: >what adc should i play karthus ziggs heimer ? well if you want to win games before the new crit updates then yes those 3, brand adc is actually pretty good as well tho. the actual viable AD adcs are kai'sa, lucian, twitch and ezreal, 3 of which are pretty good into zyra brand as well.
i really wonder why the champs that are non crit and good against zyra brand got better winrates makes me wonder what would happen if dmg supports got nerfed and adcs could farm better and get faster items
: i can see why a draven main would hate damage supports as they are pretty much your only counter lmao
Draven got negative winrate what adc should i play karthus ziggs heimer ? all up there with the best winrates you know why cause they can freely cs while being out of range and still deal dmg now lets take a look at other adcs Kalista : awful range 46% winrate Varus : no mobility short ranged 46% winrate Xayah : same until lvl 6 (and even after lvl 6 gets os by brand easily)46% winrate Tristana : short range cant cs for shit but got her w 48% winrate Caitlyn : got the best range but even she gets hit by brand W easily without aa him 48%winrate pretty sure the winrates with jinx kog ashe mf vs brand zyra are way lower then showed i wish i could go back to lethality jhin varus , or as champs like kog jinx or crit champs lke cait trist but they are no good whats left is draven
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: And what’s wrong with a damage support?
nothing but if a brand W fucks you so hard that you cant even cs or move in aa range to the cs you think thats okey ? i dont want to lose 200hp for every cs i try to take edit: i saw that you are gold i dont know how these players are in gold since i am more like D3-D2 but a brand can perfectly zone you out fo melee minons if he is good you forget about the 14g ranged minons getting the melee is a pain in the ass
: excuse me, but i believe youre asking papa riot to *nerf* their damage, not buff it satire aside seriously i can deal with zyra, but brand, oml i permaban him whenever i botlane, cause its like no matter how far behind he is his damage is bullshit, and the only counterplay to his ult is "move away from allies" which isnt exactly the best thing to do if they have some sort of fed assasin or someone like camille or irelia, and it even bounces to minions so in lane its a bit harder to run away.
nerf there base dmg is all i say so they cant snowball as supports
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: "Passife gives 50% crit chance" where do you not see the crit ???
that one i missed (: but its still to pricy for early and in late it will be too much
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: Crit Item Explorations
IE Direction 1 - IE Reversion : pls do that. IE Direction 2 : 5k for not even having crit so you have to buy atleast another zeal item which makes it 6300 atleast to be viable ... common you guys are better then this which is also too boring going for one item that cost 5k but on the other hand lategame adc would be way too op. [25% Crit Zeal Items] : how about you lower the gold and value you get from zeal down so it cost around 1100 and then make it so you have to buy 2zeal items to ge to rapid or statik even lowering brawlers down on gold and to 5€ crit so the overall item gets lower or the other idea replace kircheis shard. :the idea of a lower crit on zeal items but higher on as is not so bad if the ie change happens too. and i really think zeal items are the problem for crit to be either useless or broken not ie itself. hexdrinker : if you chaange that we dont have any mr item to build the overall idea with pd aint that bad but pls add mr to it : which kinda forces you into pd since you get more value out of the other zeal items i mean attack dmg crit as and def are too much essence reaver : no comment on that one i liked the first one that came out and after that rip [Multi proc Stormrazor] : now this one is cool really cool for offtanks : imagin renekton hitting you with his w you are basicly dead.same with jax and other offtanks they got the ms to catch up to you got gap closer and now that dmg thats too much for them. while trying to buff adc you would make offtanks way stronger by this. [Buffed Last Whisper]: thank god pls do this one. i am tried of dealing negativ dmg to tanks [New Maw] : this one looks good but the problem is if you build it as a third item you might get trouble with item space my ideas.
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