PaladinNO (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JustA kleo,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=O3jAP9Ec,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-01-27T02:08:02.382+0000) > > just tell people "the rules are the same in ranked normals and coop" > in legit 90% of the cases they will answer with stuff like "lol stfu nerd" which makes them even more entitled for a punishement I love that one. Politely pointing out the rules only to bait them into flaming or offending to pretty much seal their report. ...Not that a report do much anymore.
i wouldnt consider it a bait. if someone told this to me id be like "wait for real?" which is also what was my intention. to help them understand they are stupid. its just that the flamer inside of them wants to flame back.
: Why do yas players still play like its his release week
very popular in low elo where ppl have no idea what/when a powerspike is. ppl cant just play safe until they have 2 items for their 100% crit and are unkillable. so yeah. also ppl just mash e on minions randomly lol
: There is nothing more "Toxic" than players like you who go 0-10.
i guess talking about viruses is cool again. been a while since i read someone call something aids or ebola. but the corona virus seems to bring this back. fun times.
: Its Over
based on your name all i can say is: no need to be mad jinx.
: "It's just a normals" isn't a valid excuse
just tell people "the rules are the same in ranked normals and coop" in legit 90% of the cases they will answer with stuff like "lol stfu nerd" which makes them even more entitled for a punishement
2gudaiya (NA)
: he is working as intended.
NOTHING works as intended. lee is still buggy.
Rioter Comments
: Yay for this still terrible client holy shit
i mean the client is so shit, it actually affects the LoR client in a negative way aswell. yup. the LOL client is so fucking trash, it carries bugs over to another client. whenever i log in it tells me i have 3 new messages even tho its the same 3 messages that i read about 50 times by now because i have them for over 2 weeks now. this carries over to the lor client.
: Rank 1 Anivia NA Bronze-Master Smurfing
if you started in bronze and youre challenger, how did you lose 12 out of 52 hm. seems a bit much.
LovroZelje (EUNE)
: I admit i am toxic but the thing is a dont start hard swearing untill somow provokes me...
if you get provoked by online chat, i recommend anger management classes or something else. either way i can only quote "stop it, get some help."
Nazgul10 (EUNE)
: LMAO Sett
honestly im surprised by how well sett does. i know his basestats are insane but idk. 1. he isnt as overloaded as other champs 2. he has almost no mobility 3. his passive lifereg isnt THAT high before lv 11 and in a burst meta lifereg really isnt that strong his w starts with 16 sec cooldown which is okay.
LovroZelje (EUNE)
"literally just got banned for no reason" posts chatlogs "fuck you fuck you fuck you r%%%%% fucking rat" "i dont think i deserve it" YEAH banned for absolutely nothing. /s ofc you fucking deserve it, you did nothing besides insulting other people and being disrespectful. and then you call it "leaverbuster glitch" even tho only 1 case i know off ever got banned for asking lol. do us all a favor: ask your mom to give you a hard slap across the face. maybe it brings you back into the REAL world and gets you out of your delusional fever dream that you exist in.
: Riot: Can you not renew the contract where you have to shout "Bud Light Ace!" In LCS matches please?
wait... they really do that? AHAHAHAHA THIS IS GENIUS!!! over the past 2years i got so much hate for saying na lcs isnt a professional region, its a mascot on full sellout mode. AND NOW THEY SELLOUT WHILE CASTING AHAHAHAAHAH OH MY GOD!!! thank you lcs i love you. time to watch you again after 3years
: Please do your job Riot Games
i think they do a decent job on toxic bans. but on the rest? inters trolls afks? no lol not even close rofl.
: > [{quoted}](name=JustA kleo,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Z8ikWN8i,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2020-01-25T11:35:44.940+0000) > > to be fair: its hard to have a decent score when your team goes 0/20. > > and 0/23 in a 20min game really is something else lol. > > BUT we also had "perfect" games in the lec and lcs before (one team having 0 deaths) so yeah. His team wasn’t 0-20 in the game where he fed though...he was the one feeding, going (for example) 1-8 in a 16 min game, while the remainder of his team was positive. If the game continued for another 5 min, his botlane could have had a better score than that. To demand that they be banned when he’s had just as many bad games means that he also should be banned.
yeah his demand of having these ppl banned for a bad game is ridiculous. i didnt check his other games, im just saying you could be faker, but if your team is feeding like crazy even faker wont go 10/0.
: Calling this now: Sett will see high LCS pick or ban.
you want the boards to admit they were wrong? you got more chances that riot listens to their community LUL. to this day ppl go mental when i say "azir is bad outside of pro play" because you know a champ who used to be pick/ban in pro play must be a soloq god.
Void2258 (NA)
: No place to give LOR feedback
consider this: during the 2 TESTphases many people complained about this exact problem. months later, they still didnt provide any way to give them feedback. there is no argument you can ever present me that makes me not think they do this on purpose because this is just the riot way, dont listen to your community do not give a single fuck.
: I dropped a 30 and 1 game as Fiora.
as another comment alrdy told you, cs is everything in this game. your team can have 100 kills but if you go 0 0 0 with 200 cs more than anyone else, you'll get that S
: i play on a much worse laptop and have ZERO issues....maybe learn to manage your PCs specs and apps before you comment stupid shit
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} boy youre stupid.
: A lot of the devs stated intentions have been missed its bewildering.
posted this on lolreddit (copy pasted it) got downvoted and 1 person commented saying im delusional if this is my opinion.
: Considering how serious you are taking it, you are helping to make sure the "hype" continues.
yeah i take it serious when casters go "the thing is dead, its now eu vs china". this has to be taken serious or we go back to eu vs na which noone wants
: I have some pretty bad games in your match history, as bad as these people. And the fact that you’re posting this on an alternate account means you’re hiding something, and they probably weren’t as bad as you say.
to be fair: its hard to have a decent score when your team goes 0/20. and 0/23 in a 20min game really is something else lol. BUT we also had "perfect" games in the lec and lcs before (one team having 0 deaths) so yeah.
HAHA riot fixing bugs that dont cost them money luuuul
: I hope NA can make it out of groups this year. Also, let's have our fingers and toes crossed that NA v EU tournament is cancelled.
as if lol. the stupid eu vs na thing brings in many viewers and thus a lot of money. i dare to say even if EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this planet voted to cancel it, riot wouldnt.
Rioter Comments
Cann (NA)
: Inting
based on the comments here im surprised mods didnt close this thread up yet
: > but the guy that ints the whole game and then decides to afk, who had also fed two of my games the day before and afk'd in one of those as well I checked your rank to see if you are challenger. The chance of you playing THREE games with the same person who is not your premade is so astronomical we're talking improbable or near impossible. I was disappointed that you are neither challenger with a super small matching pool nor do you played with anyone more than once your last 10 games. Also, it doesn't take much more efforts to copy and paste the other 2 chat logs for us. Why hide them?
never played aram at 3 am did you? you WILL play with the same people over and over and over
: 15 Pings Straight
theres nothing you can do accept it lol. and if you wanna "work around the mute" then theres even less you can do
: Worst designed champion?
all the champs of the guy who made yasuo and akali.
: ***
loool. i wonder if you'll take your ban as a man... but i doubt that. see you never i hope
: Why are so many racist and sexist words allowed?
can only speak for euw: n word is not a ban here. homophobic words like the f word are a ban. unless written with ä which is weird as this is a common letter in german and turkish. oh well
: ***
jesus christ you have such issues rofl, i hope the mods give you a nice and long ban from the boards, it wont hurt you.
: ***
and now you copy past what i said... youre boring i expected a bit more. and yes everyone who has money and women in his life spents his day insulting people on the internet and being scared of being hacked over some log data LOOOOOOOL jesus christ sorry but you dont deserve my time goodbye my child lool
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: ***
man so many typos rofl. also euw stand for europe west. so not american. enjoy that timeout from the boards, you totally lost it now rofl. but hey thanks for the laugh made my day
Rioter Comments
: 4 honors and an S wow
Gradeient (EUW)
: Another Akali nerf.
i mean i can only agree with others. the rework IS A FAIL a champ that has a garbage winrate a giant banrate and is S tier in pro play how do you balance this shit? you cant. this is what happens when you make your game focused on champs being hypermobile, overloaded and able to 1shto you with 1-2 items.
: i'm 100% sure riot games doesn't give a shit but u can give it a try. I'v been playing league with no friends list and chat for almost 2 weeks and they didn't fix this issue yet. I have a question first, did u send your LoL to any tech support after using hextech repair tool?
you and your lol logs man. in the 8 years i spent on this game i've seen many ridiculous shit and tinfoil hat stuff, but yours might take the cake. you ask if its illegal if the riot support wants to see your lol logs... and then give this as a potencial reason for a user who got hacked because he most likely gave his password away lol. i hope tomorrow you wake up and realize what youre doing right now and then delete all your comments in hopes we all forget what a giant fool you made of yourself today
Gram0r (EUNE)
: Legends of Runeterra 170000 Error.
im in but at first it told me that the q is overloaded and it just closed the client (you still didnt fix this rito? just put me in the q) it was to be expected like the pbe being totally fucked when TFT came out.
Veliki5382 (EUNE)
: My honor is stucked at 0 and i cant get chests
i dont get the point of this post "im stuck atr h0 and cant get chests" 2 lines later "why is this happening? why do all my friends get a chest but i dont?" you answered your own question. because you are honor level 0 lol. but actually thats not true either. you can get chests with honor level 0. you just dont get any keys. you most likely got a chest for that champ alrdy, or you have no "free chest slots" left.
: [Shop Bug] Newbie help tips turned off, shop still shows newbie help tips when unable to buy item
i have this bug since almost 6 weeks and its really annoying. noone posted any solution yet. if you find one let me know pls i beg u <3
: Remember Trundle?
: What is Riots intentions with trolls and inters?
id love to say none but thats not true. they try (i guess) theres just no way to quickly identify a feeder/troll.
Rockman (NA)
: 11 am pdt
> [{quoted}](name=Rockman,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8ztOAJZj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-23T08:57:23.440+0000) > > 11 am pdt where did you get this information? and man that sucks, thats 8 pm for me (according to google)
: Inter in 'Ram. Got a feedback.
shower thoughts suck :/
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: Then that is some thing i will take into consideration. Thank you
nope. don take it into consideration. DO IT!
: Seriously i got 10 game chat banned for this?
chat restriction* not a chat ban.
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