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: Season 2019 Starts Now!
Lol seriously. Riot is a money hungry company and they have shown that to me now. THEY DO NOT care about the playerbase. They do not care how champions work since they are dumb. Akali can go top and destroy any toplaner. And the most tilting part is that when i was lpaying my ranked games. FIRST FUCKING GAME. I GET AUTOFILLED TOP. SECOND GAME??? HUH AUTOFILLED TOP. OKAY THE LAST GAME I PLAYED HMMM CAN YOU GUESS AUTOFILLED SUPPORT. I MEAN THE SYSTEM THEY HAVE IS R%%%%%ED. THEY HAVE SHOWN NO INTENTION OF FIXING THE FUCKING GAME. AND I AM TO ADDICTED TO IT. FUCKING PIECES OF. All they want is money and they do not care about us.................................
: It's not about the champion. It's the ability to do well in the lane through farming, play safe when behind, and play aggressive when you see the opportunity. If you are aiming to play ADC, I'd recommend picking up Lucian, Kai'sa, or Miss Fortune as they are strong in the current meta and are mostly easy to master.
It is not that, seriously every ranked game i've played the last weeks we have been getting monkeys as botlane. They are playing bad in lane being toxic and inting. Riot is just stupid not banning people who are this bad. The problem is that it has been every game i've played. And it is only botlane that has fed the other team to no point of even trying. I simply do not get it. I cannot climb because of my botlane
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