: he's not a smurf. hes just silver 3. they start you in mid silver on new accounts for some reason. so new players get stomped pretty hard.
Pretty bad matchmaking then :L
: To be honest, I have run into a couple of nice players in League, and when I mean a couple, I mean I can count them on one hand. I count nice as in someone who actively goes out of their way in the game to ask how someone is doing, how their life is, or something that strikes a good conversation. I've run into at most 3 people who were like that in my entire League career since 2011. The rest are either neutral where they don't talk that much, or toxic. Sadly, the latter is much more common than the former.
Yeah, it's a shame that the community is like this because the game itself is really good, it's just ruined by the fact that the people who play it are hateful immature children. I have encountered some players who are quite good at the game but don't flame or do anything in chat, also there are those that are positive to begin with but then descend into being toxic because the others around them are looking for a scapegoat when they realize they most likely won't win the game.
: Sorry for the terrible experience, and I'd like to say that the community as a whole isn't toxic, but I don't want to sugarcoat it for you. A good portion of this community is toxic, with a high portion of it being the Ranked part of this community. My advice? Mute them, play with friends, or play one of the more "fun" gametypes. The League community isn't "newbie" friendly at all, and your best bet to improve is to practice with friends rather than others. Though, if you do manage to find a few diamonds in the rough, be sure to become friends with them, and learn from them. There are nice people in this game, though you have to actively go out and search for them if you want to find them.
I have come across some friendly players but like you say, they are few and far between. Thank you for your advice, the mute option sounds most appealing to me ;)
: Having people learn the hard way in a game with thousands of people just creates a never ending flood of people who are throwing games by existing. If people want to just have fun without knowing anything, they can go play ARAM or Rotating game mode. And you are incorrect, people level accounts by playing bots until they cannot get more experience from that. So they relatively do not know or get anything.
Yeah i understand that i may have no "business" being in ranked having just got to level thirty. But i didn't have much choice given the people i am being matched with in unranked now i'm level thirty. It seems the matchmaking is virtually non existent in unranked, which is probably why there is that gap you stated between level thirties and ranked. I queued ranked not because i am cocky or that i think i am some sort of rank one, i queued it because i thought maybe i would be matched with players of equal skill. Obviously i found out the ugly way that this is very much not the case. So i have two choices; play ranked and get slandered because i am being way overmatched or play unranked and get slandered because i am being overmatched... So i keep getting slagged off, not learning anything about my champion, other champions or the game is general, my confidence is getting lower and lower and this is making me perform worse as the games go by. Unfortunately this game is just a no-go for new players, maybe Riot are aware of this issue, but from what i hear it's been like this for some time, and if it's been like this for some time they most likely won't change it.
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