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: Fuck yeah lets give Darius a dash, not like he already has a passive that 230 flat ad level 18 for hitting someone, a bleed that makes him extremely strong for trades, an AOE max hp heal, auto attack reset empowered auto slow, pull with flat armor pen, and a true damage ult that can completely reset off a kill. Let's give him a dash so that one of his only weaknesses, kiting, isn't nearly as viable. Fuck yeah.
as a darius main , once you get over platinum (where the balnce starts to actually matter) you either die before you get to the 4th stack of bleeding , or your team dies, he and remember if darius falls behind he won't do shit untill it's the 40 minute mark , then he can work as a punch bag , since he can't get any close to you without you overstepping like a monkey so he can kill you , oh but you might have a speed boost or a dash to run away and kite his ass off , or nah just keep crying saying he is overstat , what do you play?
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