: be a good sport with good sportsmanship.
> [{quoted}](name=Thaakillah,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7YpmU1Og,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-01-25T11:14:17.822+0000) > > be a good sport with good sportsmanship. Victory is the only thing that matters.
: ADCs and Unbalance in the Game
ADC are either totally busted (pre crit rework) or totally garbage like now.
: i hope that riot finally gave up on any boards feedback, and instead got it from pro players/masters and above/high elo mains. When it comes to boards +90% of the threads are whiny complaints which talk only feelings of the OP instead of actual balance problem. (no offence to you OP, your thread looks better than average boards complaint/cry)
> [{quoted}](name=LTK KoRo,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OEaTpOYM,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-24T16:12:11.610+0000) > > i hope that riot finally gave up on any boards feedback, and instead got it from pro players/masters and above/high elo mains. When it comes to boards +90% of the threads are whiny complaints which talk only feelings of the OP instead of actual balance problem. (no offence to you OP, your thread looks better than average boards complaint/cry) You should follow your advice and get out of the boards then. :p
: Why do we not talk about how ridiculous Rengar is?
Did you even build ninja tabi against him? And what champion did you pick against him on top lane? You are crying like those crybabies aka ADC mains.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: Don't like the amount of damage there is in the game
Well you must be new on boards here. We've been asking Rito to remove this burst meta for the whole seaaon 8 and preseason and we got ignored. Seems 400mil loss in profit didnt open their eyes yet.
BommyCN (EUW)
: I killed a player who was behind due to being AFK in the start of a game. Was i in the wrong?
Ppl who are afk and get reconmected to the game should receive average team lvl. Its frustrating when your afk top laner manage to reconnect at 2:59 so you cant remake and he/she than feed his ass off because enemy top laner has already lvl3.
: Riots 200 IQ balance
There are 2 things which are infinite. Space and Rito stupidity
: Is Jax ever going to be looked at?
Rito would answer smthing like this: Is he broken? Yes. Ok, we wont look at him then
: What is your goal for this upcoming season?
Do not install this shitty game on my new pc.
: > [{quoted}](name=Krayzie,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=r9k2gfTV,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-21T13:36:54.797+0000) > > It sells well Let's be honest. He does have a nice butt.
> [{quoted}](name=MF is my Waifu,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=r9k2gfTV,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-01-21T13:38:18.708+0000) > > Let's be honest. He does have a nice butt. Reason why they wont ever nerf him or runes/items which make him overpowered
: Riot has lost 700million dollars of profit loss compared to 2017
Thats what you get when you piss your customers you morons. I really wanna be in room with Rito ceos and Tencent. It will be really satisfying seeing rito explaining this situation
: Is this Riot or is this EA?
No, Rito is more Blizzard nowadays. Ruined gameplay balance and getting woken every patch like them. I think p2w aspects will come somewhere around season 10 to milk remaining playees
Dynikus (NA)
: Played Sylas on pbe. Riot, are you feeling okay?
Seems season 9 will be balanced as previous one. # riplol
: Fun fact: Pyke is the champion who got a second skin released in the shortest time laps ever
He was (and he still is) OP therefore he was popular so they made skin.
SuperHornio (EUNE)
: If you had to remove one ability, which one would it be?
Jax counterstrike - E. It's has too much benefits( dodge, reduceed aoe dmg and fcking big range AOE stun) despite it's only 1 ability.
: THEORY: Is RIOT intentionally screwing up the game? (kinda but not really outrage marketing)
: And this post got upvoted, wow. "OMG WHY RIOT DOESN'T TAKE THE BOARD SERIOUSLY" Eh, I wonder why.
And your got downvoted. Dunno why it hasnt been removed for being a low effort. Seems white knights have privileges.
: Able to see which players are premate in Loading Screen
I heard that Rito ban lolnexus.com because they were up to to publish winrate of premade groups. Tss
: I think I'm going to uninstall League finally
If you are into BR game try Ring od Elysium. Its top 10 game in peak hours on steam and despite its EA I find it much better than PUBG
HàrrowR (EUW)
: How is this Racism, Serbs and Croats are basically the same south slav people, its more of a nationalist thing, also that "guy" was probably a 12 year old or something, since i don't think no sane person would do that And im saying that as a Serbian
My uncle was there in 90s and after he told his experiences he witnessed both sides of the conflict ...I am not suprised why people down there hate each other so much.
: Racism even in a video game
1) jeez. Please learn difference between racism and XENOPHOBIA. I might sound mean on you but I am not. It just grinds my gear when people confuse racism with xenephobia 2) people in this game int for way more marginal reason. Such as stealing 1cs or not giving blue to 0/9 mid laner. 3) I will not explain the whole background of this unfortunate event deeply because boards has a very dumb rule aboit discussing politics. So you better google war in Balcan and have in mind that NO SIDE is purely good or evil in war. Everybody has a fault. Stay strong
: QUESTION: Is Auto Fill bad for Ranked play?
I would not mind autofill if it system would grant me decent teammates. Everytime I get autofilled I always get at least 2 autists in team.
: They might be doing something about damage as we speak. It's just that everything they do takes WAY TOO LONG.
For example "Buffing" turrets took them the whole season.
: Is riot really earning more money than before, with this state of the game ?
Well there were posts talking about Chinese like this dmg meta and since they are their the biggest playerbase (the most income) Rito wont do anything. Why would they fix this game when they can milk chinese cashcows nipples
: Why are so many EUW people on here now?
Because 1. NA boards are more active 2. NA boards have Rioters answering posts* 3. NA boards have mods. They are far from perfect however but they are still better than our Shiwah *Except those complaining about game balance. Seems they dont have balls to admit their mistakes
: So many conqueror threads
Didnt we have that stupidy broken prenerf electrocute during 8.14?
Glîtchy (NA)
: they should make a queue where it's LITERALLY solo
I would welcome this in rankeds. We already have ranked flex for premades dunno why should we suffer from duo premade in soloQ.
: Within all of this hate, what do you like about this game?
I love this balanced gameplay, expensive skins I can waste my salary on, friendly non toxic community and RITO devs. THey are the most intelligent people on this planet and they make this game better and better each day. If it was possible I would donate them both my lungs, testicles and my eggs
: Riot will never reevaluate their game; they'll just release another Ahri skin.
Yep, so many desperate virgins otakus willing to spend cash on their waifu
Rioter Comments
: I can't believe you would actually defend this high damage garbage meta. Closing games was a nightmare? More like games were long and competitive instead of constant blowouts, leading to a sense of satisfaction when winning or losing. Games mattered and had a sense of gravity. Quick games were actually appreciated too because again, blowouts didn't happen left and right. This is a MOBA, not fricken COD. You want COD then play COD. This is a strategy game, and should never have diverted from the proper mix of strategy and mechanical skill into nearly only mechanical skill as it has become. Strategy is maybe only %25 of winning now unless you are pro.
Well there are "smart" people who believe that world is flat so why not ppl who find this dmg meta balanced? Anyway happy new year
Lhuhz (EUW)
: You know why Conqueror was released in the first place ? Because some bruisers lacked a keystone and were being beated up by tanks in pure 1vs1 while also having more teamfight pressence. Bruisers counter tanks, that how it should be and that's how it is since Conqueror, and it's not like Conqueror is used by everyone, you dont usuario count more than 1 Conque per te on your games.
It was before those bruisers got armor/pene, percental dmg and reverted last whispers. Since all those things are mentioned are in game there is no reason to habe conqueror. And before you start to bitch about tank meta - yeah it was r%%%%%ed. But the main reason was that few tanks were insanely tanky and yet they were able to deal big dmg. Reworked {{champion:36}} with 650AD with full tank build for example.
Lhuhz (EUW)
: Why, you are not explaining why Conqueror or Duskblade are problematic
Because it doesnt matter how many defenses tanks build they still get melted in matter of 2 seconds.
: I hate being the 'bad guy' because I don't trash on Riot.
I dont call you a bad boy. Nor a fanboy. (Which is worse) I just consider you as hopelessly lost with your faith they will fix this game. They wont.
: 95% of the things wrong with the game right now are just symptoms of the insane damage.
And it all casued by RITO balance team. Get rid of them and this game will be muhc funnier
You forgot to mention - dont play this game aynmore. There are much better games out there. Or play aram as I do. The only one balanced mode left
: Pretty shocking to see Riot not even talking to us anymore.
Because they know they fcked up and they dont have balls to face us.


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