Arie (NA)
: Just Noob Things
Keep canceling my attacks with Thresh on a low hp guy, because of the delay and panic-clicking.
Afeee (EUW)
: There was a time when playing botlane didn't mean "Pick or counter Thresh"
His overloaded kit makes him fun, just like Yasuo and Zed.
LupusNox (NA)
: Riot, how are older champs who's kits aren't super overloaded supposed to survive?
Let's have them put CertainlyT for reworking department and make him run out of his battery there so we won't be getting new overloaded champs but old overloaded champs.
: Does No One Like Jungle Anymore?
Number of 'carries' just went down by one team member, and it doesn't feel good when you play support and get carried. WW or dodge.
: ATTN: All those who would attempt to silence people speaking out against horrible reworks
I think Lee Sin mains defended their champ gloriously, yet their stasus quo received an underhanded blow in the form of new jungle.
Utora (NA)
: Rek'sai Q&A [COMPLETED]
Seeing Xer'sai are actually a species, I'm wondering if other void champs also belong to a species? I always thought them as one in kind; tailored for specific purpose. Or Xer'sai are some kind of a mass-produced army similiar to voidlings?
: Does anyone else get a plagiarized from LoL vibe from Overwatch?
I remember many quotes of champions widely used by many units of RTS before. In fact they're like slangs. For example I remember 'One Shot, One Kill' text from CoD, and I'm sure the word used even before. In fact I would say most of the LoL champions sounded cliche when I first I started. (I was thinking Master Yi was a Sam Fisher ripoff with barely any relation, it happens..) They become 'original' when people involved on them and Riot started get more creative.
: Kalista Q&A [Completed]
What is her standarts for a vengeance to start and end?
Ququroon (NA)
: New Batch of Texture Rebalances!
Are there any Animation Update in plans for already updated champions?
Avious (EUNE)
: @Riot consider adding a freeze visual effect to Ashe's Ultimate
I'll up this idea for aesthetics, 'freeze' looks cool with Sejuani ulti; however I think they will need to make it different for the flashy word of clarity.
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric? PART II. Pics or it didn't happen!
I liked that guy's caramalized hammers, makes me think how would Taric look if his gems on himself were truly transparent and whole. Mmm, tasty and stylish.
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric?
About place origins, I think he does have chance at Targon; because most of birthstone stuff I hear always came from ancient Roman or Greek. How much of an original and unique centurion armor of gems you guys can make? Maybe more unique like carthagen with elephants feel, mysterious oriental gems combined with occidental arms prowess?
Zeta (NA)
: I talked about this at length a long time ago, so I'm just going to post my personal conceptions of what Taric should be: His defining three traits are **Kindness**, **Aestheticism**, and **Self-Awareness**. I think he also has a fourth, less-defining but still important trait. **Kindness:** Taric wants to help anyone who asks for it, no matter what. You know how David Tennant's Doctor is "No Second Chances"? How Soraka has this backstory about being betrayed by Warwick and wants to be less naive in the future? Taric doesn't have those things. Through what I suspect is past personal hardship, he has a sense of empathy that is willing to connect with anyone. If a Voidling asked Taric for help, Taric would help them. He knows other people might betray this - but he's both physically and mentally strong enough to know he can deal with the consequences. And the benefits of helping everyone always outweigh a broken heart. **Aestheticism:** Taric loves all beautiful things. This is not limited to outward beauty, either. Taric is the kind of person who would see a monster as beautiful as long as it possesses a noble heart. He cultivates all kinds of beauty in himself, both spiritual and physical. Though he knows that this can be off-putting or intimidating to people. Some people will mistake him for being shallow, but that isn't the case - beauty is an expression of his chief idea of kindness. **Self-Awareness:** Taric is aware of himself. This is where the true humor and levity of the character can be expressed. He knows people think he's naive for always being willing to trust. He knows people think he's shallow for having an interest in beauty. He knows people think he's conceited because he has a pretty face. And he knows that some people are suspicious of his generous nature and are looking for non-existent ulterior motives in him. Taric is highly aware of all these things, and when his gentle words can't soothe himself or others, he's not above trying to lighten the mood with some self-depreciating humor. He's especially fond of making fun of himself for being outrageously too good to be true. The difference between Braum and Taric's humor is that I think Braum tries to make people laugh and feel good by building them up, but Taric has a bit of a habit learned from childhood of trying to tear himself down in front of other people. That's why he sometimes spouts goofy lines like "Gems are outrageous", while dripping with sarcasm. Think of it as Tyrion's sense of humor in Jaime's body. **The Fourth Trait:** Taric happens to be gay. Yep. It doesn't totally define him, but it was responsible for a lot of hardship early on in his life and has partially influenced his ideals of kindness and beauty. Taric also probably has affections for some kind nobleman patron in Runeterra. Though I can't say for sure if those affections are reciprocated, I'd like to think they are because the "Gay guy falls in love with straight man and is celibate and pines forever" trope is a bit old and insulting at this point.
You expressed how I would like to see Taric ( or convinced?). I may question the humor part and help at all cost ideology but still bravo. It also shows how much unintentional "mysterious" and "alien" feeling, with his origins being unknown. Lots of clouds around the gem knight, but it doesn't stem from himself but from others eyes.
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric?
Personality wise, he is quite serene man; even in battle and death it seems. It is something quite lacking the men of League, they are either ambitous, cheerful, mad, have severe anger issues or they show they were merely supressing their wild side (hikkuuuu). He, on the other side, naturally calm, that much he looks disinterested with what's going on other than the gems. But he actually gives a hand to people, for reasons we players don't know. Kinda like Soraka but she is quite involved on helping others. So what may be the reason that Taric cover people? He has no affilation, he doesn't sound like a cheerful strongman like Braum, nor he burdened with responsibilities like Leona. He just happens to help with no boring philosophical excuse or creed, quite interesting.
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric?
I would like seeing Taric a true human gem that not 'commands' all those precious gem but call forth their value. As in most people could can't get pass their monetary value, while Taric understands their very essence, where most people simply got swayed by stone's 'prestige'. So being a 'human of gem' means alluring existence of a man, staying true to his gem ideals; when Taric walks and tossing troublemakers around, you should can't help but get fascinated like you just saw a 86 carat diamond among the crude earth.
Rouge913 (NA)
: I own sion now when the rework comes out do i get rework or is this like a completely new champion???
Don't give Riot ideas... o_O
: Sion Champion Update Q&A [COMPLETED]
Why Sion says many psychotic things but never swears once? Or I'll assume profanity filter is included for ressurection services.
Ququroon (NA)
: Yeah... Helmet Bro isn't exactly the luckiest dude around. I'm not sure how they keeps finding themself in these situations.
I think the situations find him.
: Sion Champion Update Q&A [COMPLETED]
Is Sion a hack job to Aatrox's tastes?
: Whats the story behind his peg leg?
Even Sion doesn't remember when he lost it. Well, I too had forgetten stuff around somewhere, but dude is a real airhead.
: Sion Champion Update Q&A [COMPLETED]
How much alcohol for that Sion to get drunk? Also how Noxus managed to keep his corpse muscly for 3-4 generations?
Opeli (NA)
: You mean how his actual voice sounds? People with deep, commanding voices can be good guys.
Oh, I meant he sounds too 'eager' to make world join Shurima. Well, I guess it's good because Shurima is like most awesome empire ever for the failed emperor. He is polite enough to introduce it at least.
: Azir Q&A: Art & Sound - COMPLETED
Do we ever gonna have Super Shurima Fan Azir Skin? Assuming that it is not already his classic skin.
: > >(Serious questions) > >Did Azir rule alone, or would there have been a...Mrs. Azir? > > It's safe to say he was... popular with the ladies. Harem confirmed.
Think about the conspiracies made in that harem. How do you think Xerath convinced that Azir must 'ascend', keh keh.
Opeli (NA)
: Azir Q&A: Creative - COMPLETED
What he thinks of Leona, shining brightly ever when he wanted to be a walking sun himself! Even the color theme looks similiar hmm... How seperate were Targon and Shurima again?
Opeli (NA)
: Like, do they participate in furry culture...? But, seriously, yeah - they all take on an animal form. Xerath overdid it.
Which animal Xerath would end up as if he took the suntan?
Opeli (NA)
: He wishes to do it peacefully, but he's not afraid of using force. It will only happen if he's forced his hand.
He sounds too overbearing to do things peacefully.
: And now for someone on Inven and/or Pixiv to make a comic about Azir learning modern culture, maybe being taught by Sivir or Cass. I think it'd be funny.
Gnar is more experienced than him now, maybe he can teach a thing or two!
Opeli (NA)
: Azir Q&A: Creative - COMPLETED
When Azir accepting visitors and ambassadors?
Opeli (NA)
: Azir Q&A: Creative - COMPLETED
Why can't Azir just let go his lost empire? What he gonna rule there anyway, sands? Though I can somehow see him modeling his whole empire with sand then play empire in his head. Now I kinda got sad for him...
: Azir Q&A: Art & Sound - COMPLETED
Where does Azir's name comes from? Should we expect a Rioteer has a pigeon named Riza this time?
: What inspired you to make a caveman like Yordle? Who would be friends on the rift? Is Shyvana jealous that Gnar transforms into a bigger monster? Is mini Gnar still conscious when he is gigantic?
I think he would have shroomed him already before he became champion if not for his Mega form.
Opeli (NA)
: Gnar Q&A - Creative [COMPLETED]
Do you guys going to cover the expenses for those in care who got overdosed from his cutesy? Why is he unforgivingly cute? Think about the children Riot!
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Gnar Q&A - Gameplay [COMPLETED]
I remember you said you wanted to design a transforming champion back then gypsylord; so I guess mission accomplished? :) In an orginal way even. I also love mini Gnar Q fetch-play, E double hop and Mega Gnar R monstrous sweep. Should we assume your future champion kits going to have a not-really-an-active abilities in their QWE? I mean Vi has W, Jinx has Q; and now Gnar has W. I feel like it is going to be a trademark like CertainlyT making certainly broken kits. I saw Gnar lose HP when going Mega to Mini; can he die that way? Also does he get effected by stuff that adjust healing received like Ignite, Spirit Visage, Dominion buff etc.? How big the hitbox of mega Gnar; he looks really big! Bigger than dragon Shyvana and Hecarim I dare to say. Also how his hitbox works during transformation? That mini Gnar W is OP!
: Gnar Q&A - Art & Sound [COMPLETED]
So many questions to ask, so few left for me. -> Why he wears no underwear!! Does Gnar even have manners? -> What's up with blue fur on him, are they paint? -> Do the words he says has any meaning, or he is a weirdo even for ancient standarts? -> Do any of the servers gonna actually do their own VO to him? -> Why his headgear gets smaller when he goes mega? -> Does he says his own name when going Mega? -> Can we learn all of his words in latin alphabet?
Opeli (NA)
: Gnar Q&A - Creative [COMPLETED]
Questions galore; answer in moderation! -> Does Gnar is still himself when he goes mega? -> How one can actually piss off that caveyordle? -> How much of a culture shock Gnar received after he skip forward few ages? Does he can even tell the difference? -> Who actually sheltered him in Bandle City? The Zoo, The Academy or Teemo's parents who did not learnt their lesson? -> Rengar and Gnar looks like they would be hunters in arms, but Gnar's lore depict them fighting. Or that's how their friendship started? -> Do Nidalee see him as a pet, a food, a cushion or zomg a beast kill it? -> Do Ezreal thinks that he belongs to a museum? -> Do Heimerdinger fascinated by him, or despised by him?
: Lists of Legends: Champion Teasers You Might’ve Missed, Part One
They made different teasers with start of Quinn, but there were no art teasers for Thresh, Vi and Syndra?
: My simple digital art of Gnar the Missing Link
: Gnar as support?
I think you can build him AP early to hit like a truck in laning with a duo (W use 100% of Ap), but will be quite risky and times you turn mega may detrimental to you. Later you can switch to tankier to have use of his epic teamfights I believe. But sounds like you need a solid gold amount from laning, and getting support items may make his bloom later.
: Sona's Rework - Discussion thread
I like the ideas behind New Sona, but I don't have her pre-rework numbers to compare so I'll share some concerns instead. - Does her any ranges changed? I know E range is no more since it doesn't send a friendly "missile" but how about the others? - Again about changed E, I think her old E targeting must have preserved and gave a different buff with the E zone. It speeds up more but not feels impactful as I've imagined. - Her Q buff seems to have a clunkiness, when I cast Q and power chord, I notice the buff didn't gone with the buffed attack, and I still have the Q buff; even though I attack after pressing Q. - Similarily, I also noticed she switches power chord amplification with delay too, not the instant you switch songs. Are those intended? - An unpopular opinion of me, I have a feeling that you are holding back of her QWE to keep her ulti strong as before. Because it was iconic and people wanted it to stay. However I think this hurts her non-ulti presence very ignorable, unlike other supports. In their non-ultis tanky supports have the CC, Soraka has her rather unfair bursty heal combined with resist buffs, Janna who feels squishy as Sona, has tools to keep aggressors back. Even non-traditional supports like Annie, Zyra and Morgana have strong presence on their non-ultis. In the other hand, Sona feels like she doing a "maintanence", my opponents have nothing to be careful with me when my ulti is on cooldown. Do you have any plans to shift her ulti power to rest of her kit? - She still has that huge weakness combined with her squisness during lane, not having a reliable retreat spell in her non ultis. It was manageable before with the non-clunky Q poke and that you could contribute from backline. So when you were trying to recover, it didn't felt like you're ditching your partner. In the new one however, I may end up as an accidental kill when trying to matter. - Neither her E or W seems to be effecting the people I try to save as I intended. When an ally gets ganked or grouped in an area where I could rush and reach, I can't seem to make their escape happen unless I waste an ulti. Ultimate is not always available. For E I have to put myself in range of aggressors, which makes me the new target instead. W is more reliable, but since armor boosting stuff changed, now I have to do same thing like in E and be an unneeded martyr on run. Well, I can always left my allies to their fate, but how is that "supporting" when they're within my reach then? My reach feels so small and fragile.. - And my last concern, she is not the one who covers the team anymore, but instead the team members become the ones who should cover her. Being a liability when I pick Sona doesn't sit well me, that's a huge playing style change there. Do this new mentality is going to be changed or should I get used to it? I believe you would do something about risks Sona takes vs risks other supports take, and I hope my points are sound as I think them. Keep up the pressure like in recent good stuff you've made Riot! :)


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