: Do you think that Gold 4 player is complaining and crying about his Silver team? No....he carried that shit. Git gud.
You look at it from the wrong perspective. It isn't about the high elo player getting lower elo teammates, if anything the gold player deserves it more to prove that he is a higher elo compared to the rest of the players in that game. Instead, look at the average elo of each team. On one side you have two Silver, two Bronze and an Unranked player; On the other side you have 4 Silver players and a Gold player. Isn't Riot supposed to match teams of equal MMR against each other?
Jack Eron (EUNE)
: Care about a champion's winrate is pretty stupid. Just think about it, you play in a team. You are ONE of 5 people, even if you do your best you will lose many times and even if you are the worst you will get carried in some games. So how the hell would you tell that how good is a champion's own winrate? It depends on many, many things that how good will you be with it and in most cases those things will happen without your own will XD I can take the highest winrate champ and i will be bad if i cant play him, if i get a counter, if the enemy will always gank me and i get roamed, if i have lag, if i was unlucky etc... And i can take the lowest winrate champ and i can still win if i can play, if i get help, if i counter the enemy... It is pointless to talk about these stupid and useless numbers. Even the highest winrates are a little bit better than 50% and of course the reason that it can happen because it's a TEAMWORK game and without normal people you will rarely worth anything. Galio is useful in any teamfights because of his taunt, his CC and his ult... ignore that stupid 40%, it means nothing
I can see where you're coming from with that argument but think about it backwards. If what you are saying is true, then every champion would realistically have a roughly 50% winrate, but that isn't the case. Champions like Sona (last patch) or Sivir are strong enough on their own that they can carry games and win, that does not mean however that they raise the winrates of champions who aren't directly related to them (like how it was with Tahm Kench Support for Sona Carry). And Galio is in a position at the moment where he is so weak in his aspects that he causes games to be lost more often then not.
: Where is Skarners power budget?
His power budget is in his passive. It's a very situational and horribly designed passive but it gives him lots of free stats. His ultimate is one of the single best tools to secure kills with and oftentimes can be the only reason both ADC and Midlane is forced to buy QSS. His shield lasts forever, grants mobility and is one of the shields with the highest HP scaling in the game. His E is a piercing slow that becomes rather large later on and turns your auto attacks into stuns. His Q may seem bad at first but the damage it deals over the course of a fight is rather sizeable.
: Nothing about mordekaiser in 9.13
He doesn't need it. He's been losing winrate every day since he got reworked and is currently sitting at 47-48%. He definitely doesn't need any nerfs at the moment.
: Does anyone else think that Mordekaiser is disgustingly broken right now?
You would be surprised. During testing phase at RiotHQ, his passive used to be flat 10% maxHP per second at all levels, he got a hotfix nerf on release and is currently losing roughly 1% winrate per level
: Reduce klepto gold on ranged champions
Klepto already has a reduced chance to drop items for ranged champions, y'know?
: Why are we attacking Riot for the whole Nightblue3 thing?
We aren't attacking Riot for banning the Teemo guy, we are attacking Riot because they don't treat Nightblue accordingly to how he behaved in that game, on stream, in front of thousands of people, as a role model.
Rioter Comments
Moody P (NA)
: Mord passive is too strong and too reliable
Sure, let's also reduce E's hitbox by half and remove the isolated bonus damage on his Q, why won't we
: I think they should rebalance passive to be w and w to be passive imo
Good meme, now get the fuck out of here
: Random Morde Balance Ideas
So, in other words, those aren't "balance changes" but just a list of hard nerfs you want to apply to Morde so he becomes as impactful as he was pre-rework
: > [{quoted}](name=Kristoph Gavin,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xpmgV1cB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-13T06:49:05.254+0000) > > What's the issue with you guys leaving such negative comments? Us from the Mordekaiser Mains have been excited for this rework and it actually made Mordekaiser more Mordekaiser than he used to be before all this. Seriously, get those sticks out of your asses and take some Ibuprofen for the pain. you mordekaiser mains should enjoy your limited time in the sun. the nerfs will come. the nerfs will hit. and then we'll see how many of you mordekaiser "mains" are still laying around. also this thread feels like its artificial marketing pr.
Imagine, if you will, the following: The majority of people on the Mordekaiser Mains subreddit and the Mordekaiser Mains Discord (spearheaded by Malicious Metal) have mained Mordekaiser after the Juggernaut Update. There are people with over 250k points on Mordekaiser, the one who got his Q nerfed into oblivion, the one who got almost completely gutted by Riot and they still mained him up until now. If you believe that after some "supposed nerfs" our community would fall apart, you are SORELY mistaken. We are better than the Akali Mains and Aatrox Mains communities. The only people who will leave us are the 0 mastery points ones who just jump onto every rework and release bandwagon in hopes of abusing the current flavor of the month.
Softpaw (NA)
: WHY does Gangplank's W flat out cancel Mord's ult?
Because the ultimate is a Suppress for the sole reason of being removable. Imagine, for a moment, that you would not be able to counter Realm of Death. Mordekaiser would immediately become a 100% ban rate champion in ranked and pro play for the simple reason that he can go full tank, ult the enemy carry and they can do NOTHING about it.
: it procs on camps but doesnt refresh or anything
It does refresh as long as you hit the large monster of the camp.
: Thank you for actually adding info to the conversation. So many idiotic trolls around here. I've been told QSS counters the ult. Do we have any other counters that level the playing field?
A list of everything that counters Realm of Death: Cleansing effects as follows: -Mikael's Crucible from an ally during the cast time -QSS during cast time or during the ultimate -all self-cleansing abilities, think Gangplank W, empowered Rengar W, Olaf R, Alistar R Becoming untargetable during the cast time: -Fizz E -an ally pulled by Kalista or eaten by Tahm Kench -Camille R -Rek'Sai R Being unstoppable during cast time: -Sion R -Malphite R -Illaoi R Mordekaiser losing vision of his target during cast time: -all champions becoming Invisible -all champions becoming camouflaged outside their vision radius -Akali W -stepping into a bush that Mordekaiser has no vision of Using hard CC on Mordekaiser during the cast time Also, while within the Death Realm, depending on the area, you can kite him around walls since Mordekaiser has no mobility outside of walking faster.
teamstar (NA)
: So Morde...
It's not, it's a bug Riot needs to fix.
: Thank you riot for the Morde update
What's the issue with you guys leaving such negative comments? Us from the Mordekaiser Mains have been excited for this rework and it actually made Mordekaiser more Mordekaiser than he used to be before all this. Seriously, get those sticks out of your asses and take some Ibuprofen for the pain.
: Nope mord has to go
Let me think about what exactly is the issue with your comment... Mordekaiser is rather slow and since most people cling to Conqueror instead of Phase Rush, kiting him is a very real possibility. His E is probably the single worst pull/hook in the game, insanely long windup and the hitbox is smaller than it looks. He only converts half of his shield into healing naturally, and only when he maxes his W. His W has a long cooldown early on, so he can't just outsustain people as easily as, say, Aatrox or Olaf or Tryndamere. His ult has a short range, has a cast time and can be removed/canceled in a variety of ways. From using QSS at any point to self-cleansing effects like Olaf R, Rengar W, Gangplank W, Alistar R; to becoming untargetable during the channel with something like Tahm W, Kalista R, Fizz E, Rek'Sai R; to something as simple as having him lose vision of you, that goes as far as stepping into a bush or becoming stealthed.
: Do you guys think the new Mordekaiser is OP?
As a Mordekaiser Main (sort of) there are a few things to address. First of, he's finally designed to be a Juggernaut, meaning that he is very strong in his effective range but can be kited out easily. His ult can be used in three ways, either to single out and eliminate a weak link, like an Enchanter support or a Mage Midlaner; alternatively, he can single out a carry, sacrifice himself and allow the team to clean up the 4v4 without him before the carry returns. If Morde is the carry for the team, he can ult someone with good stats, hopefully kill that one within 7 seconds to take their stats before wiping the floor with the enemies. And lastly, he is a new champion by all means. Riot always releases new champions in a state where people can easily snowball a game as long as they know what they do.
Jackboot (NA)
: About smite and jungle items.
The issue is less about Supports grabbing Smite and Jungle Items, it's more about Junglers taking Support Items
: > [{quoted}](name=Kristoph Gavin,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zQRROUEL,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-06-11T07:31:03.288+0000) > > First of all, a thread is bound to be good when it ignores all rules of common grammar and can't form proper sentences. WoW look this guy speaks english as a thrid language and he has poor grammar! you're genius!
Good idea judging me by my first off-the-topic statement instead of reading the full reply. That's proper criticism right here.
: Sylas is way to over loaded
Another comment ignoring basic grammar, at least you made sentences. Let's leave out the ult since that is his big gimmick of stealing someone else's magic. He has two dashes in his W and his E, though his W has barely range and needs a target, so there is that. He is a melee mage, of course everything deals damage. His Q procs twice, have you seen Neeko Q? It procs 3 times, aside from the fact that Sylas' Q damage is laughable. Sylas does not have a hook. Amumu Q isn't a hook either. Sylas E is a short range stun that pulls him towards you and has a slow projectile, you can see it coming and dodge accordingly. His heal has been nerfed before, that isn't a topic worth discussing. Also, he already has changes on the PBE where he gets his shield only when he hits a champion with his pull. There are worse champions in the game than Sylas.
: nerf pyke
First of all, a thread is bound to be good when it ignores all rules of common grammar and can't form proper sentences. Now, you are complaining about a champion with too many escapes and too much damage, let's think about it. Pyke has one dash which doubles as his engage and his main tool of crowd control. He has a camouflage which gets canceled immediately when he auto attacks or charges up his Q. Speaking of, he needs to charge his Q which makes the ability very telegraphed. His entire gimmick is that he sacrifices actual tankiness as a melee support for damage since he can't get any HP outside of leveling up. The same reasoning goes for his ultimate, of course it resets, it's the big mechanic his build comes down to. He can be easily killed when he is hit by hard CC and your team doesn't consist of just monkeys and thinks far enough to kill the 1500HP target that can execute your entire team.
: Ok... so you find the game enjoyable even though you say It's fast and then say if you want to remove joy from your life you would go do things in a MMO which usually are painfully slow. Yet you want the game slowed down? I am getting so many mixed messages from this thread
I think the title is meant to be sarcastic since a lot of people are complaining about League being a game where you win at minute 18 if you manage to blow up the entire enemy team
: 1) The ZONE lasts 2 seconds, not the slow. It's a major difference. As soon as a champion steps off the zone, they lose the slow. On a champion with only 1 Armor item, this means a) the zone is small and b) champions get off of it fast. It's actually far more significant on champs like Udyr/Malphite, who can build lots of armor and create large zones. 2) Ezreal has been build those items forever. THAT'S THE POINT!. Up until {{item:3147}} was first released, Ezreal win rate was lackluster, play rate popular, but performance average. After {{item:3147}} , he's went through buff after buff to his kit to compensate for its nerfs which were intended to take him out of the jungle. And then when Season 8 Runes came out, he was indirectly buffed more. But then adc items were nerfed, and he was given a ton of buffs; Essence Flux Base damage increased to 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 from 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275. AP ratio increased to 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90% AP from 70% AP at all ranks. Trueshot Barrage REMOVED: The total damage is no longer reduced to 100% − 30% (based on enemy hit). NEW EFFECT: The total damage is now reduced by 50% against minions and non-epic monsters. Both Buffs ----------------- Essence Flux Base damage increased to 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 from 75 / 120 / 165 / 210 / 255. Buff...... (2 buffs in a row to the same skill in the same exact way) ---------------------- Base attack damage reduced to 60 from 64. Attack damage growth increased to 3.11 from 2.41. (net gain of up to 11.9 Base AD, which is sheen amplified) ------------------------- Anything before that is in Season 7 dealing with the nerfs/buffs resulting from Duskblade.
Yeah but imagine, if Ezreal hits you with a Q, you are in the CENTER of the zone, meaning you can't "just step out of it"
GoryRage (NA)
: Rageblade has never been a healthy item.
Making a statement leading with "has never been" is very exploitable and can be very easily argumented against, just on a side note. Of course I understand what you actually meant. Doubling on-hit effects is not healthy, no matter the item. It either made hard farm junglers even worse since they would gank even less, as was seen when Sated Devourer was a thing and neither Shyvana nor Yi would leave jungle until 20 minutes and more, or it breaks the game by allowing niche champions/playstyles to spike in effectiveness, as was seen when Sated Devourer was a thing and champions like Vayne, TF and Twitch made the game a living hellhole by having hyper late game without the risks presented in an actual lane. Rageblade by itself was a fine item. It gave AD, AP, attack speed and some AoE on-hit damage. It was a very niche item for the few champions who could make use of it and it was fine that way. Them Riot moved Phantom Hit onto Rageblade and opened up a portal to Hades in the process. Because while we got the on-hit champions out of the jungle, we not only enabled strong on-hit champions in lane (Vayne, KogMaw, Varus, Kayle, Neeko) but we also gutted the jungle because nobody ever goes Bloodrazor nowadays since the on-hit damage is ass. Even Yi is trending more towards Warrior nowadays instead of Bloodrazor. And considering the fact that Rageblade currently costs 3400 gold only because Phantom Hit is such a game changing passive to have (since the stats it gives are laughable) it needs a change. The passive needs to be removed, at least put Rageblade back in the state it was in before and buff the champions who are so reliant on Rageblade at the moment.
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: vayne needs to be held to the same standarts as melee carries
Alright, she does guaranteed %maxHP true damage every third auto attack, let's see what else she has. Only 3 abilities since the Silver Bolts are on her W and that is just another Passive. She has a short CD Tumble and bonus movement speed to chase you down because she has only 550 Auto Attack Range, which 90% of the cast can just run up to or dash to. Not to mention she loses the movement speed when she runs away from you. Considering that the Silver Bolts proc on only every third consecutive hit, armor can indeed be built to mitigate the pre-proc damage and, as a result, lessen the impact of her W on you. Vayne was designed to scale better than most other ADCs in a meta dominated by tanks left and right. Unlike every other ADC, her R only gives her stats, it doesn't have an immediate impact like The Culling or Bullet Time. Seeing how this is currently the damage meta (or slugfest, your preference) and she doesn't have the upfront burst of a Draven, MF or a 600+AD Jhin crit, she will get bursted like a balloon in a desert full of cacti. On a side note, Kai'Sa does what she does but better most of the time. Saying Vayne needs a rework because she isnt viable without permabanning her at the moment because she has a 3-hit passive on her W is like saying that Garen is completely broken Toplane because he gets free health regen to counter the damage meta.
Krupaz (NA)
: Smite mid
On the topic of 'being entitled to', I'm sick of lanes taking my buffs left and right, no matter the time in the game or their own stats. When I am a jungle who can make use of the red buff, I can't stand seeing my 0/5 ADC take it without so much as asking me whether I was fine with it. Same with midlaners and blue buff...

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