: I do not believe that the future for League of Legends will be bright
My biggest gripe with this game is the lack of RGM available and even when they get released it's always on a Summoner's Rift Variation. I have been playing league less so but I still keep on coming back to play for fun with some champions and I still get a laugh out of it from time to time due to my mistake, good play, chat and the same to enemy players. The whole RP price increase for less RP has made some of my friends leave the game for good as the final straw and I've only spent RP once this year because of this. Most of my mains aren't popular so they wont get a skin or one that is worth getting. I've always been into casuals aka normals, Ranked mode to gold has never been fun and even when I get it I don't feel rewarded and the lack of any decent rewards in higher elos just makes me not want to go past gold. I just boot the game up when I feel like it and play one of my mains or a random champion and do something new. I'm surprised this game lasted for 10 years. But in all honesty I wont be losing sleep if riot shut down EUW servers. I've had a good 5 year run on this game.
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: Lamentations of a 1 Million Mastery Shen main.
I'm on my way to 1 million kled and I have like round 30 champions that are in the 50,000 to 400,000 League has been getting worse, it's not my faitgue with this game but Riot's constant bad choices and some personal problems. Riot is more focused on their new game which I hope does well but I'm more interested if it's a fighting game which is pretty much my main type of comeptive gaming genre from casual fighters to deep complex ones. Anyway to my problems: Riot can't keep random game modes consistently going all the time which is annoying because I enjoy alot of these game modes more than playing summoner's rift. Back when I started in mid 2014 I was more of a Crystal Scar (Dominion) I liked the capture the flag style gameplay and it felt a bit like a team deathmatch which is a major plus for me. Riot's poor choices in nerfs, like for example aurelion sol, enchanter supports and tank supports have been getting nerfs mostly for pro streams or for no good reason. Some champions get nerfs but on the plus side they get a hidden buff via a certain current item build which can be a pain in the ass to deal with. I'm tired of seeing the same champions in all game modes. I would like to see the more popular champions get nerfed and have the unpopular champions get buffed so we can see more plays adapt to more play styles more often. I have become more toxic the more I play this game but I don't want to talk too much about this. Ranked mode is just a joke to me, I just go straight to gold (even though I mostly play flex) I get it done in a few days then I just leave ranked for good for the entire year and stick to normals also in normals I get to hear less crying bullshit from either teams. Since mid 2018 I've decided to dedicate most of my time on league to reach 1 million mastery on kled before I leave this game which should be done before the end of feb. https://i.imgur.com/T65kshG.png?NoRedirect
Quáx (NA)
I'm gonna spread this around.
Zeus xD (EUNE)
: 2019 Shaco skin ideas , enjoy .
Surgeon Shaco, looks like one of the scientists from Crash Bandicoot. I'd buy that :D.
: When someone tries to gank you. but little they know they just won a free asswhoopin
{{champion:240}} *hides in the bush with 80% courage, with 2 pocket pistol shots, ignite and tiamat ready.*
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Jav (EUNE)
: Good bye league!
This game actually sucks man. The only reason I still keep on playing this game is because of {{champion:240}} I love his personality, his goofy fighting style. I'm one of those weirdos who will play unattractive or low tier characters (according to community lists) which gives me an upper hand in my gameplay and sometimes I do it for a joke or commitment to a character. But in this game I'm not really having any fun at all. In my ranked games I feel like I don't feel like i'm improving on skill and behaviour and in Ranked I'm G5 and S1 and Ranked is my least played mode ever. One day I'm nice, relaxing and cracking a joke or two. Next day I'm the most toxic jerk in the game for any reason. I'm not a fan of some character reworks which has made me not want to play some of these classic champions, also I've put in requests for Riot to make skins to pay homage to retro style champions (mostly down to the clothes, not the pizza feet and the blocky pollygons. Game modes being removed and most of them not returning anymore. Support role is now a joke, I used to love playing this role as a tank or enchanter but now that role is plagued by assassins and try hard mages. Money quests have replaced sightstone, a bunch of support benefits are gone. I have made it my personal achievement to reach 1 million mastery on Kled before I leave league for a long time or possibly forever. Yeah that sounds silly but I can't leave the game personally until i complete this. Riot does once in a while bring out a good thing which does make me want to keep on playing more or have my old friends from Season 1 or 2 etc come back to the game. So there will be something that will make me come back to league in the future. But honestly I wont be upset if I get permabanned or just some how never play league again forever. Hope the future goes great for you man.
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: Put Ultimate Hat back in Sorcery.
Ultimate Hat in sorcery: Assassin mains complain about this rune not being in Domination. Ultimate Hunter in domination: Support mains complain about this rune not being in Sorcery. For real I have to say that Ultimate Hat in the Sorcery rune tree is broken for support mains, I'm not a very competitive player in league but in just over 2 weeks of 3 ranked games a day I got G5 so easily by just one tricking Nami. It's a long story to explain the set ups and builds but if any nami mains around here they can piece together how strong that rune is. Works well for other enchanter support types to but Nami was the best for me. Assassins are strong anyway but the domination tree is pretty weak. But keep in mind I don't always play assassin type champions that much.
: Out of all supports there are...
As a support main all of them are still viable. Pyke is still new and his kit is fun to play for the users playing him (not the enemy team of course). People need to get used to playing against him, you need grevious wounds to cut down his bullshit healing, a fast chasing champion like Khazix, Jarvan, Gnar, Kled, Garen, Irelia, Leblanc etc etc, trap type champions work to like veigar, viktor aatrox. But even when you are fighting and chasing him you want to avoid his E and Q at all times. Always stay alert and don't slack off and you'll be able to beat him. Thresh is very easy to play against, his Q is super telegraphed and is one of the easiest skillshots to dodge in the game. As soon as you hear that metallic whirling sound, just side step or flash over the hook (same for blitzcrank) the hit box that only matters is the hook itself not the chains. You can step on thresh's lantern to deny his allies from escaping, (and yes you can be a healthy ally standing on a ally thresh's lantern so your low hp adc can die... so don't do that please). The only support I clench my ass tight is when I'm against Lulu. Oh the amount of times she has turned my allies into fluffy animals. oooh that bitch.
Rigante (NA)
: Medieval Twitch certainly has my attention. I was going to play with the stealth effect on Eve on an earlier project that didn't pan out. Maybe I'll play with Twitch and see what happens.
> [{quoted}](name=Rigante,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=lxVHJUdW,comment-id=00100000,timestamp=2018-11-02T13:08:43.238+0000) > > Medieval Twitch certainly has my attention. I was going to play with the stealth effect on Eve on an earlier project that didn&#x27;t pan out. Maybe I&#x27;ll play with Twitch and see what happens. Thanks. That will be so cool to see <3.
: Scuttles HATE Him, See how Kled Jungle could be meta with just one change
You are Kled. Everything in Summoner's Rift is yours. Jokes aside. As a Kled main this would be a great benefit for him in jungle but this should only generate courage on the main big monster of each camp, Each point of courage should be the same as you get from attacking dragon/herald/baron. Attacking the small monsters shouldn't count. There needs to be a weakness for kled jungle otherwise he'll be too easy to use against smart jungle mains and his allies who will catch on that they should deny him big monsters. But this will likely happen in 8/10 games since alot of people even enemy junglers always follow a certain path. I've been playing alot of Kled games in normal draft and normal blinds and mostly been doing jungle. In the hands of a main you can get first blood by solo invading after red buff and never lose skaarl. He is very good at chasing enemy junglers early game and gains true sight on them. Runes/Masteries Press the attack, Triumph, Bloodline, Coup De Grace. Magical Footwear, Biscuit Delivery. Reason I use these runes is to stay healthy in jungle, I can duel against anyone in the jungle, I save 300 gold by getting boots but even faster than regular boots, biscuits will give you even more regeneration since Kled doesn't have mana. When I invade and start fights I mostly get ally mid or sometimes supports help me during the fight so if i Kill or assist in any kills I'll regain some hp and courage back anyway. If your courage is high enough (75% to 95%) but you know the dragon or baron is warded and don't want to risk getting it stolen but you want your lizard back so you can continue farming for more gold. You can just attack that then dash away so you can get farm also later in the game losing some kled hp for courage to gain skaarl isn't that bad and when skaarl's hp is full, kled will regen his hp. Item build is always adaptive. Just don't buy hp scaling items like {{item:3190}} or {{item:1401}} as riot intentionally doesn't want kled to abuse this because of his high hp. Ironicly this is okay for riot on, Cho'gath. XD.
: if you feed the enemy 5 kills in the first 8 mins
Staying under tower doesn't help anymore especially if that idiot is past 0/2 in just the first few minutes. Just don't speak to him. It will just cause more problems if you respond in kind or aggression. In match or hours after the match he'll learn to never pull that shit again, remain calm, work on his cs, positioning and being safe. If it's a top laner struggling to cs but has good sustain or mobility to escape you can always do the singed stragety of just farming behind enemy towers then just flee. Top lane has it easy when it comes to escaping the enemy top laner and jungler since bot laners don't go there much and most mid laners don't pay attention that there is a fight or a chase going on near top lane. If you do get caught but minions or jungle monsters are nearby and you have no hope in killing any enemy player then you can just try to suck up as much cs as you can before you die. I do this stragety If I'm having lane trouble as Nasus, Singed, Trundle, Gnar, Kled, Teemo, Ornn, Riven. This may look like a troll move to alot of people but alot of people will understand that this stragety does help in pushing towards enemy towers, getting your own money, exp and this does bait enemy jungler and enemy top to chase you (sometimes the mid laner). Doing this stunt then gives my allies information on where the enemy jungle,top,mid is and it makes pushing bot lane and getting dragon less stressful. Also in alot of my top lane matches where I have been chased, the enemy trio that is Jungle, Top and sometimes mid. They get weakened from my attacks, jungle monsters who have been triggered nearby and chasing me which means alot of their spells and summoner spells will go on CD and will leave them exposed to get shutdown so my ally mid and ally jungler can $_$ cash in that thicc big boi money after I'm dead or just escaped with 1 hp. I encourage you brave top lane players to give this a try, improve on your routes, save that flash for the right moment if you can.... and yes... that includes you, Sion mains/try hards to.
: I had my permanently banned account reinstated, and here's how it turned out.
Well done! If the game gets a bit too much then you should take a break, ask riot support to lock your account if you want to resort to that.
: Just another ADC shitpost
{{champion:29}} Please, Thresh. we are 0/2 and 0/3. Stop going all in on Draven and Zyra and let me farm. {{champion:412}} *Lands Q, has this instinct to press Q again and makes some plays. Dies in 1 second.* {{champion:29}} Gulp! Oh boy it's going to be one of those games.
: 5 Rules for Junglers that Laners Wish You Would Follow.
Number 5 should always be posted on front of my laptop as a strong reminder to always be nice even if someone is Darius 35 cs and 0/5 on top lane against a garen who didn't get any help at all to beat my top laner... btw this is at the 18 minute mark. Honestly I do get angry when i catch a laner not playing up to average skill. I need to knock that shit off. Wish I didn't have such a short fuse or if the game allowed a minute break in game to relax. With the 20 minion one tho. I don't go for an actual normal gank as you think especially if i have a nasus is on my side. I tell him in chat that "I'm gonna camp gank but not take your cs." that way I can zone the enemy top laner away from nasus or other ally top laner so they can cs. Sometimes some enemy top laners can be a bit too fed on kills and cs bullying so yeah I have to come and help my ally farm a bit. Thanks for the post man. <3
Rigante (NA)
: I animated the new Bewitching Janna Splash Art!
I'd love to see an animation of Omega Squad Twitch, Medieval Twitch and Count Kledular. I don't know if you or most indie animators can do an animation of twitch coming out of stealth like in his medieval and omega squad can have a stealth effect before appearing in the splash art. I can imagine that being pretty difficult to do because of the transparency and lighting effects.
: It sounds like you have a language problem too... Wow. Odyssey wasn't the players' fault really. Blame that on the lack of a decent resource to create teams for the missions. If I'm queuing up with the intention of completing the 2 augment mission and have found 2 friends that want to do the same, and the other 2 people we get placed with don't want to, then enter the game and surrender and move on. You're wasting my time as much as I'm wasting yours - I'm sorry that we entered onslaught queue with different desires. As someone who beat 4 and 3 augments on my first try (and 2 on my second) I really wasn't interested in playing an easy PvE mode (onslaught without 2 augment restriction / Sona/ziggs requirement was trivially easy). As for Aram: I agree that people shouldn't be able to dodge so easily. I don't think people should be punished harder for whining or inting in Aram though - ranked is the queue for try hards so the punishment for those behaviors should be the highest there.
Sorry about my outburst. I'm trying to enjoy these modes and yeah i'm a joker like alot of players I do shrug off these afks and toxic behaviours sometimes. but I've been holding the grumpiness in me for a long time that I had to just go "fuck it" and just... bitch and bitch about ARAM and the other game modes don't have a punishing system to give a short suspension to players and maybe my punishment proposition is a bit too much. Of course I'm toxic to and sometimes I cannot connect to games and sometimes ignorance does overtake me but if im gonna be a whiny jackass like some people in the game then I should deserve the same punishment as them. Riot is a bit too forgiving with it's punishment system. Again I'm sorry about this post. +1
KazKaz (OCE)
: Exactly, DOTA 2 is ironically enough, easier to learn than League, at least at a base level, since players have access to a _lot_ of tools and resources, mostly provided by Valve.
> [{quoted}](name=ShunposCastTime,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H8iBHwGz,comment-id=000f00000000,timestamp=2018-10-25T00:41:09.663+0000) > > Exactly, DOTA 2 is ironically enough, easier to learn than League, at least at a base level, since players have access to a _lot_ of tools and resources, mostly provided by Valve. That's debatable lol XD. I find the game hard to play but it's so fascinating to watch and casually play. I'm glad that game allows all heroes available. Smite allows you to pay £20+ (can't remember exact price) for all gods and future gods. But in League... Fuck my life man I spent over 2 years grinding to unlock about 80% of the cast with just IP. Ironically I was going to quit league in 2016 until Kled came who is fun to play. For Dota2 all the supports, Ursa, Nature, Riki and Pangolier are fun to play... for me. I haven't played the others yet.
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: > The feature I used the most on that website was just viewing a bunch of champion models/skins for **_entertainment_** or get art references when doing fanart. Entertainment? Stop lying kid, we all know you viewed that {{champion:28}} and DJ {{champion:37}} for research purposes...
> [{quoted}](name=wuthappen,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H8iBHwGz,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2018-10-16T14:45:34.035+0000) > > Entertainment? Stop lying kid, we all know you viewed that {{champion:28}} and DJ {{champion:37}} for research purposes... (Kisses pinup posters of {{champion:75}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:154}} ) Not my kind of "research".
KazKaz (OCE)
: DOTA 2 has an in-game model-viewer, it's time Riot gets off its metaphorical fat ass and implements it into LoL.
> [{quoted}](name=ShunposCastTime,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H8iBHwGz,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2018-10-16T17:19:56.989+0000) > > DOTA 2 has an in-game model-viewer, it&#x27;s time Riot gets off its metaphorical fat ass and implements it into LoL. I'm very casual on dota2 i've spent alot of time looking at those sexy 3d models and I watch some live streams of the game just to learn advance stuff. Also I have a habbit of just roaming the jungle and enjoy walking around it... when i should be watching on relics and ganking LMFAO XD.
: Hi, These bugs he describted are true. They happens often, not rarely, so make the game less annoying for Kled mains please! :)
> [{quoted}](name=Sifu Holly,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=M7fYzUrL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-19T21:44:57.370+0000) > > Hi, > > These bugs he describted are true. They happens often, not rarely, so make the game less annoying for Kled mains please! :) Thanks for noticing but it seems my complaints on these bugs is falling on deaf ears (or blind eyes). Honestly I haven't had an ally kled on my team, it's always me playing as him or being against him in some rare matches. So I don't know if allies can see kled's ultimate auto path visuals. It's hard for me to explain why my ult path is lying to me and that im going the wrong route (sometimes the longer route) which has ruined some fights and has led to some team mates complaining at me. Riot, if you are reading this. Please fix this champion. we dont need buffs or nerfs. kled has some strong handicaps that make him weak so nerfs aren't needed but he also doesn't need buffs.
SlownD (NA)
: [Skin Concept] Arcade Twitch
I'm still waiting for Riot to make this skin before the end of 2019. Come on, Riot. Twitch needs a cute skin. He's got too many crime boi skins.
: I am someone who hates losing,i started playing off meta picks and even if i lose i still have fun..
This is why I love playing Twitch support with Inspiration 2nd rune set up, Approach Velocity rune, magical footwear rune + Typical Precision rune tree. Use relic shield, level 1 to 6 as W E E Q E R (twitch's Q isn't really needed until level 4 on bot lane, alot of people fight at level 3 and with this set up with 2 on his E and 1 on his W you gain tons of movespeed by chasing the enemy and you can just chomp their hp down so easily. then when the enemy notices you are too fast at so early in the game they start to flash but before they can heal you can execute them with E and maybe the 6 stack poison. twitch does work with frozen mallet, that means you'll always be chasing the enemy and you or you're actual adc will get a kill. I've been doing alot of Kled jungle which has the same Twitch rune setup but replaced Approach Velocity with free biscuits so he can never lose skaarl in the jungle and easily trade against other junglers early in game. I'm not a big fan of yasuo but I actually did have fun with him recently by playing him tanky and just running around being a pain in the ass to the enemy team in team fights. AD thresh is still fun to play. Tank-donger or Tank-mo are still enjoyable for me to play to.
: Teenage me really enjoyed making screenshots and wallpapers with the LOL models. What is dead will never die.
> [{quoted}](name=OurLestrade,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H8iBHwGz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-15T17:14:03.646+0000) > > Teenage me really enjoyed making screenshots and wallpapers with the LOL models. What is dead will never die. XD I still have a few collages of champion poses. Most of them were lost because my old laptop just straight up died on me I didn't even have a USB stick at the time :(. The animations (i think you can call these animations) are the ones where they cull into a ball or a mess of polygons which is still funny to look at. I will never forget them. I also like with poppy and kled's model the most where their limbs just stretch in a cartoonish way and you can see it in multiple angles.
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: Playing support in solo queue sucks hard, though.
> [{quoted}](name=Karunamon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Tc9eaAwc,comment-id=00100000,timestamp=2018-10-13T22:32:56.141+0000) > > Playing support in solo queue sucks hard, though. Not if you're a support main, when in an actual match you take seriously you will be watching the map for effects in the fog to point out junglers/top laner's sneaky fog of war teleports. It does help that you're a jungler main who can set your watch to where certain junglers will be at. I've done some cheeky 2v1 invades during lane phase to tilt enemy junglers. Taric is super good for this. A lot of junglers have dashes or good move speed to advance to the enemy. If you're a taric main you can land insane aoe stuns from far away so if you coordinate lee's 2nd cast Q for example you can pull of a stun from an insane distance which will help lee or any other jungler you have in getting a kill and steal anything they want. Blitz,Thresh, Morgana, Nami, Karma are good but most likely you will go for thresh or blitz. Nothing sucks in this game. It's the player, not the game. You should change your attitude, champion picks, strategies and stop using recommended builds which i wish Riot would remove from the game since alot of people make the mistake of buying the wrong items early.
: Pls bring back "Honorable Opponent"
There have been times where me or the enemy just get angry over one match but me or others help each other out to stay cool so we can let the match end with satisfaction. Last time I was angry af was last month I was playing adc in normals as twitch and some of my TMs were fighting for any role that isn't support (or second bot carry) had 2 top laners and 1 jungler who was starting at top red and I was against draven and zyra. I bitched in all chat, then got calmed down by enemy Rengar. However enemy bot didn't care. While still grumpy, went for away for 30 seconds to gulp down a pint glass of water. then i power farmed and tried to dodge zyra n draven as much as possible. I lost 2 towers but i didn't care. my cs was nearly on point with draven. I was 0/5/0 in lane phase but later in game I was 4/7/20 and won so I was glad I stuck around because my other team mates did pull their ego's out of their asses and actually worked as a team. the enemy bot was a problem for me to stay alive but with my burst, if i died or forced to retreat a fight to prevent further feeding. my team was always able to clean up. I was thankful to enemy rengar to keep me playing. Too bad I couldn't honor him :(. I don't understand why Riot would remove "Honorable Opponent." there were many matches where I just liked one guy who mained my underrated champions like Kled, Old/New urgot, Old/New yorick, Nami, Ziggs. Or just players who were fun to fight. There were sometimes I did feel pitty for some players even some who were flaming in all chat because in some situations that player was unable to get any cs or become any sort of use in game because of my team or enemy team doing this to my team mate where they can't do anything and get bullied out of jungler or their lane by good team coordination and champions.
: Somehow 10 bans doesn't seem like nearly enough anymore
This is why you should main support. Yeah of course we can't always help you on mid or top but in team fights these guys and gals, Taric, Nami, Lulu, Thresh, Sona, Janna, Soraka Alistar are actually good at disengaging those cancerous champions or saving your ass.
: Orianna Deserves The Victorious Skin
I play her from time to time if I want to be a mid lane who can support. I don't watch pro play streams or videos. I just stick to watching professional non TAS speedruns those are more enjoyable to watch. Not really satisfied having the Maokai or Graves skin but I grew to like the graves one after giving him a try (didn't unlock him till i got him automatically via rewards. Orianna one is good, I'm more interested in other supports like Taric/Nami. Maybe give one to a top laner like Renekton, Nasus, Darius, Garen. I'm glad you guys got these skins if you're a big fan of these champions but im still waiting for the one that will really get me hyped.
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: Riot, I just want you to know how much anger and frustration odyssey missions do.
Go to Discord or recruit players on EUNE forum or players within the game mode who are looking to complete the same achievement. Don't bother going in blind expecting a full 5 man team that has 2 augments and is well skilled in the mode (then again this mode has RNG).
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Riot: "We will prevent junglers from ganking at lvl 3"
{{champion:29}} starts at red buff and pays a visit to the top lane/mid lane at 1:50. Combine this with approach velocity. Pincer attack the enemy, Just right click, gain stupid move speed, flash at the end just in case, E, First blood in 2 minutes... Oh and in most cases your ally doesn't have to use a single attack. And before any of you ask: Yes! Approach Velocity is op with Twitch's W.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: Legendaries as their first skin after release only happen in a few cases.. A. If the champion is highly popular and takes a lot of work to make a skin for (Kayn) B. Got rather old quickly and needed new rigging (Rumble) And since Kled doesn't fit either of those, I don't see him getting a legendary as his first skin. He could still be part of the theme though.
> [{quoted}](name=Sukishoo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=R68OVPib,comment-id=001a0000,timestamp=2018-09-24T14:28:29.884+0000) > > Legendaries as their first skin after release only happen in a few cases.. > > A. If the champion is highly popular and takes a lot of work to make a skin for (Kayn) > > B. Got rather old quickly and needed new rigging (Rumble) > > And since Kled doesn&#x27;t fit either of those, I don&#x27;t see him getting a legendary as his first skin. He could still be part of the theme though. Sadly it's just heimer alone for this dragon theme skin release. instead we got an awful joke skin. I'll stick to Sir Kled. (I may change my mind i the future like with Baron Badlands Rumble)
IrvenM (NA)
: we wanted a kled skin
Skaarl is super cute in this skin but I'm still disappointed with riot not making a Dragon Trainer Kled skin to go with Heimerdinger. Kled deserved that one more than Heimer especially in Legendary skin status. I'm not a mid lane player but I enjoy playing Heimer, Ziggs, Veigar, Xerath since those are super brain dead easy champions to play for me. I'm trash with most mid laners. So I will get the heimerskin. it's super adoreable but at the same time this skin should've been bundled with Dragon Trainer Kled. Riot can just shelf the vampire skin and make the DT Kled skin (if the had the time to make it which they wont since the skin release is coming soon. Plus riot sticks to the one skin per champion every year unless it's a special case or they just feel like releasing another skin so early.
: Teaser for a Dragon (Trainer) Skin
This is Heimerdinger but at the same time I was thining this could've been Kled. Remember Legendary skins are ment to change the tone of the champion completely with a non cannon lore. I hope Kled gets announced soon with the same theme since Riot just mentioned he is getting a skin before the end of the year. Or at least give me Santa Kled or Santa Ornn.
: Ashe is a Healthy Champion
I'm not the biggest fan of playing adc but ashe is one of my most favourite picks along with Twitch and Ezreal. When I play Ashe I use my E alot to scout the enemy jungle, In all my games I mention to my team "If I ping ASHE and 2 dots that means my ult is coming and is going in that direction". I've turned the tides on top lane, jungle and even mid lane fights or in some cases just saved them if they can't even fight back. Reason I pick ashe, ezreal and twitch is because I'm a jungler, support and top main and make alot of predicitions on where enemies can be and i tend to care for my team alot more when i'm playing ashe (just my nice support nature i guess hahaha), I know what walls give you the advantage of Blinking or flashing over for more distance with ezreal, Twitch's nerf from stealth to camo is still very useful, I tend to do alot of wall hugging or abuse points of the map/brushes i know that aren't warded and the enemy will think i've reatreated only to realise I've been waiting 15 seconds in one area to ambush them and because if you fight in a unwarded bush gives you a good attacking advantage over most champions where they have to face check or ward that bush just to attack you unless they have good skillshots. I hope Ashe get's a new skin soon I really like playing as her (especially Project: Ashe.).
: > I don't want anymore of these emotes exclusive to Community Creator Giveaways. I am actually fine with giving emotes to content creators only, but like your comment implied, they shouldn't do it with champion related stuff. If it's another one of these penguin emotes or anything more neutral, I really don't care and they can lock them behind any wall they can come up with. But if it's an emote related to a champion, then the fan base of that champion should have access to it without having extreme luck involved.
> [{quoted}](name=SatomiKun,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=gRGExpY9,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-23T10:31:57.668+0000) > > I am actually fine with giving emotes to content creators only, but like your comment implied, they shouldn&#x27;t do it with champion related stuff. > > If it&#x27;s another one of these penguin emotes or anything more neutral, I really don&#x27;t care and they can lock them behind any wall they can come up with. > But if it&#x27;s an emote related to a champion, then the fan base of that champion should have access to it without having extreme luck involved. I actually love the penguin emotes XD. But it's all about opinions on what emotes we like. But at the same time if the exclusive emotes were the penguin ones then I wouldn't mind passing up on those. (I've got enough of them anyway XD) If there was a Community exclusive emote of my best bois and gurls: Kled, Rumble, Nami, Janna, Crank, Alistar, Ziggs, Twitch, Ashe then I'm going to be very upset about it. Yeah some will think im pathetic for getting worked up over this but... these are some of the champions I really like. Alot of people will lose their minds if there is a Yasuo, Lee Sin, Darius exclusive emote. Especially the old players that make a return then notice they missed the chance of getting that emote.
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: Reminder that it will be 2019 and this 3d model will exist in one of the biggest games ever made
I was gonna make a doritos joke but someone already beaten me to it XD. But honestly I don't mind going old school with these old models. Sometimes it's nice to reflect on old artwork including 3d models. This may sound weird to say but go to someone's art gallery and look back at some of their old works then look at their recent works. Personally I like looking at old stuff just to see how far all creators have gone to improve their work.
: @Riot Don't make that Karthus emote a community creator giveaway like the Odyssey Sona emote
I don't want anymore of these emotes exclusive to Community Creator Giveaways. Just the thought of accidentally missing out on a youtuber's event and not being able to get that emote of your favourite champion that you'll never ever get is just going to annoy me.
: I've been 6/0, I've been 0/6
Had alot of deaths in one of my recent kled games but tons of assists and got almost all the enemy towers and the nexus. Aslong as you can break into the Nexus, that's all that matters. FUCK PRIDE! GET THAT KDA SHIT OUT OF HERE! Sorry if I sound like a rude jackass but people need to quit that shit.
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Kelg (NA)
: What are some of your favorite things about your champion(s)? (Gameplay or Art related)
{{champion:240}} I tend to play oddball characters often in any competitive game I love his violent, quirky and sometimes questionable attitude. His gameplay tends to confuse, frustrate and bait players. Because he is a unpopular champion people just don't realise what his kit does, when kled loses skaarl the enemy gets this baiting urge to go ham on you and not notice your courage bar which means you can pick or bait out a fight then out play them, regain skaarl and see the enemy team flame the shit out of you in chat calling kled unbalanced when kled has the worst movespeed in the game when dismounted also the smallest health to. I also love playing high risk reward characters. He's a very old guy but he doesn't let age get to him which is what I love about this character, he never gives up in battle until he drops dead (with a salute), this man maybe a psychopath but I gotta respect a man who just keeps on going no matter what and I feel his personality resonates with me heck even in his lore he gives his men courage to keep on fighting (even though he doesn't like anyone). His dialogue is hilarious to listen to but I wish riot would allow kled to counter taunt or counter joke to his allies because of the fact he doesn't like anyone even his team mates also he has the best responses in the game. If I catch the enemy team playing kled on my top lane I try to land a cheeky taunt or joke near him just to hear him say "Thems fightin' words you see, Skaarl. That's why I don't like people." Also Sir Kled is a awesome skin, I'm a big fan of the final fantasy series (9,1,4,6,7,3,10 are the best) also the art in Sir Kled reminds me of the Knight's racing test in King's Quest 2015 which is a hilarious game I love it so much. Kled has a cute cape on his back >w<. And last thing is that Sir Kled is one of the rare chances we see a more human like form which is what most humans actually see apparently.
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