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: yea zed is so strong rn, against immobile champs like {{champion:99}} he a nightmare. i played a game as lux and he zoned me out of cs, coundnt buy {{item:3157}} for a while, i had like no cs and he would constantly poke me to more than half my health with just one combo, no ult. he literallly killed me under tower and took no damage. i just cant....
then u are real bad, i mained zed for a while, every lux matchup is cringe af, cause those hitboxes are fucked up. lux stun is insane, and her ult as well
: Which Zhonya's armor stats have been nerfed and costs by the time he's 6 he already has a hexdrinker while you don't have enough farm to even get a Seeker's because he outpushed you and outfarmed...then by the time you do get Zhonya's you sacrificed your first item slot for defensive power instead of mana regen and ability power, and can't do shit against him because if you try to go in on him he can just shadow away. "Easily countered?" I think not. Nerf, plz Rito
and the other way around? if they nerf zed and buff mages, as zed u need to buy hexdrinker first while mages can just go full dmg, so it would b the same. its always diffrent. meta changes.. deal with it or leav it
: No man, it's obvious this champion is broken. NO OTHER CHAMPION CAN DO THAT. And when I say NO OTHER CHAMPION, I mean NO OTHER CHAMPION. Only zed can towerdive post six. Literally only him. Deserves to be gutted. /s
every other champ could have killed u, f.e. ziggs, veigar, le blanc, yasuo, they all just needed flash auto - or ignite and u is dead


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