: Why League of Legends Isn't As Awesome As It Could Be - @Morello, @Meddler
I will never get tired of praising all the effort and good work put in a single post. Please, Riot, consider this design philosophy so League of Legends can raise from just an average game (with immense potential) to a rounded and polished crafted one, where everything has a powerful reason to exist. That's the only way this game could prevail the years to come and more... Please, Riot, make the perfect MOBA.
DrNova (NA)
: Zilean Rework idea
Firts of all, a properly time mage should not look like a grenade launcher. The current kit he has is a completely waste and a design mess. Zilean should be reworked to the roots. According to your suggestion, I think Riot tried that idea, but turned out to be utterly broken with certain pick configurations. I like it anyway.
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Feathermane (EUNE)
: Why does Jax autoattack during Couterstrike?
Jax is an awful designed stats ball with a completely binary playstyle. He is one of the few characters that can actually win a duel smashing at the same time Q, W, E and R. It's a pitty because he has a very interesting art design and so much potential. Please, make something interesting to Jax in order to be a skillful character with options to use with in duels and skirmishes. Here is a perfect example how Jax should be. http://lolredesigns.blogspot.com.es/2013/02/champion-redesign-jax-grandmaster-at.html
: Yorick is a champ that really does need work, I agree. To answer your question, unfortunately Xelnath is working on other things so the Yorick project is on hold. I know that we will come back to it some day and the work Xelnath did gives us a good head start. But he is currently not in the pipe.
Please, make this in Yorick rework: http://lolredesigns.blogspot.com.es/2013/01/champion-redesign-yorick-gravedigger.html It is fun, theme-accurate and has interesting new gameplay mechanics. Yorick needs to feel like a necromancer.
: Tenacity may soon no longer be important in most games.
Characters should have displacements and knock ups defense innately, because they play with characters body (unlike stuns and fears, "mind control" effects that can be reduced with tenacity). Nautilus should be almost impossible to elevate or displace, by the other hand, little Gnar should fly high with a single Janna Q.


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