: what if waterwalking rune interacted with nami wave?
It would be too hard to implement on my opinion
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: So picking {{champion:157}} is bannable now? kappa
He need to wait till he get his 0/10/0 powerspike lel
Detrimis (NA)
: Nerfed wrong part of Pyke
Umh i belive that the issue is on his ult dmg because as mid/top , he get more exp as supp and this leave him to oneshot other lane while roaming. The E+Q clear was a good nerf since it affected less than a ult,passive nerf would affect his support play. Sure he can no longer clear wawe but he's an ad so he can still keep up lane push through aa. I agree that his passive is too good but nerfing that equal to nerf his support role but the goal of the nerf was to keep on line support pyke and nerf solo lane pyke. I hope they do something similar to Tahm kench.
: Daily Reminder: not feeding Poro's in ARAM is a Sin
Petition to give a extra poro snack to the team that has maked a penta. We can't leave em hungry with so many firework
CurS1VE (NA)
: Zilean is the most versatile champion in the game!
When i think about versatile champ, i find 3 champ quite versatile {{champion:43}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:61}} . Those champ seem to be able to do almost everything without excell too well on them (despite getting overbuff obv). Karma especially is very well know for having 3 standard setup (Tank,Poke Mage,Enchanter) + some kind of variation like Ap battlemage and really sometime on hit mage (Ult Cd) but the last is really rare. Other 2 example could be {{champion:99}} and {{champion:81}} .
Neriticc (EUW)
: Buff Trundle
20% lv is broken as hell but 40% on 300-400 ad is insane with a point and click spell. Maybe 5-16% + small flat like yuumi could be ok.
: According to the parameters for balance which Riot has shared with us recently, it seems Jinx is within her borders.
That's because her really low banrate. Jinx winrate is demanding a fast nerf but since her banrate is really low, this mean that frustaction to play against her is really low. Jinx is probably the only one adc that saw high winrate / playrate and really low banrate. Since if an adc get nerf, another one would rise and since riot saw that jinx isn't boring to play against (almost for the most of the community) this mean that she is allowed to be strong until people start banning her.
JPlayah (NA)
: Instalock Mode
So basically the most toxic mode ever? Everyone would instantly pick a mid lane champ since mid is the popular role. Imagine a team of full yasuo or a team composed by 2 supp because eachother think that noone want to play support and u got stuck with 2 support that has to choose the only role left (jungle or adc for example)
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: > [{quoted}](name=Killer of Night9,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t5o2Gzue,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-04-30T07:58:25.471+0000) > > Using damage stat of the end game result. > "Omg my adc did only 8 k of dmg while i did 15k." 0/10/4 Yasuo: But I did tons of damage! ...Yeah with you being caught at topside and doing meaningless damage while they did baron out of that and won the game.
I got their ult. How could you lose if X champ doesn't have his/her ult.
Anchobi (EUNE)
: That's not true, kills are everything, how am I supposed to flame and compare allies KDA without a lot of kills?
Using damage stat of the end game result. "Omg my adc did only 8 k of dmg while i did 15k."
AD Yuumi (NA)
: She can autoattack you say?
She didn't even hit the pbe and a rioter has already claim the title of Ad yuumi main. Can i claim the tank one?
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Manxxom (NA)
: Can't we have a mode on League that everyone plays as scuttlecrab and goes against each other?
It should be an 2v2, one play as champ and the other as scuttle for each team. The enemy jungler should kill you as scuttle and your ally should kill the enemy scuttle. Who kill it faster or who reach the goal first win. (Minor buff/nerf to allow every champ with a chance to win).
: Riot maple nector says that they might buff fiora on patch 9.8. So here is my thoughts:
I expect more of base stat buff like hp reg or a mr buff too (cuz vlad and kennen top). She got bully to easy by ranged matchup so a hp reg buff could work.
: Hey, this Odyssey mission was extremely cool and fun. It felt _really_ rewarding when you finally managed to beat this god damn Kayn with 4 augments.
Don't judge me wrong, i liked odyssey as mode and its mission but non premade group had a lot of problem doing it (4 people doing the 4 augment one and the other one doing ziggs and sona but with 6 augment for example). Also forcing other people to do your mission isn't fun at all if they want to just try stupid stuff (ap yasuo or ap jinx). Also it wasn't always winnable so you had to do it multiple time before to actually manage to do it. Losing coop vs ia is easy to do which lead into only 1 game to play with. Otherwise i like the reward and the difficult but not all the player could enjoy the mission.
: Riot and Missions
At least it only require to lose, odyssey instead asked to do hard stuff (4 augment especially).
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: Hummm...
She abuses the hell out of klepto.. Just grabbing free health/mana (and biscuit) pot through her E and she get free lane sustain turning out to be a lane bully since she keep E on the enemy rather than farming safe. Also that skill point that lower her lv condition is unfair.
FFrazien (EUW)
: "Dunk" is not a word meant for Ivern
I don't play ivern because i barely play jungle but i fell that this skin has no real sense for him. I almost fell that ivern should get a legendary dark theme skin (opposive direction) or maybe a project one where when he summon daisy, he would summon an ologram of daisy. The idea could be that while he was on his forest, the military kidnap him because they where trying to do some kinda of upgrade to the animals of the forest for making them a combact machine but while doing that him and daisy help the other creatures of the forest to run away but daisy got killed while doing that and ivern got kidnap. After that ivern became a half-robot but he still remember what happen since the experiment wasn't full done and escape the laboratory where he was recluse joining the ambiental's projectors. From now on he can summon her friend daisy as an ologram meaning the fact that he remember her as she is alive but in reality it's the ivern determination to continue to do his job whith her old friend. Just trying to imaginate a sad story for this duo of friendly friend without being a goofy skin and acting more like an hero.
: Back during Ardent meta, something like this was semi-common, except instead of a mage support, it was Ashe. Ardent was so busted...
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 15
Any news on {{champion:96}} ? He seem out of meta for one year
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 13
Some new to {{champion:96}} ?
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: {{champion:421}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:121}}
: Can we admire it for a while?
Amumu has such low winrate? i tough he has a ~50% w/r with 2-3% p/r.
: Revert the last 4 damage buffs rek'sai got.
Nerf her ultimate dmg maybe? It was too easy to miss so riot buffed it base dmg and ad ratio by a lot. Now that she can't miss, she need a nerf aswell on that.
: Please buff Nashor's Tooth, or On-hit items in general!
It would never happen since buffing on hit item would also mean buffing {{item:3124}} even tho you are not touching it. On hit item depend too much on {{item:3124}} synergy. {{item:3115}} it's not an exception. In this case it's better to work directly on champion specific case (buffing ap ratio on their on hit spell) or remove/rework guinshoo{{item:3124}}. A crazy idea would be to create a {{item:3085}} for on hit user which share the same runnan passive but instead of increasing the bolt dmg with crit it would instead increase the on hit effect on bolt target (+15%?).
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Fikule (EUW)
: Elise's Neurotoxin feels very weak
Honestly i fell that 10 s would be crazy op (because of {{item:3151}}). I would rather change it to: 6/12/18/24/30 + (0,5% + (1% 100 ap) current hp) each 0,5 s. Base tick duration 2s. Human Aa and W = +0,5 s each on Spider aa and Q = +1s each one Max tick duration 5s. Total dmg 60/120/180/240/300 +(5%+ (10% for 100 ap)) (For reach this value, you need to take risk) No ap (lv 1 q) Min 24 + (2%) Max 60 + (5%) 600 ap (lv 5 Q) 120 + (26% current enemy health) 300 + (65% Current enemy health) This work well with lyandri too. The reward is a lot higher, require risk (going into spider form for better efford) but also is viable with liandry. If the value is still high reducing the hp ratio from 1% to 0,75% for 100 ap (i took it high must because % current health is weak against mr and anti sinergyse with dot effect and also make low sense for her Q that deal on missing health which make those two spell counterfunctional). If it's low instead increase the base dmg on early lv to (10/15/20/25/30).
: What is the worst rune as of now (Small ones included)? Why? How can we fix it?
Nullifiyng orb? This rune fell outshine in mostly scenario. If u pick sorcery first u will go to manaflow or nimbus (mostly if u are manaless or not). If u want a defensive rune you will pick bone plating because it work not only against magic dmg but also physical one. Maybe it's good as an adc when u don't want to give up gathering storm as secondary three but you need the magic shield because you are vs brand but i fell like it's too situational and is even outshined by boneplating.
: Is there even a point of Conqueror adaptive force?
Nerf the op champ with it or even change to (Max stack up to 8, spell give 1 stack, Melee aa give 2 stack,ranged aa give 1 stack). It's not worth to pick with so low dmg.
: Nami or lulu
If u like more late game thing, lulu for sure. Nami is a bit more generalist but she fell better only on early game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tychusfindlay918,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MQPcT2HH,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-23T19:11:50.268+0000) > > Or, or, or, > > We can just revert the overgrowth nerf. I'm sure all the sion mains would enjoy that
They could revert the w sion hp for kill buff and if needed nerf cho'gath R hp gain for stack for compensated. This way they would be fine with that (it's still a buff) but also open other tank to this rune.
uuu (NA)
: ARAM Suggestion — "Champion Pool"
Better not. You would see teamcomp based only on artillary mage (lux,xerath,ziggs,vel koz) or ad long range caster (varus,jayce) or also some long range adc such as (jinx,cait,twitch and maybe sivir even not she's not long range). Also some mage such as karthus,veigar,morgana,zyra would be perma picked. Even if some tank are good or strong (because of warmog mostly) on aram, 70% of the aram player would probably choose a long range champ. Basically the aram mod would turn out to be a bullet hell with the only issue that if u pick fiora for example (because you get her from your champ pool because u main fiora) it's now your fault instead of being just unluck.
: So we need LCS, to prove to Riot that CS bounty is the dumbest thing ever?
We needed the lcs to prove the ardent censar was broken after 6 patch of complain on board (season 7). We are doing the same thing with the bounty system
: This should help Her gameplay designer, Riot August explains the goals for the rework https://clips.twitch.tv/FriendlyDistinctCurlewSoBayed
: And they Nerfed the Crap out of Urgot because he is strong with it. Urgot is now #38 top laner at 45% win rate Yep so strong with new conqueror
Riot as stated that they would probably buff something else that look more aggressive than defensive the next patch if his winrate is bad. Probably some ad ratio.
: It's Hail of Blades on release all over again, except in reverse. Hail of Blades was often considered useless due to the much superior Keystone at the time, Lethal Tempo. Now the new Conqueror outshines many other Keystone choices, and can almost be considered straight up better than Press the Attack.
They could rework PTA at this point. Maybe PTA could loss on hit true dmg and give to ally atk speed on hit but not for himself. So we have a supportive rune -> Pta And an aggro rune -> Conq that are similar.
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: Hmmm...
I love that face. Btw i think it's time to nerf riven. She has now a good rune (Conqueror) and a broken item on her ({{item:3161}}). She was intended to be strong mostly because she had a no real rune after fervor remotion. Now that conq (better fervor) is in the game, she should be nerfed aswell. Btw still love that face.
: Adding bans means nothing, because then folk are going to go complain about the next thing that annoys them after untargetibility. My bet's on CC.
Displacement. At least for normal cc u can buy tenacity boots and 25% is apply by default. You can't counter displacement tho.
: So new Kayle is melee until lvl 11?
I tried one game as top lane on pbe and i can say for sure that she is really weak early game. She has no cc, no dash, really low kill pressure on early game (her Q and E deal abyssal dmg). I managed to hit lv 11 but i was arleady feeding since if i got caught i was dead 100% so this mean that i had low chance to comeback. I didn't reach lv 16 but i fell that it would be impossible to reach that level since i arleady lost both top lane tower since my 1v1 dmg was orrible even at lv 6. If i can i would try her on jng since here i can give up her weakness but i fill that she is just bad here too (no cc and small slow that is also delayed). Maybe making her Q cost less mana, i could wawe clear a bit more.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Saltarin,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ygFzzn2X,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-18T13:10:55.242+0000) > > Becase only a few adcs want to actually duel, they itemizate for teamfights. > > But old PD on champs as {{champion:23}} {{champion:157}} was too strong on 1vs1 and that's why I dont want it back to be honest. And look at Yasuo now. The change didn't make him weaker, it made him stronger. > Btw, let's see if we play again toguether, last time was months ago. This game makes me depressed, but sure. I'll see if I can later today. No promises though.
> [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ygFzzn2X,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-18T13:15:43.509+0000) > > And look at Yasuo now. > > The change didn't make him weaker, it made him stronger. > > This game makes me depressed, but sure. I'll see if I can later today. No promises though. The IE revert combined with the 20% true dmg convertion of conq made yasuo stronger not the pd. Before the true dmg of ie doesn't really work with conq it was since they scale multiplicat. But now they can sinergise aswell
: Gnar is UNPLAYBLE right now.
I guess he has to stay weak mostly because he is A lane bully An anti tank champ A tank that also deal quite good dmg A ranged champ with mobility (E + ms speed by ult passive). It's almost impossible to buff gnar without breaking the champ.
: Solo lane galio was hard overnerfed hes at 44% winrate in both those lanes.. hes played support only
: So, hmmm Rek sai is getting buff? Isn't she like the 4th best jungler now?
In a worst 10 jungler list, sure she's the best. If u have never played her, she seem too slow and cluncky to use. The buff is aimed to allow player to use better her rather than to increase her overall power which i agree since her ult is a mess.
: Phantom Dancer needs nerfs! Needs nerfs!
U can limit it ranged only. Top and jungle is usually dominate by melee. Ranged ad champ are really low on this role ({{champion:203}} {{champion:104}} come into my mind but the first one share the same weakness of an adc, graves instead is problematic but i belive that old pd was better because it has a better atk speed which mean better jungle clear) Melee has already sterak so they won't build this item that much. Jungler and top laner if it's not trynda or yasuo won't get phantom since it's share the same passive of {{item:3053}}. And in the specific case of this two, they can still opt for stattik and get sterak later so limiting ranged only is not a bad decision.
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