: Reform? Account Back? If streamers like T1 can't get their main account back why do you think you'll get yours back? There is no "Reforming for account unban"
Saezio (EUNE)
: You can't get a permanently suspended account back. But if you reformed you can play on another account.
aight thanks for the info i thought t1 got his account back, ig i cant get it back, ty
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rujitra (NA)
: Self control. When someone makes you mad, is your first reaction to grab a gun and shoot them? No? That's illegal you say? Well, when you're playing League, it's against the rules to be toxic. Learn some self control.
You're telling me that a player that tries his best, was doing the best in the match and gets trolled by 4 people is the one getting permabanned for having no "self-control" I am in no way saying I'm innocent but for the love of god check the damn pros and cons
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