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: > i got i was toxic but i reformed a lot Just because you say something doesn't mean it's actually true. All you do is insult your teammates, berate them, and criticize them for how they're playing. Your last punishment (the 14-day suspension) clearly told you that any further negativity on your account would result in a permanent ban.
I wasn't insulting anyone i was being flamed for losing my lane but again my support left at 6 min and mid and jungle was flaming so no one was paying attention to me playing alone in bot but yeah i agree with negativity but its not fair i have to sit through there and not being able to defend myself when im being wrongly accused but the other game was before i reformed idek when its from like months ago but its weird i get banned for a game that my support left and me getting flamed for losing
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: What is this perm ban
I don't expect anybody to actual see this or that it will do anything because im just a nobody player also there was 2 games the other one the support was lagging out has well
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