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Mortdog (NA)
: Blue Essence Earn Rates - Learning the Numbers with Carl and Henrietta
As a current member of bronze league I would like to point out a very serious problem that this system may bring over time. As majority of player base knows no matter how good you are down in bronze almost doesn't matters because there will always be a few members on your team that will feed oponent so hard that all your hard work you have put in the match will not matter because you will get crushed by your extremely feed opponents. And as I suspect champions are balanced around players with higher skill level this system is going to bring even more frustration into Bronze. If new players get awarded more often they will be able to buy more champions and therefore they will put less time into learning specific champion's mechanics and therefore skill level will significantly drop. They will not understand how their and other champions work and how you can play versus enemy champion with theirs one. This will result with less game knowledge and ultimately feeding. What I am trying to say is that Riot should make a system that would bring current and new players to a point that there would be less difference in skill level between professional & highly skilled and new & less experienced players and therefore the game would be automatically better balanced in all leagues, which in my opinion new system will not bring because it counters this philosophy. Please share your opinion and correct me if I have given incorrect information somewhere.
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