: In my opinion Poppy doesn't feel great right now, but I didn't think she was particularly good before Runes either. She's felt pretty bad to me ever since the reshape on Cinder/Sunfire Cape that made that item line less powerful as a trading tool, which Poppy really relied on in a lot of matchups. Statistically she's performing poorly, though again that's not much of a change from before Runes went live. There are some changes being looked into by Live Gameplay right now that would indirectly impact Poppy quite a bit (in a positive way), and would potentially help out her laning phase, and I'm hoping to see them go live soon, though of course there's no promises on that.
Thanks for replying! I've been having fun with her but I agree she has issues, partly just due to her kit being quite niche but also, as you say, because she doesn't have good itemization options for laning. Off the top of my head, she's one of the only tanks that doesn't gain any damage at all from the defensive stats she wants to buy. So she has to either buy tank items to do her job but then has no damage and can't trade, or buys damage items and stops being a tank. A change to Sunfire would help a lot, that's item she really wants to buy if it's good. I hope to see the changes you're talking about soon!
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: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.23
Since she's my favourite champion and apparently no-one else's, I gotta ask: how is Poppy doing? To me she feels OK, but very niche and a little lacking in scaling potential/itemisation choices. What do her stats like in preseason?
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: Runes Corner: Meteor Sneak Peek
Personally, I'm not such a fan of ideas like these and Perxie. I think that's because I like to feel like the things I'm doing ingame are stemming directly from the champion I'm playing. That's cool to me, because each champion has distinct lore, visuals and gameplay, and I play champions that I like for those things. If a significant portion of your power and gameplay comes from something that isn't unique in that way, I feel it detracts from champion identity. If every champion midlaner is lobbing meteors, then it isn't special or unique or cool at all. And I'll be less interested in the choice between playing, say, Lux or Syndra, because whichever I pick I'll just be throwing the exact same meteor at people. This is doubly true for stuff like this that has a major visual effect, since inevitably they won't fit in with most champions' aesthetics, making the game seem more disjointed and discordant visually. Of course, this is already the case to some extent for summoner spells and keystone masteries, but I don't mind them too much because they have very long cooldowns (in the former case) and limited impact (in the latter case). I have to say, I particularly dislike Perxie, mostly because of the way it seems mostly intended for supports. When I'm playing support, I usually feel like the champion I'm playing just isn't as awesome as all the other champions in the game, because I don't have nearly as much power and gameplay impact. In part, that's because a big element of playing support is warding and vision, and that doesn't really feel all that cool and doesn't make you feel like you're fulfilling some kind of champion fantasy. No-one's champion fantasy is buying a sightstone and throwing down wards, and no-one's fantasy can be that because all supports do that. I think this is part of why support is an unpopular position. For me, Perxie would make this even worse because I would feel like as a support, my job is to carry around wards and play taxi service for a magic cat, with my champion starting to feel secondary to that.
A few question on design/gameplay? -What kind of item builds do you expect/intend to see on Bard? He lacks the AP ratios/inherent tankiness that most supports use to guide their builds. -What kind of catch-up gameplay patterns could Bard players employ if their team starts to lose map/vision control? Won't collecting charms become very, very hard? -Do you worry that if Bard's ADC gets behind, Bard will be force to just sit in lane and abandon his 'roaming support' identity? -Do you worry that, after using ult, Bard will lack things to do in teamfights other than just stand at the edge, throwing Qs? Especially because Magical Journey isn't going to be useful/relevant in every fight.
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