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: AP Itemization on PBE (8.4)
{{item:3802}} 25 AP {{item:1026}} 40 AP {{item:1052}} 20 AP Total 85 AP from components {{item:3285}} gives 80 AP in total. I hope this will be looked at, it's definitely mildly infuriating to lose 5 AP upon completing the item
: So, Normal Draft...
I hope that you find a good solution to replace Dratf pick. Below I'd like to voice my opinions about different queues. Blind; I do not like to start fighting with my own team, starting on champion select, rather than fighting enemy team Draft; default queue to go when playing solo or with friends. Most important factor for why I choose Draft is role selection Flex; it is ranked queue, and I would never queue there to learn specific chmapions/roles (Sol jungle for example). I cannot queue with my friends in the Flex either, as some of them are in Silver (and I'm Plat) Solo; this will probably be pretty much same as Flex queue for me, as in ranked I will always focus 100% on winning and gaining that sweet LP I'd probably be satisfied with Blind pick with Draft's/Ranked's role selection. Bans¹ would be great addition, but having 20 champions to play sounds like a punch in new players' faces. Maybe transfer from Blind Roles -> Blind Roles & Bans queue when account hits level 30 (this would require other tuning, too, but I'm just throwing ideas out here) ¹In Blind bans could go something like: 15s Champion declare, 15s Simultaneous bans, 45s Picks (some time could be cut here compared to current blind as you'd have already roles selected) ²All players would choose what they want to ban (you can see teammates ban intents) and then after the 15 seconds it automatically locks in, showing up all of them. This could result having a champion banned, but would result in faster champion select experience -Karppa
: Summoner Icon on the boards...
I've been stuck with this Cat icon for _couple of weeks_ now. I like cats, but I like Shurima more. I want my Ascension icon to show up :c
: Crafting the Client: The Play Loop
Taken from champ select picture, bubble 3: > Tweak these settings for any given champ and it'll be saved as the default loudout for that character the next time you roll them. Are we able to save runes & masteries for each role per champion in draft queue? It'd be great if I could have (for example) my jungle Karthus runes and masteries ready if I decide to log him in as jungler instead of midlaner. -Karppa
: This will pull your Match History Details page up for you (without exiting the end of game screen). This already has a lot of the features folks want for their end of game stats but additional ones can be updated as match history is updated :D
I'm still kind of confused; does the "Advanced details" open up similar page as the match history in client, or does it open up the match history page in browser?
: It shouldn't, we can see the specs from the different machines you use. The fact that you don't have a PBE account DOES NOT affect your chances of getting in the alpha :).
What a relief to hear that PBE account does not affect, thanks for answer(s). ^-^
: League client update alpha sign-ups now open
Hey, I play League regularly on 3 different pcs. Most of the time I play on that super low-end laptop with my friends, but when I feel like playing more seriously I hop to either one of the better pcs. I hope that my chances getting in to LCU doesn't drop too much because of the low-end laptop. :^) So, the question which I had in my mind; Does the fact that I don't have PBE account affect in my chances to get in? It's nice to see that you give players chances to test new things in this early stages of development^-^ -Karppa
: Thanks for the extensive response! I am not going to be adding in a jungle page for her because that is not one of her main positions(that doesn't mean you can't play it, please do if you find it fun/successful). I updated her page. Liandry's was already in her essential page for me, can you double check to make sure it wasn't included in yours. I also swapped locket for banner and frozen heart for zhonya. Thanks again for the thorough response!
Heya, I had to double check that Liandry's doesn't exist in my recommended items, I was quite sure that I might have just missed it due to being up all night and then writing that post :-/ [Here's screenshot]( what my recommended items look like. I didn't even remember that she had Mobi Boots and not Sorcerer's Shoes? o.O Thanks for updating her items! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Pink Wards, Potions, etc...
Hey, I'm here with couple of things concerning {{champion:143}}. First of all, she doesn't have Recommended Mid items at all. I think that it shouldn't be too hard to implement to new champion select (where it is known where the player is going) for client to choose mid or support items. I can reply my commonly used items on mid if anyone wants to hear. Second, I think that she could have a jungle recommendations too. Because, why not confuse newer players even more if they happen to bring the harmless plant to its home, jungle. :P So, uh, she is pretty easy to jungle after getting second camp down, because the plants can take 6 attacks from monsters before dying. Her ganks are good too: even if the root misses, it will still deal a nice chunk of damage to enemies <3 Third thing, the support recommended items doesn't have {{item:3151}} in there at all! I think it should swap place with {{item:3165}} if you want to keep 3 items per category. {{item:3110}} is second item which I think that I've never bought on Zyra... She's played more as "an AP mid on botlane" than "a real support" (at least in my hands), so I think that having {{item:3157}} in place of Frozen Heart would make more sense. I think this is more personal thing, but I value {{item:3060}} over {{item:3190}} because it gives AP and splitpush threat. I'll gladly answer if you have any questions concerning Zyra. I will answer as well as I can from my experience, 85k xp/gold2 at end of season (sorry if I sound arrogant, I couldn't word up that better). I just _reaaally_ want players to have best possible experience with her. _(Can't wait to see her get a new passive on mid-year mage update...)_ -Karppa
: One For All:SR popular picks & bans discussion
I found Anivia pretty strong pick and played her couple of times. She could proc E double damage from other birds' ulti or Q which was pretty ridiculous (especially at lvl2!). I also loved to block my premade friends to death <3 Kindred was probably my most seen pick on OFA, which was not really that fun. Everyone wanted to give a try to new champion (without investing IP). I was done with him/her/(it) in after couple of games (and ended up banning her/him/(it) whenever I could). She/he/(it) had no epic wombo combos with each other which was pretty much reason to my boredom. Bard was also a popular pick (and ban) in my games, probably because someone wanted to try what it feels like to have pretty much infinite Magical journeys. Mostly bans were pretty diverse in my matches, due to my friends banning "troll picks" which I wanted to play. RIP {{champion:16}}, {{champion:83}} and couple of others </3 I was really surprised that I saw Shaco only once and banned only twice or so (out of 50 games). I thought that he would be more popular since he can go AD or AP and he has dat sneaky Q. _ Btw, Draven vs. Ziggs one of the funniest match-ups I played_ Cheers, Karppa


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