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GUtz yw (NA)
: same here i’m a mba user. I was playing lol as usual yesterday.
> [{quoted}](name=GUtz yw,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=Q7877nHz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-15T16:28:41.951+0000) > > same here i’m a mba user. I was playing lol as usual yesterday. Yeah same bro. yesterday the game worked just fine for me until this morning :/
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Im G0D (NA)
: Game freezes my computer while loading into the game
This happens to me as well today, but instead of freezing it just goes black in loading screen and i can just alt+cmb+esc out of it but it won't let me into the loading screen no matter how many times i reconnect. I am also on a MacBook pro
: Blue Essence Earn Rates - Learning the Numbers with Carl and Henrietta
I was really excited for the unlimited levels, but now i don't even get BE per game and i get 160xp per game. Before you would get IP after every game but now it feels really dismotivating unless you're going for the first win bonus or you're on game where you'll level up. But i also really dislike that it's all RNG now, which putting your in-game currency behind RNG is the worst idea ever, so if i end up spending 15games and get bad luck well fuck this i don't want to play. You're basically copying overwatch's system, but you forget overwatch already gives you all of the champions and so the system is really in-efficent and RNG based cause it's all for skins. And the fact if i get high level it will begin to get harder and harder for the same amount of BE at the end, i understand you don't want us to unlock champs with BE forever but this is a really shady way to do it as you just basically tell us "The more time you spend on our game the harder you'll work for the same amount" This was all a big change and the runes were a good change but just because runes became free and available to everyone, you step on our feet even thought most of us already spent insane amounts of IP on runes way back and basically got a tiny little fracking of a compensation but along with that comes this dismotivating disrewarding system.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 20
Hey Meddler, Since you spoke about the topic of Jungle Ezreal, what about Lucian? He's in a pretty weird spot as a botlaner but he's mostly a Midlaner nowadays even though the nerf really hurt him as a botlaner which made him even worse in botlane, will there be anything done to Lucian :/? It breaks my heart as he's the most fun ADC by far than anyone else which is only real reason to pick him right now botlane and to see him get nerfed after constant nerfs after nerfs with only a couple quality of life changes just shatters me.
: To clarify, what he's talking about is the Azir ult nerf. It no longer stops dashes when the animation is over... only when it's in motion. This was a very important part of his gameplay. His ult is meant for self peel/team peel, not just for it's crazy insec plays. RIOT PLEASE REVERT THE BOUNCING WE NEED IT.
Ugh a big part about Azir is playmaker option to go in for the shurima shuffle, and this just ruins him. this really needs to be reverted, he needs it.
: Frequently Asked Questions About the Upcoming Leveling and Rewards Changes
Will we receive blue essence after every game? No, the new rewards system is all designed around champion shards (which can be turned into blue essence) dropping whenever you level up. ------------------------------------------------------------- You see this is where i see a problem, putting your currency on an RNG system is an atrocious idea. We don't know the numbers right now, but seeing that if you happen to get a 500BE champion you'll probably just end up getting a second 500BE or 1350BE (if lucky) champion if the champion shards are going to stay at the same chance low-high ratio. Which if you for example disenchant two 500BE champions you will probably only get around 400BE for 15 or so games which is nowhere near "comparable" to how much we get right now including the 150ip daily win bonus and around 80 or so ip per win. 500ip champions are the MOST LIKELY to get, i myself feel like if i ever get a champ card its only 500ip or 1350ip champs. So this is the most likely scenario, besides the system throws random champs at you that you probably don't like or already own out of the 137 champions in the game right now. I absolutely don't want the currency to be based on RNG, i want to know how many games approximately i have to win to get this one champ I'm willing to save up for, not play for xp and 15 or so games later hope I'm not unlucky and this hasn't been a waste of 8 or more hours for nothing but 400be for 15games. This is all speculations but i just hope this system isn't as terrible and RNG based it seems to be, wanted to spread my concerns.
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: I want to change the way we respond to trolling. How do I deal with players like this...
I've commented this on another post before this but i think the comment is pretty fitting, either way even though some topics might be different. To me this just represent Riot Games as an greedy company that only cares about money and not the players themselves and what they have to go through in some games against, i thought of Riot Games differently before i saw this but now.. Since riot lets these two guys get away and lets them ruin other people's experience constantly with no real punishment, who knows how many new troll accounts this made, maybe thats why Tahm Kench is on sale right now lmao nice marketing Riot! I mean seriously seeing that you can troll over 500 games with no punishment? Jeez now everyone can do this since they see how easy it is and how they will never get punished for it even though its supposedly "non-sportsmanlike behaviour" Which now seem to create a chaos since it's shown it doesn't really matter if you int you just gotta do it the right way and even if you get on front page of reddit, pft couple week ban ha! thanks Riot. Very disappointed in this company from what i see now, ill keep this in mind for the rest of my time in League of Legends. Thanks Riot.
: I feel really bad for new players
Yeah man ive realised that later on when i got into ranked as well :/ I've just got my lvl30 about a week and a half ago and i guess you gotta learn the hardway even though it's really not fair, But what i find more unfair and just frustrating is runes hen how much they cost as well as until i was lvl27-28 i didnt even know there was tier2 runes and the fact it puts you not only in a skill matchup disadvantage but also really big attack speed/damage/armor/lethality disadvantage :( Riot has said they are unhappy with the rune system a few weeks ago but i dont know if they will actually do anything to change it but i really hope they do.
: So i play quite a bit of support
I agree somewhat but, i also feel like vision is a really really big part of the game and helps a tremendous amount if you do it right along with alot of control wards. But i mean you also get some gold out of buying some of the items so yknow its pretty worth
: PSA: When youre feeding....
Personally I'm adc/jhin main, and yes i am a filthy disgusting dirty lethality user of varus(not much) and jhin. And if i seem pressured in lane or losing it a bit overall instead of going into {{item:3142}} i go into {{item:3814}} for the defensive purpose which usually works out pretty well, but if i still seem to be getting pressured by the enemy ADC well i build into {{item:3047}} which honestly are unfair against adc's its ridiculous. Even SKT Bang used them against KT very recently and the casters pointed out how those boots are broken.
: No, I mean Taric's kind of lousy atm. Janna and Soraka are actually pretty good, albeit boring. Taric just gets beat the fuck up and if he can't land good ult timings, he's basically not there.
Taric is pretty weird, but yeah Janna can be really good but i feel like the champion is not that easy to learn, and soraka is good healing in lane but doesnt do much healing in the team fights/mid-game until she gets her items up in late game which is a struggle since she is support and kinda needs items like deathcap.
Roktan (NA)
: People screaming at Riot for "enforcing meta" are full of crap.
I think people who never played adc with a really bad support that roams or dies a lot and pretty much leaves you to 1v2 think this guy isn't doing anything wrong. As an adc (most of the champs) your early game is already the worst fucking thing in the world. And leaving you to 1v2 is basically gg of the adc there's NOTHING NOTHING you can do in 1v2 in botlane, the enemy can just freeze the wave so you can't do shit and if you DARE TO WALK UP TO WAVE EVEN A LITTLE LMAO GOOD BYE! So basically what you're doing is you're leaving your adc to never ever be able to anything in the game and letting them have open for free and fed botlane. This guy deserves a perma ban so hard, if you saw his stream even once you know this guy is a cancerous toxic dude that spams the chat with toxicity so much, and if the adc asks for any kind of help what he literally does on stream is quote for quote "*whines* ehhh look at me i can't 1v2 I'm trash *whines*" cause they 1v2'd his adc and then he went botlane as they shoved the wave under turret and backed.i would clip it but i can't be bothered but if you want you can look at it on his archived streams on twitch. This dude needs to be perma'd
: If crit based adcs are going to get buffs
Yeah caitlyn is already a really really really annoying ~~%%%%~~ bully in the lane and pretty much always one of the top adc's with her mobility, 2 form's of cc and highest range as well as really good damage and kill secure . she has basically everything do better than you in lane and even more. And is really gank immune with the slow being in her mobillity ability along with smart trap placements.
: @riot my favorite thing about ranked is how toxic everyone is to their teammates
yeah its really dismotivating to even try much at that point, but i guess all you can really do is report them and ask your team as well as maybe the enemies to report them too at the end of the game. It's 2017 and all kinds of kids at all kinds of ages have access to the game (along with really immature adult's as well) and well it's just internet
i'd like this but, i dont know if this would be possible
Rebonack (NA)
: It's a travesty that Jhin can sit on his fourth shot for ten seconds
: Difficulty to learn isn't the issue. Willingness to play is.
exactly thats why I'm saying maybe make the support role easier to get into and try out, since people think support is just a role that can't really have much of an impact on the game therefore its not worth trying out with all these things.
Mig89 (NA)
: I like the ideas to encourage support but as a support main i may be biased. We supports mains find it funny that this happens. Especially climbing through the low ELOs, I love going against someone who i clearly can tell theyre not a support main. A HUGE sign of someone who probably was autofilled is their impatience. It feels wrong to take advantage of this but Im sure other support mains will attest to this as well: We see nothing wrong with this system and it makes climbing easier.
I mean ey, sometimes you gotta let people learn the hard way haha
: I tend to find it easier for someone to learn the role of support if they 1 play adc and under stand bot lane and the dynamics of bot lane , 2 are a jungler player due to the fact junglers are there to asst the laners , control objectives , have map awareness, and understand situations of game play in which to be safe/ engage , etc ( or should) I tend to find if you are a top lane main. or a mid main playing support would seem a lil more foreign but learning support is good for everyone because you learn how to play with less gold, behind in items/levels learn how to play with team, learn map awareness and objective control . I feel that so called carry mains ( top lane, jungle, mid adcs for some part ) are really good about mechanical skills, maybe calculating damage output in trades but they aren't the best in knowing how to play from behind/ low gold / under leveled and know how to play in a team setting.. I have notice a trend since season 6 that it seems that every one in every game wants to be "the carry" and some times you cant.. due to match ups, bad games, the enemy counter part (other laner ) being just better then you... and you need to know how to play for and play around the person on the team who is carrying and can carry in that game at that moment. sometimes its the jungler, sometimes its top , mid or even the adc... but people don't wanna do this... as a support main/player you have to... yes early game help your adc , get them where they need to be... but mid/late game if they are just in a bad spot but another role is going off then lean towards them with an eye on the adc ... and if people learn to do this in all roles it will lead to better teamwork and likely more wins and better games. people want to be "the carry' at all cost and sometimes this is what loses games... because people play selfishly instead of as a team.
You've got some really good points, and yeah you're right everyone does want to be the carry and i think thats also why alot of people give up thinking about being or learning support role. Some supports bring a lot in lane, some dont really but then they bring something to the team fights or later on in the game. But i feel like there are also supports that help the team win a lot, for example zyra, blitz, alistar, nami and more
: Taric?
Yeah i agree but for example janna and soraka are pretty much just really passive supports in lane that dont really have any pressure at all, and if the person is autofilled and just picks one of those he has to really be committed to that playstyle which mostly they dont and thats where they make mistakes. And i mean i can't really judge them if they dont even want to play the role and pick really boring passive support that honestly does nothing much through out the lane and just gets pressured, its really boring and feels really like you're just not even doing anything. But also if you learn their plastyle and the champions yeah they are really good for what they are meant for, especially soraka even though the good healing comes in at the late game.
Cocho (NA)
: Ghostcrawler talked about this a bit. He said while the information is new, the most popular supports are the mages. More often than not, an autofilled player will pick those mages because that's who they like to play. They don't really want to play support, they would rather just be another damage dealer. I do like the idea of making those popular mage supports cheaper. Runes in general should be cheaper too. There just isnt enough support players.
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: Parts of practice tool not working
A lot of very high elo players and pro's bind the LMB to their attack move, why? well thats a bit obvious 1 it makes SENSE to have it that way. 2 using your RMB to attack is a joke, attack move makes it so you dont just walk into the enemy without trying to bodyslam them while they are assuming you're intentionally trying to feed them. 3 LMB is one of the most important buttons and easily clickable as it is on your mouse right next to your RMB and it is useless by default in combat. 4 in every game your LMB is some sort of attack. So please just give us an option in the "practice tool settings" to assign our "select" key to something else riot, cause as of right now there's no way around it and it just makes practice tool useless for us.


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