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: every ranked game does count. so yes playing atm is counted as preseason offically even though the new changes havent came out. Riot has even already stated preseason STARTED on the 13th of Nov. Every single match u play effects MMR for next season when you queue ranked
Okay thanks for the answer! Just seems weird because the patch isnt here yet.
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Windoges (NA)
: "why didn't you follow your laner"
I know this thread is a year old but I experoemced this bullshit in my recent ganes and I need to writr down some Frustration. I dont want tonportray a perfect player here. I also sometimes miss ss calls or I am sometimes brain dead but at least I qdmit my mistakes then. But how on Earth can you blame your midlaner when he just went base, called SS like 300 times, pinged to be careful bot side and you still die both. Some people even have Wards and can loterally see that someone is coming by themselves and there is still no reaction. Another situation: Youbgot 303947 wards in your jungle and tons of wards at dragon pit yet still the botlane somehow manages to oversee 4 people heading into botlane trying to dive them. How can ypu blame your midlaner for this. I am sick kf getfing blamed for other peoples mistake. It reached a point where I legit thought that these were potentially my mistakes but there is no way. Every Situation would have turnes out in my favour if the botlane would just back off. and let me push out my midlane. So I can also try to roam a bit.


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