: Das neue Bansystem von Riot total überempfindlich und ungerecht
IST. War es zu schwer da noch ein IST in deinen Titel zu packen? Außerdem sind das hier die englischen Boards. Hier: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/de/ Und nein das System ist fair.
: Riot should do a chart of what is a bannable offense and what is?
> [{quoted}](name=DiamondStef,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=KWukJm2Q,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-02T16:11:30.401+0000) >if somebody wants to provoke and bait you in flaming then that should not be a punishable offense and yet the system will repeatedly punish people. Well it is, flaming back is as much of a punishable offense than just flaming whether you like it or not. The moment you fall into the same pattern as your opposite you too ruin the game for the rest of the players and are more prone to tilt. And thats really the key point here about all the people complaining, naturally the will feel like they are in the right but what they dont realize is: they arent. Best wishes
: Your top 3 mastery champions create one super-champion...
{{champion:38}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:7}} Well then! I guess this will be fun - for me.
gubigubi (NA)
: I'd really love to see LeBlanc reworked to be more focused around her clones and being a deceiver instead of a burst assassin. I love her as she is now but I really wish she did more with her clone.
I thought we wanted LESS shitty minigames? As a LB main myself I wouldnt mind seeing changes to her kit allowing her more versatility while being less obnoxious to play against in lane but dont degrade another champion into a shitty mage (im looking at you {{champion:103}} )
: Champion Gameplay Values 2016
Hi Scruffy and thank you for giving us this insight, now onto the post: > Values we want **a lot less of**: Burden on other players to participate > Values we want **a lot more of**: Counterplay I genuinely hope things like Tahm Kenchs W fall under this too. To be quite honest, I've not been the biggest fan of these types of _"forced"_ interactions yes they have their place in the game too but let it be something well thought and rare. >Values we want a little less of: Unique experience Thank you, wholeheartedly agreed >Values we want a little less of: Mechanical Execution Mastery I dont agree with this one, looking back at 2015 the only champion that genuinely fits into this category is Azir. I think that every other champion had a decent mix. And these types of champions are already a _"subset"_ of the champion pool, i'd be sad to see _**even less**_. >Values we want a little less of: Mobility Thats a bit of a tough one and always depends on how its executed to be honest. While I found myself playing less mobile champions lately I do have a natural preference torwards mobile champions (relevant name, I know). I dont really believe that the amount of mobility is what matters though so saying "we want more" or "we want less" is a bit confusing to me, it really just depends on the implementation to make it feel good to have or overbearing. --- A point I'd like to add: **"Repetitiveness"**. With that I mean the occurrence of the same/similar abilities/mechanics on several champions in a rather short order a la 3-hit-passives. Now obviously after +120 champions its hard to come up with something different all the time but I dont think that this is even needed, i'd just like to see it more evenly spread among releases. Thoughts?
: Shen didn't get a Recall Animation :c
Unfortunately Shens update is only a minor one that doesnt include a recall as seen with several other examples.
: Hey Kassadin Bot! You will be able to upgrade shards into permanent skins and re-roll shards into permanent skins. We have skins from 520 RP - 3250 RP. Legacy skins are included.
Thanks for the quick reply and cheers for the new crafting system man!
Aykori (EUW)
: So, do I have a chance to unlock Black Alistar or Ufo Corki for example?
These are limited and not included afaik!
Mirross (NA)
: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
What type of skins can be permanently obtained? Which price ranges? And are legacy skins included and if not are they going to be when the vault reopens?
: The Preseasoning Day 2: Open Forum [VISION / STARTING ITEMS / RIFT HERALD / ETC]
Any context on the several (and sometimes severe *cough* Zhonyas *cough*) nerfs to AP items across the board?
: The Preseasoning: Day 1 Open Forum Discussion
Most changes are as expected, im particularly pumped for the new starting items and the changes to Quinn & Valor (more Kindred-esque duo?). Not sure what to think about the removal of mana pots but lets see how it goes. CHOO CHOOO!
: Cosmic Reaver Kassadin...
I really hope that in future we might see more skins of this line :)
khorney (NA)
: Kassadan is weak
Honestly, the last thing we need is Kassadin seeing more play and he already DOES get picked in the competitive scene albeit there is a difference between that and soloq. Apart from that, the meta just doesnt favor him right now (especially not on toplane). On the matter of Kassadin-vs-mages, Kassadin does counter mages but he is a horrible champion to lane as and that is intended. After level 6 things get a lot better and especially from level 11 onwards Kassadin can dumpster most mages. A big problem for Kassadin (or for the average player) is "Why would you pick Kassadin?" if you can just pick other champions, the trade off between horrible early game vs a strong lategame is not good enough. I can only suggest to wait and see how the preseason changes go and how they impact the gameplay, the meta and Kassadin overall, if nothing changes (or things get worse for Kassadin) id say buffs would be warranted. In this scenario i'd hope that they dont buff his early game but just further more improve his mid to lategame. Having a really shitty early game sucks but its one of the key ingredients to gate his power. Best wishes.
iainB85 (NA)
: Want to know why Riot cancelled achievements? Look no further than Black Market Brawlers.
> Luckily it's only for a limited time event There you go, I think this really is a key part and also the reason why I disagree. I would assume that if Riot were to release a batch of achievements next patch, achievements that are not time limited, it wouldnt really matter and people would try to get them on the fly. The amount of people exclusively focusing on getting the achievements would likely still increase for the first days after the release but after that numbers should normalize. Apart from that, I yet have to see someone in my games actually prolong games because he needs more Krakens.
Biffolo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Atomiai,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=d9axEHcX,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2015-07-24T23:14:22.090+0000) > > That was the old image, they used THIS image today at the beginning of LCS. The other image is more of a close in: > > https://pp.vk.me/c624030/v624030814/19144/ypooXlqEujI.jpg They used that one earlier in the lcs as well Im pretty sure.
: Upvote if you want the new Irelia splash immediately.
This picture has been around since early into the year, unfortunately nothing has happened and I doubt we are going to see it in the game up until her update or if we will see the whole splash at all.
: > [{quoted}](name=PhoenixSlayer13,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=d9axEHcX,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-07-24T21:04:23.835+0000) > > It'll probably come with the Irelia VU / Rework The Anivia splash just came by itself, so I don't know...Have they announced an Irelia rework?
Yep, she is up for a Gameplay and Visual Update! Has been a long time since we have heard anything about Irelia - mainly being that her VU depends on when her new, reworked kit is ready and wont be released prior to that, it also got noted that its most likely "still far off" though months have passed since then obviously.
Ptarlorr (NA)
: Aaaaaand you must be Zaddelz
If the UOL icon and name didnt make it obvious enough, yes I am :p
: Riot should give the Moo that Rusty Blitzcrank bc he deserve it winkwonk nudgenudge
: Watching us from the shadows in a castle of Mountain Dew.
I watched enough Game of Thrones to know where this is going
: Interview with Surrender@20's Moobeat!
> I've always tried to keep Surrender@20 the type of site that I would visit frequently: no shortcuts, in depth coverage, no annoying-as-hell full page takeover ad that I've got to dumpster if I want to just see content. And that has been working out greatly, im using S@20 ever since march 2013 and im super happy that we have people like Moobeat in the community. PS: official mobile app when? :p {{champion:17}}
woops (NA)
: thanks Zack
There you go we have a new stream title "im just here" ;D ~.Z
: > [{quoted}](name=Angelofchaos16x,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qbmRVoP7,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-03-26T16:54:40.666+0000) > > His is after {{champion:78}} but b4 {{champion:13}}. These 2 its a full rework, GP is a smaller rework, so it is going to be somewhere in there. We should be close to poppy's relauch, so gp will be soon after Dost thou have proof of what thou sayeth, summoner?
Misys (NA)
: Kassadin "needs to pay respect to the enemy's tank line" -Riot, patch 5.4
Different champions, different kits, different stories. You're making it way too easy for you OP by just taking some random numbers from random champions out of context - trying to prove nothing with nothing. All your fancy numbers aside, Kassadin still has the highest amount of mobility in the game (yes, Nidalees W is disgusting but atleast its not a blink). Riftwalk has more to it than its range, it has a 2 sec cooldown on level 16, it is a blink, and actually deals a *decent* amount of damage, not really high but often overlooked. Kassadin is fine, he currently has a small buff on the PBE (stacking time 20 -> 15) which im personally looking forward too. > Rework his kit into a top lane fighter mage / Rework his ult to be similar to Ahri's ult Horrible, horrible Ideas. I play Kassadin as a high-risk-high-reward assassin and there could be nothing more horrendous for me than seeing his kit turned into the cheesy IBG tank **THAT YOU CAN PLAY** already.
: Boards tip - you can actually quote people directly, even if they're on another thread or board! For example, I can pull the ironstylus quote you used: > [{quoted}](name=IronStylus,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=05T9ion7,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2014-11-15T07:30:39.455+0000) > > I think we have opportunities to do an MTU on him. This is what it looks like. I got it by clicking 'quote' on the post in the thread you linked, then copied the contents over here. \> \[{quoted}](name=IronStylus,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=05T9ion7,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2014-11-15T07:30:39.455+0000) \> \> I think we have opportunities to do an MTU on him.
I dont use the boards often but thats handy to have, thanks a lot.
: Weeks to months rather than months to years :P
Well have been years for me already, but dont worry since the 4 years that I play this game I never stopped supporting this company even through times of misdecisions, and I will probably not stop here now.
: I don't think that'd be the attitude of the majority of our players who are looking for some nice quality changes in the near future versus 3 years from now.
Well near future probably depends a lot from when you're looking at it, that "near future". ;)
: We've taken that honest look, and given time, planning, resources, etc. This is what we can do to deliver some badly-deserved quality for Kassadin in a timely manner.
Appearently, honestly wouldnt have mattered to me waiting 3 more years and getting something good in trade.
: Here's how I see things: We have **plans** and **opportunities. ** **The plans** include a lot of the known big updates, the Visual & Gameplay Updates (VGU's) which are planned out usually super far as they need a lot of planning for execution. The projects can take months to do (maybe a year). They're heavily comprehensive. They're often used for the worst offenders in our game, often characters that need complete gameplay, art and thematic rebuilding, sometimes one of those aspects, sometimes all. The Sions, Tarics, etc. We slot and fantasy slot these far in advance. **The opportunities** include lower scope Model & Texture Updates (MTU's) which aren't planned quite as far out, and are usually jumped on when we see an open slot, or a new gameplay update has been cracked, or we have the ability to borrow art resources from another team. Also when they're themeatically "safe". Nasus was done in this way. The legendary skin enabled his VU. These MTU's are usually built on what we have, existing rig, tweaked animations, etc. The reason being is that if we made them as high scope as full large-scope projects, you wouldn't see them for a year or more. We simply can't accomodate doing 8 Sions a year. While yes, a lot of these champions could benefit from complete tear-downs, we have great opportunities that present themselves. In Kassadin's situation, Tokkelossie, being a big Kassadin fan, had made a completely new model on his own time. So boom, we had a start. Additionally, we started working with an outsourcer that has proven really, REALLY effective in making quality models, and we've begun to leverage them on skins, especially existing skins for VU's. The fast ramp-up can be attributed to having the existing new base model, some work the skins team had been doing, his VFX being in a good place, and a 3D external partner able to handle both reconcepting and remodelling the existing skins allowed us to jump on this. Would it be nice to burn everything down and rebuilt it from scratch? Sure, if we can do that in an optimal time. We could knock down the house, re-pour the foundation, build a new frame, etc. But sometimes, because the opportunity to save time and resources is there, we build on top of a workable foundation with the frame intact.
I wanted a simple **yes** or **no** answer. Anyways, I take that as a confirmation. Sad to see that after the more than 3 years that Kassadin mains had to suffer from "Oh dont worry he is somewhere high up the VU list" our favorite champion does even get stripped off this very glimpse of hope, you might argue that his abilities are "okay" due to being updated together with his rework and I would agree on that completely, but as you know, there is more to a champion than that, his VO is nonexistent as of now and his triangle-shaped body has no place in the game. I dont want a Sion-tier relaunch, just a honest look at Kassadin. Thanks for answering, I appreciate it.
: Champion Update…Update – 1/30/15
This is still leaving a big questionmark open: Are you still going to degrade Kassadin into merely a MTU as stated here by Ironstylus: > "I think we have opportunities to do an MTU on him. ~ Ironstylus" [(source)](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/05T9ion7-is-kassadin-getting-a-vu-or-at-least-a-decent-tu?comment=0005) Are you simply going with it now? It would be a disaster for me if a so called Kassadin fanboy is working on him but doesnt want to give {{champion:38}} the VU he deserves and needs. Best wishes.
: Changes coming to web login bar
These are some really cool changes! Question: We've been told that there is a problem with bigger lore entries due to technical issues with the webpage, can we also expect anything on that matter soon?
Moobeat (NA)
: Excellent.
Moobelz, what is the "PBE" button for and why do I not have it?
: Wait which audio line doesn't make sense? They all sound right to me imo.
: "I didn't see that VU coming." or Nobody Expects the ChampUP Inquisition!
I know that im a little late to the party but I'd like to voice my opinion about something really important for me: > "I think we have opportunities to do an **MTU** on him." - IronStylus about {{champion:38}} [source:](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/05T9ion7-is-kassadin-getting-a-vu-or-at-least-a-decent-tu?comment=0005) For me it's sad to see that Riot gave up on Kassadin, that may come of harsh but its not like that you guys ever showed any interest ([gameplay](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/search?query=kassadin+rework&content_type=discussion) and visually) in him whatsoever, it essentially means that Kassadin, a champion with 10 lines, with one making no sense (13 if we including laughing) and one of the most outdated models in this game that was [supposed to be "high priority" for ages now](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=46817131#46817131 ) is arguebly getting treated worse than he deserves because you people simply dont find the time or the will to work on him (and other champions, ie Evelynn who is still in **Ideation**phase after all this time and talk) and instead come up with a "MTU" simply because "he had his particles slightly updated in the past" - if that's really the deciding factor in the question of VUing or not id have to question the decision to fully **VU** certain other champions in the past. Kassadin hasnt got a skin almost for 4 years, he doesnt have a single decent skin and over the past years we've been told that he is indeed a VU candidate. I've been waiting patiently, trusting, and looking forward to his VU, in the end, only to receive the statement above. Please, look at this champion and reconsider the decision you just did. I've been waiting for a long time and im willing to wait for another 2 years if my favorite champion would receive the treatment he badly needs and deserves. A uncomfortable fan. {{item:3070}}
: I think we have opportunities to do an MTU on him. He sorta just floats so I'm not sure how much animation support we'd need. His particles got a nice pass not too long ago so I could see us plugging in a new model, nothing however is marked on the schedule for such an implementation. He has a fair amount of skins too so we'd have to load that work up also.
There was exactly one Rioter I always trusted and followed blind. was.
: It's not scrapped. The item is complex from an art perspective (it requires a couple unique models), so it's still being made.
Thanks Reinboom! I was really hyped for this item and am patiently looking forward :)
Ypherion (NA)
: Preseason 2015 Q&A [Completed]
What happened to Zz'Rots Portal? Did the item got scrapped?
: How to post an actual picture on the boards rather than an attachment.
Meserion (NA)
: his ultimate has that ratio because they want you to build mana, and frankly it scales pretty decently. All I've wanted for Kassadin for awhile is for his reworked [Q] Null Sphere to have the shield also block all crowd control, effects while the shield is up in a similar manner to Morgana's Black Shield, but considering the it only lasts for 1.5 seconds it would be way less Imba than Morgana's [E] Black Shield. Some might argue this is op but Kassadin feels 'naked' without his silence because he jumps and gets focused down :( The CC shield would be the pair of pants he needs to have a effective layer of protection even if the shield only lasts for 1.5 seconds
When they changed his W active to the current one they simply could've nerfed the silence slightly to 1sec and moved it to the W but oh well, only one of many ideas no one will ever see because certain Rioters dont care about Kassadin players.
: meanwhile, the top rated post is...lol
If you cant find the difference between setting up a good post, argueing well and saying "lol they sck fck rito" its your own problem.
: > As I already said, if you dont like it, you're free to leave, no one is gonna miss you. oh so you speak for everyone now.
Yes I do, no one is gonna miss someone that calls others troll for no appearent reason and hates on the company that created this game. lol. Anyways, this was my last reply I dont have the will to waste more of my time with you.
: > GD was one of the most toxic and worst places to exist, and you're free to leave together with it instead of calling out people for having an opposite opinion. > > They're not going to change it back. Here is your train of thought: Tells someone to get over it, a provocative comment. Person states how badly they hate boards. Person with provocative comment says other person is "calling them out" They succcccccccccccccccccccccccccck
As I already said, if you dont like it, you're free to leave, no one is gonna miss you.
: > Get over it for once. No. Boards fucking suck. It would be fine if they were comparable, but they arent. Old GD was astronomically better. Get out troll
GD was one of the most toxic and worst places to exist, and you're free to leave together with it instead of calling out people for having an opposite opinion. They're not going to change it back.
: "I Don't Like Boards" has been moved to "Miscellaneous" from "Boards Feedback"
GenoXx (NA)
: Showing Concern for the Uknown Areas Of Valoran.
I hope they get finally rid of this god awful map and get a actually good one done.
Dyonas (NA)
: Kassadin the fallen, the Void Walker with no power
As a Kassadin main myself, I think he is quite "fine" right now and could maybe need some slight buffs, I'd like to see his ultimate ratio switched out for an AP one again. But If it really would go my way I would re-rework him again, Kassadin currently doesnt bring much to the table and his kit is just "meh", a "meh" shield, a "meh" slow and a "meh" ultimate - all spells that got nerfed to the ground one way or another. I'd rather go and critize Riot here (im looking at you @Statikk) for their extreme lack of communication and feedback gathering while they were reworking Kassadin, the fact that Scruffy alone did work on Skarner simultaneously and always posted something or asked for feedback compared to the fact that there was not even a Kassadin thread makes me still go angry till this very day. {{champion:38}} {{item:3070}}
: i doubt he will get a voicover rework though...
He's probably talking about a new VO which are usually delivered together with VUs. :)
: RIOT, When are we getting the Shurima Lore?
They stated that the lore will be added *after* the event is done. That doesnt mean that it will be added immediatly but later, when its ready. Soon™
: Malzahar Kassadin and... Karthus?
It is likely that the whole Kassadin vs Malzahar (and the Void) plot remains untouched to the most parts imo since these things all usually occured outside of the whole city-state and IOW issues and this story was pretty solid. :) I can imagine them getting rid of Karthus as a character here though, he seems out of place.
Opeli (NA)
: Azir Q&A: Creative - COMPLETED
How much of Runeterra (regions, city states etc.) does Azir know/remember from old-Shuriman days? How much has changed for him?
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