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: Malzahar is best Void
Gonna agree with you, Malzahar is the best Void Champ. The actually thing I love most about him how he also got broken by the true nature of humanity. We are trapped in an endless circle of pain and misery and there is no way to break free from it. So he embraced oblivion instead. I only wish he would get a Color Story...
: I agree, it's entirely possible Serylda used sign language and the story just quotes it as "_this is what she had to say_". Also there is a time skip in that story in which Avarossa could have lost her hearing and Serylda had her voice taken, it doesn't even mention Lissandra being blind. Lissandra's bio gives no frame of reference for when the sisters lost their senses relative to each other.
I mean, these kind of details doesn't even matter that much in the end. I'm absolutly fine the stories having some contradicted information since these ARE tales.
: When are the tales of Orrn going to be updated
The Tales of Ornn are not outdated, these are just tales which shouldn't be taken too literally. For example, Serylda speaks which already has lost her voice at this point. However, like almost every tale, there is some truth in it.
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Jaethal (EUW)
: So what if some skins dont seel wells as others ? You know that for msot skins they sell millions right ? So what if a Zyra skins sells ~500,000$ ? Its still money. But I think you dont udnerstand that Riot is making a six digit number of money for every skin release. And that in their eyes is rpobably a fail. And im not like you. I cant wait 1 year to get a skin for a champion as you said. And having multiple skins per patch will not oversaturate the market. You are forgetting that league of legends has a sht ton of onetricks, as in player who play 1 champion only. And some of those players dont get skins becasue their champion gets no love or not enough attention. Me, I buy every skins that releases, cuz i like every single champion in the game. So im totaly fine with them making 10 up to 20 skins per patch.
> So what if some skins dont seel wells as others ? You know that for msot skins they sell millions right ? Do you know how economics work? You try to increase your revenue by minimazing your work/investment. I took Zyra as example cause I heard from used to be pretty reliable source that her last skin sold bad. So, you spent a fix amount of work on a Zyra skin, actually even more than normal epic skin since her plant models. So, let assume the skin gives you a revenvue of 500,000 Dollar. Why not make a Lux skin instead which gives you 10 time the revenvue with less work? From an economic point of the view, the choice is simple. But of course Riot knows every champion has mains and try to create skins for all of them. But some our just too much work and/or not popular enough to get a lot of content. > And im not like you. I cant wait 1 year to get a skin for a champion as you said. And having multiple skins per patch will not oversaturate the market. You are forgetting that league of legends has a sht ton of onetricks, as in player who play 1 champion only. And some of those players dont get skins becasue their champion gets no love or not enough attention. OTPs are literally the worst category to cater skins to. Expect these people main crazy popular champions, the amount of Aurelion Sol Mains, Ivern Main and Skarner Mains matter little. I don't say it to hurt anyone, I say it from an economic point of view. If every champion would get skins to regularly, the people will have no reason to buy it. If skin A is coming out tomorrow and I know the said champion get skin B in 6 months, it gives me less reasons to buy it. Riot already has to increase the quality nonstop to give people a reason to buy the newest skin. Why should I buy Lunar Revel Lux if Elementalist exist? Why go for Pgjyama Guardian if I can play Star Guardian? Especially if the said champion actually have good option. I still play with Justicar Syndra which I got gifted 5 years ago since I consider it her best skin. This won't change until I get a skin which I actually enjoy more than Justicar. Having more skins would be in the end no real solution. Also, making more skins doesn't mean the revenvue would increase proportional to it. It means you have to hire more people, pay more for these people, get better communicate and even more stuff. There is a point when increasing a team only brings more problem with it. It is by far better to have a small team which everyone is communicating with each other than having a big one with worse communication. > Me, I buy every skins that releases, cuz i like every single champion in the game. You know you simple can reroll these skins? You don't buy them at this point. You simple maintain your account. Which is not even that difficult if you already hit that point.
Jaethal (EUW)
: More skins per patch pls
Well, there is already one problem with your thoughts of train: You assume every skin sell equally well, no matter which champion. But it doesn't. For every skin you make you have to put some work into it and hope it is bought enough. Champions like Zyra for example have a lot of work to be done and her skins simple don't SELL well enough. So, you are assuming if you hire more people to produce skin, the sales would increase equally, which doesn't happen. Not consider the bigger a team is, the more difficult it is to coordinate. Not that it ends that two skins from the same skin line look complete different and share no common ground. I disagree with having to wait a year for another skin. I'm fine with it since in the most cases you have a handful skin you enjoy. I own all Syndra skins and still mostly play with Justicar and SKT. Sometimes it happens that the base skin IS the best option (looking at Swain and Neeko for example), but it is not a problem. 10-20 skins are lot. I agree, what the should keep getting around 4/5 skins per patch, not less (last year we had a few patch with one skin each) but +10 skins per patch would simple oversaturate the market and the skin quality would suffer a lot. That Riot actually should do is focus more non-skin releases. More Emotes, Announcer Pack.
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: The Awaken song
No idea about spotify since I dont use it, but Riot always release their songs via their [soundcloud page ]( few days later.
: Skin Universe Lore in 2019: Alt Fantasy, Multiverse Theory, and You
Hey, so first of all thanks for all work you did in 2018! Especially Odyssey Kayn and Eclipse Leona have amazing VO and I love these skins so much. (Seriously, since I bought the Leona one, I almost played Leona only. I love the VO so much.) Okay, here is my take: 1. More Skin Bio. Like, every skin should have a small bio which you can read in the Skin Collection, such kind of things bug me always if the work is only half done. 2. The VO's are great, keep doing your work. Seriously, these have been amazing so far. 3. Ask the Universe Team to create a better way to find all the skin stuff. Things like High Noon, PROJECT and Blood Moon are difficult to find if you don't know where exactly to look. It is fine for Veterans like me, but is really bad for people who are new on the website. 4. Maybe try to use some smaller text forms for skin releases? Haikus are perfect for the Immortal Journey for example. I have a soft spot for Drabbles as someone who used to write these like all the time, so I could imagine that this could be at least worth a try. (Btw, I mean the actual definition from Drabble - a text which is exactly 100 words long without the title. In the english writing scene it seems to be everything that is less than a short story). 5. Crossovers. Things like that "The Omen of the Dark" being a fables in "Eclipse" is amazing. "Odyssey" and "Pulsefire" have huge crossover ability and it would be a shame not to use it. Bonus Points: 1. Already said, but Coven deserve a short story. SG is already popular enough, the short story was not needed. I know, it has been said enough and it was mentioned that they will get skin lore if these return, but I really think the Universe amazing and deserves all the love and attention it can get. 2. If a legendary Syndra skin is in work, please make sure she feels powerful, like Leona does. I almost quite the game cause of her absolut awful Lore Update and I really hope her only shot for a legendary wont be wasted. Especially since the rumors about Anti-Star Guardian exist and it felt like a dodge a bullet that Syndra hasn't got the legendary one. Give me Cosmic or Coven Syndra, which has so much potential visual and lore wise. Something powerful. Not cute, not nice, but actually powerful and sovereign. And that she has more personality than her given lore counterpart, which sadly has none anymore.
: How da hell are you all even reading the second issue, it hasnt come up on the Universe page as of yet (4 PM CET)
People who bought the special edition via Mavel Unliminted can read it a few hours before the Universe release.
: 2018 Lore Tournament: The End
>The entire Lore Discord, for simply being great people ~~(not syndra mains though),~~ You are now banned from the Discord Server and I want my donation back. Okay, joke aside I really loved how you keep the tournament going and I feel honored to be able to support the winner's comission. To all authors: Keep your good work up and can't wait to see that 2019 will bring!
: Not a fan of the artwork. Also not a fan of reading a comic book you already know the events of. You people are going insane trying to find ways to increase popularity of this train wreck of a game, INSTEAD OF JUST FIXING THE FUCKING THING!
Gameplay =/= Lore That is not that difficult to get. Also, if you have critism, you usually also explain HOW to improve it. Not just saying "I don't like it". That kind of statment is helping noone.
: Ashe: Warmother. Issue #1. Avail nows!
It was a really enjoyable read and can't wait to read more about! Speaking about questions, I don't have any yet (maybe your take on [this question]( I asked earlier today) but most writers do have Twitter, did you ever thought about creating a Twitter Account as well? Your answer are always so detailed and it is difficult to get your attention on the Boards.
Saniel (EUNE)
: LoL comics on physical form
It is already comfirmed that you can buy a physical copy of all 4 Issues in May 2019.
Loborcs (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Caithresh,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Rsn6brH6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-19T11:38:48.791+0000) > > First issue was indeed very nice. This is what I retain: > > * Maalcrom is a Frost Priest. He was seemingly sent by Lissandra. That implies that, in the eyes of the Freljord's tribes, Lissandra is a good guy. Now the question is: Does Maalcrom know her real identity? If yes, did he betray her (he seems to care a lot about Ashe and her tribe)? Or is he just playing a part, deceiving everyone...? > > * True Ice is powerful. Like, super powerful. We were wondering on the Lore of League server if it can One-Shot any non-Iceborn just by touching skin. Wielding it is lethal to non-Iceborn (and still dangerous for some Iceborn it seems) because of the cold, does that mean it is lethal to strike someone with it (if that person is a human)? > > * I really liked the characters. In the end, I even felt sad for Ashe's mother. > > > Of course there a lot of other things but that's mostly it. Good job to Odin, as the characters were very well written, and the story in general is appealing. Art is amazing too. > Now, as for my hopes and theories in next issues... > > * How is Ashe gonna find the bow? My guess is that she'll climb the mountain, but what will she find? I don't think there is a Throne of Avarosa. I think it's something she'll make up in order to appease her tribe, or she'll tell them that the Throne of Avarosa isn't what it seems, I don't know. > > * I hope we'll explore _why_ she is considered Avarosa's reincarnation. I mean really, why? Is there even a reason? It could be anyone, so why _her_? > > * I think Tryndamere will appear at some point (maybe last issue). I'd like Sejuani and Liss to make an appearance, but I don't think it'll happen. Odin said he didn't want to rush Lissandra's appearance (and he's right, the real Queen of the Freljord needs a proper introduction). > > Aaaaand that's it. I really liked it. I rated it 5/5. However, I was disappointed with the bonus content. It was nice of course, but I would've liked something else... Tho I guess it's because I'm not that much into Ashe/Freljord lore. Had it been about Syndra I would've enjoyed every piece of art (I hope someday, she'll appear in a comic...), hence why I still rated it 5/5. Overall, good job Riot. That cliffhanger at the end was really nice, makes us wanna read the next issue (which is totally the point of a cliffhanger, Caith, you don't have to state this fact.) Which Lore of League server? Waiting for the Universe's version to comment about the rest.
A little Lore Server which likes to discuss the lore. Not affect with the Boards, but we do have some familiar faces there. [Link](
: If you could travel into Runeterra right now with your current memories, what would you do?
I'm almost sure I saw this discussion somewhere today... no idea where... /s Mh, my heart would tell me to got to Ionia or Demacia. Or Noxus for the opportunity. However, Ionia is still divided from the War and I have no idea what should I do? Try to live a normal life there and trying to learn magic? Join Zed's Order (would be fun with no fighting experience I guess...) not consider I'm not an extremist and probably don't wanna forsaken my body or soul for corrupting shadow magic. I, however, would love to braid Kayn's hair. Searching for Syndra and teach how to have deal properly with her suppressed emotion (and make her less a ticking time bomb)? But somehow I think I would be to much for her, poor girl needs some alone time for now. Maybe I could wait until we get more information and go and join the Black Rose. Having important information about the word, which I could sell LeBlanc in exchange for more magic knowledge/teaching how to use magic proper. Maybe also giving her a hint that she should keep an eye on Vladimir. I guess Piltover would be the safest place, but too little magic for my taste. You only have one live, time to make the best out of it, I guess?
: > [{quoted}](name=Camille Ferrøs,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=RczcRYcq,comment-id=00000003,timestamp=2018-12-12T14:24:29.140+0000) > > Wait... Blood moon gets one but Eclipse doesn't T_T dont do us like this Don’t worry, I gotchu. Next time Eclipse rolls back around (and it looks very likely that it will in some form) odds are extremely good it’ll get some story work.
I'm so glad to hear that. I love the skin line so much and right now the only thing I'm doing is playing Jungle Leona in Nexus Blitz and admire the amazing Solar Eclipse skin. The skin team did an amazing job and you did an amazing job with her VO. And I'm looking forward for the next bunch of skins (and your next VO/Story work).
: environment? are you asking if it's stern of funny? It's pretty rough. It's a small elite order. (obviously small is subjective-- but he's not fielding an army) Loose ranks-- monastic rather than military. They spend more time on missions than in the walls. It's not unfriendly-- these are hardcore warriors and veterans-- but like real-world soldiers they have a lot of down-time to fill. Yes, there are girls and women. You join only by invitation and after proving yourself. Many are veterans of the war with Noxus-- the largest portion were from the Navori brotherhood--esp the units Zed commanded in that organization. (It's effectively an elite splinter group from the Navori) Many were young teens during the war-- who had taken up arms after their homes and families had been killed-- some are former criminals, others were students of other masters before joining Zed more recently. All are hardline, anti-noxus, and believe Ionia must be unified-- and that all other nations must be made to fear Ionia. Zed is the master-- Kayn is his second in command. Lower level students mostly learn from mid tier students, mid tier learn from high tier, high tier from Kayn and Zed personally. Almost all of them had serious martial art skills before joining-- of various styles and weapons. They are unified by acquiring shadow magic and learning to use it. --BUT.... sorry the nature of shadow magic and how you gain access to it will be revealed later.
First of all, thanks for the information, I'm also a sucker for Order of the Shadow lore, but I got some questions as well. > Zed is the master-- Kayn is his second in command. Lower level students mostly learn from mid tier students, mid tier learn from high tier, high tier from Kayn and Zed personally. Well, Kayn being actually second in command is something that kind caughts me off-guard. I mean, Kayn seems rather... young. In the best case he is in my age (21 years old), but I heard from a pretty reliable source that he is only suppose to be 17, which well, is kinda questionable for a second in command? > Almost all of them had serious martial art skills before joining-- of various styles and weapons. They are unified by acquiring shadow magic and learning to use it. I mean, Kayn's ability ingame (before becoming SA) seems rather limited. He seems to be able to trespass wands and bodies, but no shadow clones or similar. Does it mean, what the most people from Zed's Order are not even able to do such kind of things? Well...Zed is truly the Master of Shadows. > --BUT.... sorry the nature of shadow magic and how you gain access to it will be revealed later. Why does that sound a lot like a Zed comic? God, please be it. I'm more than hyped now.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Better hide because horny downvote squad is coming for you xD I mean, I wouldn't care all that much if only a few champions were sexualized, but the way it is right now, boob plates, heels, perfect and scarless faces and what not glare at you from every corner. But to be fair, LoL has kept it civil. Check out Mu and TERA and you'll see how awfully bad it can be.
I don't really care for the downvotes since they come from people which are by far too scare to speak with a female being in real life. Otherwise, they wouldn't act like this. Yeah, League improved a lot, that's for sure. And sexualization is fine as long it doesn't hurt the core theme. Kai'sa visual design failed 'cause of it, since nothing indicates that she is a survalist. Not with perfect hair and make up. I mean, as much as I love Solar Eclipse Leona, the boob plate (which could kill her) nor the high heels were needed. In the end, these are minor things but does bother me.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Most have one problem in common - nobody would be dumb enough to walk into a fight with their vitals exposed (with the obvs exceptions like MF and Ahri). That and, where applicable, heels. Who, in their right mind, would try to walk on heels in battle? It just screws your stamina and makes running near impossible, 'cause your legs are gonna hurt like motherf----rs and is just insanely uncomfortable in general. EDIT: Yeeeah. I just made a general argument without going into SJW mode and still got downvoted. Very funny.
Not gonna lie - what did you expect from the people of this boards? Especially since you even argue that sexualization actually is bad? HOW DARE YOU. This people don't care how toxic that kind oversaturation is. They don't care that female like to have champions which look like them. They don't care that around 20% of all girls during their puberty develop some eating disorder cause of the toxic beauty standart (at least this is the case in my country, Germany). This people are proud that they are so horny that they have to fap to everything. It is tragic, really. Since they refuse to accept that these kind of consume is incredible problematic and they are part of the problem.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sihari,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=N7j40lBd,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-11-29T13:57:34.514+0000) > > I just dont understand why we have to pay for the border at all... They where meant as a nice goodie for those who got the skin early and dont wait for the sale. > And now they hide some cute Icons behind a bundle with artificial high prices, because "Oh look, you get a border with that!" (ಠ_ಠ) this all this. I remember buying project skins and such and getting a border just because I bought them same day of release. I was really dissapointed to find out No border when I purchased both solar and lunar leona. Then come to find out only way to get it was to buy the bundle. It really turned me off especially being I dont care about Icons to much. Hell I would even play their weekly mission crap like with yasuo and riven borders for nightbring and dawnbringer or god king garen and darius.
I'm absolut fine with doing mission and craft the icons for the border. I like it, since it feels like you earned it. Paying 550 RP for a border and icon is simple greedy. Like, there is literally no reason why the border price, which never made any sense, had to increase.
: Am I the only one who feels the new leona pack icons are lame?
Things are subjective, the icons per se are fine, personally I love how almost chubby Leona looks on the icons. However, I dislike how you have to play 1100 RP for both icons since Riot decided since High Noon that the border prices has to increase for 175 RP zu 300 RP for no reason...
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: So who you guys think will star in the other comics? Miss Fortune? Yasuo? Taliyah? Lux/Garen?
Order of the Shadow Stuff and/or Shen and Zed chasing Jhin and probably more around Shurima would be my two guess for now.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: They weren't gonna release these first. They always post teasers and such for most Legendaries (Leona) and since Coven is related they were all gonna come a bit later. P.S . the Pajama skins were cute XD You just mad.
> P.S . the Pajama skins were cute XD You just mad. Actually, yes, the resources which have been used for these skins could have easily used for other, more creative skins ideas. Instead we get some cash-grab skins for 5 champion which already got another skin this year already. If you Riot wants to make money, they should do it by selling a good product and not reusing old skins since they went the lazy route.
Sukishoo (NA)
: It says they come out tomorrow XD
Doesn't change the fact that we got two teaser and this goddamit awful Pjama skin before the actual release of this patch.
: These teasers legit should have been coming out before they hit the PBE to get us hyped, instead of "teasing" stuff we already have known about for weeks now
Yep. Especially since people get hyped thinking we gonna get bonus content... which we won't get. Don't get me wrong, but these teaser should have been before the skins were announced. Also, let me finally buy the Leona skins. I waited long enough for good support legendary, Riot.
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: Still waiting for Leona skins...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Leona belongs to the skin line as well. She is the enemy of the Coven skins.
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: Finally they are taking the lore more seriously. Can't wait till may.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Blood Magicks,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=blpsHVeT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-25T17:23:22.560+0000) > > 1. I'm sure you will find the answer to this one if you revisit the darkin lore update... there's even a nice picture :^) Would it be too much to ask if you could provide a link? > > 2. Not that I know of. I don't expect these questions to have definitive answers. I just want to hear what other people think. Do *you* want the Crimson Circle to be related to the Crimson Elite, or do you see them as two different things? > > 3. Having a good time, adventuring, probably. That seems a bit detached from his character. Vladimir doesn't seem like the adventuring sort. He seeks to rule his own kingdom one day as far as I could gather. > > 4. Ask Graham. You know anywhere I could?
> You know anywhere I could? Here is his Twitter: But lets be honest, it is clearly Maokai. No need to ask him, there was even the same flower (Nightbloom) from Maokai's color story.
: Was thinking the same, so I played a few placements already, you available to play today? Btw I love how you're Gold 5 0Lp in both queues lol.
Already did my placements, ended in S5. So if you still wanna play, I probably gonna keep grinding tomorrow for sure. And yeah, I hate Ranked. Luckily I was able to get Gold in under 100 games for each queue yet.
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: What's tales from the rift again?
Harrowing - Actually a canon event in Runeterra (see Shadow and Fortune) Tales from the Rift - a non-canon Halloween related event The mentioned it last in the [Ask Riot](
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: I'd say, Zed probably sees Syndra AS a threat to Ionia... But we can't know for certain, because as yet they haven't met.
> I'd say, Zed probably sees Syndra AS a threat to Ionia... Which is funny, since stealing magic from its enviroment probably doesn't make Zed a saint neither.
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: @Riot, what Skins CANNOT be obtained by re-rolling Skin Shards?
Hextech include almost all skin expect from a few limited ones. Skins which are not in Hextech: Grey Warwick & Medival Twitch (Honor System, Riot changed the Honor Capsule which mean you will get one of the skin per season for sure if you don't own them) Social Media Promo (Unchained Alistar & Riot Girl Tristana - these are not obtainable anymore) Goth Annie & Huntress Sivir (Champion Collecter Bundle, which you find for 975 RP each if you own every champion of it under champion -> bundle) Victorious (Ranked Reward, J4, Janna, Elise, Morgana, Sivir, Maokai & Graves) Preorder skins (Black Alistar, Silver Kayle, Human Ryze) PAX Skins (TF, Jax, Sivir and Riot Singed) Old Beta/Season 1 Rewards (King Rammus, Judgment Kayle, Ufo Corki) Other limited Skins (original Urfwick, original Championship Riven, Rusty Blitzcrank) Triumphant Ryze (Win a Tournament, can still be earned) Dark Star Cho'Gath (Charity skin, will return as Mythic skin someday) Championship Kha'Zix (will be added in the Loot System after Worlds) These should be all as far I'm aware.
: It's in the patch - just unavailable.
It got patched, but it isn't still list as skin which will be released this patch. And the Rioter for the Skin Department even said so.
: Nope. Looks like it's in the patch - people are playing it at Worlds.
They play on Tournament Server, tho, all skins are unlocked there. For example, last Worlds some team played with Golden CS Ashe before anyone could get it on the live server. Also, check the V.8.19 Patch News. He isn't listed as upcoming skin for the patch.
: Hextech Malzahar when?
Not in this patch.
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