Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 28
Heya Medler, One of the most frustrating things about TK is just how is q range reaches further than the shown hitbox (the one which shows when he casts his ability). Would it be possible to adjust the visual hitbox indicator to match the actual range? Because the visual indicator is now just confusing in my opinion.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 3
>Adjusting Matchmaking's Speed versus Accuracy at high MMR I wonder how the autofill ratio in the higher elos change with this patch. Does it get affected or is it mostly just higher queuetimes in favor of better game quality?
: >Having said that, since this partial reset does affect MMR It literally says in the post that it does affect mmr.
>Having said that, since this partial reset does affect MMR, it won’t be an immediate fix in terms of matchmaking quality, but we expect that to improve over the next few weeks as the ladder stabilizes. It seems kinda odd tho, they say that because it affects MMR it wont fix the matchmaking quality. Which is kinda weird. If it would've said it wouldn't affect mmr and thus wont fix the matchmaking quality that sentence would make more sense. I think at least, am not a native speaker.
: Upcoming Bounty Changes
One thing I kinda dislike about this is the support items giving different amounts of gold, especially in the early game. With spellthiefs/coin people are able to get more gold and are now punished for getting this gold. While Relic shield generally awards less gold. What do you guys think about this if I may ask?
Reav3 (NA)
: It's still a design pillar, and one I pointed out she didn't do great on. A champions success or failure isn't solely based on doing poorly in one specific area, and that makes the entire Champion unsuccessful. If that was the case we would think of Yasuo as a failure, which we don't, we think he is overall a great Champion even if he isn't great at all aspects. We actually currently have a designer working on some small changes to reduce frustration playing against Zoe targeted for sometime after worlds. When I said I think she is overall successful I was referring to the sum of everything about Zoe, Design, Art, and Narrative. Frustrating to play against is just one aspect of her design and even then it is only one of many design pillars. She generally does pretty well in many other design pillars.
Really late to the party, but what do you think of Yasuo ultimate targeting airborne targets. Doesn't it limit designspace a bit?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 29
Any thoughts about Zoe ingame state?
: Experimental Modes & Nexus Blitz
what if there was like a flag that spawns in the middle of the map which has to be capped dominion style as one of the events. and then has to be brought to your own fountain to give a cool buff. but to get the flag to ur base you first need to cap it, and when you have it as a buff on urself it decreases ur movementspeed and like 50% to give enemies a chance to kill you to let the flag respawn in the middle of the field?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 25
What happened to the gold of turrets and shutdownds from going to global to local?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 16
How do you guys feel about runes right now. It srill feels as if the choice is limited. Especially cause precision secondary gives as and thus feels meh on mages now. Is there enough veriaty and how would just chosing what your main stat is impact runes (like old runes but limitted to 1 stat)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 16
Why does leblanc need other visuals, couldn't the old ones be reused? Or is there something happening?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 7
Hey Medler, just came to say I love the LeBlanc revert on PBE, her passive is so much fun <3
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: We definitely explored reducing the cost of deathcap, but ultimately felt it was more fitting as a late game fantasy item for a large AP multiplier. Trying to find a good balance between what is compelling decision making and what is fun is a tough problem. I'll see what compromises we can make here regarding build path or cost.
problem with deathcap is it is just a boring item, And in 99.5% of the cases people don't know if they should get a voidstaff 3rd item, or a deathcap. Deathcap and void both give flat ap, and increase ur damage (by either penetrating mr, or increasing ur ap). Is there a way for people to know when one item is better than the other?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 2
With Kog'Maw being really strong right now, and potential Wits end buffs. will there eventually be looked at Kog'Maw?
: Rabbit is correct. Stars are skillshots (technically circle missiles). We're only talking about stuff where you put your mouse over an enemy, press a button, and they take damage pretty much no matter what.
how will that work with point to click debuffs like Malz E, will they also give agro?
Meddler (NA)
: That bug is fixed in 8.1. Looking at Klepto Elixir of Skill isn't one of the major issues. It's power's often significantly less than half a level's worth, given in addition to not getting the base stats you're sometimes putting that point into a skill that gives fairly limited value, especially if it's your third max. Optimal play as a result is sometimes to just sell it for gold as a result (one of the items likely to get a lower sell cost as a result, that's not an interesting strength and Klepto doesn't need that extra income). Edit: Sounds like I might be confusing my Elixirs and which ones can/should sometimes be sold. Oops.
I mean, in game you can't sell the elixir in the shop,if you hover over it in ur inventory it does say you can sell it for a decent amount tho ;)
: UPDATE 1:00AM PACIFIC TIME - The change is now live! We've answered a bunch of questions in the comments here [and on Reddit](, so check that out if you're curious! _____ Hey folks, I just asked some of our loot guys about this, and while OP’s numbers are a little off (1350s, ultimates, etc. do drop sometimes) it actually does look like there is some unfair weighting on skin rerolls specifically. For now, the devs are going to push out an update to remove ALL weighting for the reroll results. That means all unowned skins (except mythics) will have equal odds of dropping from rerolls—just like how all skin shards (except mythics) currently have equal odds of dropping now from hextech chests. **This change should roll out within the next hour, and we’ll update you once it’s live. **Also, in the longer term we’re looking into other possible solutions. FWIW, the current weighting system made more sense back in the old system (when people only ever rerolled low-value skins) but we’re realizing now we should’ve just updated it to be unweighted when we made all the other loot changes. So, it’s our bad. Will fix ASAP and update once it’s done.
so is there a current idea to compensate the people rerolling quite some shards or is it just tough luck for us?
Rayven (NA)
: It's such a minor shift, I'm honestly surprised anyone noticed - the reason is just crossed wires. I pulled a screen pulled from Live, is this what you're seeing?
I am mostly talking about the similar numbers like 6,8,9 which all look somewhat alike
Rayven (NA)
: It's such a minor shift, I'm honestly surprised anyone noticed - the reason is just crossed wires. I pulled a screen pulled from Live, is this what you're seeing?
yeah, that is what I am talking about. The size of the text in game is quite small, which is not really a problem for me normally. But it became quite hard to notice for me. Especially with the smaller numbers which aren't 0.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 6
with the new healthbar changes the color red which is used in the teamscore (and probably other places too) got changed and it made it really unclear, for me at least. and as far as I know I am not even colorblind. So this could be even worse for colorblind people. What is the reason this color got changed if i may ask (not sure if I am asking at the right person, but might aswel try)
Rayven (NA)
: Preseason Healthbar Update v3
wait, i see there is a icon every 100 health... it seems quite busy right now (is that different live? as I don't know for sure)
: *I wrote most of this last night and just finished it off over lunch...hoping it all makes sense/flows. I'm typing this as a reply to this thread in general, not necessarily to the OP. I'll echo what Calad said in that we pay attention to the boards/reddit/twitter/youtube etc etc more than players realize. Walking around the office, it's super common to see people pouring over threads, reading player feedback and reactions to the latest patch, feature, CG, skin etc. We ourselves are players, but by keeping in touch with the community we can understand and keep a better pulse for how something will be received, or what's paining the players at the moment. This requires walking a very fine however. Pivoting to every demand/request from Reddit/boards can mean we hyper focus on a portion of players that doesn't represent even close to the majority of our players base - players in western countries can have completely different opinions than players in eastern countries on specific topics. It also means that we're devoting time solving temporary problems when we should be working on longer term solutions or bigger bets that can help push League forward. This is super contentious as the OP points out - working on things for the future means we're not solving player pain now - and we may need to find a better balance here looking back on the latter half of this season. Let me illustrate some of that risk with an example. I personally was pretty involved in the "Enemy Vision Here" ping, I'd seen a thread crop up to the top of Reddit again, and it was one that I'd wanted for YEARS and just made sense, so I pulled in people from a few teams around me to get it put together and shipped. That comes at a cost though. The engineer and vfx artist were in the last few weeks of development on Urgot, the audio designer was finishing up some work on skins, our QA was testing stuff that fell out of the usual day to day, and I wasn't doing the work I'd usually be doing. Was it worth it? I think so, but could Urgot have been that much better if the engineer and vfx artist were only focusing on him? Potentially. Or maybe that was time the engineer could have spent prototyping an ability for Eve (the other champ he was working on). I'm not illustrating this to illicit some form of pity, because at the end of the day working on League is a job, it's a job we love, but it's a job and we're expected to do things while we're at our desks. What I'm trying to illustrate is that jumping on every request or bit of feedback from players can cause us to deviate or lose sight of the bigger thing we're working towards, all the little things can add up to a lot of timelines slipping. We also don't always agree, hell, even the community doesn't always agree with eachother. Look at jungle plants from last pre-season, or elemental dragons, or even Rift Herald from this midseason. When they first were teased, some players were up in arms about them, while others loved the idea. We listen to feedback, and we frequently iterate based on it, but it would worry me if we suddenly stopped taking risks and pushing big new changes simply because a vocal minority voiced opinions against them. I'm not saying that they're wrong, but that we have to be careful with how often we adjust course, and how often we stick to our called shots and push forward lest we only end up shipping changes that are always vanilla (this goes for new champs, VGUs, reworks, systems changes, balance tuning, skins, etc etc). In regards to why you may not see as much Rioter participation you (or we) would like, it's likely because engaging can be very sharp double edged sword. Speaking as a Rioter means any sentence you write is likely to be taken as an official statement from the company in regards to our stance on the game and our plans with it. It's also likely to be dissected and held under the microscope by everyone - but especially when your statement jives with another players opinion. To use a very current example. I'd been talking with some players about ancient coin gold generation on this [thread](, when one player asked what my opinion of sightstone was, I gave a reply, and the next thing I know there was [this post]( on the front page of reddit where my comment and credibility was being shredded. In the thread I was in it seemed like a pretty innocent question, and I didn't think twice about posting my reply, but had I known it was going to get the level of scrutiny it did (which I should have seen coming), I probably would have either just avoided replying to save myself the struggle, or taken much much longer to write a perfect reply that had the lowest chance of being misconstrued as a direction I personally was championing for League. Combine that with the fact that the number of Rioters who can **actually** engage in the topics you guys are super passionate about (we are too), and you're down to ~20-30 people that have the context, the experience, and the knowledge to actually give a detailed reply. It can be easier to just read a thread on the boards, and then talk about it with co-workers if we think there's something there than to engage in what will likely turn into a multi threaded conversation with a bunch of people who all have varying opinions on a subject. I feel bad when I drop a one liner on a post and then never go back to the comments on it, but I'm also trying to juggle my day to day responsibilities at work, and then my role as a father and husband and I have to prioritize my time. It feels crappy, but I prefer to touch base when I can even if it's the bare minimum than just stay silent just because I'm not always able to have an in depth conversation. None of this is to say that we ourselves make the right decisions each and every time, and it would be blatantly false to do so. We fuck up, but when we do we try to correct as quickly as possible. We constantly seek to improve the quality of our work with each and every patch, and we're also trying to find ways to be more transparent with our decisions to more of our player base than just those on Reddit and the boards. Even if we managed to convince people here on a direction we're taking, we still have a long ways to go to inform players in every other region of those same decisions - and that's a problem we're actively trying to solve. I hope this doesn't come across as hand wavey and dismissive of the sentiment. If you feel like we don't listen to feedback there's certainly something that's leading to that feeling and we need to figure that out, but the solution can't be "change things to match what the community thinks is correct", since that can be the right move just as often as it can be incorrect.
to be fair tho, the initial plant system was RNG based while the plants nowadays are Logical, at least at the start of the game
: We need to. It could be so much better.
there aren't even any plants in the tutorial :/
: This is an interaction we were aware of. The goal with adaptive is for it to smartly give you the stats your champion wants or even support off meta builds by reacting to your item choices. For example while it's hurting Jhin here in the case of things like AP Varus or Ezreal it'd be a benefit, and it reacting to your items even allows you to do things like start with AD for early lane on them and then having it swap to AP after you buy a full AP item. Jhin definitely gets the raw end of the stick here for his D-Ring start. The build was a fairly recent development for him and he does have mana options in the system, but if this build is something players are actually attached to (it seems you are one of those players!), we can consider alternatives. One possibility for instance is that we set a certain threshold of AP you need to buy before it swaps over for Jhin, so his stats would stick to AD until you bought at least 40~ AP or so. Thanks for the feedback and I'll make sure this is kept in mind.
The point is however, this is not only true for Jhin. If for example I buy Spellthiefs Edge on Caitlynn the adeptive will go to ap whilst caitlynn does not benefit from ap that much.
Meddler (NA)
: Thanks. We'll look at Galio again today, not sure yet. One of the reasons for putting power into the Q in particular was to try and get back a bit of the old Galio playstyle, create a larger distinction between tank and AP builds. The passive by contrast doesn't help as much there, especially given it also requires him to be in melee range in the first place.
so what is the idea of him having %hp? Is this comming on pretty much all champions right now, or what is the idea behind that if I may ask.
Meddler (NA)
: I'll stand by that phrasing yeah. Even if he were to turn out to be the most ridiculously busted thing in the game ever we should still be looking at what's actually going on in game, not just what's being argued on Boards, Reddit etc to make an assessment on what to do.
>even if he were to turn out to be the most ridiculously busted thing in the game ever Now you are just setting the bar very high. He might be op, but the most ridiculously busted thing in the game ever probably not.
: This is merely my personal opinion, but I'd really prefer if supports didn't have to buy Sightstone as a first rush. With the nerfs to Ardent Censer shipping this week, we'll likely see supports going back to getting Sightstone as their first item, but is that world really better? Firstly, it's an item that doesn't offer much excitement for the support - and yes their role is to multiply their adc, defend from ganks, peel etc, but is buying an item that grants more vision something that a support is super pumped to do? It's certainly valuable, but having sightstone be an early purchase also means we're likely to see less agro bot lane fights due to it being harder for a jungler gank, it being harder for the laners to use FoW to their advantage to scare you into thinking their jungler is there by playing more agro in the lane etc. If we were to somehow do away with sightstone, or at least make it so the support didn't need to buy it, we'd likely see satisfaction in the role increase across the board as players got to make more exciting decisions in the item system. That world is harder to solve for, as the continuous narrative of how do we best support supports goes on. I think this year was a pretty marked improvement, but there's still some issues that need to be ironed out. If a support is intended to multiply the adc, giving them more gold and powerful items means their adc will be that much stronger. There's more to figure out than I can go into here, but it's a constant discussion that we're having on how we can improve the situation. EDIT: Adding a small disclaimer to the bottom of this since it got cross posted to Reddit. My first sentence should have read as "didn't have to buy Sightstone as a first rush". A world where the support doesn't need to build it all because of other means to gaining vision is an exciting world. What if there were other ways of establishing vision that weren't based on an item purchase? Things like Zombie/Poro wards in runes reforged come to mind when I think about it, but maybe there's more that we could do. I certainly didn't intend this as an official stance on Sightstone and it's place in the game. This was just my personal opinion on something KempyreanPirate was curious about. Sorry for the confusion!
the point is, 800 gold for 3 wards each back and some hp is insane, especially as vision is so strong, would increasing the gold cost something you want, or do you think more about making other items equally powerful?
Meddler (NA)
: Comment above: TLDR: Individual shields are generally fine, stacking or snowballing shields lack counters.
So what is ur idea about shields like Janna with a duration of 4-5 sec, is that healthy in your opinion or should shield be more like a perfect timing abilitly (also speaking about uptime of shield with high cdr janna builds)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 1
>Possible change to how we do gameplay patches next year >One of the biggest possible benefits there is that that would allow us to spend more time on longer term fixes for things, and less on short term adjustments that don't always fix fundamental problems. One of the biggest downsides is some things would potentially get addressed slower than they currently do. Curious as to people's thoughts on such an approach? does that mean a champion with 55% winrate will not get nerfed but instead get's looked at at a later time as that can feel pretty bad for soloQ, I personally rly hate when this happens (especially because most of the time it happens with somewhat easier to play champions) could you instead of a small change to put them into the right direction nerf them harder (even if their winrate will hurt a bit with it) so they don't become a meta in soloQ/FlexQ?
Meddler (NA)
: Any specific thoughts on what? Agree it's a ripe space to change.
What if When you recall to the base you place a MARK on the floor (where you started your recall). This spot stays on the floor for 1 min as long as the player does not leave the fountain and reminds the HP/mana the user had while using recall. If you recall again while standing in the fountain you will instead start a 8 second recall placing you back at the spot where you left the MARK. (2 min cooldown) ____________ This recall we help the user gather items and consumables so they can go back more often instead of losing a wave of minions. Nice for getting items earlygame and vis wards (and items) lategame
: > [{quoted}](name=KNTE Lukas,realm=EUW,application-id=x8FmJAKL,discussion-id=niZ1zuNk,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-08-15T18:15:14.695+0000) > > what exactly mean &quot;mini-game&quot;? A game like the blitzcrank arcade game or more an in-game > fun mode? A stand-alone mini-game, not an in-League game mode :)
: Runes Corner: Inspiration Runes Slot Sneak Peek
Store credit and stopwatch sounds nice, I feel like channel blink is really toxic because the cooldown is nonexistent. it also sounds too strong on midlane for example where people can charge up their flash behind the small walls which create a brush. and then follow up by their dash to get to people consistently as they will not have a ward there. The only counterplay to this is playing really DEFENSIVE. I get it is hard to use but it makes going in unwarded places so risky so i feel as if when more people in a team go it you have to play really DEFENSIVE which leads to less fights happening, but that is just my 2 cents. Feels as if it is too good with snowballing, the person who is ahead can engage because of channel flash and win the fight.
: It's basically just some boring technical reasons. We're working on some pretty cool other changes to how rewards work in League (which we'll announce in September), and making them free right this moment could potentially break a bunch of stuff. I can't really explain more without #spoilers So we figured it made more sense to do this now for players instead of waiting.
[here you go]( , can you explain more now?
: What a bold idea, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
LoL getting sprays and voice lines confirmed? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 27
I just want to say I love these quick gameplay thoughts! Keep it up Meddler!!!
Rainfall (EUNE)
: when a champion is at 50% winrate it means that he could be balanced. when every champion of a role is close to 50% winrate it means that the role is irrelevant to the outcome of the game.
>when every champion of a role is close to 50% winrate it means that the role is irrelevant to the outcome of the game. No, that means all toplaners are equally impact full, it doesn;t have to do with their impact being bad For example, Azir got like 40% winrate, does that mean midlane got high influence? not necessarily, he might just be horrible right now while also being hard to play >when a champion is at 50% winrate it means that he could be balanced. Well, not really: Lets take Azir is an example, He is a really hard to play champion, if he has 50% winrate with a high pickrate that will just mean he is super op
Shrieve (NA)
: Gotchu fam. (really props to our audio guys... they did all the work there)
gotta be so low HP as possible, got it!
: Can't you just unbind the chat key in your settings? Harder to do, but harder to undo too.
i don;t think you can find it in settings tho, (probably is possible to do it in the game files but many people have no idea how that works)
: While there are Ahri-haters out there, most people don't cringe when their opposing midlaner locks in Ahri, making her strength (which I agree is quite high at non-pro levels) a lower priority than certain other champions.
So it is fine if a champion is to strong when the overall community thinks the champion is balanced?
Meddler (NA)
: Yep. XP is probably the biggest culprit at present, given how powerful an edge a level or two can be in a gank, both in terms of raw stats and access to an extra spell (ult's particularly). We're seeing some champions who when they jungle are consistently at least a level higher than they were prior to the jungle changes after the first few minutes of the game. That's a pretty significant increase in power that's going to come at the expense of other positions. Mid and top influence on bot might also be too high, that's something we're looking at at present to. First step though's to address the jungle situation.
right now i see a jungle xp decrease and a raptor xp increase, doesn't this make junglers who can't do raptors really weak? I Know jungle as a role needs to be nerfed but i am scared this nerf will remove solo target junglers (nidalee, fiddle, twitch etc) from the game
Meddler (NA)
: We'll be buffing Nid in 7.2. Not sure what changes yet, would be aiming for a fairly sizable power increase given her current state though.
: We had to delay it quite a bit for resourcing reasons, but yes, we're still planning something at around the Shyvana-ish scope for Sol. We're ramping up on it now, so it'll be at least a few more patches before we have anything to show.
I am not sure if you are the right person to ask this to, however ill try it anyway: How do you feel about how yasuo ult works, it works with Allied Airborne abilities right now, does this limit or change the way Riot will rework or make champions with knock- ups? Also do you think it is a healthy system, being able to only work with a few champion?
: We're testing a few ideas internally. Further along than Sol, but may have more art requirements, so still a bit out. Worlds + Preseason is an extremely busy time of year for us so a lot of stuff was temporarily on hold or going slow.
will i still be able to play him AP?
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Yeah it is very arbitrary, which is why the tech will be valuable and make it consistent across the board.
does this mean the thunderlords will be with us for the long game? also, doesn't this make it feel really bad on some cases, FE the Aurelion Soll passive you talked about. Another question: how will sivir q work if it hits you twice, only once? And Teemo E passive? I mean, no offense, but i thought it was said several times that both the mastery and rune system were not as good as they should be
Meddler (NA)
: No.
What about ryze? how many reworks will he get in season 2017?
: A Serious Mordekaiser Discussion From A Former Master Tier Bot Lane Morde Main
What you are trying to say is i might be able to become "The best mordekaiser support" and in a month or 2 make a reddit post about it? :>
: > [{quoted}](name=deathskybolo,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Rdqfw0p4,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2016-11-09T21:21:23.808+0000) > > Invisbility( Akali main so curious about theses specifics, but on other champs also). Do spooky ghost still reveals Akali in her shroud, does lee sin still reveals Akali in her shroud and does Cait traps still reveals Akali in her shroud. If yes then fix this, cause her W still won&#x27;t feel usefull even if it allows her to blink. We spent a good amount of time discussing whether these should or not- not sure about Frost Queen's but the rest will reveal stealthed characters. I felt like they shouldn't be am interested to see how it feels moving forward- Akali's W will still be infinitely more powerful than burning 75g from your opponent before he kills you like it did before.
one thing I don't really like... first you want to make invisibility fully invisible apart from turrets (for easy to balance) but now i read there are so many ways to reveal it: vision plants, FQC, chmpions like Lee lulu, karma, etc. I agree this is not the same as a 75 gold vision ward but wouldn't it be healthier for those assassins to be totally balanced around full invisibility instead of adding counters? at first i thought you were making champions with invis stronger so they can outplay... but how can they outplay if they still get visioned. what are the concerns of not making them fully invisble if i may ask?
: The problem is a lot of champions are balanced around its inclusion right now so just getting rid of it will indirectly nerf a number of champions.
well... so? mages were balanced around Deathfire Grasp, they removed it as it was toxic... this item is also toxic... its alright the champions get nerfed, as its preseason now anyway... Riot can buff them afterwards.
Meddler (NA)
: Timeline on Rylai's hasn't been as urgent as other work, given it's not particularly connected to the other pre-season changes, in contrast with other things on the same time like assassin kits, balance and items. At the same time it's also an item that's been used by a lot of champs this year, so cost of getting it wrong's noticeable. Don't want to rush it as a result. Couple that with some lack of agreement on exactly who should or shouldn't have access to slows on all their spells in the first place, or whether a more limited approach is needed instead, and you get a process that takes longer than usual. I'd expect 2-3 different versions of Rylai's to exacerbate the current problems with it, not fix them. Allowing champions to choose even more optimal stat profiles for it makes it more attractive, and therefore universal, rather than limiting it to those it should be a tool on. Branching items like that can be a great approach if the thing being provided's baseline functionality for the class (e.g. % armor pen for ADCs, Sightstones for supports etc). With things like 'all spells slow' that are meant to be optional on most possible users, and something you should make some form of trade off for, branching items can fight against what you're trying to accomplish.
isn't it better to completely remove rylai? as you are not completely sure what to do with the item and a permaslow just doesnt fit in the game as it makes many champions feel unfair. possible solutions are: * Give it a cooldown: every 5 seconds you can slow an enemy for 3 seconds. * Removing the item completely and try to give mages another tanky ap item, the slow doesnt realy fit * as slows are really nasty on tank champions make the slow scale on ap... starting at 20% with like a 0,05% ratio or something similar. * Hire me to change the item _**insert evil laugh**_
: Nope, borders are remaining exactly the same from last year. I'm curious though, what exactly about the borders aren't you a fan of?
all the borders look nice.... except the diamond one in my opinion, it feels kinda shitty
: Leaverbuster is actually a tricky scenario. I am sure there are some players who repeatedly leave games for malicious reasons, such as raging, or punishing their team, etc. Not only is this a fairly low occurrence, but these players get steeper and steeper Lower Priority Queue penalties. More often than not, Leaverbuster penalties hit people with technical issues or just had a run of bad luck (House caught on fire, cat caught on fire, pool caught on fire, all in one week). We don't feel that a BugSplat at the Loading Screen should make your entire season progression null and void. Hope that explains things a bit more! ^.^
(House caught on fire, cat caught on fire, pool caught on fire, all in one week) ye, that does seem like some bad luck... or well, some1 just isnt a really good cook :>
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