: Soooo I got 14 day suspension for making a dark joke.
> [{quoted}](name=Kâppaclysm ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mbltYPrV,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-22T04:32:50.012+0000) > I just don't get how I see so many people do stuff 10 times worse, I've got inters in my games and have not yet had a single instant feedback of them being suspended for ruining peoples games had so many teammates calling the N-word on spamming and reported them and yet nothing. I would like to clear up the myth about the instant feedback report - besides the popular believe it gets handed out irregularly - may it be to protect some privacy of the punished person, may it be that you should not always be informed about the punishments (as it is not your cup of tea). The n-word is quite a zero-tolerance word (quite as there exist some cases without a proper punishment at first) and inting - both are offences who lead to a 14-day-ban. Important for you is: * - Did they wrote it in a way the system can pick it up? * - Did you cross the fitting and right report-reason? * - Was it inting or do you want to see it as inting? Inting is harder to detect than toxicity for various reasons - I would always recommend writing a support ticket regarding this player so an actual human-being can review the game. > enjoy if someone could tell me why when I did 1 !JOKE! I got suspended for 14 days Already explained the thing about jokes and I would like to add: the ban was your punishment as this kind of stuff (e.g. the kys) crosses the line massively and usually results in a ban even as your first offence. Other topics would be: homophobia, racism, sexism, etc. The most important thing you should know is that everyone of your teammates /enemies could get the suspension (as long as it was on the same level as your chatlog or worse) but **only** when someone reported them. Riot does not check your messages for trigger-word automatically - the analysis of it starts as soon as a report has been made. The reason for that is also the thing that confuses you: when the mood is cool or nobody sees any reason for reporting the other person Riot seems kinda "fine" with it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Julevi,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mbltYPrV,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-22T05:01:06.954+0000) > > Your definition of a joke is throwing in a word and that's it? > > There is always a time and a place to make jokes - especially dark-humor related ones - and making "one" of this kind is not the best idea in a videogame with random dudes. I think you missed the point, first things first it was a joke. I even clariffied it after and said sorry to the player, second. It was not thrown, we were in the middle of action and chatting and as you can tell I CAN'T SHOW WHAT OTHER PLAYERS TYPE. I get it people get """"""offended"""""" really easily over a word you can just block with enough moral, you need to have such a pathetic and poor personality to just let a word on the internet put you down or just hurt you because is an anonymous source, what I want for someone to answer me is what other players doing things way worse, don't get punished. Maybe read more carefully, anyways thanks for your comment...
> [{quoted}](name=Kâppaclysm ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mbltYPrV,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-05-22T05:55:00.564+0000) > I think you missed the point, first things first it was a joke. No, I did not miss this point. Your chatlog mostly gets reviewed by a bot and this bot also hands out the punishments. So now tell me, do you think it can realize that it was just "a joke", the whole context of your conversation even when real humans already have problems with it? > you can just block with enough moral, you need to have such a pathetic and poor personality to just let a word on the internet put you down or just hurt Not always do people get "upset" with the word/text that attacks them, rather with the mindset that is behind it. Already witnessed players (not applying to your case!) who told me, sometimes more detailed sometimes less, "kys" or "I wish I could kill you in reallife". Now I won't commit suicide and I highly doubt that this person would bring up the madness to find out my adress and actually kill me - but the mindset, that these people find it okay to write such things to me over a videogame, often just because we have a harder (not even losing!) lane is, atleast for me, disgusting. > what I want for someone to answer me is what other players doing things way worse, don't get punished. I will analyse your OP + answer this question with an extra, separated comment here.
: Soooo I got 14 day suspension for making a dark joke.
Your definition of a joke is throwing in a word and that's it? There is always a time and a place to make jokes - especially dark-humor related ones - and making "one" of this kind is not the best idea in a videogame with random dudes.
: Riot shouldn't have the ability to ban you from their game. I hope that there is a law passed that makes it so that games and social media sites can't ban you from their platform.
Sarcasm (?)
: Again i would like to point out calling someone **s tupid afk jungler whos no help to the team** is UNACCEPTABLE, but soft inting ranked games IS. Ladies and gents, RIOTS PHILOSPHY is at work here...
As a player you normally have a bit of freedom and can get away with calling others "stupid" once unless you already showed constant negative behaviour or simply crossed the line this time. Toxicity and soft-inting are both punishable - the problem with **soft** inting is obvious - it's harder to detect (especially by a bot) and requires a manual review. Even then someone could be unsure because it really could be a bad game/reckless decisions.
905 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Julevi,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=tcd71UQ1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-21T12:37:18.108+0000) > > Did you have a 14-day-ban before? btw. 4 premades, all lanes lost hardly except mine. 0 ganks. calling me an ape, he got no penalty. ... I was the only one who had stats on + and over 100 cs
You rarely get informed about the punishment of other players so according to this fact you can not know if someone of them received a chatrestriction. Bans on the other hand are easier to find out as soon as you check their matchhistory.
905 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Julevi,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=tcd71UQ1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-21T12:37:18.108+0000) > > Did you have a 14-day-ban before? Yes.
So first of all I would clear up that mass reports do not have more power over your suspension than a single (correct-made) report. Second: the report card on your first ban clearly informed you that any kind of detected negative behaviour can lead to a permanent ban. In your case you called someone useless and afked on purpose (?) so intentionally giving your team up and at the same time giving your enemies a clear benefit.
905 (EUNE)
: Yet one more account banned
Did you receive a 14-day-ban before?
Aza80 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EfuQ7vYV,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-05-21T04:49:07.900+0000) > > AFK reports are not part of the Instant Feedback System, and LeaverBuster does not send feedback on reports, period. My point exactly, your system is broken and it needs to factor that into the bans and reports! I've played plenty enough the past 9 years to see AFK's cause as much problems and TOXICITY as telling someone or telling your team they suck. This is the whole point of this post THE SYSTEM IS JACKED UP!
First of all, "your system" is quite false as the specialist title is given to players who proved themselves and are well informed about certain boards and not directly working for Riot (as far as I know, but I think some moderators can also be specialists, but as their second title?). Second, here you say "AFK's cause as much problems and TOXICITY as telling someone..." - in your original post I got the impression that you belittle banning for toxicity and now you put both on the same level?
Aza80 (NA)
: If you're going to click the down arrow how about you read it and give a reason, people like you are why this system is broke!
Hey, downvote dude here: currently rereading your post and figuring my explanations out. The reasons why I downvoted: raging (without being enough informed) and making claims I personally disagree with. Edit: Atm too tired, probably take a nap and then answer your original post.
: Someone please explain how the system works
> [{quoted}](name=Shadowbyte,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=NmNb0fLs,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-21T00:31:12.881+0000) > Having one report flag a game for review results in a ton of games needing to be reviewed by either bots or humans. I don't know what the current system uses but it seems to be a mix of both. In a majority of cases no human will be involved - usually the IFS reviews the game and then gives out a punishment. Requesting an overlook at the Support is probably the fastest way to have a human element. > This is where a priority system that fast-tracks games with higher report counts against the same player for the same things would come in hand. The priority system would help take action against people that are running it down faster and thus preventing more games from being ruined. The IFS system is based on made experiences (e.g. at the tribunal time) and constantly learning. As soon as it detects negatives behaviour which could warrant a punishment it will give one out in under 15 minutes. The keypoint here is: detected. While it is not rocket-sciene to review a chatlog, the system has a harder time detecting e.g. inting due to various reasons (falsely made reports, soft-inting, etc.). > Despite riot claiming of not liking the idea of prisoner island they seem to have manufactured one. Real evidence based on shapes and figures here please and not just a claim you made because you see it like that. > Got flamed and flamed back? Normally it would be within your tolerance meter Riot does not care who started it and doesn't excuse counterflame. > Your best bet of avoiding this is to either just switch accounts for about half a year until the probation wears off or That is not how it works. Riot measures "time" with games played and not the actual time. Just switching accounts will not reset your status. > Moving on to the logs, riot only seems to be very focused on YOU and what YOU did. Yeah, because it is your log. They are focusing on YOU because YOU are at the moment the person who gets checked. When you report another player it focuses on THEM as THEY are now relevant. Both parties are involves. > all people see is what the person said. Because often there is no need in seeing more. You always have an option but you refuse to choose it. > Seeing just a block of someone going aggro is certainly going to initiate bias against them whereas if the situation was explained people would be a bit more understanding. On the boards you will stumble across threads where OP explains detailed what happened and you know what? The end result is the same - a lot of people dislike seeing flame/harassment/insults regardless of the context. > Maybe if I look in the logs for some triggers and see what makes me go aggro in the first place I could look out for them in the future -- oh wait never mind, the logs don't contains context ... As long as you don't suffer from a form of memory loss you will probably kinda know what triggered you. It's your personal job to reflect your own behaviour. > See what the problem is here? All the system is doing is giving you an incremental slap on the wrist without even attempting to help you. Basically they're telling you to straighten up your act without how. Because that is an individual problem which each one of the players has to figure out and solve on their own. Riot doesn't know anything about your full character at the slightest - they could only guess what made you so upset. > Some of those cases I ended up flaming the offender and **I was the ONLY one that ended up getting punished** So how do you know so well about the punishments of others given the fact that you only could see a ban and not any Chatrestrictions? Besides that: breaking the rules does not make you immune just because someone did it first. > play the game judging by who riot gives "specialist" badges to on this forum Yeah, no. Dude, the specialists here are not working for Riot and don't even have more power than you or me - it simply represents that this certain player is well informed and proved themselves at this board. After reading your essay I would suggest that you inform yourself better the next time and do not give the job to others. Many things here could be cleared up with a quick search at Google. Please make the effort - asking for explanations is always wanted but this took it to quite a new level.
Kindred3 (NA)
: It's not fair if I just post my log, even though the other 4 were being just as toxic and hate-filling as I was, using vulgar language but not spelling it out. Is that the way to avoid trouble, is by not spelling the hateful words out? I know I was called a bad word several times by both teams, and not the common "b" word either. I was also participating in every single fight as well. Except towards the very last end when the entire team was like, "let them finish" It was my first time on Zyra (EVER) and I went 7/14/9. But the rest of the team was just as negative as I was.
In my opinion it is fair as we only discuss your punishment here and currently it is irrelevant how the others behaved. Of course I don't force you to post your chat-log, but it is always the best option to get honest feedback/explanations. Some and then there have been cases of wrongly given punishments and I wanted to erase the chance that this happened here aswell - but you already admitted to some kind of toxicity and hate.
Kindred3 (NA)
: Insta-Bans?
A 14-day-ban is a common punishment for behaviour which crosses the line massively (trolling/inting/hate-speech/ZT-words). For a better review I would ask you to post your full and unedited chatlog.
Spotty (NA)
: Was my account shadow banned???
Why should it be shadow banned?
Spotty (NA)
: why does riot only give icons as rewards for these events?
B-but I love my icons... No, but for real: I would say because it is less time & money consuming and they won't have additional work with bug fixes.
: Any idea if im still eligible for end of season rewards with a 25-game CR?
The following link explains you everything you need to know and hopefully answers your question! https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115011781068-League-of-Legends-2018-Season-Rewards-Update Although this is related to the last season I guess they will stick to this system.
: People who say that elo hell doesn't exist are dumb
In my opinion elo-hell per se exists but most people who complain about it are not stuck in it (as I see it). I witnessed so many cases of people in the lower elos who cry the loudest about this but are not the victims. Sometimes they are bad players and can't accept it. Once I played with an ADC who complained since the beginning about their own "elo-hell" - and you know what? Barely any map-awareness, mediocre farm - gotta admit they made some decent kills - but the attitude "Hurr durr I am carry. You are not allowed to say anything" and then getting too cocky and throwing the game lead to their defeat. Did they take a second and reflect their own behaviour? No. He then complained about every single one of us - even in situations where he was clearly wrong and accused us for their loss and "You are the reason why I am stuck here". And sadly this is my experience with those people summed up. "Stuck" in the elo where you belong =/= elo-hell.
: Can i get some clarification on how the punishment steps work
The normal punishment steps are: - 10 games CR - 25 games CR - 14 day day ban - permanent ban Usually you start with 10 games CR unless you cross the line massively (detected hate-speech, ZT words, trolling, inting) which earns you a ban. It is possible to skip the punishment steps depending how far you take it. After your first ban you should take care as your next negative action can lead to a permanent suspension even when it would normally result in a CR. As far as I know a 14 day ban for e.g. inting is not related to the punishments for chat offences therefore you should be able to get a ban and CRs after (but I am unsure about this!). When you show constant positive behaviour over a longer period of "time" (not actual time, Riot measures time with the games played) you can reset/improve your status and be able to receive certain steps again.
yingwai (NA)
: This has always bugged me
Thanks, I hate it!
rujitra (NA)
: Dude, this isn't helpful to yourself or anyone. Own up, accept your mistake, and learn from it. 1. When you agree to rules, you must follow them. 2. Don't be a jerk to others just cause you're mad. If two people are flinging shit, the world just gets covered in shit. Doesn't matter who started flinging the shit.
And this opinion is okay but when you wanna play League of Legends you have to follow their rules even when they interference with your point of view.
: The automated bots really need to get updated or something.
And how exaclty do you know that them didn't got a punished aswell?
: unless euw and na boards have different set of rules i don't think so i could get away with the dumbest posts on euw boards but here everything gets deleted with enough downvotes i am not even exaggerating
Please provide evidence for your statements - which thread are you referring to, what was the reason it was deleted here?
: any post I create will get deleted by mods given it gets enough downvotes
Probably because you broke some rules and usually it's explained to you on your profile.
: about honor level and toxicity
What should it say about the ban system? It probably means that your honor level gets slowed down when you show toxicity which normally is not enough to warrant a punishment (e.g. 1x idiot will not likely get you punished). I doubt that Riot checks every game-chat, it rather takes into account all correct made reports.
: not small? BUDDY. it doesnt matter if its a game its the same as the internet. if you genuninly get hurt over that. wtf you on this game for. i personally dont say but like still riot jjst blows that shit out of proportion. "kys" "wow im gonna go kill myself now cause a stranger said so" like you either have to be an idiot to not just mute or you just like to act like a victim to get some one banned. "also his ban was worth he did the same thing. although something like that is little cause its used so often. where are all the people who told me to kms and worse, still playing it doesnt matter"
So you think people who dislike seeing death-wishes made to other human-beings online are idiots or wanna play the victim card? I gotta agree that the issue is not that players will suddenly kill themselves over these words but allowing this mindset to exist without a punishment is critical. They tell humans to commit suicide because of a videogame and you do not see the problem here?
: shhhh my post got taken down because I asked for my LP back after showing actual evidence that my support was win trading and that my adc was afk but they just took my post down
Let me guess, name-shaming the other players and/or insulting them in a way that crosses the line?
: Why is this not allowed?
Are you not sure why you received a punishment or are you unsure about the intensity of the punishment?
: Moderators don't like to let us to speak our opinion
And which reason did the moderators include when they put down your comment/thread?
: got perma banned for nothing?
Please share your full chat-log with us for a beneficial feedback (guess you can request it @support). Besides that: in fact report-calling is reportable. Edit: 1 report = 9 reports, premades do not have more power over you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Julevi,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oUc0vWv4,comment-id=0001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-08T05:50:58.797+0000) > > Let me get this straight - you think that the system autobans you as soon as you use these words after 2 punishments without you, a player, getting reported? If this is the case then you are wrong as the system does not check the chat unless someone send in a report. The AUTOMATED system checks the report and scans for keywords, and or phrases.
Sorry for my bad English, I wrote it quite messy. In my definition autobans means that the chatlog will get punished when it includes detected negative behaviour (e.g. n-word) - regardless if the chat per se actually got reported or not. If this is also your view I added that it is/can be wrong because the automated system starts checking it after a report - not by itself.
: Is demonstrating suicidal tendencies in game chat strictly forbidden?
I wouldn't say that you are a horrible person for doing this but this behaviour is for sure questionable. There is no need to discuss that it's a shitty situation for you when you start considering killing yourself and I really hope things will get better (this is overall a sensitive and private topic so I will stop here). Announcing things like that online is a tough situation for both parties. Some and then people do it for the sake of attention or jokingly but in other cases there is a true core in that statement. Your teammates are confronted with the decision to ignore your saying, trying to help you, maybe contacting institutions who are familiar with this - overall it can be pretty exhausting. _Am I overreacting - maybe it's just a joke or should I contact the police - better safe than sorry?_
: Bit of an addiction........ will power plays into just installing it back. It's like smokers ' Just stop buying cigarettes' WOW! Never thought of that before!
As far as I know you can request an account closure at the support.
: Well tbh im goona copy and paste it now,goona try cause dont know to do that.Anyway, 3 games are not reason to get perma banned on new lvl acc.
: Reported 4 times for toxic behaviour and perma bann ?
You got punished for your own chatlog or other things e.g. account buying/account-sharing?
LazyBee (EUNE)
: Well I'm pretty mad it skipped any kind of chat restriction and really haven't ever thought for sth like this (tries of defeding myself I can get banned, it's hardly unlogical for me).
The normal steps are chat restrictions but those can easily be skipped when the usage of ZT-words or crossing the line massively (e.g. homophobia, racism) is/are the case. Some and then there are "false" bans for them but usually in context that someone repeats the words when they call for reports. The problem was not defending yourself, it was the way how you did it.
LazyBee (EUNE)
: From a blitzcrank bot response in a ticket, that shows only this part which I wrote.
Thanks for clearing this up!
LazyBee (EUNE)
: Perm ban
I mean are you really suprised/mad that you got banned, after your 14-day-ban where a message clearly tells you that any kind of detected negative behaviour (chat-related) will lead to a permaban? Besides that, where did you copy-paste your chat-log from as parts of it are missing?
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Kanyoupipu,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=E0YEiRKw,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-05-08T06:25:11.610+0000) > they would never acknowledge that incompotent players are worse for the game than mean words... Nobody refuses the fact that inter & trolls are a bad influence for the game (when you refer to these groups and not to simply bad players). But a lot of people also dislike seeing toxicity in their games. It's not just the problem "bad words" - spamming the chat/writing a novel and not paying attention to the actual game, ruining the atmosphere and mood of other players are also factors that play part as soon as people start behaving negatively. Last season for example I tried out a new support (normal game) and our botlane had it hard. I tried to prevent things and even told my ADC that we have to play safe (which was no problem with our given match-up). I did not feed, gave the enemy ADC 1-2 kills and the situation was okayish. My ADC on the other hand was stubborn and thought "Hur, I can carry" and ran into them. Over and over again. I did not say anything. And then he wrote something to me: "I wish I could kill you in RL" and another paragraph detailed explaining what he would do to "my kids" (sexual acts). I don't even have kids but the thought that someone has the mindset to write such things to me just because we had a hard time is disgusting. Toxicity can have many forms - extreme cases like that or mild but constant toxicity. I agree that some people get easily triggered over minor things but the most cases I have witnessed in my games were not just 1-2 minor things - it was a whole book. > Riot + the posters here, will act like going 0-30 and auto-losing a competitive game for 4 other people is A-OKAY, NO PROBLEM! On the one hand some users on the board doubt such stories as people tend to exaggerate, therefore other users can doubt the honesty of their words, on the other hand do we really have to discuss that these cases are not okay? I have barely seen cases where people stated that feeding is okay and toxicity not - a mayority (in my mind) see both things as problematic. aww
: ***
Did some of your comments get deleted? I doubt that the reason for this is shuting down criticism rather that I saw you "spamming" this topic over the boards even when it hasn't to do anything at all with the original thread OP made. They usually give you an explanation for deleting something, mind sharing it?
: > [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oUc0vWv4,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-08T04:41:01.291+0000) > > As someone who has had several tier 1 chat restrictions and nothing else, I can deny that you're prioritized for reports after getting one chat restriction. > > Yes, they made sure to increase the punishment for toxic behavior (honor and hextech lock) because people weren't taking the standard punishments seriously enough. You ALSO fell under this same issue as you've clearly done that with your chat restrictions. > > Look, while I agree that your logs aren't NORMALLY worth more than a chat restriction; you've CLEARLY maintained the behavior to the point that chat restrictions aren't enough. This is what it means to escalate for consistent toxic behavior. You ignored the chat restriction punishments you deserved, kept with the behavior, and were given a much more serious punishment. The reason for this is because players who ignored 25-game chat restrictions were pretty much going to ignore all chat restrictions. This was tested heavily back during the tribunal days when Riot took towards reforming versus hard punishment. I remember threads where players seemed proud to have THOUSANDS of chat restricted games and knew that was all they were going to get. Riot decided to adjust the system to deal with those players by escalating the punishment to a 14-day suspension as the 3rd tier of punishment, right after a 25-game chat restriction in tier 2. > > **So, in essence, you are not admitting to ignoring your chat restrictions and blaming the system rather than your lack of reform after being punished with what you'd normally deserve.** > > I'm sorry, but this was very much a deserved punishment. You took your chat restrictions too lightly leading to a warranted suspension. I still kinda disagree. But like you said earlier, nothing will probably be done. My other question that was unanswered was "when i get off this ban, will i be chat restricted afterwards or as well?" Also, what i was trying to say (you're 100% wrong on this part) is that once you've been in the system a decent amount it weighs reports heavily against you. You stated you got chat restricted once, and then weren't restricted again proving my wrong. That's a logical fallacy. You could've reformed and been less toxic OR it also might not be as picky if you've only been chat restricted ONCE. I'm talking about if you're slightly toxic and get lets say two chat restrictions. If you're even mildly toxic or SOMETIMES even just say certain trigger words or phrases even joking the system will auto 14 day ban you. Whereas someone who hasn't been restricted before might get NOTHING from that once or even twice. THAT is what i was saying.
> [{quoted}](name=DaddyForDollars,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oUc0vWv4,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-08T05:44:45.782+0000) > > I'm talking about if you're slightly toxic and get lets say two chat restrictions. If you're even mildly toxic or SOMETIMES even just say certain trigger words or phrases even joking the system will auto 14 day ban you. Let me get this straight - you think that the system autobans you as soon as you use these words after 2 punishments without you, a player, getting reported? If this is the case then you are wrong as the system does not check the chat unless someone send in a report.
: I got chat restriction just because I called a 0/14 adc monkey?
rujitra (NA)
: Millions of players use chat every day without getting a single chat restriction. It's not hard. It's called not being an asshole
_Wait until you get fired buddy for getting your feelings hurt_ - mind elaborating that?
: Recently Just Got Prema-Ban <- NEED HELP UNBAN
Account-sharing is also banable so either way the state of your account will probably remain untouched. Feel free to make a new account and play on it.
: unfairly perma banned
In your case perma bans can be given for constant toxic behaviour or intense toxic behaviour. It is not the norm that an actual human-being takes a look at your chat - most of it actually gets checked by a system. Detected behaviour (reported after the game in the client) will also be punished in under 15 minutes. As far as I remember the message tells you that (a lot of) people found your behaviour unacceptable or not fitting - that probably refers to the fact that you have to get reported by a player, otherwise the system will not check your chatlog.
ßåd (NA)
: What in the actual booty cheeks are you talking about?... WHY in the hell would i have HIS chat logs? Can noone read? im so confused.
Your post sounded like you played with this dude and therefore you saw the message them wrote to you. Taking your phone or making a screenshot on your PC gives you the ability to capture a part of his chat.
ßåd (NA)
: Because i dont have access to their chat logs, and im not allowed to post names, and the SS is to prove they are still at it after that game from telling me to kill myself.- and i CLEARLY explained in the post why they were trolling..... is reading that difficult? why are you a specialist exactly? "Special"ist PS: Where am i flaming him? i stated what he did. is stating a fact flaming now? Seriously... who made you a specialist, they need to be talked to... lol OHHHHH i get it now, you're salty because i told you your analogy was stupid (Because it was) on another post, so you came here to flame me. You shouldnt have a specialist tag. plain and simple.
It is not so uncommon that you don't have the chatlogs (in this case screenshot) but don't be suprised when people start doubting your words as you can not provide enough proof.
: Your preaching to self righteous forum users. Their only conclusion is to mute. Because they think that's how the game should be played, always muted.
As I see it a lot of users here on the boards would prefer seeing a gameplay atmosphere where muting wouldn't even be considered as the players are not jerks to each other and value some matters. Sadly this isn't the case in LoL. Muting often gets recommended but not because it is the best and only way to play LoL. Read a dozen threads in "Player Behaviour" and you will always find the same excuses - "I HaVe To DeFEnD Me" (since when is constant flaming defending?), "Them started it first", "I was in a bad mood", "This word is not as bad as you make it!" and you see various mindsets in the way they describe their situation. Not everyone is ready to make some changes in their behaviour and depending what exactly is their problem that lead to a ban fixing it rapidly. Therefore they should mute first - preventing next bans and giving them some time to recover.
1GON1 (NA)
: I'm not sharing the account the account is mine like i said the owner gave it all to me a while back. He doesn't have access to it anymore.
That still falls under account-sharing. Has anyone **ever** played on the account or had access to it beside the original creator? Based on your chat: yes. Therefore you could get a punishment for it.
1GON1 (NA)
: Got banned for explaining why I'm not boosting and some banter against a very toxic player
Despite your chatlog which would already trigger a punishment - account sharing is banable aswell and you even admitted to it. Not the wisest move.
: I think it might've just been your name.
As far as I know Riot offers you a name-change and doesn't provide you chatlogs (they are normally given when the punishment is chat-related). You can get a ban when you refuse to take an appropriate name.
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