: But their ~~starting~~ scaling mana got decreased by over 100-150, so............................
: He's fine.
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Veraska (NA)
: What's the best 1 trick name you've ever seen
An Ivern main with the name: Dyslectic Riven
Etah (NA)
: Ahri Charm Bug - Enemies are walking away from their lust?
Same happened to me when i charmed someone with rakan, which caused me to miss my knock-up, realy annoying :/
Rainfall (EUNE)
: The Tank Item Rework.
Its so stupid how a maw of malmortius literaly makes you tankier than a mr tank item. It gives the same amount of magic resist, but the actual magic shield value is higher than the hp on tank items except for spirit visage. On top of that it gives AD, 10% cdr and lifesteal and spellvamp when the shield procs. Riot plz.
: They weren't nerfed hard due to the tank and tank item changes. Much less armor pen with much more armor in the game, there was no need to nerf any of them harder.
"Much more armor in the game" yeah, that +10 armor on sunfire and dead man's plate realy help a lot..... I just love getting those 2 items in 6.9, because +20 armor > 150 hp
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 2
Hey Meddler, i have a question about Black cleaver: Is an intended strength of black cleaver to reduce the effectiveness of armor scaling champions and items such as: {{champion:201}} , {{champion:54}} , {{champion:44}} , {{champion:33}} , {{item:3075}} and {{item:3025}} ? sometimes when i use some of these i can just feel my dmg/peel potential going down and I often feel realy bad about it. Why not make armor scalings scale from your total armor instead of current armor? An alternative option would be to somehow change {{item:3071}} 's passive to something like abyssal passive; increasing the physical damage someone takes. just an idea i havent thought that one through :p
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Dejara (NA)
: Zac E bug
I have had the same thing happen to me today, it realy messes up the jump calculations

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