Saianna (EUNE)
: Nope, not ADCs. Control mages, well kinda. I prefer strong disengage options and rather shy away from close combat. Also Teemo. Lots of Teemo. Oh also I enjoy supporting. Edit: just to add, when we had tank meta it definitely wasn't favouring champions i like to play. If anything I was rather on the other end of it. And I still thought of it as fun.
okay, no problem and no offence or anything, im just trying to learn what kind of people truly like tank meta
Saianna (EUNE)
: that's some heavy BS mate. No. Tanks weren't unkillable gods. And no, beyond hypercarries there were plenty of other ADCs who could have killed them. You just try to make some kind of apocalyptic vision of tank meta which was never true -.-
tanks werent unkillable gods, but they were in some way unduelable. If tanks takes let's say three full rotations to kill a squishy while the squishy guy needs +5 rotations then he won't be able to beat the tank by himself. Ofc that tank is killable in teamfights, but the problem with old tank meta was that tanks were immovable from sololanes
Anatera (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=LTK KoRo,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4pzwGmA0,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-16T16:49:13.545+0000) > > huh? are you saying that during tank meta i could actually try offmeta builds without being cockblocked and then destroyed by tanks? Or maybe i could play variety stuff like tank ekko, tank fizz or tank j4 and be a weaker version of a tank? Uh...yeah? Just needed some patience and time investment from you? It's called fun and trying new things?
lul there's a difference in finding new things/strats and having fun (current meta) and being unable to lane as anything other than tank because tanks outlane and outscale any melee champion
Anatera (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=LTK KoRo,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4pzwGmA0,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-04-16T11:53:19.283+0000) > > variety during tank meta XDDDD > > the only role which had any variety during tank meta were adcs and maybe mids Speak for yourself, just because you were unwilling to try new things didn't mean they didn't exist.
huh? are you saying that during tank meta i could actually try offmeta builds without being cockblocked and then destroyed by tanks? Or maybe i could play variety stuff like tank ekko, tank fizz or tank j4 and be a weaker version of a tank?
: No thank you. Right after conqueror is when we had variety and you could literally pick any bruiser you wanted. Or ranged champion. Tank meta means cho, mao, sion, ornn. Every game. If you don't pick them you int. This fuckin tank circlejerk on the boards is really getting annoying. Idk what i have to say about this other than riot is utter fuckin stupid buffing this shitclass without changing anything about their items or kits.
it's funny because control mages/adc mains are bitching aboud good ol' tank meta while tank players are actually fine without it
Saianna (EUNE)
: tank meta wasn't stupid. If anything it felt like the right direction for the game.
do you main adcs or control mages? just asking
: I mean people are hating on heca now playing toplane as THE quintessential bruiser. DPS heavy, early-midgame beast that falls off and becomes a solid frontline in the lategame teamfights. Despite that being the most healthy design of a bruiser. So people need to make up their mind. Either tanky bruisers with high dps who can carry games early-midgame or bruisers who build full dmg all game and oneshot you all game.
"hecarim is badly designed bruiser because he can threaten me"-adc mains, probably
Saianna (EUNE)
: considering how fast they kill, even if they aren't labbeled as assassins, they sure compete with them with who can pull off bigger BS. Overall we have simply damage META. It's like assassin META but worse.
if the choice is that we either have a meta where damage>tank stats or tank stats>damage then i'll gladly choose damage meta
: tank meta was garbage, this is coming from someone who play mages and tanks mostly with very little of everything else. i say this because in that meta you just see 4 bitchs and an adc on each team team fights were extremely lame as it only tanks tanking and adc pew pew everything current meta is not even assassin meta as ppl seem to claim to be
nono, current meta is an assassin meta, as we all know vayne is an assassin, taric&sona botlane are assassins, and kennen/vlad/ryze top are assassins xdddd
Anatera (NA)
: At least there was variety and replayability back then. Neither of which exists today thanks to Riot's halfass mentality.
variety during tank meta XDDDD the only role which had any variety during tank meta were adcs and maybe mids
: I feel like Morgana damage is too delayed for the risk she takes as a full AP mage
> The only way to solve this is to buy {{item:3157}} which has been gutted by riot. imagine saying this and not being sarcastic
: Dunno why mages got about the best items in the game yet they refuse to build it and expect they can build every game the absolute same. Would i like to rush sheen on pretty much every champ i play toplane? Hell yea. Sometimes tho i have to rush tabis or phage just to survive the lane. Hell sometimes even magic resist and delay my powerspikes just to not get murdered. Welcome to league. Unfortunately for mages this is unacceptable.
also mages: {{item:3155}} - toxic item, removes any chance for me to kill enemy zed hurr durr {{item:3191}} - terrible item, shitty buildpath, waste of gold, doesn't give mana/cdr so is useless
: that 10 damage and cd change is what made zed a monster in the first place during his last change.
manolis201 (EUNE)
: What about if the game is 15 minutes and i havent died once and they are 3 on top pushing me in my tower and my jungler doesnt come is still my fault? :D
if there are 3 enemies pushing at 15 your jungler won't be able to fix this mess, just say in allchat "better bot wins" and go next
: Always did thought that the voting system is rigged on boards.
idk who even would care about amount of up/downvotes here, im 100% sure that these boards are used by less than 200 people
: The hate on Morgana is stupid.. She isn't even relatively strong...
people enjoy being able to play the game instead of playing farm simulator featuring morgana. Also people dislike being cclocked for +4 secs. Ah yes, also i would like to cc morgana as a AD champion, but i guess im not allowed to :)
yeulx (NA)
: Yes and no. Keep in mind her shield still has drawbacks. it only protects against magic damage and CC, if the enemy picks a mage support it can deal with the Black shield easily
well but said mage support needs to sacrifice a lot of his damage to actually destroy the shield black shield is one of the most powerful basic abilities in game and there's no good reason for it to have 70% ap scaling
: Actually MF isn't that bad at 1 item, the ones that suck are exactly the ones you listed as Tristana or Jinx
well today i got nearly melted as a urgot by 1 item tristana so i can't trust you right now
: Ahahahahahaha no, an ADC behind with 1 item hitting feed bruisers it's like shotting with a water pistol to the sun. Btw, we can all cry toguether in harmony because the cancer of Cassiopeia is being buffed.
well if you're playing mf then sure, 1 item tristana, jinx or vayne still can do a lot of damage when unchecked why is she even being buffed god
: Why do Nunu & Willump feel so fair to play against?
because he's so fucking unreliable that probably any monkey could dodge his w and escape his r
: If you are that behind you are worthless on fights anyway so the best you can do for your team is get focused and die wasting as many resources from the enemy team as posible It's not a joke, you need to play with brain when you are getting carried to help and dont be a major liability
no you aren't worthless, even 1 item adc against 2-3 items bruisers can do respectable damage if they aren't mainly focused
: Rengar points out what I love about league's new minigame.
thanks god that champion from your nickname doesnt eviscerate anyone with his qw xd
: Because part of being in a bad state is that you're forced to gank all the time but still inevitably fall behind after? How is this hard to understand? These things are not mutually exclusive. JG is OP because it completely invalidates almost every lane matchup since they no longer need to farm and can run around ganking with unpredictable pathing. But you also cannot carry as jungle because the XP nerfs made carrying super hard, and in that sense, jungles are underpowered/unbalanced. On top of counterjungling feeling almost worthless.
and that's the point, adc mains will ask for jungle nerfs while junglers will ask for jungle buffs, and how do you "use" this opinion without outraging any party?
: Who is "they"? The balance team? I never said the balance team or some random dude you poll decide the game state. Or are you talking about the collective opinion of high elo streamers/pro players/polling the playerbase? Because then Riot should release those poll results. Also what is Riot's objective? Only balance for competitive like Dota? Or keep the game fun for casuals like Fortnite? Because right now it seems that they heavily lean towards balancing for competitive like Dota. Which might make it more "balanced" and boost the competitive scene, but be a significantly less popular game overall.
why do you think that collective opinion of high elo streamers+pros will be in any means good and clear? For example, if you would ask some pro junglers about state of the game, they would say that jungle right now is in a bad state and it can't keep up with rest of the players. Meanwhile pro adcs would tell you that jungle is op and they hate to being ganked all the time. What then?
Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sewer Side,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mg00RHEE,comment-id=000800010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-07T22:56:16.780+0000) > > At least ADCs have a reason to complain. > > When was that last time mages were truly bad? Like Season 4’s assassin meta (well before Boards existed) Did you know: Marksmen have never actually been 'in a bad spot' balance wise since the introduction of crit. The previous iteration of crit itemization had a bad game feel _not because crit itemization was actually bad_ but because marksman players **used an item that was never intended to be used the way it was** as a crutch to _retain their previous playstyle of first crit wins_ instead of **adapting to the game**.
yes i fully agree, both mages and adcs are busted since forever, but we're on league of legends NA boards™ so we're going to complain either about Zed, Yasuo, Akali or Irelia
: I do think that yes, you do need to complete the Lost Chapter, you can be shoved pretty hard if you skip it.
corrupting+biscuits offer good enough mana sustain to survive without being too shoved until you get monies for lost chapter, ofc including that you want to rush seekers
: And what if I want to play with 2 Toplaners? I want Riot to warp the meta until I'm not forced to play with a Jng on my team all games, that would be so diverse, being able to pair my Toplaner with a Supp.
still doesn't work same as complaints about markspeople being necessary
: Pretty funny how this was the standard for judging if marksmen were "fine" or not and the moment you apply it to jungle people instantly hit the downvote x)
that's a bad comparison cuz jungle is a role while adc is a class. Games without adcs mean that other class is playing bot, games without junglers would be with double top or triple bot? doesn't make sense
: You're welcome, the advice of buying armor against an AD assasin it's great so I'm glad that it helped you.
sometimes i feel like mage mains are even dumber than adc mains, ofc no offence for you sweetie
: ^ This. Mages complain Zhonyas is weak, when all you need to fix your mana problems is lost chapter, then you can straight rush Zhonyas. The power Zhonyas has vs snowball assassins is MASSIVE early game, the phase where assassins need to do their damage and get kills so they dont fall behind.
you don't even need to complete lost chapter in early, unless you're one of these guys who spams spells all time when they come off from CDs. Corrupting pot+biscuits offer really good sustain
: Morgana R
yes because +52% winrate champion needs buff to her easy to use ultimate, geez, do you guys know that morgana isn't suppose to iniciate with her r?
: Perfectly balanced, as all ADCs should be.
more like perfectly broken for another adc meta, crits need to deal 120% AD and 135% AD with IE
: The updates in ARAM made ADC too strong
> The updates ~~in ARAM~~ made ADC too strong ftfy, ADCs are broken in soloq, competitive and ARAM
Zoombafa (NA)
: Black Cleaver is THE definition of an "always good" item. It defines the entire role of bruiser in 90% of cases and has several uses on non-bruiser champs (Kindred, Graves, Assassins). The 20% CDR is way too strong and is in desperate need of nerfs.
but it's bad right now, Triforce bruisers are smacking BC bruisers left and right (outside of riven ofc)
: +1. Remove ghost hit and rebalance the champs like kog who will need help. Shojin is also hilariously broken as you actually can never 1v1 champions who have it. Duskblade also needs to not be "hey its just a lot of free damage with oppressive vision control on top"
Duskblade needs to lose it's AA bonus damage, but this damage needs to be given back to assassin kits. We wouldn't need duskblade if assassins update wouldn't gut assassins burst
Haze97 (EUW)
: It's a real problem. You're a hypocrite and would probably whine just fine had your own favourite champion been nerfed. People don't like watching their champ get nerfed for no reason. Get over it and stop hitting the downvote button over an actual argument.
no, i wouldn't whine about a single champion being impacted by item change. Im mostly whining when either one class (ADCs) is op, or other class is too weak (top, jungle). I didn't create any thread after Shaco got gutted by duskblade nerfs. I didn't create any whining threads after Seju got demolished to ~44% winrate. And i didn't make any thread about Trundle being demolished right now. You know why? Because creating shit threads about single champion does fucking nothing, and most of the OTPs have their judgement clouded by their bias towards their main
: > [{quoted}](name=Boltonator,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pluYYbjk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-05T20:49:21.336+0000) > > I don’t usually question their design choices but even I’m scratching my head at them not making the potion buff a unique passive. What's really frustrating is Katarina is always getting hit by the debris in the form of indirect nerfs. She's been surviving most of them fine, but this one finally pushed her over the edge. It feels terrible playing her early game now, and her early game has always been a struggle anyways.
i knew this post isn't about dark seal, it's just about kata main whining
Psi21 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Minarde,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8wvEMk7e,comment-id=00070002,timestamp=2019-04-06T00:11:07.078+0000) > > Even without bans, ARAM currently doesn't include all champs. Players are still limited to owned+free champs. Bans simply apply an additional global blacklist on top of the existing personal soft-whitelists (via only buying some champs). All random isn't all when there are bans. I don't see how that is so hard to understand.
cool, but the point of everyone else is that All random wasn't really all random even before the bans. If you're seriously whining about ARAM being not 100% random then you should whine about it since it got introduced as a official gamemode
ßurst (NA)
: Games feel more coin flippy than ever
games are coinflippy because only bot matters anymore, and you aren't a botlaner play adc and enjoy the freelo, if you're better than enemy bot ofc
: Item Shop Cleanup
{{item:3022}} {{item:3124}} i'd love both of these gone. Both apply for the "Massively reduce or remove counterplay against a champion" point, and Mallet also applies usually for:"Give access to an effect (usually reactive or defensive) that we don’t actually want all champions to have access to". When it comes to new items, i'd love to see Triforce being split into two items which could be focused more onto different type of bruisers
Rylalei (EUNE)
: I had a good laugh and wanted to share.
you should post on memes & games then, or GD. Now you're just catering to the anti-zed circlejerk (which is huge enough anyway)
: League As A Strategy Game Has Completely Devolved
tl;dr people got better at the game move on people, another bullshit and pointless thread
: Why, WHY do so many ADC players think they're entitled to flame everyone that's not doing well?
: Is Tristana Mid Secret-OP?
tristana overall is a broken character and should be gutted
Ourboros (EUW)
: Id play it, but only for nostalgias sake. I think it would get old again really quick, since with the knowledge and skill of today you could so easily break the balance of the league of past and make it a complete mess
same, i'd rather play current league than be a wardbot, like s1-s2 junglers and supports
Ahris (NA)
: Prob tanks seeing that riot is buffing them a lot rn
i guess adcs aren't dominating game enough, so we need to buff tanks, great
Kamille W (EUW)
: Jinx is the only adc that feels like an adc damage from season 7.
and that's why she should get nerfed hard, adcs damage from s7 was bonkers, and should never be allowed again
: that would also make his teamfighting better.
make it then pierce on minion hit+unit kill instead of unit kill and it'll be better for lane and same for teamfights
: Okay, then keep the XP jng nerfs. I'm fine with that.
i have better solution. Jungle is too weak compared to other roles, so we should just nerf XP gain from minions, and gut crit
: Buffing vision is an option. To delay the lvl 2 ganks the spawn time of Red/Blue could be delayed a bit I dont know how to balance Jng I'm just a normal player. But I'm sure that just reverting the nerfs would make it a "better jng" wins meta once again, I dont hate Jng, I want it to be balanced.
please don't buff vision, vision is in the perfect state right now. With a team effort you can get vision around entire baron area, but you can't get more than that, and that's the perfect amount of vision
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