5050BS (NA)
: Its horrible. It means 25% of your game time is wasted.
Yes, 25 % of my entire experience in league of legends is horrible and wasted. And that is before you consider toxit players and other stuff making this game unplayable.
426287 (NA)
: The reason someone leaves shouldnt matter. If your internet is so bad that afk is a constant issue, you need to be banned just like the troller dogs.
I do agree. Crashes, afk's, rage-quitting and even inting should be punished so bad. Back in Heroes of Newerth, if you had 3 % afk'ing, you could only play "leavers league"/normals untill your leaving % were back below 3 %.
: I have maybe an afk every 100 games or so, are you incredibly unlucky or are you exagerating ?
I counted in a spreadsheet after my first 20 games! I think you are just extremely lucky then!
Cynikul (NA)
: Welcome to Silver. It gets a little better as you climb higher. The problem is they have to balance between genuine UNFORSEEN life problems that come up for it, connection problems, game crashing that quite frankly, dont deserve to be punished- and people that literally just leave the game because of rage or arguing, or just have been inting. I'm a bit of the former. About 1/20 games I've crashed. I don't think I've EVER left a game intentionally or afk'd, or atleast if I had left a game for life it was years ago, but I think most the time we squeezed out the game in the nick of time. In any case, I suppose the difference here is my game yields a remake which doesnt hurt anyone- except 9 other peoples 5 minutes, which kinda sucks for them but in the grand scheme of things is so minuscule. Anyways- long story short, they have to keep both sides happy and its pretty hard. If it came down to a straight: "Should people who intentionally leave/afk have harsher punishments?" Then yes. Half the time its undetectable because they just afk farm if they smart, so they are "playing" but not really playing, intentionally going to the opposite side of the teams push/defense. Its aggrivating, I get it , but higher elos get it too.
I see the problem, but I am the one getting punished for others mistakes. I am loosing LP in all occasions. I am a casual player, but usually I climb to gold 3 or something like that (which is also where I feel like I belong) - however, how am I ever supposed to climb? This season, it has been worse than ever. I don't know if it is just me that is particularly unlucky. 21 % of my games, I have lost due to leavers. They say you climb if you win 55 % of the games, due to the rule of numbers - which is also true. If these 21 % of my games had come out with a 50/50 win rate, I would've had a win rate on 55 % and most likely be close, if not already been i gold. Instead I am sitting back with a win-rate on 45 % and stuck in silver. Most of these people go 0-3 or worse on lane and then leave. I like the game, and I have no problems with loosing a fair match. I really enjoy playing in gold where the team fights are even, people react on pings and collectively go for objectives, but gosh it is so toxic in Silver, and after my second demotion from SII to SIII due to consecutive leaving, I am on the edge of finally deleting League of Legends for good. This system should take into consideration that I did not loose due to being at a too high elo, which is why I should not be taking LP or even get demoted. I do not longer enjoy playing.
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