château (NA)
: Well, the Dark Star skin line has already been established, so I highly doubt the name means anything in this context. Similarly, the purple/black color palette is the norm for Dark Star skins, so again, not really a coincidence. Dark powers gathered from space? Yeah, that's kind of the point of the Dark Star universe. Holding a ball of energy in a power-pose is kind of a cliché concept. I do not believe that was necessarily inspired by you. Riot has a whole design team. They can think of these things themselves. It's great that Riot finally implemented an idea you were hoping for! But I wouldn't go as far as to say "Hey, fuck the design team, _I'm the original creator, but thanks for making it real!_" {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
This concept existed before Dark Star line was a thing :) 2014 - this concept, first skin of Dark Star line - 2016. I disagree with your last statement. I think Riot artists did an amazing job. You might be new to this game (sorry for assuming if that's not so) but it's not about that. For example, Lotus Karma was a concept that came from a fan too. I'm probably replying too much to this thread and the toxic comments, thanking Riot Games was my only intention.
Terozu (NA)
: No offense but I doubt they really took this from you any more than they took Qiyana from my Alia. Or Kled, or Kayn from my Annie rework. And the similarities between my concept and Qiyana are far more pronounced than your skin concept and the actual skin other than name. I'm glad you finally got the theme you wanted, Qiyana's form changes are every bit as fulfilling as I wanted from Alia as a bladed beauty, and I'm sure you feel the same way. But I don't think they really took it from you.
Hello Torezu! If this is a coincidence then it's probably a very crazy one :) But I'm happy nonetheless. I will just list things I found to be similar: - Name of the skins (Dark Gravitation/Dark Star) - Purple and black color palette with a white outline - Theme of dark powers gathered from space - Dark Star Thresh and my art have a lot of similarities (angle, pose, dark ball of energy in one of their hands, palette, planet appearing almost like a satellite for their figure) - I sort of planned Karma to be a "leader" of her skins (similar to Creator Viktor of some sort), and on some other picture she was surrounded by creatures-representatives of her "skin line) who have disfigured faces and big accent on their mouths (similar to Dark Star). Image and comparison: Keep in mind that some fan ideas indeed made it into the game and this is a veery old concept, so anything is possible!
: ***
The fact that a skin like this is in the game is enough for me to feel happy, I'm glad that my vision and the division of developers have collided like that. A feeling like this is a reward by itself. I think the main reason why I made this thread is to encourage people who may have some cool ideas about their beloved characters to keep fighting for them no matter how difficult it may be and now many people may disagree with you and try to put your ideas down. Sooner or later, you may find yourself being happy with your ideas becoming a reality. And this way, all people together will put their hearts and souls into a game they love.
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Raoul (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Krizalid,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=MEJ7HiHQ,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-22T00:23:14.115+0000) > > I disagree with everything in this post because I'm both female and a lesbian. Pretty sure it's not *sexist* for me to speak on this subject and expect a better, less "virtue signaling" representation compared to Neeko. And as a person related to LGBTQ communities it is more known to me what characters people want to see as a representation and which they don't. > > And yes, it is absolutely fine for this game to take community's desires into consideration because this game lived on fan concepts for years, and even the big retcons (like extremely popular Aatrox and Varus' darkin concept) - are all **fan creations injected into official canon. ** Your gender and sexual orientation doesnt really make you immune to having sexist thoughts. Note that "having sexist thoughts" doesnt automaticly mean "I hate a gender, a sexuality or whatever" putting people into a stereotype because they dont fit the picture of how real men and real women should act is also fits the discription. That doesnt make you a bad person or anything, its just how our culture is raising us. And what I say about Cait and Vi is nothing you can really deny either. I dont know if you were around when this thing started, but the porn came first, then the shipping. And all of it was based on the porn stereotype that woman in a position of authority are always hyper sexual and 2 women in authority position in the same area are lesbians. I would like more homosexual Champions, even existing ones, but for odd resons, not because "it would be hot if they would do it together" or "they are to unmanly to be straight". Last thing we need is more sexualising of lesbian relationship or more demeaning of gay relationships. Of course thats only my opinion...
Yes it does btw. I never said that the reason to ship them was because "it's hot". I said that they deserve it because community was cheering for them for years and they look cute together, have a great synergy and a lot in common, they work closely and Vi often says cute things about her. I see a lot of projection and prejudice in your words though, so I will just take my leave because I won't change your mind since you've made it up for yourself and others even before this convo started. There are other things outside of hentai/sex that you should put into consideration.
Raoul (EUW)
: I was actually being sarcastic here. Making Taric and Ezreal or Vi and Caitlyn gay just because its a fan favorite theory would actually be all the wrong reasons for making a character gay combined into one fuckup. Especially on the topid of Cait and Vi, which started as a pretty creepy kinky cop lesbian topic back in the days... Let me explain this a little more: The fantheories and everything surrounding it for these two couples have nothing to do with actuall respect or even acceptance for homosexuals. For Vi and Caitlyn, it originated in 2 things: Vi being more on the non feminin side, which made the community immediatly push lesbian context to her, because in no way would a heterosexual female character ever behave so masculin, and the second part is literally porn based. We have two females with Authority, and the community couldnt accept that in any other way than the setup for a kinky lesbian porn. For Taric and Ezreal, it originated in the communities fixation of masculin traits and that lacking these as a man means you are gay. Ezreal had feminin traits in his looks and character and Tarics personality was literally to be summarised in 2 words: Gems and Fabulous. Two trais that are not really masculin. So what did the community do? No way these two could be hetero men, because they were not MAAAAN enough. So of course, they were gay. Sorry to say, but these two ships were born from nothing but sexism...
I disagree with everything in this post because I'm both female and a lesbian. Pretty sure it's not *sexist* for me to speak on this subject and expect a better, less "virtue signaling" representation compared to Neeko. And as a person related to LGBTQ communities it is more known to me what characters people want to see as a representation and which they don't. And yes, it is absolutely fine for this game to take community's desires into consideration because this game lived on fan concepts for years, and even the big retcons (like extremely popular Aatrox and Varus' darkin concept) - are all **fan creations injected into official canon. **
Raoul (EUW)
: Hey, if anything, Taric and Ezreal deserve a coming out first!
I support this, actually. I just think that Taric x Ezreal and Vi x Cait deserve the "signaling" that Riot are trying to do instead of some new character who's just made around being colorful and gay. Community loves those couples and been cheering for them for years.
: Maybe they're just straight?
_So was Varus but here we are. _
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: Why is this being downvoted? Retardo community being stupid as usual.
Not their fault, most people only know him for his Borderlands work. He's a pretty scandalistic figure, but not everyone knows about it. But some people could definitely do some research before disregarding my worries.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Seriously? Thats what this is about? Your concern is that the characters might have less sexy outfits? I mean he certainly didn't have a problem with Moxxi
Many things have changed since he worked on that. His views on games became rather dangerous. If you are interested in the subject, you can do a little research.
: this could turn out to be good, or something really terrible will occur. when that happens it'll either be <VICTORY> or <Riot Fainted>
Most likely all female characters wearing their grandma's clothes. Or characters being made around pandering rather than their personalities.
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Hige (NA)
: > He doesn't need a beard. EVERYTHING NEEDS A BEARD!!!
: When you Rework Urgot, Please Let Him Remain Ugly.
>Game of Thrones PFFFFT. We all know that Urgot is the Strogg of LoL.
: I am curious what about Yorrick was so interesting and fun to you? To me he was the worst champ in the game in terms of both lore and gameplay.
He seemed to me like a very underrated character with his own unique personality. A slave to his condition, yet a man who manages to stay with a grim but smug smile. His own existence felt sarcastic to him, he was a mad loner who carries his burden through ages with nothing but acceptance. He's sadistic, but not evil. It's just his profession that he's married to. I know it's a load of headcanon right here, but for a guy who loves games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls, headcanon always plays a big part for me.
: What a wrong with his beard looks good
It doesn't suit him. We have enough (actually like 85%) male characters with facial hair. He needs his jaw back (that looks like a second shovel).
: It is over m8, in term of his visuals. This is the final product.
Oh noes! Guess there's nothing I can do about yet my another favorite character being ruined. ***Launches Overwatch***
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Ralanr (NA)
: Well we still haven't gotten his VO.
True! I hope it won't disappoint.
Ralanr (NA)
: Did he even have charisma to lose?
To be honest, Yorick managed to interest me with his unique personality and looks. And his awesome voice. I wouldn't care if he lost his hunch back, but I really loved him being so smug despite being a slave to his condition. And I loved his smug face.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: Yorick is sneaking into the rift!!!
Ah yes, Yorick.. So we're getting close to it.
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GreenLore (EUW)
: They actually did mention that they are/were working on another skin for her when they made this.
Well, that's promising.
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Drehirth (NA)
: disco lucian needed,0c470000ffb0ffff
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: Which champion quote from LoL is your favorite delivered line?
You look like someone who's got a lot going on beneath the surface {{champion:8}}
: Taliyah? This is the herald of greater things!
All I can say is that it looks really uncanny, gives me those fake UFO vibes I've felt when I was a kid.
: I think he's supreme cancer and I hate him with a passion, so since he belongs in an anime anyway I would actually use my rock powers to turn him 2d. Yasuo mains pls no bully.
That's something what I feel towards Riven XD
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: I was going to say you can get a code off ebay (as i did) or off a league-related site that sells em, but apparently Riot disabled old codes, so...
I actually had an idea of purchasing one back before they were disabled, but I was too greedy XD
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: So when Riot's finally gets around to updating the Commando Splash art....
I'll just leave this here:
: I believe the inspiration for Black Scourge Singed came from this skin idea:
Looks like it! Artist did a great job on that piece and Riot finally managed to bring something that I would really enjoy myself.
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: Riot heres a simple skin idea
This is a good idea.
: This needs to be Taric's login:
That's what I've been saying the whole time. George Michael and Wham are Taric.
Elfezen (NA)
: The Chinese Dragon Fist Lee Sin has similar stance with Akuma
Rioter Comments
: Riot, thank you for listening about Vlad's splashes. Also a question about the ingame model.
I main Vlad too and of course I can't stand his onion hair. I absolutely agree with you that his hairstyle should be changed.
: I feel like swain's facial features miss their mark. He should look a bit older, especially his hair and nose were better in the teased version imo.
I liked his previous version more as well. But who knows, maybe Riot are going to change him according to his new splash.
patmax17 (EUW)
: Taric Skin names
Only if they rename it to "Armor of the **Filth** Age Taric" and make him fight non-progressive Noxian inquisitors.
uJhisper (NA)
: Post all the ruined splashes
That's pretty subjective, don't you think?
: Bloodstone Taric Change?
I disagree. I absolutely love how he looks and game really lacks dark skins - all I can remember are Vlad's skins and Garen's Sanguine skin.
: Posted it in the other thread about this atrocity, posting it again: This skin is basically meant to be Dracula and it sort of tried to pull off Gary Oldman back in the day, but failed due to Riot not having the funds and resources. Needs VU hard unfortunately, or at least a decent splash. By the way, speaking of Vlad's looks, have you seen the original design for SS Vlad? I think Riot re-did it because it was too damn outrageous (looks like current Taric a lot tbh) But yeah, pretty crappy splash for the most fabulous Noxian in the game (yes, more so than Draven). I wish he looked like Trent from "Perfect Drug" music video. He pulls the "Dracula" look even further.
: Taric's model is kind of boring
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