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: support ticket if not then we will have words with riot unless you said something toxic in a different language
Well... it was arguably "toxic" but not towards strangers it was with my premades, I would have said it in voice chat anyway so it isn't really toxicity I didn't play the game really well and the other team mate (not premade) was annoyed and started flamming my pick (yasuo) and ended up reporting me. What annoys me the most is that I got suspended for not even being toxic or flamming, I was just talking with my friends lmao
: Did you used hate speech or racial slur in that log?
I don't think so. However i said a lot of insults not in english (and targeted towards my premades), I don't think the instant feedback system could detect that
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: Did you actually open it? When you first "buy" the orb, it is just that. You are buying it and it goes in your loot. You are not opening it when you use the 44 tokens.
Oh i seem to have missed that Completely confusing if you ask me, buying the revel orb should give you the revel orb directly
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