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: Snowball IS carry potential what the actual fuck? So you want to carry when you do well but don't want the enemy to carry when they do well? Troll/10
The OP probably meant team snowball, which is a huge problem at the moment. Many games are one-sided stomps
: Hmm bad idea, since it would make tanks irrelevant. Tanks already struggle to survive against champs like {{champion:67}} {{champion:96}} (who are indeed designed to destroy tanks) and {{item:3036}} {{item:3153}} are still a thing. Adding more "weakness" to tanks would only make them irrelevant. Best idea is reducing the crit bonus damage from {{item:3031}} by 20% (toning it down to 30%), making each zeal item having 20% crit instead (and maybe toning down the movement speed too), aand not making RFC + Shiv proc together (unique passive)
I think you completely missed what the OP was trying to say. Kog'maw and vayne can still have their % health damage but their base damage can be lowered to compensate. Changing how crit works means changing the game on a fundamental level. It's not going to *make tanks irrelevant*, it's just going to allow riot to lower tanks' damage. ADC's builds will still be effective at killing tanks, but at the same time, not instant BURST squishies


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