: > I have a MacBook air and I'm using High Sierra. Dualboot windows: free, easy and significantly more performant. The Mac client is a mess, and making games work stably on OSX is way too much work for the tiny playerbase they get.
Searched it up, no information that was useful about what this Dualboot thing is. So i won't be downloading it. Also theres a lot of people who play League, i mean a lot world wide. So The Mac client has a large player base. And it's worked absolutely fine up until now. I don't think it's my mac its more League of legends itself that is being a pain.
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: Mac High Sierra Crashes
Has anybody been able to fix this issue. I am having the same problem when ever I try to play league on High Sierra.
: i miss the passive 10/20 ms, was really useful
Same, it was a core part of my support build. :-; i always use Talisman of Ascension to help the adc and me get out of tough situations. >.> now its gone. I really wish they would get another support item that does the same thing or bring it back as an option. I don't like the new support item its just like Eye of the Oasis which i never really used. :(
: Well, I said specifically that perspective one is my personal perspective as someone who has been playing for a LONG time. I can easily carry a team of three bots with just one other person and win a game. I have even won a game where all four other players were bots (but to be fair, I happened to choose Twitch for that game, so late-game with a full build, melting the entire bot team wasn't so hard) So I don't mind at all when they show up in my games. I like long games. I like messing around in AI games. I am not saying that bots aren't a problem (see perspective two), and I still report them in the post game. But I personally much prefer at least one bot showing up in the game. Two or three is even better. But again, I do think the problem needs to be dealt with. Because they do make Co-op vs. AI absolutely oppressive for new players with sub-30 accounts, and have undoubtedly driven dozens of potential new players away from the game entirely. Maybe it would help to clarify my thoughts on the matter if I point out that I started playing this game in 2011... Back then, you could go into custom games, put yourself on a team with four other bots vs. a team of 5 bots, and you actually earned xp and ip for it. I literally went from level 5 to level 30 without ever playing with another human. Sometimes I miss that. It let me drag out games as long as I wanted without other players getting annoyed at me for insisting on killing EVERY tower, EVERY inhibitor, lurking in the jungle just to ambush and kill bots a dozen times, etc...
I agree with your 2nd arguement. Im scared to get my friend in Co-op games because of the bot problem... Thats why when he first joined i got him into a custom game with me and him alone to teach himthe basics. He's just starting to get into Co-op but thats after several Custom games with me to show him the ropesand diffrent habbits he wants to start with this game. There are tons of ways Riot could solve this issue. They are a corperation with a lot fo money (I assume) . Its just the amtter that me, as a player i dont feel Riot cares enough to fix it. Granted i havent been playing this game as long as you have. But I don't feel Riot really sees this as a concern. If they did i hoped they would have fixed it by now... Now i get that Riot gets hundreds of reports every day and its hard to tell which are bots/cheaters/trolls and which are just players being mad at their teamates for whatever reason. Thats why i think Riot should have a system (perosn or an Ai) that plays through the game that the reported player was in when the report came in. If they watched the game they would clearly be able to see the signs of a player hacking/trolling/botting and tell the diffrence between a player trolling or a bot abusing the system. Again, i feel liek Riot doesn't really care. Mostly because they havent contacted me about my concerns (not that i think they read the boards) and because from what i can see they havent addressed the issue at all. Im not worried about it for myself. I know how ot handle bots, while they are extremely annoying (Even more annoying when i get punished for leaving a game when my entire team are bots) but im more worried for new players that are just learning the game. Players who cant handle bots like you or I can. I agree with you that bots make AI games last longer, personally I find it better than PVP sometimes. Mostly because im a a introvert and i dont like dealing with other people. But i also want to have fun in a AI game and be able to get a full build on a champ i just started playing, getting penta kills cause the bots are stupid and carry the team. I understand where your comming from. But for newer players its just unfair. And its even more unfair in ARAM when It does happen.
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: Chaos Border
Riot should have specified in the description of the Icon/Border that it was only for the Yasuo/Riven skins. You can't just assume that people will get the icon/border and instantly know it's only for the Yasuo/Riven skins. That's low riot.
Porocles (NA)
: As long as you've unlocked the icon, you're set! You shouldn't need to have it equipped to make it show. Just use the correlating skin for the icon that was unlocked! :D
oh, i thought it was a border that could be used for any champion I didn't know it was for Yasuo only I can't really afford the skin .-. nor do I really play Yasuo. oh well least the icon is cool.
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