: > [{quoted}](name=ChuShoe,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=VWQYEOQP,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-10-17T20:53:56.725+0000) > > LOL it looks like someone just gave up and said "let's take the normal championship theme, and just throw some jack o' lanterns and bats in there, these retards will buy skins and keep playing anyways" And plus the K/DA storm is coming and they were like : lets not do anything we will get the coin anyway.
k/da skins are lazy, the anime obsession is getting rather boring...
: Can a Rioter come out and say this is a joke
BOO! Haunted Log-in Screen! Absolutely lazy, all they had to do was slap an animated art work of janna or ekko last year they delayed the harrowing event because of this worlds shite
: All Support players are inters - prove me wrong, but show your work!
: So they want to fix the vision system now lol... If they think it's that bad, how did they ever go through with Dusblade changes when they made melee users have a free oracle lens on top of being able to one shot wards for a short duration. Honestly what I think would help is if there was another upgrade item for... {{item:3401}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3069}} Which gives some minor increased stats and make it so that the last Ward that is placed is a control ward. Or that you get a Control Ward after destroying X amount of Wards.
the sight stone changes are shit
: Try flex queue promos. I got in Silver III for solo queue, but I then did my flex queue promos and got Plat V. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} I won 6 out of 10 for Solo promos and 7 out of 10 for Flex promos Ranked system is pretty busted.
its so dumb which is why im curious as to what calculations is going on there
: Why are there so many toxic Chinese people on the NA server all of a sudden?
china is heavily censoring/shutting down the web over there so they use VPNS/Proxies to get thier league high
: if you only could use 6 champions
{{champion:90}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:90}}
: Riot, I don't think diamond players like your reworks
: i just think the blue one looks much better, and i dont very much like red and green colors. so i guess im just biased. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
green is a purely superior colour blupian
: Idk how can you guys subject yourself to solo q whole season and not go mad.
got to gold 5 stopped sadly flex put me in plat 5 and to stop mmr decay i played but kept on winning and now get 27 lp a win??
: stop talking winrates at worlds
: Wait what why ..{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: The lack of Zyra love from RIOT is disappointing
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: In-game moderators for League of Legends
no chance this would be terrible
: Hmm, that's an interesting suggestion actually. I could see there potentially being some oddity for your opponent who now needs to keep track of whether or not you reduced the cd of some worked ground or not (but tbh I don't think many people track this well anyway). I do wonder if maybe just shrinking the radius of her worked ground slightly would also do the trick to give you more possible angles to shoot from, without needing to worry about variable cds. She rarely uses the same patch in the jungle as you said, so it also wouldn't really buff her jungle.
Wovy (EUW)
: Cassiopeia's passive is more a handicap than an advantage
they added it because of the meme cass has no legs why have boots lmao
: its been a complete mess for ages... its only "nice" because his main is particularly strong right now
: Let's be clear here: Kayn is not OP
let's be frank, shadow Kayn is op
: Riot, how do you justify not ID-banning prominent streamers when they CLEARLY troll ON STREAM
Jamaree (NA)
: Yeah Riot, don't reward the top 1% of all players because they haven't filled some arbitrary expectations of this random player. Edit: Are people really so petty that they want to take away people's rewards because they don't dedicate their lives to this game, holy fuck.
> [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=E2BMgghV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-13T09:44:27.728+0000) > > Yeah Riot, don't reward the top 1% of all players because they haven't filled some arbitrary expectations of this random player. > > Edit: Are people really so petty that they want to take away people's rewards because they don't dedicate their lives to this game, holy fuck. pretty much
: ***
lmao what im saying keep yourself to yourself it is a game chalk off the troll and report it, have a cuppa and wait in the fountain if you realllllllllllllly care about it that much youre able to get into riot support but thats the snitch's approach and you're not one of those > limpdick snowflakes playing this game those > self hating white people because snitches get stiches
Lapis (OCE)
: it's depressing trying to be nice in this game
I'm the orange honour level, i have gotten the orb award 4? times, i dont say much, occasional words, sometimes a 'well played', but mostly 'you too', i use my pings smart and ping enemy ults and summoner spells just ignore the chat, have a cuppa and let things blow over
: ...good God the game is toxic.
had a game where top/mid/jungle spent the whole game flaming one another and my adc getting popped in .1 seconds by camille, talon and vi. Enemy took bot inhib due to superior mobility and pushing power and then almost took top inhib. ended up winning, not sure how
: Yooo make my boy a bloodmoon champ, jayce hasn't gotten a skin in about 2 years
Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh l think they should make some crappy kpop skins instead
: :/ How can you complain about Fizz when LB is literally worse in every way.
: i just want to play dominion man
: @Riot what happened to role diversity?
: Numbers
thats just the text, its a bug
: Im sorry but the suicide/split strategy needs to be removed from the game.
: It's so crazy that the team with 13 cs a minute on adc and 11.5 cs a minute on mid had enough gold to push down objectives at 35 minutes. Mind blowing.
Dakeudharma (EUNE)
: And again RNG win after one "mistake" and the mistake is amazing as in previous game. Engage from 8000000 range. Like what is the outplay to it ? fiesta.
they took 4 turrets, inhib and nexus in one push absolute shite
: There are times I wonder if the balance team knows how to do their jobs anymore.
they're clearly following orders from the top to make it the game flashy and quick for the '''''''''''e'''''''''' athletes and lcs , if anyone in any job was doing as awful as they are, they'd been sacked months ago
: Make The Perfect Ascension icon Legendary Tier instead of Mythic
https://i.gyazo.com/416543ea937b570ddac72ffb14394027.png what this? e z p z
Norsetrack (EUNE)
: Count Kledula's Q is awful
the skin looks bad in general not sure why they gave it the weird pinky hue
: Jesus died to carry his team mates to victory. He knew it was hard, but Baron was up and its yolo or solo.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ibbi,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1rUWi0r3,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-09T20:47:47.666+0000) > > I don't know if I'm the only one ,but I hate having to carry morons who don't deserve a win. Imagine if Jesus had said this before the romans crucified him and shot him into space
Alzon (NA)
: He’s literally balanced around his bugs.
: I think they're just calling that Iron tier.
saltran (EUW)
: Okay, but then dont use pro play stats to complain about Kai'Sa if you dont care even a bit about pro play.
saltran (EUW)
: "Why is Sejuani gutted for being the best jungler for pro play for like 2 years in a row Rito pls" "Why isn't Kai'Sa gutted to the ground after being dominant for half of a season????"
vast majority of players dont give a toss about worlds, any defence using worlds/pro play should be auto deleted
MrGerund (EUW)
: problem with only being able to pick a champ in ranked if you have a high mastery with em is... autofill
first we remove then autofill
: List your favorite ongoing or past wars
: When a Soraka pick cant even win 1 single World's game
: Glacial Ahri is unhealhty and the nerf won't do much.
oh boiii another gimmick build thanks to these runes
: The balancing team wants to see Nami playing more aggressively, not sitting back and healing the adc.
got it in one damage damage damage
: but -3 LP does equal a 5+ min LPQ timer. plus you can always report a troll after game.you can't report anyone if you dodge cause it was your fault.
I'd take 5 minutes over a (if lucky) 15 minute - 20 minute + wait
Ek1 Fi (EUNE)
: And the honor goes to... Who was actually the MVP to You? Idea for more informative honoring screen
the ability to honour one person per game is stupid as it is a team game, working as a team helped you win , at least for the most part. Mind you, they only added this stupid honour system once they added free stuff. Riot giveth, Rito taketh away.
: I´d argue that Ryze, seju and aatrox turned out pretty dang terrible in the end too, but the only reason people dislike malz more is because he somehow hangs on in soloq while the others are gone and out of sight :p
thats because they gave him one of the dumbest passives in the game, I am hugely bias as old malz was one of the first champs I took to playing
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