupid their ifs system is
The following are behaviors that would not be acted on by our disciplinary systems: [...] **Strong language that does not insult or demean other people.** Source: Reporting a Player - Supportpage Therefore fuck alone is probably allowed. Besides that: what am I trying to do?
: > [{quoted}](name=Julevi,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=16YzxUv4,comment-id=000000000002,timestamp=2019-07-10T09:10:58.314+0000) > > Besides cases with false error I have barely witnessed unjustified bans. > Sure, some chatlogs alone don't seem ** that** bad but taking into account the past behaviour the whole situation changes (for me). I don't have much sympathy for players who break the rules over and over again and then cry "hurr durr, I got permabanned for saying stfu". Well, stfu alone is a minor thing but saying it after them got previously warned about continuing this kind of behaviour, come on - enough is enough. my permi ban regardless of past punishments was a normal game and normal conversation with my team mates about the match and how to win but because I used the word "fucking" numerous of times riot justifes that as a punishble offence regardless if it wa not used in anyway for abuse or harassment. many many many bans are unjustified or should never have been handed out yes riot have rules but morals overide rules in all aspects no player deserves it be perminantly suspended for calling a player intentionaly feeding "dogshit"
Feel free to post your chatlog to support your statement. Swearing is allowed => "fuck/fucking" is therefore okay as long as you don't insult/belittle other members with it.
: > [{quoted}](name=SuicidePlank,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=16YzxUv4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-10T08:49:42.572+0000) > > I spend money, since I earn enough working and also like what I buy. > And through the fact that I ain't a toxic person, I don't get banned and got to keep all my shiny skins, cool or?! you dont have to be toxic to get banned. read the focums more you will see unfair bans all the time or just talk to people about it in game you will hear stories
Besides cases with false error I have barely witnessed unjustified bans. Sure, some chatlogs alone don't seem ** that** bad but taking into account the past behaviour the whole situation changes (for me). I don't have much sympathy for players who break the rules over and over again and then cry "hurr durr, I got permabanned for saying stfu". Well, stfu alone is a minor thing but saying it after them got previously warned about continuing this kind of behaviour, come on - enough is enough.
: More Fitting Punishments
Let's say that one punishment counts as a warning - usually your friend should get 3 of them (2x chatrestriction, 1x 14-days ban) while players throwing around racial insults, slurs, etc. skip the punishment steps and land straight on a ban for their "first offence". Erasing the ability to chat has been proven as the wrong way (Riot did experiments like that in the past) as players found other (counterproductive) ways to express their emotions.
: So logs are weird. When given in the client reform card, it doesn't show what is /all. However, when you get them in a support ticket, it does.
Thanks for clearing this up! Was a bit confused as I often read this stuff and automatically assumed that they were included in the client-chatlog.
: So you can say anything at all in chat and get banned?
Just a question (please correct me if I'm wrong) but you wrote _"MuteAllForeverer: I said 2 words in all chat MuteAllForeverer: so now I am salty?"_ and yet I still can't see the referring part in your chatlog? Wasn't it the case that the system highlighted it with [ALL]MuteAllForeverer: XYZ?
: I get banned for palying a new champ in ranked?
Overall negative attitude + homophobia = case closed. Besides that: did you ever receive a CR before? Edit: Regarding your title, you can't truly believe that you got banned for "playing a new champ", can you?
yasuodonut (EUNE)
: 14 day ban ?
Did you ever receive a chatrestriction before?
: EXCUSE ME ????
Please post your chat-log and provide further information about your punishment history.
: Well if Riot weren't so greedy, selfish and sexist... we might have a shot at being listened to but people like you who act like shills are the reason why this company will never change and why League has fallen from grace.
Excuse me but what? People like me (like shills? Please elaborate this conclusion) are one of the reasons for the downfall of the glorious League of Legends times (/s) - what am I even doing?
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