Razyelx (EUNE)
: The Most Favorite Champion of All Time [Voting Elimination] - SEMIFINALS, Rengar vs Jhin
: {{champion:114}} you say huh... {{champion:33}} has a few words to say about her
Like "Look at my armor its useless against your true damage"?
: Can we get the puppy that followed you around when you bought purple smite?
: Catch-Up Experience Is Still Abysmal
Just a friendly reminder you are still ahead in gold.
: Preseason 9 should be dedicated to a summoner spell rework.
I would love to see a rebalance betwenn barrier and ignite. Barrier absorbs more damage then ignite can do and is on a shorter cooldown.
: Why don't people understand how to play passive in a losing lane?
People think as long as they don't carry the game is over, they will throw before letting someone else carry.
: > [{quoted}](name=hhaavviikk,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3Ei2WTvN,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-09-20T07:22:31.488+0000) > > so where is the problem in that video exactly? ADC's are supposed to be LATE GAME HYPER CARRIES, not mid AND late game hyper carries, what happens in that video is perfectly normal and fine and is what SHOULD be happening if a ADC tries to 1 vs 1 a tank/juggernaut/bruiser in the early/mid game That draven has enough crit and AD to kill Lucian in 3 autos but Poppy takes 38 autos? Give me a break dude.
Poppy is 2 levels ahead, build full tank and got redemption healed. I know it would have been better when draven one shotted her right?
Yenn (NA)
: One sided games and intentional feeding grows exponentially as you approach Diamond V
What i noticed is that in high Plat are alot of one tricks and as soons as they can't play this one champion because it is picked/banned or whatever the player is completly overwhelmed and doesn't know what to do in the game.
: i would rather have cait ivern karma back then this heal barrier ardent shit
I would rather have one shotting assassins everywhere instead of one shotting right click adc shit.
: Over the years, we have less and less choices and freedom in the game.
In every game it was allways that the players found the best way to play in a very short time, they even find ways to abuse something. Its like the developer goes "you can use a to get b" and the player is "but i can abuse b and b and get d" which wasnt intended but it works. It will be the same with the new runes pretty fast the player will find the most efficient set for each champion.
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Leetri (EUW)
: The reason Dodge was BS and not Crits was because Dodge had a chance to prevent 100% of the damage dealt. If you got unlucky you could deal 0 damage to the enemy Jax as he's tearing your head off. With crits you're still dealing the base damage with a chance of more damage, so even if you never crit you still have a chance to win.
And at the same time there was a chance that the enemy never dodged. Thats the thing with a % chance its inconsistent and shouldn't exist in a game. You could just give an aa a scale from 1-1000 and let rng decide.
SephAgro (NA)
: Critical strike needs to be the next focus
I remember when dodge was removed because it was an unhealthy inconsistent % mechanic. Still crit is % but 100% isn't inconsitent right?
Meddler (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=I am Oto,realm=EUNE,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=I5AEKAI3,comment-id=000e00020000000100000000,timestamp=2017-09-08T18:13:40.585+0000) > > Clarity-lacking and bad idea. I don't want my Ekko W shield to be halved just because Thresh mini-shielded me before. ^^
Wouldn't this just fall under "bad teamplay"?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 8
Any plans to shift power from ADCs to other lanes?
Rexxiee (NA)
: When tanks and supports are less overpowered. So knowing riot, probably never.
As if I would play tanks because they are overpowered i have to play them or i get 2 shotted by the adc.
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: As long as you are happy everyone else can get fucked, right?
Never said that but op claims that veteran players are unhappy so I said that as a veteran player since season 1 im not unhappy. Learn to read.
: ADCs have been slowly powercreeped since the beginning of LoL. That's why they're a problem.
Must be a lie. ADC mains say Assassins and Tanks are overpowered so it must be true.
: RIOT, I really wish you cared more about the RGM and ARAM
Fun? Even in those fun modes theres tryhard metas except for ARAM cause.. aram
: The real reason veteran players are unhappy with the rune rework:
As a player since season I don't care about the refund wtf. Be happy that you even get anything and shut up. Only thing that I hope is that I can buy balancing with BE next season.
: because tanks are just as OP right now
They aren't OP you only see alot because everything else just explodes when hitted one time so you see many tanks which make them look op.
: Imho you are right; at the same time though, RIOT should not ignore the pro scene. The best solution would probably be to balance the game around silver/gold while making sure that no champion is too broken in the pro scene; this way we'd end up with a game balanced for casual players while having a small group of champions that are only viable in LCS.
You just cant balance for both as they have other requirements for a champion.
: Balancing around e-sports is really hurting league of legends.
Its no secret that a 5vs5 and a soloQ match are complete different games. It would be best to give LCS, LCK, worlds and whatever their own patches.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 29
Anything planned for Malzahar in 7.18?
: Dota is 100x more balanced then league but it's just so out of date and clunky I had to stop playing it, if league and dota combine it would be best game in the world
I found it "slow" compared to league it was like i could take a nap and still wont miss anything
: Late game teamifghts averagely last 5 seconds, that's the problem.
I would love to see a damage reduction in the whole game by 25% or even more. Its just oneshot or get oneshotted.
: its not just ardent censer. can you fix fucking marksmen already?
Wow wow wow .... sometimes buying {{item:3123}} is alot of mechanic they need.
regaline (NA)
: The Ardent Censer "nerf" in the current patch was pretty much laughable- are you saying that you're actually done tuning it?
Why tuning a item that was never changed since its release but only gained popularity because adc's became overpowered? Why not tune the the source of the problem?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 25
Will there be something to bring duskblade in line?
: Summoner Specialist: Pros and Cons
I don't get it anymore. First RIOT removed the jump range scaling from Rengars passive because "people had to adapt to sudden changes", then they made the range scaling for Kindred and now you can switch out summoners. Does RIOT now want that players adapt to changes or not?
: Rift hearld
Just don't put it on my trinket slot.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 18
Hey Meddler, What do you think about Malzahar and his point and click hard cc? Hes at a constand high winrate since 4 patches or more.
Aenaeus (NA)
: Why did Riot remove Zephyr?
Zephyr was actual a core item on my Irelia build. RIP Zephyr :(
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 11
A bit late but what is about Malzahar? He got a over 53% Winrate for 3-4 patches. For a champion with a point and click hard cc he got way to much damage and pushing power with his oder spells
Those kiting mechanics
: Damage on damage dealers is fine. Damage on tanks and bruisers need to go.
Which is stupid the only reason a tank is functioning is becasue he can deal a bit damage. Why should you attack a tank (which is his job to **TANK**) when you know: He can't do anything
Akrid415 (NA)
: Tired of banning Yasuo
Annie just throw Tibbers and crush him.
: i think thats their precise goal, to gut malphite support. riot made very clear with the malza semi-revert that they dont wanna see supports who were intended to be solo laners
Good thing i never see Brand, Zyra, Lux, Veigar and Vel koz supports.
: @RIOT Games, @Meddler: Simple question regarding annual changes and the massive issues they cause
A problem with games is allways that the players will do other things with changes then what the developers planned. For example in another game I played the devs mad a weapon which should be a game changer in huge fights but if you use it wrong you would kill your allies. The players don't use it that way they use it in small engagements to roflstomp the enemy because you can't fuck up your mates. Players will allways find a way to abuse changes in the most efficient way they need it.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 4
Hey Meddler what do you think about the overall damage thats in the game? It allways comes down to who one- or two-shots the enemy first.
: [MEGATHREAD] Let's Discuss: Rengar
One of the biggest issues i have is the new Ferocity system. Pre rework Rengar had some good ganks pre 6 because he could stack his Ferocity to cast an emp E for the snare. My suggestion is let Rengar stack Ferocity again, but to prevent snare out of ult camo let him lose all his Ferocity stacks when he activates the ult.
Abibyama (EUW)
: The cycle of balance in League of Legends
Not like ADCs don't build duskblade and oneshot.
: Maybe assassin items should be exclusive to assassin champions
There has to be a new stat that is build into the items and scales with the skills of assassins. So there would come some balance between items and champions.
: Who's your favorite assassin?
{{item:3147}} best assassin
penguin (NA)
: He's strong IMO. Not much else to say, I'm happy that he's not a support anymore.
So do you think some nerfs will come soon? Its realy a pain to play against him right now.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 11
Hey Meddler is there anything planned for Malzahar. Right now he is the highest winrate champion in mid. His absurdly high damage output and the point and click ult makes it pointless to play the game when he gets picked.
: Thoughts on Rengar Revert
A statement of riot would be nice. And not the "We are right, Q nice meme" bullshit they use.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - Patch 7.11
Is there any plan to bring Rengar back into the jungle? Right now he has a very hard time clearing the jungle and is way better on toplane but there his bonetooth necklace is realy wasted. And change Q i dont want to swim through the map :(
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - Patch 7.10
What is about Galio? It feels like he is destroying everything on top lane. His damage output with 3 dorans ring and then going full tank is insane and realy hard to win trades.


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